Michael Tellinger – Maltese Cross – Secret Numbers of GOD

UPDATE October 19, 2013

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It never takes long to put other researchers onto the same ONE page if their journeys appear sincere and true blue.
How does Michael Tellinger and his ideas about shape and form collide with the work found on this blog the reader is now on?

These are a few samples of how his work intersects with what ‘just is’ is.

“…a noble Theory of Everything must include SWASTIKA”

“…a noble Theory of Everything must include SOUND”

‘IN THIS SIGN CONQUER’ the Great Pyramid and the Sacred Cut by Tons Brunés leads us to Nikola Tesla, Peter Plichta, String Theory and thePhilosopher’s Stone

In Michael Tellinger’s case it took about 12:58 minutes out of a 2+ hour presentation for him and ME to connect on the most fundamental of concepts.



Variations of the Maltese/Templar/Celtic Christian Cross

Michael Tellinger claims the Maltese Cross in the image above is connected to a “pop”.
Here is an image of the “pop” that can be found on wikipedia where I found it years ago.
Watch for the “pop” in the center and for a moment you can see the a distinct ‘cross’ in the center that resembles Michael Tellinger’s image.


In the above video Michael Tellinger is trying to convey that SOUND is primal and it is essentially connected to the source that which is involved in helping to impart onto matter shape and form.

Genesis 2:7 “And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.”

Qur’an, God created man from clay.

Creation of man from clay – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

And all of the above is also a nice match for the work of George Merkl.

DNA – LIfE Crystals – George Merkl – 4 Evangelists – Sator Square – Knights Templar Cross

H. Harleston Jr. – Teotihuacan Unit 1-5-9-4 – Stem Cell Sequence 1-5-9-13 – George Merkl’s Sumerian Technology


Secret Numbers of GOD 

Part 9 of 16 Michael Tellinger & Willem de Swart

pay attention at 1:06  regarding a discussion about the


re: quote

2:08   “the CUBE  is the perfect form for the divine.  To project information of unity into the two (2D) and 3D projected world, which is this world here”

7:45  “the KEY word to information is straight line”

straight line and the … sqrt(3) = 1.73205081

3:55 “the cosmic number is 26

11 + 2 + 5 + 8 = 26

2B continued


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