137 the Cosmic Code written by the ‘hand of God’

The mystery about α is actually a double mystery.

The first mystery – the origin of its numerical value α ≈ 1/137 has been recognized and discussed for decades.

The second mystery – the range of its domain – is generally unrecognized.

— Malcolm H. Mac Gregor, M.H. MacGregor (2007). The Power of Alpha. World Scientific. p. 69. ISBN 978-981-256-961-5.


Untriseptium is a temporary IUPAC systematic element name derived from the digits 137, where “un-” represents Latin unum meaning “one”, “tri-” from tres meaning “three”and “sept-” from either Greek hepta or Latin septua, both meaning seven.

Research scientists usually refer to the element simply as element 137. Transuranium elements like this usually end up being named after a scientist or the location of a laboratory that does work in atomic physics.

If this element is actually discovered, it may be renamed to feynmanium (symbol Fy) after Richard Feynman.

Would element 137 – unitriseptium really spell the end of the periodic table?

Column: The crucible

Solar System 1/

Does the periodic table run out?

Folk legend asserts that Richard Feynman closed the curtains on the elements after the hypothetical element 137, inelegantly named untriseptium, or more appealingly dubbed feynmanium in his honour.

As physicists (and numerologists) will know, that is no arbitrary cutoff. 137 is an auspicious number – so much so that Feynman himself is said to have recommended that physicists display it prominently in their offices as a reminder of how much they don’t know. Wolfgang Pauli, whose exclusion principle explained the structure of the periodic table, was obsessed with the number 137, and discussed its significance over fine wine with his friend and former psychoanalyst Carl Jung – a remarkable relationship explored in Arthur I Miller’s recent book Deciphering the cosmic number  (W W Norton, 2009).

When Pauli was taken ill in Zürich with pancreatic cancer in 1958 and was put in hospital room number 137, he was convinced his time had come – and he was right.

For Carl Jung, 137 was significant as the number associated with the Jewish mystical tradition called the Cabbalah, as pointed out to physicist Victor Weisskopf by the eminent Jewish scholar Gershom Scholem.

top: Carl Jung bottom: Wolfgang Pauli

And if you think the issue ends with 137 some scientists argue that any relativistic limit would come much later, at element 173.
Regardless these elements would be very difficult to create, and such difficulties could cap the periodic table long before element 168.

But the numbers 168 can be manipulated by rotations and reflections to produce 819 or the inverse of phi >> .618
168 presents itself as a numerical cosmic anagram telegram worth investigating just like the LIE rotated yields 3I7 and unscrambled hints at I37 or I73.

LEvI >> I^37

LEvI priests were put in charge of the Ark of the Covenant.
What would a LEvI priest or QaBaLaH rabbi have to say about the magic of 137?

source of image and great info that supports what you about to read

I suspect some folks think that my musings and meditations where I turn letters into numb3rs using the rotations, reflections and translations that physics allows me to help unravel what ‘just is’ is nutz.

i.e.  LEI after 180 degrees rotates into I37 


E rotated CW through 4-fold rotations (i.e. 90 degrees x 4) = E > M > 3 > W 


rotated 90 degrees ccw becomes a Z, which looks like a 2, the 2 in the mirror looks a 5 and the 5 resembles an S …

The above image is the world’s oldest swastika found on record.
Mezine Ukraine 10,000 BCE

So does something get lost in translation where manipulating shape and form?AM I nutz or blessed with the vision worthy of a King called 5olomon?

1/ Number, weight, and measure determine the form of things; the substance is one, and God createth it eternally.
2/ Happy is he who comprehendeth the Letters and the Numbers.  (that would be ME of course!)

3/ The Letters are from the Numbers, and the Numbers from the Ideas, and the Ideas from the Forces, and the Forces from the Elohim.

source of quote found on page 125
Ancient Fragment of the Key of Solomon

This video presentation by the team at Sixty Symbols (Nottingham U) is a nice intro to help explain the narrative about the sun I would like to present.

(p.s. I highly recommend the videos at Sixty Symbols)

Full-size image (32 K)

Showing an equatorial Archimedean spiral of a magnetic field (+) away from and (-) towards the Sun.

This is a surface/time affect caused by the Suns magnetic field at the surface of the Sun.

Each wave arm seems to be opposite in polarity between one spiral and the next.

Several questions pop up regarding this magnetic affect, are the spirals moving, does the number of arms change, and is there sub intensities?

The answers to these questions are yes and on occasions.

This affect is very important.
This effect has not been measured very much.

If the magnetic vectors changed direction, one would think the current sheets would change direction but that does not seem to be the case.

ark-a ; sun 

left image re: state of the art nano technology next to an image of Apollo suggesting “go west young man”

Explanation for the nano light mill: Optical forces induced on a light mill motor by an illumination wavelength of 810 nm and 1700 nm.

At 810 nm wavelength, light impacts the outer side of the arms, inducing a counterclockwise torque on the motor.
At 1700 nm, light passes through the gaps and impacts the elbow of the motor, providing a clockwise torque.

Courtesy: Zhang group

Did you notice how the golden SWASTIKA casts an ALEPH shadow?
Did you notice that Apollo the solar god has a swastika on his chest like the Buddha buddy?

How easy is it to connect the number I37 to a narrative about the sun called hELIos and movement?

This next image is essentially chronicling the LIfE cycle of all STARS, even the ALL-Stars like Jesus Christ Superstar.

The Hertzsprung-Russell diagram showing the main sequence as a black line and various other areas where variable stars of different types are found. The green lines indicate the paths of evolution followed by typical stars in the solar mass range when they have exhausted their hydrogen supply in the core. They migrate into the region M type stars and long period variables of the Mira type (farthest right). After spending some time in this region, they ultimately shed their outer layers as planetary nebula and the stars enter into the white dwarf region.

So does it make TOO MUCH sense that the all important first letter of the Hebrew alephbet ALEPH is a symbol representing the LIfE cycle of the sun hELIos?

Did you know Jesus grandfather was called hELI?

Maybe that is why the LEvI tribe was put in charge of the the Ark of the Covenant and the safekeeping of I37?

Noah’s Ark was 300 cubits >> 450 feet  which converts to I37 meters long!

Wait it gets even more unifying!

hELIos the sun as you know does not stand still.
(or does it?) 

The experts tell us that the sun/hELIos rotates about its own axis and it orbits the center of the Milky Way galaxy too.

It travels at the speed of 220 kilometers per second which just happens to be 137 mILEs per/second!

And at I37 mILEs/sec it is estimated that it takes hELIos the sun about 220 – 225 years to complete one orbit of the galactic center. 

…oy vey are we there yet? 

Yes the engine/horsepower that our earthly chariot is attached to is taking us for a ride and the sun or 

hELIos travels @ I37 mILEs/sec!

The smaller the solar parallax, the greater the distance between the Sun and the Earth: a solar parallax of 15″ is equivalent to an Earth–Sun distance of 13,750 Earth radii.

Mount hELIcon – line 37I

Hesiod, Theogony, line 371 – Perseus Digital Library

And Theia was subject in love to Hyperion and bore great Helius (Sun) and clear Selene (Moon) and Eos(Dawn) who shines upon all that are on earth and upon the deathless Gods who live in the wide heaven.

… and the coincidences do just tend to pILE up as evidence after a whILE …

… keep reading …

One day after posting the information about 220 km/sec = 137 miles/sec I found this while researching KEYHOLES and the Keys of St. Peter.

“Relatively small in terms of adherents compared to the Latin Church, but important to the overall structure of the Church, are the 22 self-governing Eastern Catholic Churches with a membership of 17.3 million as of 2010.”

When did the CC, Catholic Church split >><<divide into East and West?

On July 16 1054 A.D. the CC divided.
This occurred twelve days after the Crab nebula supernova was first observed on July 4th.

more evidence of the magic called unity:

AngELs are revealed as AngLEs and I37 has a hand in the EM fIELd that  gives birth to our collective dreams and nightmares …


Do you see the SPIDER?
How about the  ANGEL?

Alpha 137

Does there exist a numerical narrative within the narrative called the bIbLE?

Does ‘alpha’  the dimensionless constant known simply as 137 play a role in the unraveling of a numerical narrative?

“Why 137?” – help decipher share in Solomon’s Treasure $100K


Do see the four FISH or …


… the Cross when seen from a distance?

Fish symbols with Cross Pattee

An ancient adaptation of ichthys is a wheel – which contains the letters ΙΧΘΥΣ superimposed such that the result resembles an eight-spoked wheel created by combining the Greek letters ΙΧΘΥΣ, Ephesus.

 In English, this refers to a symbol consisting of two intersecting arcs, the ends of the right side extending beyond the meeting point so as to resemble the profile of a fish, used by early Christians as a secret symbol[1] and now known colloquially as the sign of the fish” or the “Jesus fish.”

Christ as the ram dates from BC 2410
Christ as Ichthys the fish dates from BC 255
Christ in the human form upon the cross dates from the 7th AD

Meaning of the Christian Fish Symbol:

Does the Greek Fish Symbol for Jesus Christ bear a resemblance to the YELLOW RIBBON or the PINK Breast Cancer RIBBON?

I do not support armed warfare.

What is a terrorist?

A/Somebody that does not have an air force.


Image   = 1/137

What about the alpha symbol?

Greek Alpha Symbol is used for the number 137 too.

Jesus = ALPHA and the OMEGA

And what about the resemblance to the ODAL Rune?
The Elder Futhark Odal rune represents the o sound.
The letter may be derived from a Raetian o letter variant, ultimately cognate with Greek Ω.

Yellow Ribbon propaganda campaign beside the Odal Rune that which means INHERITANCE.

Bring the boys and girls back from the Crusades (Afghanistan/Iraq), our promised INHERITANCE?

PROPAGANDA = YELLOW RIBBON camPAIN = sign of the fish = age of pisces = Jesus Christ = Age of the fisher of men = Pope = an ongoing CHRISTIAN narrative (supported by the archetypes embedded in the symbol)

“Tie a Yellow Ribbon around the ole’ DRUID oak tree”

The ODAL Rune which concerns itself with ‘inheritance’ is sometimes placed at the end of the Rune alphabet.
Sometimes it is placed second last.

And as the definition above suggests the Odal is cognate with the OMEGA symbol.


File:Caffeinated spiderwebs modified.jpg

The image shows the effect of caffeine on spider web construction.

What is 1 – 3 – 7 Trimethylxanthine?

Answer: Caffeine


Nazca Spider 

What is the connection between spiders building webs, ‘alpha 137‘ and the maintenance of the Earth’s EM fIELd?


above and below: Earth’s spidery electro-magnetic field


If we can place 137 the dimensionless constant between the two pillars or spectral lines of hydrogen atom, perhaps as the ‘bifrost bridge’, would Rene Descartes be seen as a builder of dimensionless bridges or a troll who inhabits the supporting trusses below?

The adjective Cartesian refers to the French mathematician and philosopher René Descartes (who used the name Cartesius in Latin).

The idea of this system was developed in 1637 in writings by Descartes and independently by Pierre de Fermat, although Fermat also worked in three dimensions, and did not publish the discovery.

Descartes’ influence in mathematics is equally apparent; the Cartesian coordinate system — allowing algebraic equations to be expressed as geometric shapes, in a 2D coordinate system — was named after him. He is credited as the father of analytical geometry, the bridge between algebra and geometry, crucial to the discovery of infinitesimal calculus and analysis. Descartes was also one of the key figures in the Scientific Revolution.


Well I find the fact Descartes acted as bridge builder between GEOMETRY and ALGEBRA in 1637 poetic.

Again what we have is a numerical confirmation that goes beyond words alone.
1637 bears the signature of 1376 Code nurtured by those influenced by Mesopotamian roots.

loong list of right brain quirky attributes including GEOMETRY
Arrow http://controlmind.info/human-brain/right-brain-functions

loong list of left brain quarky attributes including ALGEBRA
Arrow http://controlmind.info/human-brain/left-brain-functions

And the analogy of the stammering (which is a right brain affliction) Moses dictating to his brother scribe Aaron what he should speak, speaks volumes when building briges between the Left and Right hemispheres of the Brain or the Earth.
Both Moses and Aaron were LEvItes. LEvITes were the priests.
The 13th tribe put in charge of the ‘Ark’.

In Egypt the Levites were the only tribe that remained committed to God. During the Exodus the Levite tribe were particularly zealous in protecting the Mosaic law in the face of those worshipping the Golden Calf, which may have been a reason for their priestly status.

What if LEvI rotated is I^37?

Left brain Aaron the scribe who recorded what his brother muttered and stuttered using the 22 letters of Hebrew alephbet was influential in interpreting the right brained Moses the Pharaoh who was in charge of an Exodus.
An escape from the domination of the right brain influences, perhaps?

But something got lost in the translation as we crossed the REED Sea.
Reeds are used in WEAVING baskets and narratives.
Reeds woven form grids.
Grids are magic squares.
The oldest magic square we still toy with today is the foundation upon which the 4000 year old I Ching is based on.

Ancient Chinese Secret in Plain Sight

What numbers on the shuffleboard behind the actor Mickey Rooney are being concealed?

Note the 3 x 3 grid and the numbers 1-9

Step 1

Take out your cell phone and rotate 45 degrees
into a diamond configuration

1 is positioned in the north
9 in the south
3 in the east
7 in the west
5 in the center

Step 2

Swap the positions of north 1 with south 9 and east 3 with west 7 as the animation below illustrates.

Step 3

Place the even numbers 2, 4, 6, 8, into their respective corners, as the animation indicates.

The result of the 3 steps is known as the Lo Shu Magic Square in the east and the 3×3 Magic Square of Saturn in western esoteric studies that we see below.

So we see in the above animation how the Yang Hui method actually helps to animate, put into motion the 1379 Code, as we transfigure or morph from the cEL PHOne grid which started off as a diamond/lozenge geometry manipulated to the 3×3 Lo Shu Magic square.

Yang Hui (ca. 1238–1298), was a Chinese mathematician during the late Song Dynasty (960-1279 AD). Yang worked on magic squares, magic circles and the binomial theorem, and is best known for his contribution of presenting ‘Yang Hui’s Triangle’. This triangle was the same as Pascal’s Triangle, discovered by Yang’s predecessor Jia Xian.

There were also a number of other geometrical problems and theoretical mathematical propositions posed by Yang that were strikingly similar to the Euclidean system.[7] However, the first books of Euclid to be translated into Chinese was by the cooperative effort of the Italian Jesuit Matteo Ricci and the Ming official Xu Guangqi in the early 17th century.

Yang Hui – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


37-19 and the 4 EL-ements


The four elements in alchemy are portrayed in Johann Daniel Mylius’ Philosophia reformata (1622) as representing the four stages of the alchemical opus. From left to right are earth, water, air and fire



Unsung hero George Green whose math laid the groundwork for the quantum musings that would follow, was born in the year


George Green (14 July 1793 – 31 May 1841) was a British mathematician and physicist, who wrote An Essay on the Application of Mathematical Analysis to the Theories of Electricity and Magnetism (Green, 1828).[1] The essay introduced several important concepts, among them a theorem similar to the modern Green’s theorem, the idea of potential functions as currently used in physics, and the concept of what are now called Green’s functions. George Green was the first person to create a mathematical theory of electricity and magnetism and his theory formed the foundation for the work of other scientists such as James Clerk Maxwell, William Thomson, and others. His work ran parallel to that of the great mathematician Gauss (potential theory).
Green’s life story is remarkable in that he was almost entirely self-taught. He was born and lived for most of his life in the English town of Sneinton, Nottinghamshire, nowadays part of the city of Nottingham. His father (also named George) was a baker who had built and owned a brick windmill used to grind grain. The younger Green only had about one year of formal schooling as a child, between the ages of 8 and 9.

And his best work was accomplished in the proximity of a windmill.
…of course, because didn’t you know the creation has a poetic signature it leaves evidence of the unity strewn about everywhere.


:arrow:  http://kachina2012.wordpress.com/2010/0 … -swastika/


The earth rotates on its axis once each day.
Since the circumference of the earth at the equator is 24,901.55 miles, a spot on the equator rotates at approximately

1037.5646 miles/hr

(1037.5646 times 24 equals 24,901.55) (1669.8 km/h)

At the North Pole (90 degrees north) and South Pole (90 degrees south), the speed is effectively zero since that spot rotates once in 24 hours, a very, very slow speed.

To determine the speed at any other latitude, simply multiply the cosine of the degree latitude times the speed of 1037.5646.


Light Speed in Stone

The Great Pyramid’s location (Northern Latitude) and slope angle correspond to the speed of light.

The list of utterly remarkable and mind boggling cosmic associations contained in The Great Pyramid is virtually endless.

I have only cited a few of the associations that have interested me and a few that I have discovered myself.

– i.e. The UNIQUE slope angle of The Great Pyramid is 51° 51′ 

Note: In 1837 Egyptologist  Howard Vyse found two of the original side casing blocks at the base of the pyramid, 5 ft x 8 ft x 12 ft, with an angle of 51 degrees, 51 minutes cut on one of the 12 ft. sides.
Well, 51 degrees 51 minutes  = 186,600 arc seconds  which approximates our present measurement of the maximum speed of light in MILES per second (186282.397) with a margin of error (who’s error?) of 17 / 10,000th  or

317 miles/sec



Please note the Great Pyramid has a missing apex, a pyamidion of some 33 x 33 x 32 feet high of 11,616 cubic feet.

The capstone too is missing, a capstone probably of some 1,037 cubic feet?



I37 and ELI and LEI

For the CanaanitesEli or Il was the supreme god, the father of mankind and all creatures.[14] He may have been a desert god at some point, as the myths say that he had two wives and built a sanctuary with them and his new children in the desert. El had fathered many gods, but most important were HadadYam, and Mot, each share similar attributes to the Greco-Roman gods: ZeusPoseidon, and Hades respectively.

The Chinese name for swastika is LEI Wen or just Wan, having a value of 10,000.
In Japan the manji (swastika) is also equated with the value of 10,000.


Luke actually calling Jesus a son of Eli—meaning, it is then suggested, that Heli (Ηλι, Heli) is the maternal grandfather of Jesus, and Luke is actually tracing the ancestry of Jesus according to the flesh through Mary.
Therefore per Adam Clarke (1817), John WesleyJohn Kitto and others the expression “Joseph, of Heli”, without the word “son” being present in the Greek, indicates that “Joseph, of Heli” is to be read “Joseph, [son-in-law] of Heli”.

Genealogy of Jesus according to Luke number 1  God >>>  2 Adam >>> 3 Seth >>>  73 LEvI >>> 74 Matthat >>> 75 hELI>>> 76  MaryJoseph >>> 77  Jesus


 … Counting 77 generations from Adam rather than God to Jesus
78 Cards in the Tarot
77 plus the Fool

22 generations from God to Abraham
22 Major Arcana Cards

Tarot are traditionally placed into 3 rows of plus the 1 Fool


Hillel the Elder

The similarity of some of HIllEL’s saying to some of those ofJesusis obvious:

  • Hillel said: “That which is hateful to you, do not do to your fellow. That is the wholeTorah.” Jesus said: “Do unto to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets.” (Matthew 7:12)
  • Hillel said: “Pass not judgment upon thy neighbor until thou hast put thyself in his place.” Jesus said, “Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned.” (Luke 6:37)
  • Hillel said: “Whoever would make a name loses the name… whoever makes use of the crown perishes.” Jesus said: Whoever tries to keep his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life will preserve it.” (Luke 32:33)

Grandson of Hillel, Gamaliel, as a Sanhedrin leader who saved the disciples from death. (Acts 5:34)
The same Gamaliel is mentioned in Acts as the former teacher of the Apostle Paul (Acts 22:3).


ELIja and ELIsha

Other evidence can be cited to confirm Luke’s Samaritan connection. Only Luke contains the names of both great prophets of Samaria, Elijah and Elisha (Lk. 4:25-27), and only Luke reports the Elijah- and Elisha-like resurrection of the son of a widow in the village of Nain just three miles from where Elisha performed a similar miracle (2 Kgs. 4:8-37; Lk. 7:11-15). In Luke’s genealogy the name “Joseph” occurs three times — more than any other — evoking the tribal forefather of the northern kingdom of Israel (Lk. 3:23, 24, 30; 1 Chron. 5:1-2).


The second most commonly occurring name in the Bible is “Jesus”, which occurs 973 times.
(missing the 1)
David is mentioned 1118 times
Joab is mentioned 137 times

DanIEL: referred to 133 times in 17 New Testament books.
Numbers: referred to 73 times in four New Testament books.

The “Fool” Bible The printer of the 1763 KJV was ordered to pay £3,000 for his inadvertent printer’s error which he made in Psalm 14:1. There he printed: “the fool hath said in his heart there is a God,” instead of: “the fool hath said in his heart there is no God.” As soon as this error was spotted all copies of this Bible were suppressed.


Easter Island – Largest moai:

Location: Rano Raraku Quarry, named “El Gigante”. Height: 71.93 feet, (21.60 meters). Weight: approximately 145-165 tons (160-182 metric tons).

Largest carved stone (still unfinished), approx 400 tonnes’. 

 Ref: (P, Bahn & J. Flenley; Easter Island; Focus. Apr 1994.  92-97)  – 275 tons.

Note on Photo (top): Zink (5), estimates the largest ‘Moai’ on the island at 90 tons (‘length 90ft, still in quarry’), so the picture provided is only demonstrative rather than the actual stone.

 The largest stones of all time – Ancient-Wisdom.Co.Uk


… in this image did you see the ‘four fish’ first or the black maltese cross?


* other than running the sun 

selah V

2B continued…..

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    statistician I. J. Good argued that a numerological explanation would only be acceptable if it came from a more fundamental theory that also provided a Platonic explanation of the value.[47]

    Attempts to find a mathematical basis for this dimensionless constant have continued up to the present time. However, no numerological explanation has ever been accepted by the community.

    from wiki
    Arnold Sommerfeld introduced the fine-structure constant in 1916, as part of his theory of the relativistic deviations of atomic spectral lines from the predictions of the Bohr model. The first physical interpretation of the fine-structure constant α was as the ratio of the velocity of the electron in the first circular orbit of the relativistic Bohr atom to the speed of light in the vacuum.[9] Equivalently, it was the quotient between the minimum angular momentum allowed by relativity for a closed orbit, and the minimum angular momentum allowed for it by quantum mechanics. It appears naturally in Sommerfeld’s analysis, and determines the size of the splitting or fine-structure of the hydrogenic spectral lines.

  • raphael  On October 5, 2016 at 2:14 pm

    I wrote this years ago …

    “Once digested you will understand why I worship no specific king, queen, god or goddess that can be specifically identified.
    I look for the common denominators that make them ALL appear royal and true blue…and then I try to find those archetypal traits in myself.”

    Many years later I can add the following postscript to ME+me journey which turned into a recovery of sorts.

    The common denominator turned out to be two numbers.

    1 or 137

    easily explained

    RELIGION and 137/1
    various religions made the numbers 137/1 divine
    137 meter Noah’s Ark
    137 meter unfinished apex of the great pyramid
    137 foot unfinished obelisk at Aswan
    137 cm Minoan Hagia Triada sarcophagus
    137 gematria value of the word QaBaLaH
    137 cm Shabako Stone

    Then science came along and attempted to turn religion upside down and it appears as though this was accomplished both literally and figuratively using figures and a blackboard jungle literally merged with an evolution taking place in the jungle …

    SCIENCE and 1/137
    Science btw made the number 1/137 mystical but not until 1929.
    Science entered by the back door using scopes to penetrate into the source …

    And in fact 1/137 was another way of saying .00729, associated with the measurement of spectral lines of a hydrogen atom.
    ^^^ And another fact is how we can link the number 729 to a cube and a problem posed known as the Delian problem linked to Plato.

    Enter Carl Jung and synchronicity = meaningful coincidence.

    We have that here, a very profound meaningful coincidence that forces religion and science back into the metaphysical ring [squaring the circle] for a another bout of god vs. infinity.
    True meaning of god or infinity has forever been beyond our reach.

    So you see the two numbers 1/137 [dimensionless constant] and 137/1 which are reciprocals of each other are capable of merging or reconciling science and religion under one idea involving two numbers ONE and the 33rd prime number 137.

    The simple question or dilemma facing us is the number ONE a common denominator or a common numerator, is the 33rd prime number important?
    Should we ask Jesus whose father was number ONE about the number 137 which turns out to be the 33rd prime number, and we also know the number ’33’ is sacred to Jesus, Freemasons and two interlaced triangles.

    I AM for real.
    An awoken true blue messenger or me-SS-en-jah.
    A messenger for ME, SS, N, JAH

    Helping to point out what has been hidden in plain sight by pointing up at the sky and suggest we all look at the same point in order to agree on something?

    ^^^ TEACHERS, preachers or creatures?
    you decide who ye want to be, the future you want to see

    selah v

    137 SSS Mezine Mystic

    Click to access 1603.0301v4.pdf

    ^^^ hot off the press
    this was just shared by Fernando Martinez Isla​

  • raphael  On November 20, 2016 at 2:20 am

    Jainism claims to be older than Hinduism and Buddhism.
    Freemasons will refer to the swastika as the Jaina cross.
    Does the idea ‘137’ make an appearance in early Jainism?
    Well yes right from the start in fact, here are two facts according to the history of Jainism.

    There exist 24 Tirthankara, the first Rshabhadeva, is said to have taught 72 arts to the men, and 64 arts to the women.
    Lets do the math.

    137 = 72 (men) + 64 (women) + 1 (teacher RShabhadeva)

    Historical Jainism begins with the last two number 23 Paarsavanatha and number 24 Mahaaviira who appear to be historical figures unlike the other 22.

    137 and Paarsavanatha

    He renounced the world at age 30
    He preached his teachings for 70 years
    He died at age 100

    100 = 30 + 70
    reduce to single digits 137

    Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines
    1000 = 300 + 700

    reduce to single digits 137


    137 is a meaningful coincidence

    selah v

  • Michael Victor Jackson  On December 2, 2016 at 9:22 am

    Since 12/13/2010 the number 137 has shown itself to me multiple times every day. Here is an incomplete list of why 137 is important to me:

    My name is Michael Victor Jackson = 13 continents and 7 vowels.
    DOB: 24/11/1973 Root number 1.
    Nov 24 till the end of the year = 37 days.
    My son was born 14/05/2012, which is a leap year. Between my birthday and his on a leap year are 173 days.
    He weighed 3.175kg at birth.
    At 3 years old, next weigh in date he was 17.3kg.
    When I am 70 he will be 31.
    My father gave me a watch, which stopped working at 10:37. My son was born at 01:23. 10:37+01:23 = 12:00 or midnight. This means if you hold up a watch that reads 10:37 to a mirror the reflection reads 01:23.
    The golden angle of phi is 137.5 degrees. The angle between 12:00 (midnight) and 01:23 is 137.5 degrees.
    I am 185.5cm tall x 2 = 371cm.

    I am pleased to have found this website and would really like you to contact me.

    • raphael  On December 3, 2016 at 6:50 pm

      have a look around
      use the search bar if you want to see if I have discussed what is on your mind …

      selah v

      137 RS SSS MeZiNe MyStic

      • Mikey MilkyWay  On December 5, 2016 at 8:24 pm

        I haven’t been able to find anything specific. Any ideas?

  • Franky  On August 8, 2018 at 10:35 pm

    This is amazing. I really want to meet you. A couple of the bits I don’t get. Your pattern recognition is off the chart. I’m going to be using this for a book I’m writing.

  • Tim  On September 9, 2018 at 5:51 pm

    You can’t have something without nothing. 137 is missing 0 the nothing. Its 1073 l O V E

  • raphael  On October 22, 2018 at 5:30 pm

    NHK, Japan’s most influential TV station, released a documentary titled “The Truth of Unit 731” on August 13, 2017. This is the first time that Japan publicly released the criminal behavior of Unit 731 of the Japanese army.

    oddly enough … the above narrative re: Unit 731 suggests a distortion of the ‘let there be light’ narrative that concerns itself with 137.

  • gunst01  On January 28, 2019 at 4:53 am

    Reblogged this on Die Goldene Landschaft.

  • centerinventor  On March 3, 2019 at 7:36 pm

    Hi friend, How are you? I would like to talk to you about disruptive environmentally friendly inventions. All the best, Dawn Eve

    • raphael  On March 11, 2019 at 4:25 pm

      Dawn Eve feel free to discuss here …. what is a disruptive environmentally friendly invention?
      is it when dawn becomes eve?

      • Dawn Eve  On March 11, 2019 at 11:13 pm

        ^^ Funny!!!
        That is an invention that disrupts the current market. Meaning the big companies of today that monopolize the markets and keep the prices way too high, will be disrupted. And it is environmentally friendly. Thanks for responding. Are you in a position to set up a business of any kind?

      • raphael  On March 15, 2019 at 6:06 pm

        an invention that disrupts the current market? you mean like a recession or depression which is the result of ignorant sheep gambling on the market for only speculative and financial gain not carrying how the profits are achieved … not sure what you mean … you want to blame big business … however IMHO it is ignorance that is public enemy #1 …

      • centerinventor  On March 14, 2019 at 1:58 pm

        Hi friend,

        21 april this year the red dawn is predicted by who claims to be the reincarnation of Nikola Tesla??: What do you make of this? http://www.human-resonance.org/Light_Refraction_&_Red_Dawn.pdf

        And this?

        Can you inform me what to make of this? https://www.livescience.com/64988-asteroid-bennu-spin-mysteriously-speeding-up.html?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=dlvr.it Come to twitter. If you are friends there, meaning: we follow each other, you can talk in private through messages too. You do not need to tweet so everybody hears.

        Or talk to me here if you prefer it that way. Talk to me please.

        Love Dawn

      • raphael  On March 15, 2019 at 6:15 pm

        It is all good news … Here is what I say regarding the wanker who calls himself the reincarnation of N. Tesla … April 22nd you get to scratch another wanker off your list of the fake wankers of the world who make fake predictions …
        Regarding the wankers who want to claim >>> A quantum experiment suggests there’s no such thing as objective reality … I do have a question for these PhDUHs … are these physicists theorists trained in psychology too? … here we go again? …. are they even QUALIFIED to define reality for you and me … what if they believe in a fake god … would this fact affect the POV of the wanker making the fake claims based on their cognitive bias which could be kinda duh?
        Jung and Pauli had progressed much further than the current batch of IGNORANT PhDUHHHHHHH who refuse to test the metaphysical waters …

        What kind of business are you promoting? We can talk here … I have no desire to become another twit that tweets on twitter.


      • centerinventor  On March 16, 2019 at 1:33 am

        But I have more inventions. Disrupting the most monopolised markets today. Healing environmentally friendly earth improving tools.

      • centerinventor  On March 16, 2019 at 9:31 pm

        Hi friend, can you please delete all my replies here and talk to me in a more personal space, if there is any on the internet anyway?? Thank you.

      • centerinventor  On March 21, 2019 at 3:37 pm

        A vegan diet=the single biggest way to reduce your impact on planet Earth, not just greenhouse gases, but global acidification, eutrophication, land&water use.This&growing a lot of veganic tall, fast growing soil improving healing herbs will fix it all.

        After a long process of informing a lot of people. I’ve found a neurologist into conducting the first ever official clinical trials using the Rick Simpson protocol.

        It takes a while for knowledge to be absorbed by the medical community.
        Now I hope they will get it right.

        Over 200 terpenes. Over 100 cannabinoids. And they want to recreate it and put it in pills?? “THC provides the overall melody, but the symphony wouldn’t be as appealing without the harmony, tone, and mood provided by other molecules”. Just get the right strain.
        For this R.S.O. treatment that is: with 100% indica characteristics with high thc and high cbd levels.

        For curing a terminal illness for instance you need to eat a lot of oil. We will not allow this to be monopolized by pharmacists.

        Because indica is relaxing and sativa is uplifting for this R.S.O. trial we need a 100%!!! indica in reported ancestry and characteristics: Highest myrcene levels, small plant, thick leaves, with dense compacted buds and short flowering time. Veganic.
        Veganic is necassary because this will have the least possible toxins.
        Permaculture, no till, veganic is the future.
        Companion planting is an inexpensive, planet-friendly long term organic solution to
        providing natural insecticides and fungicides
        Most plants need bees to pollinate, bees are disappearing at an alarming rate because of pesticides & habitat loss. Bees love weed&feed the pollen to their young. Grow veganic cannabis.

        Even children heal with R.S.O. Look a baby’s brain tumor that couldn’t be operated on; disappeared in only 4 months: https://www.greencollarcannabis.com/dr-william-courtney-confirms-cannabis-oil-cures-brain-tumor-brain-cancer/

        Free our weed. It’s effective for parkinson, alzheimer, cancer, arthritis, PTSD, chronic pain, nausea, relieving insomnia, stress, anxiety, spasticity, epilepsy, opioid addiction, and so on?

        It’s a lot safer than the opiates prescribed today (it is impossible to overdose on and far less addictive). Less teens report using marijuana after legalization, studies concluded. We need research and growing freedom.

        And this can actually cure the disease, not just suppress the symptoms with a lot of side effects.

        So if anybody has a great idea of where all the animals will have to go, to live out their lives after this horror has ended?
        Please think about it. We have to stop breeding but they all have to find a place to live out their lives peacefully. Where?

        This is not about governments & a few monopolies cashing in on the profits of cannabis now they have come to the conclusion they can not demonize it any longer because they thought they could make more money of the opiods. This is about giving the healing herb back to the people, so they can make a living of it.
        Free our weed.
        Their system of exploitation will collapse.
        We will get governments that really care & look after.
        When we all get together and demand a new set of rules.
        Call upon all the people to make petitions!

        Look at this guy, asking for a bag of rice, can anybody help him?

        Look at what the US does to dogs:


        The US does cannibal experiments with Asian dogs: boiled alive to remove their fur. Terrified: slaughtered in front of other dogs to maximize fear. Death intentionally slow. They think higher adrenaline&stress levels tenderize meat 😦 They make dogs eat the brains of other dogs, what the HELL is the matter with these people.

        Like everywhere, there’s a lot of good people on twitter too. Meet: Jerreh Manjang @jerreh_manjang he’s from Gambia and lost both his parents and looks after his 3 siblings. They are very hungry. He asked me for a bag of rice 😦
        Can anybody help him make a living for himself?
        And sign the petitions and make some, so we can all live in a world without these kind of tragedies.
        Killing=not legal:

  • raphael  On January 18, 2019 at 6:15 pm

    come back when you have tamed the obsession and you can add to the hidden order, that appears as chaos to the uninitiated


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