by Jos Leys – Étienne Ghys – Aurélien Alvarez

LINK:  http://www.dimensions-math.org/Dim_reg_E.htm

push play first and then move the cursor over the screen to highlight arrows <<  >> to select video

#1 – History of Geometry (Geography, 2D Spherical Map Projections)
#2 – 2D Tilings (Escher, “Flatlander” 3D/2D Projections of Platonic Solids)
#3 – 3D+ (Schlafli, 4D/3D Shadow Projection)
#4 – 4D Expo (simplex, hypercube, 24-cell, 120-cell, 600-cell)
#5 – Basics of Complex Numbers
#6 – Complex Transformations (Fractals, Julia/Mandelbrot Set, Chaos)
#7 – Circles, Spheres & Toroids (Hopf Fibrations, Clifford, Multiple Complex Axes)
#8 – Spherical Toroid Projection (4D rotation, Nested Torus, Toroidal Sections)
#9 – Riemann (Stereographic Proof)
#10 – Preview of “DimensionsII”

One of the best set of Math documentaries.

very clever….


Dimensions home page:

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