37 Aspects of the Path to Enlightenment

 The Mystic Tower

My Guide with his wand touched a small and hidden door in the rugged walls of the triangular Tower which opened and admitted us; then he turned to me and said:

‘The Tower is high and it containeth seven levels, and on each level are three Chambers, and above all lieth one Chamber and the ascent thereto is long and wearisome.’

I replied:

‘My Master, thy footsteps will I follow …’

The Mystic Rose from the Garden of the King

Venn diagrams – Venn diagram – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

“And I suddenly saw that what in fact I was looking at was actually the Centre Portion of 3 Interconnecting Circles which in turn define 7 spaces.

A direct relationship between 3 and 7.

What 3 Circles are pretty much conclusively everything to do with Life?


We can all agree on that much I hope.”
-Anthony Morris

Swastika in Tibet, flanked by sun and moon, from the Iron Age (1300 BC – 600 BC)
source: Tibet Archaeology | and all things Tibetan

“Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth”

Venn sources discussing 3 and 7:

Points, Lines, Circles : Three Intersecting Circles

Intersecting circles and area – Physics Forums

CCC: Apollonius’ Problem with Three Intersecting Circles

…and I just realized, I mean it occurred to ME just now that I have been using the ‘37Venn template disguised as a three fish logo on my other wordblog!

Reconciliation of Science and Religion| Myth, math, and music …

I think the important thing to realize about the ‘triangle’ that appears to be at the heART of the 3 circle Venn (image top left) is how modern cosmology in trying to define the geometry of the universe is focused on the same basic shape which helps to draw the lines between the three main contenders i.e. the saddle (negative curvature), flat, or spherical (positive curvature) universe.

Is the Universe OPEN, FLAT, CLOSED?

  • 137 – Trapezoid – WTC7 – is the Shugborough Inscription Riddle Solved?

I’m Feeling Lucky

In the past Google had used this ‘MEME’ template

3 x 7 = 21

Our DNA codons are made up of those numbers in fact as documented using the structure of ‘simple EngLIsh gematria’ (see below)

I must then ask this question as the coincidences became apparent to ME.
Is EngLIsh an alphabet derived from the Hebrew/Phoenician aleph-beth which is based on alpha 1/I37, a number which is connected to electro-magnetism, electron-coupling strenghth, i.e. LIght, LItE?

3 = C
7 = G
2 = T
1 = A

AT and CG are the DNA base pairs…these are building blocks.

The oldest rocks found on earth appear to be between 3.7 and 3.8 billion years old.

This might just be the rock that St. Peter was supposed to build his church on, the earth itself.
Is the earth a building block in the bigger picture?


10 Commandments

10 = 3 + 7

remove the notation

1 3 7

take note of the commandments divided into 3 and 7

EDL rotated 180 degrees 703

Did you know that the sum of the numbers from 1-36 = 666?
Did you know if you add the next number in the series i.e. 37th having a value of 37, to 666 you get 703?

666 + 37 = 703

Was ED.L. trying to tell us something about 703?

Follow the AHA!

start watching @1:25 for a confirmation of this claim >>

‘Jesus was born on July 3rd’

July 3 or 73 or 37 

Dec. 25 or 12/25 reduces to 3/7 

Was it a Freudian slip by the priest relating to a numbers game?
It all appears to add up …

7 – SUN and 3 MOON

37 Aspects of the Path to Enlightenment

Links to 3and the Collective Unconscious….

Many of the links that follow lead to the inspired work of other ‘37‘ messengers who are also helping to sow the 4E seeds…and many of them do have a PhD.
Some people think a PhD matters in these matters of the heART, it doesn’t.
But for those who think a big brain is an automatic advantage or can compensate for a cold heART you will find many PhD sources attached to help warm you up.
My mother does not have a PhD
And her heART is doing just fine…

Below the images you will find an explanation and a  Arrow  http:// link leading to another AHA!

The 7th verse of the 3rd chapter of the Gospel of John reads,

“Do not marvel that I said to you, ‘You must be born again.”

“Surely the Sovereign Lord does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants the prophets”


7^3 or 777 – ANTAHKARANA and the MERKABA

In Hindu philosophy, the antahkarana (Skt.) refers to the totality of two levels of mind, namely buddhi (intellect, a.k.a. anandamaya kosa or karanopadhi) or higher mind, and manas (vijnanamaya kosa,) the middle level or levels of mind that according to Theosophy exist as or include the mental body.

Antahkarana is called the link between the middle and higher mind, and is described as the reincarnating part of the mind.

“The Antahkarana” is, above all, the thread of consciousness. It is the result of the interaction of the life with the form, with substance, with matter; that produces something entirely different. We call it “consciousness”. We can also call it “the Christ Principle”. It is the process of evolution itself.
 Benjamin Creme

3 out of 7 buildings came tumbling down on 911

  • 137 – Trapezoid – WTC7 – is the Shugborough Inscription Riddle Solved?

How many firefighters died on 911?

7^3 = 343

343 firefighters perished on September 11, 2011.

QaBaLaH has a Hebrew gematria value of 137

Q oph = 100
B et = 2
L amed = 30
H eh =

What is the origin of the word ‘cabbala’?

…from qibbel “to receive, admit, accept.”

Cf. Arabic qabala “he received, accepted.”

Qibbel means to ‘to receive, admit, accept’
Note that the word qibbel actually contains the word bible!

Qibbel = Q + bible

And in the word or IDEA called the bible I *see* bIbLE with I37 embedded along with 66 = bb or maybe a 69

The Q source (also Q document or Q) is a hypothetical written source for the Gospel of Matthew and Gospel of Luke.

Q  is defined as the “common” material found in Matthew and Luke but not in the Gospel of Mark.
This ancient text supposedly contained the logia or quotations from Jesus.

QaBaLaH, qibbel means  ‘to receive, admit, accept’

EzekIEL had a vision of the man, lion, ox, and eagle …

1376   >>>  <<<   11 2 5 8 

What if …  ‘qibbel’ =  Q + bible  =  Q + 6I6LE  = Q + I3796

The Hebrew term merkabah  “chariot”  is the throne-chariot of God, the four-wheeled vehicle driven by four “hayyot”  “living creatures“, each of which has four wings and the four faces of a man, lion, ox, and eagle.

The word “chariot” is found 44 times in the Masoretic text of the Hebrew Bible and though the concept of the Merkabah is associated with Ezekiel‘s vision (1:4-26), the word isn’t explicitly written in Ezekiel 1.

44 becomes important when calculating the speed of light in meters/sec. using the base of the Great Pyramid as a template!

Yod Hey Shin Vav Hey

re: Merkaba and the Harmonic Concordance – Project Om Chart
by Jonathan Goldman

A FORUM discussing the number 37

Much of the info I will be posting here in the Table of Contents can be found at this next link.
Including the work of Jerry Iuliano who has a passion for math.
Do not worry we do not need do the math, it is more important to try to understand the logic behind their conclusions.

Arrow AHA!  Buddha Jesus Jerry EL = NUMBER 37 = collective unconscious

36 plus the center = 37



37 and 9


AHA! by Vernon Jenkins MSc.



AHA! by Richard Amiel


AHA! by Professor Ian Mallet

The MAGIC that is JESUS

 AHA! by John Tng

Swastika Stone

One of the lines of cups on the Swastika Stone is less than a degree off magnetic north-south.  One naturally looks north from the stone, as it is on a rocky outcrop on the north side of the moor. Was it associated with the Pole Star with which its cups align? Why then does its shape describe a clockwise motion, whereas the stars turn anti-clockwise around the pole?

Located on the Woodhouse Crag, on the Northern edge of Ilkley Moor there is a swastika-shaped pattern engraved in a stone, known as the Swastika Stone, also referred to as a Fylfot.

In the figure in the foreground of the picture is a 20th century replica; the original carving can be seen a little further away.
This stone is, however, just one of a great abundance of carved rocks on the moor, well known others include the ‘Badger Stone’ and ‘St. Margaret’s Stones’. These are earthfast boulders, large flat slabs or prominent rocks that have cups, rings and grooves cut into them and thought to date from either the late Neolithic or the Bronze Age.
While some carvings consist of simple cups, others such as the Badger Stone, Hanging Stones and the Panorama Rocks have complex series of patterns (or motifs) combining many different elements. Indeed Rombald’s Moor can boast the second highest concentration of ancient carved stones in Europe, with carving as far away as Skipton Moor. There is also a small stone circle known as ‘The Twelve Apostles’.

IlkLEY or IlkLEy or maybe even >> ilk-LEI >> I37

note in the above image the 9-dot cross is intentionally manipulated to look like a swastika

note we also have the following arrangement 9 + 1 ‘stray’

And we know that 9 + 1 = 3 + 7

91 and 37

I wonder if that lone dot is oriented toward the NE like Stonehenge revealing a 9 is OR is it the SW revealing a 6?
more on 9 and 6 found here:

King Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines

AHA! by Raphael

AHA! by Raphael

Breastplate of Jugdement – 3700

Adding the 7 Hebrew words of Genesis 1:1 in different combinations, one will find 23 multiples of the number 37

Arrow  more 37 and 23 to come, because it took me awhile, but I finally made the connection between N and M and 2 and 3.

2 and 3 are rotations of N and M respectively!

3 rays    7 rays  

And what is the source of my swirly twirly insights?
I have no idea.



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  • raphael  On October 7, 2013 at 2:09 pm

    3-7-77 was the infamous symbol of the Montana Vigilantes (Vigilance Committee) in Virginia City, Montana. People who had the mysterious set of numbers ‘3-7-77’ painted on their tent or cabin knew that they had better leave the area or be on the receiving end of vigilante justice. To this day the numbers appear on the shoulder patch of the Montana Highway Patrol, who claim they do not know the original meaning of the symbol. It also appears on the flight suits of pilots of the Montana Air National Guard. It also appears on the Flight Patch of the Montana Army National Guard Medevac unit (C Co 1-189th GSAB – Vigilantes) Further, it appears under the bottle cap of certain varieties of Big Sky Brewing Company beer.[1] Various theories have been put forth about its origin, among them:

  • ms winton  On October 7, 2013 at 3:44 pm

    nice, very nice.!

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