We Are The 99%

‎”There is no religion higher than the truth” 

We are the 99%

And our DNA proves it.
Our DNA also proves the 1% belong to the 99% too!

During my life both religion and science have failed to convince me to come join their team.
To make a long story short one day (about 8 years ago) I actually decided to prove God = Energy.

Initially I started comparing all the beliefs, using ‘numbers’.
Not knowing how to proceed, I had no intention of joining a religious group. Thus I defaulted to the numerical clues found in all significant beliefs east and west, including the Qabalah, the I-Ching, alchemy and 21st century science.

The numbers game made me soon realize the earth was one big caSINo.
Pythagoras was one of wheeler dealers.
All the players were playing by the same house rules, no exceptions.
The house does not care what you believe in, the same rules apply to everybody.
Truth ‘just is’ and truth has been a witness on earth since the beginning of time.

In examining the evidence just look for the common denominators that hint at a unity. I want to suggest it is because I focused on the common denominators that I recovered what I did.
Simply because I started to see the undeniable patterns, these same patterns that quantum physicists rely on could be found in beliefs that were 5000 years old.

“Signs and symbols rule the world, not phrases and laws.”

It is this simple.
If you seek truth using proper intent, attention, and awareness you will find it.
And I did.
And I want to share it with you.

The upcoming presentation will include a quick review from the last session about the number 137, the prime number common denominator.
Then I will show you how ALL significant temples, i.e. Great Pyramid, Mecca, St. Peter’s Square, Stonehenge, along with the I Ching and the QaBaLaH can all be connected to our DNA using the numbers 55 and 64.

Science and Religion can be reconciled but you need to believe it to see it.
Come prepared to see how what you believe fits into the bigger picture.
And what lucky numbers you should be playing in the caSINo.

Every 2nd Saturday @ 1:37 pm the LEFT hand finds out what the RIGHT hand has been up to.

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