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Sacred Swastika Sources

卐 Swastika! 卍

Swastika (wan)

Known in China since Neolithic times, there recognizable as a simplification of the frog motif.

From extant pieces also connected to “thunder” which all somehow refer back to “water”.

Later it became the Buddhist symbol for the “Heart of Buddha”. In China read as “wan” meaning “ten thousand”. Seen as a symbol of endless longevity, “Wan shou”.

In Buddhism the Swastika represents the Heart of the Buddha Shakyamuni, resignation of spirit, all happiness that humanity desires, mind, infinity, all, many and “ten thousand”.

  • Blue Swastika stands for infinite celestial virtues

  • Red Swastika stands for infinite sacred virtues of the Heart of Buddha

  • Yellow Swastika stands for infinite prosperity.

  • Green Swastika stands for infinite virtues of agriculture


Roman Mosaic




R1b1a1 (2011 name) is defined by the presence of SNP marker M73. It has been found at generally low frequencies throughout centralEurasia, but has been found with relatively high frequency among particular populations there including the Bashkirs in Bashkortostan(62/471 = 13.2%), 44 of these being found among the 80 tested Bashkirs of the Abzelilovsky District in the Republic of Bashkortostan(55.0%).[21] Accordance with all paleontological and anthropological findings presume the roots of the Bashkir people likely to theAndronovo culture.


Map of the approximate maximal extent of the Andronovo culture. The formative Sintashta-Petrovka culture is shown in darker red. The location of the earliest spoke-wheeledchariot finds is indicated in purple.


tetragrammaton gammadion lauburu crux gammata cross tetragram swastika hakenkreuz Cryptologist Dr. Rex Curry Symbologist

Swastika Secrets

by Rex Curry



Heil Hitler photographs Hail Hitler & the Hitler Greeting must be rejected & Nazism & Pledge salutes



Servando Gonzalez

Servando Gonzalez is a Cuban-born American writer, semiologist and intelligence analyst. He has written books, essays and articles on Latin American history, intelligence, espionage, and semiotics.




The spiritual swastika flag held high





Friends of the Swastika

One of the lines of cups on the Swastika Stone is less than a degree off magnetic north-south. One naturally looks north from the stone, as it is on a rocky outcrop on the north side of the moor. Was it associated with the Pole Star with which its cups align? Why then does its shape describe a clockwise motion, whereas the stars turn anti-clockwise around the pole?

Perhaps the design relates to the shamanic practice of ascent up the ‘Pillar of the World’ (to use the Lapp term). Numerous Siberian and northern European peoples documented by Mircea Eliade see the Pole Star as the summit of a pole holding up the sky (seen as a tent). Eliade notes similar beliefs about the Pole Star in Ancient Saxon, Scandinavian and Romanian myths. If, then, one imagines the Swastika design to be the base of a Pillar of the World, the implicit motion of the design makes sense. Something that appears to turn anti-clockwise when looking up from the bottom of a pole will, if it slides down the pole and is viewed from above, appear to turn clockwise.

The Swastika Stone may map the turning sky down onto the ground, forming the bond between ‘levels’ that is so central to shamanic cosmology.

Coin from Crete - 1000 BC



卐 Swastika! 卍

Historically, the swastika became a sacred symbol in Shamanism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Mithraism, religions with a total of more than a billion adherents worldwide, making the swastika ubiquitous in both historical and contemporary society. The symbol was introduced to Southeast Asia by Hindu kings and remains an integral part of Balinese Hinduism to this day, and it is a common sight in Indonesia.

The symbol rose to importance in Buddhism during the Mauryan Empire and in Hinduism with the decline of Buddhism in India during the Gupta Empire. With the spread of Buddhism, the Buddhist swastika reached Tibet and China. The use of the swastika by the indigenous Bön faith of Tibet, as well as syncretic religions, such as Cao Dai of Vietnam and Falun Gong of China, is thought to be borrowed from Buddhism as well.

In Hinduism, the two symbols represent the two forms of the creator god Brahma: facing right it represents the evolution of the universe (Devanagari: प्रवृत्ति, Pravritti), facing left it represents the involution of the universe (Devanagari: निवृत्ति, Nivritti). It is also seen as pointing in all four directions (north, east, south and west) and thus signifies grounded stability. Its use as a Sun symbol can first be seen in its representation of the god Surya (Devanagari: सूर्य, Sun). The swastika is considered extremely holy and auspicious by all Hindus, and is regularly used to decorate items related to Hindu culture. It is used in all Hindu yantras (Devanagari: यंत्र) and religious designs. Throughout the subcontinent of India, it can be seen on the sides of temples, religious scriptures, gift items, and letterheads. The Hindu deity Ganesh (Devanagari: गणेश) is often shown sitting on a lotus flower on a bed of swastikas.
The swastika is found all over Hindu temples, signs, altars, pictures and iconography where it is sacred. It is used in Hindu weddings, festivals, ceremonies, houses and doorways, clothing and jewelry, motor transport and even decorations on food items such as cakes and pastries. Among the Hindus of Bengal, it is common to see the name “swastika” (Bengali: স্বস্তিক sbastik) applied to a slightly different symbol, which has the same significance as the common swastika, and both symbols are used as auspicious signs. This symbol looks something like a stick figure of a human being. In the Bhavishyapuran (a book describing future events and history), it is a weapon of a snake king (dragon), Takshak.


Saros 666 SSS 555

The numerical value of Saros in Hebrew is 666. 

Saros is spelled: “sin ayin resh vav tzadai” and amounts to 666 by Gematria.

sin = 300 + ayin=70 + resh=200 + vav=6 + tzadai=90 = 666

  • Go on your knees and say 5 Our Fathers, 5 Hail Mary’s and 5 Gloria’s.
  • Stand and proceed to make a round of the Statue of St Brigid (sunwise/desiceal keeping the statue on your right)
  • Recite the creed while moving.
  • Do this 5 times.
  • Go on your knees at the Well.

San Ula Uachtarach (In the upper Sanctuary)

  • Go on your knees and say 5 Our Fathers, 5 Hail Mary’s and 5 Gloria’s.
  • Stand and make a sunwise circumambulation on the long path while reciting the Creed
  • Do this 5 times.

At the Cross

  • Make a circumambulation (sunwise/desiceal) of the Cross while saying once the Our Father, the Hail Mary and the Gloria.
  • Kiss the Cross.
  • Do this 5 times.

World TEACHER introduces the B-mode SwaStikaS ~ the “Smoking Gun” to an Intelligent Design ~ Holographic Windmills of the mInD ~ ThE NET ~ the GRID and the SEEd pattern

UPDATE January 26, 2020

A link was shared with us yesterday by Ride the Tide Douglas Engholm but we did not see it until today and we had to update this blog not long after we saw this video by Burkard Polster aka YouTube Mathologer … it is simply amazing how the 2D CHIRAL MBG or Master Builders Grid is always emerging in vital concepts defining our reality.

NOW where to begin?

If we had an abstract or summary or any kind of conclusions arrived at this video essentially helps ME+me bring together a 15 year journey.
Yes in fact there is nothing new here, just another story with storytellers attached not willing to let go of their particular cognitive bias.

Lakshmi, Ganesha, Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva Protoypes from the printer’s sample book. gift of FIRE ALL LIFE IS CHIRAL SIKHA QOPH
Yes another ark+E+typal Carl Jung or Joseph Campbell hero-quest for fire that began at age 47 has emerged to share its tale. Hope you like it … like us on faKebook!

canevas and movement Jay Harman CHIRAL ACHIRAL

In conclusion we noticed an algorithm simply stated as an oscillation between two states we could call rest and movement.



We love any coincidence where the numbers 137 appear in any order.
And the fact at 18:37 in the Mathologer video we find an image that dispenses the same message …

ACHIRAL vs CHIRAL geometries is not a coincidence. That has been an assumption that served us well.

Clearly ME+me and what Burkard Polster the Mathologer helps to illustrate is that we are both hovering over an eternal debate regarding an intelligent design [pre-determinaton] vs. chance … and that summarizes the debate between Bohr and Einstein … again reduced to what the 2D CHIRAL algorithm offers to this eternal discussion.

Fabric of Cosmos Einstein Bohr and the 2D chiral World TEACHERShould not a symbol like the 12,000+ year old 2D CHIRAL swastika that represents the eternal or infinity be allowed into this discussion? 

UPDATE February 14th, 2017

The following article was originally shared with me back on January 30th 2017.
The same image can be found online but I have added a few comments.
The comments are found in red and blue. 

UPDATE September 28, 2015

I have been meaning to add this interesting coincidence and irony to this blog post.

The fact that the Windmill Theatre in London boasted that “We Never Closed” during World War II.
The fact that one of the easiest associations to the rotating swastika that we can make is the windmill.

Windmill Theatre Revudeville programme no.180. February,1945.

Yes or no do you see a swastika in the center of the windmill?

The theatre’s famous motto “We Never Closed” (often humorously modified to “We Never Clothed”) was a reference to the fact that the theatre remained open, apart from the compulsory closure that affected all theatres for 12 days (4–16 September) in 1939. Performances continued throughout the Second World War even at the height of the Blitz. The showgirls, cast members, and crew moved into the safety of the theatre’s two underground floors during some of the worst air attacks, from 7 September 1940 to 11 May 1941.

Windmill Theatre
17-19 Great Windmill Street

Windmill Girls

The theatre presented its nudes—the legendary “Windmill Girls”—in motionless poses as living statues or tableaux vivants.

The ruling: ‘If you move, it’s rude.’

Tableaux vivants

Van Damm produced a series of nude tableaux vivants based around themes such as Annie Oakley, mermaids, red Indians, and Britannia.

But but butts … doesn’t a windmill imply movement?

Windmill girls fan dance

Later, movement was introduced in the form of the fan dance, where a naked dancing girl’s body was concealed by fans held by herself and four female attendants. At the end of the act the girl would stand stock still, her attendants would remove the concealing fans and reveal her nudity. The girl would then hold the pose for about ten seconds before the close of the performance. Another way the spirit of the law was evaded, enabling the girl to move, and thus satisfying the demands of the audience, was by moving the props rather than the girls. Ruses such as a technically motionless nude girl holding on to a spinning rope were used. Since the rope was moving rather than the girl, authorities allowed it, even though the girl’s body was displayed in motion.

Cool ~ 1957 the year that I was born.

UPDATE August 15, 2015

The following image was posted on faKebook today.
PhDUH it is clearly more proof of what Itzhak Bentov said about the rotating swastika,

“one of the good things about the system is that the system wants to teach you about itself”

137 ~ Itzhak Bentov ~ Mystical Friend of Mine and the Swastika

So how do we link such an inspirational story with the TRUTH that has been evolving for 13.7 billion years?

UPDATE Easter Sunday 2015

The two fire sticks of Agni
note that we could refer to them as x-axis and y-axis
comprising a grid, matrix or ThE NET

Years ago on a forum I made the claim that ‘fire’ was the seed of all the technologies born of light and sound.

The above illustration is helping me illustrate this simple idea.

The following blog you are about to read is filled with many profound connections between light, sound, gravity, the eternal narratives and the swastika, leaving this researcher to conclude that the swastika is evidence of an ‘intelligent design’ we would be fools to ignore.

With great irony this symbol whose WWII legacy has many westerners cringe at its very mention, might in fact be the ONE idea capable of unifying ALL beliefs encompassing the entire earth in all directions ~ North East West South ~ yes I have a brand new Good NEWS gospel to share.

What if it is time (when discussing scriptures) that we updated some of the literal interpretations that clearly were never meant to be taken literally?
What if?

UPDATE February 16, 2015

The following image was posted on faKebook by Will-Iam Garland

Meet my mother’s side of the family.
The Drost or Droste.

Four things need to be pointed out.

  1. the fact that my mother’s maiden name is Drost
  2. the fact that the above image is the central theme to the recovery underway found in this blog
  3. the Droste effect plus Widukind is a match made in heaven
  4. https://at37.wordpress.com/?s=widukind

UPDATE April 22, 2014

Before you start the video, take note of the pattern in this room, a design used to ‘negate’ all sounds.

To appreciate what is being presented in this blog, it would be really beneficial if you watch this video first featuring Derek Muller.

And then we shall explore the connection between sound, echos, tombs, the SEED pattern used in that chamber, life and death … enjoy the awakening.

Science and religion have been reconciled.

One flat world 2D swastika can be reversed engineered geometrically i.e. taken apart and made into the shapes N Z which can easily be manipulated into two triangles which in turn can easily be manipulated into one 3D tetrahedron.
Thank you Bucky Fuller.

NZ formula for finding the center of a squareThe tetrahedron as a basic vectorial model is the fundamental structural system of the UniverseFig.1 Two Triangular Energy Events Make Tetrahedron


Using one letter of the alphabet we can demonstrate a convergence of a simple idea.
The letter is ‘N‘ and the work of Buckminster Fuller is in full harmony with an IDEA that seems to unify.

The INTELLIGENT DESIGN is clearly associated to the 12,000+ year old swastika, an idea being carried forward for very good reason.
10,000 reasons in fact.
What evidence do we have that these ideas being put forth in the 21st century are new interpretations of a very old idea?

Clay bowl/dish with geometric bird designs attributed to the Samarra period circa 5000 BC
Naqsh-e Rustam

Naqsh-e Rustam is an ancient necropolis located about 12 km northwest of Persepolis, in Fars ProvinceIran. It lies a few hundred meters from Naqsh-e Rajab.

Please note the cube in the lower left known as the Cube of Zoroaster, the Ka’ba-ye Zartosht. It will be highlighted later in this blog.

UPDATE February 14, 2017

Important to realize in the next image regarding the “smoking gun” that the gravitational waves from inflation which put a distinctive twist pattern CMB radiation map can be reduced to polarized swastikas … keep reading.

UPDATE March 17th, 2014

It is a true “smoking gun”

-BICEP2 team

“This experiment is Nobel Prize worthy”

-Professor Alan Guth

Gravitational waves from inflation put a distinctive twist pattern in the polarisation of the CMB

Mnemonic – Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, and Blitzen >>> 8 reindeer?
And I AM number nine ~ Rudolph leading the way ~ Santa Satan is in the chariot.

As we shall find out in fact orthogonal geometry is important to gravity and believe it or not to the design of a flagellum motor too!
(yes all bases needed to be covered ~ in fact there is even a rumor of a swastika moon-base)

Now are some dots coming at you and are some dots receding away from you as expanding universe theorists might imply?
Think of those  BLUE DOTS and RED DOTS as cosmic sirens?
Now do I mean emergency sirens or sirens of the deep?

In the final analysis the interpretation of these blue dots and red dots will determine who the winner of the two science religions shall be.
I AM the swastika ~ a.k.a. helios, Surya, the solar sun ~ and at this time it is unclear if I AM nuclear powered or more like an EL electrical generating station.

It appears that science is not doing much better in defining who I am than the ancients did in fact, are they?
I have a feeling the ‘geocentric’ vs. ‘heliocentric’ debate could resurface too as the current science cosmology models are put to the test.
And then there is the problem of the topography of the solar system itself, is the sun resting in the center surrounded by concentric ellipses/orbits of the 9 planets, or as some others have theorized the sun is moving and the 9 planets do not orbit the sun at all but trail in its wake in spiral/helical orbits.
I do wish one religion would reign supreme.

Science is obviously a religion.
Science today has provided us with the ultimate magicians.
Some claim SIN or Sir Isaac Newton was the last of the magicians and the first real scientist who ushered in observations that were confirmed by rigid empirical testing.
What happened to science?
Why are all of the science temple priests interpreting the same data differently?
Science is a without a doubt a religion, and as somebody prepared to usher in a paradigm change, of course I have plenty of evidence accumulated.
And that should concern people, because some religions would love to blow up the earth once and for all.
Science is the ONLY religion capable of such a feat at this time.
But wait who are the science puppet masters pulling the strings and pushing the buttons

‘True BLUE b-mode ~ a match made in heaven’
Is the dread RED b-mode therefore hell?
left: one of two B-mode gravitational waves
right: swastika as defined by Gandhi as a cosmic life force
this image is taken out of an 1896 publication when the swastika was being associated with both the AEther and consciousness
what happened?

Shall we compare the potential NOBEL news with the noble news that I have been compiling in this blog since 2007?
News via the cosmic messages coming at me from the four directions, N, E, W, S, never ending streams of inPHO once you realize this.

Well I would pick March 17 or 3/17 as a fine time to make this announcement too, because the numbers ‘317‘ or ‘137‘ do in fact concern themselves with the electro-magnetic field of the earth, just another coincidence.

At this time the BICEP2 team is flexing their expanding universe muscle.

It is a true “smoking gun”

But inflation came with a very specific prediction – that it would be associated with waves of gravitational energy, and that these ripples in the fabric of space would leave an indelible mark on the oldest light in the sky – the famous Cosmic Microwave Background.

The BICEP2 team says it has now identified that signal. Scientists call it B-mode polarisation. It is a characteristic twist in the directional properties of the CMB. Only the gravitational waves moving through the Universe in its inflationary phase could have produced such a marker. It is a true “smoking gun”.

source of images and story; BBC News – Cosmic inflation: ‘Spectacular’ discovery hailed


I have highlighted both a B-mode RED swastika and a B-mode BLUE swastika rotating in opposite directions

Yes it appears the AEther has a twist to it … described as torsion fields, and that the ‘MARK’ we all received IF we are immortal since the birth of our own universe (at least your immortality extends that far back 13.7 billion years) you, sheepish ewe, magnetic U have all been ‘branded’ by either a RED swastika dot or the tail that wags your tale is the BLUE swastika dot. The following is something I wrote on July 23, 2013. How archEtypal of little ole me.

“To BE or not to BE a gravitational wave or a density wave, thus the question amended* shall I be a B or an E?

Yes…that is the question!

*note the amended Shakespeare quote comes on the 450th anniversary of his birth, April 23, 2014.


Shall we take a closer look at my left and right CHIRAL ASYMMETRIC hands?


Raphael Sanzio – The Creation of Eve from Adam

Why would they mention in the bIbLE narrative the ‘fact’ that King Solomon had as part of his fable the following stable?

  • 300 concubines
  • 700 wives

700 + 300 = 1000

Please recall that the very archaic ancients did not use placeholders or zeros or notation in their reckoning, and if reading from right to left you would read the following;

1 7

TC and me have the same birthday ~ 3/7 Both born on the 3rd of July He is into Scientology and I AM into a science called Gravity

~end of UPDATE~

The rest of this blog essentially confirms that match we see above that was ‘made in heaven’. Well what can I say? I told you so?

And the media confirms what I have been saying all along?
The ‘swastika’ now turns out to be the ‘smoking gun’.
Why ‘we the sheeple’ would bet against a 12,000+ year old *good luck* symbol is beyond me.
Did you all make a deal with the LEvI I37 dEvIL or something?

Or did I?

source: Sketchbook of Villard de Honnecourt

“fish don’t’ swim, they’re swum and birds don’t fly, they’re flown” -Viktor Schauberger

I wonder if an intelligent designer would know as much or
perhaps MORE than Steven Heller?
image on right: Sacred Thau and Vulgar Thau according to Rabbi Azarias
Tau/Thau/Taw/Tav/Taf and the letter N 

The first Tenet vs. …

Practical Implications

Jung’s argument, in his post-interview letters, can be summarised by saying that God is first and foremost a mystery.

This happens to be the first tenet of the Orthodox Church (Ware 1979, p. 11) but Jung was not arguing for a conversion to Orthodoxy.

Rather, he was suggesting we recognise that any and all images of God are always different from the actual nature of God. Once we realise this fact then, in Jung’s view, we have taken a small, practical, but significant step forward in our spiritual development.

or the TENET cross


WHAT IF we pretend for a moment that Adam and Eve were X and Y living in a flat world and they made a pact, a TENET with each other.

It was a marriage made in heaven, ntil that day they ‘crossed’ each other?

Notice how Adam and Eve are perpendicular to each other forming the TENET Cross, similar to a transverse wave (light) and longitudinal wave (sound) respectively. Rumor in the Garden of Eden was that Adam and Eve were an electromagnetic couple. Well what do you think of such a wild and crazy idea? Now before looking at the next image below I would love for your higher self to contemplate this next quote I just ‘recovered’ yesterday.

source of quote: The Swastika: A Prophetic Symbol. http://opensiuc.lib.siu.edu/ocj/vol1907/iss9/4/

But what an immaculate reception it was. As you will soon see how simpleton it all really is. In the above text obviously I want to draw your attention to the swastika/fylfot and the letters that have been highlighted in yellow the S and Z;

This recent entry on wiki in March of 2014 is very sweet indeed.



IF you are not ready to have the many mysteries removed in one fell swoop, please turn back and do NOT proceed any further.
You have been warned, letting go of one beLIEfs has the potential to tear you apart leading to your own Fuck-me-ushima unclear nuclear meltdown.

Really you have been warned
, this info has proved capable of ‘scaring the hell out of we the sheeple’ for the past thousands of years I have come to realize.
It is the essence of what nightmares can be made of. Which made me realize I had also stumbled onto a cure for the inner devils and such that people LOVE to FEAR.
I can use this ages old idea as an application that ‘scares the hell out of we the sheeple’, allowing me to administer a long overdue EXORCISM.
Hardy har har
Yes it is time to let go of your inner devils that I KNOW everybody is harboring … “come out come out wherever ye are”

Now you may open your eyes and have a look at what is being ‘recovered’.

Do you See vhat I Zee in the next image?

SZ Electromagnetic Field rotated into ZeuS?

“As a man who has devoted his whole life to the most clear headed science, to the study of matter, I can tell you as a result of my research about atoms this much: There is no matter as such. All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particle of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together. We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind.

This mind is the matrix of all matter.”

– Max Planck
The Nature of Matter speech at Florence, Italy (1944)


SwaStika = ATMA = AEther

Please note the above chart is a field/grid/matrix that I refer to as ThE NET based on a 7 x 7 = 49  
Did you know that Moses could only open 49 gates or was it 50?

Borat: “Two Thumbs Up”

 John Ambrose Fleming: “three beers please ” Wolfgang Pauli: “Drei Bier Bitte” Right-hand rule – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Now would Jesus as a physicist/magician need to know about the ‘right hand rules’ used in physics to invoke his magic and miracles?

And IF Jesus knew about such rules, I wonder if ThE NET Jesus cast over the RIGHT side of the boat to catch 153 fishes has something to  do with what ‘just is’ is?

Take a look below to see what I caught in ThE NET.

Jewish Captives in Attitude of Supplication From Layard’s “Monuments of Nineveh.”
source: http://www.jewishencyclopedia.com/articles/4010-captain


What if snakes = waveforms/frequencies/vibration = matter = consciousness = people = what if?

I regard consciousness as fundamental.
I regard matter as derivative from consciousness. We cannot get behind consciousness.

Everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness.
– Max Planck

Note that this song and dance takes place on a plane.
The plane has 9×9 dimensions representing the magic square of the Moon and it is the same 9×9 grid that is used to play the popular game Sudoku.

And the Moon just happens to be associated with the ‘collective unconscious’.
Note in the center of the 9×9 grid is the 3×3 magic square of Saturn or in China it is called the Lo Shu magic square.

The Lo Shu evolved into the numerical KEYPADS that we use today. The 3×3 Lo Shu is comprised of the numbers 1-9.

And recall that the child’s game Snakes and Ladders also takes place on a grid and it is more than just a game….

The game is a central metaphor of Salman Rushdie‘s Midnight’s Children.

The narrator describes the game as follows: All games have morals; and the game of Snakes and Ladders captures, as no other activity can hope to do, the eternal truth that for every ladder you hope to climb, a snake is waiting just around the corner, and for every snake a ladder will compensate. But it’s more than that; no mere carrot-and-stick affair; because implicit in the game is unchanging twoness of things, the duality of up against down, good against evil; the solid rationality of ladders balances the occult sinuosities of the serpent; in the opposition of staircase and cobra we can see, metaphorically, all conceivable oppositions, Alpha against Omega, father against mother.

The xy grid is the same playing field that we can place the mathematicians, physicists, artists, designers, alchemists, hermeticists, evolutionists, and creationists onto.

Twister big mat w people

Let’s Play Twister – Bobs blog

…in addition to kids big and small, kings and queens, snakes and ladders, rookies and rooks, knights and pawns, and of course business and commerce where we find the real game players. The Electro-Magnetic ‘EM’ fIELd of dreams appears to be the depository of ideas.

“If you build it he will come”

… has become

“If you build it they will come”

Visualization of the Gödel universe – IOPscience

LIfE – the sciences, religion and the arts ALL essentially need a ‘grid’ or ‘field’ to help them develop their respective fields and to help them convey their ideas to the world at large in a comprehensible language.

“Science can’t see what it doesn’t have the language to describe”

I know because I have struggled in trying to find such a language that everybody can agree on. I have NO idea why I even bothered to ‘go there’… but I did. So really the ONE page we can place most ideas onto (for starters) is this ONE here: The premise is simple enough.

pg. 540 The Swastika: A Prophetic Symbol


left: x and y axis might be AGNI’s two firesticks forming the TENET Cross

This image was selected as picture of the day on the English Wikipedia for February 12, 2006

People love that image: 

Recall that the number ‘37‘ has been proposed as a number that best represents the collective unconscious and it is obvious that without an xy grid to animate on Conway’s Game of Life might not exist either.

The modern keypad is based on the 3×3 Lo Shu Magic Square in fact!

Please note that to transform the KEYPAD into the 3000+ year old LO SHU magic square requires that we invoke the magic of 4 numbers:

1 3 7 9

We can also use these grids to design the games people play, like tic tac toe, bingo, suduko etc. The old world magic squares could not work their magic without the grid or


to perform on…


OVER and UNDER between the RED and BLUE b-mode gravitational wave 

The GRID pattern which has been cleverly hidden in the facade of this 5th century BCE building known as the Cube of Zoroaster or the Ka’ba-ye Zartosht

Ka’ba-ye Zartosht (cube shaped construction in the foreground) against the backdrop of Naqsh-e Rustam.

Naqsh-e Rustam


Embroidery uses the same grids and the same stitches that the cosmos uses which the Persians recognized. Granny doing needlework is reinforcing the patterns of what ‘just is’ is, And it is a fact Granny is about to exit stage left… Enter stage right. Having young children stay in touch with geometry, young minds who not that long ago just arrived from the other side…. These repetitive actions are a form of heART-work too, thus helping to reinforce the patterns that reflect what ‘just is’ is. Without the xy (man/woman) grid or the xyz grid, which act as maps and the drawing boards of our minds, we would we be lost in space.

The grid is the matrix, it is the playing fIELd, it even looks like ThE NET

The GRID, the MATRIX, the WEB, the NET, are based on two lines called x and y.

x and y help to define the fIELd, an imaginary blackboard jungle, where we can use our MiNds and heARTs to assist us in mapping out, to help us integrate with what ‘just is’ is.

Without this grid to plot our x, y, and z co-ordinates onto we would be lost in space-time. GPS requires three positions in space in order to convey a narrative using  knowledge of both xyz and ABC.

Without ThE NET with which to plot our ABC /xyz stories, the unfolding plots within the narrative would have no frame of reference.

i.e. without adding a ‘z-axis’ , literally and figuratively the story would never get off the ground using ABC.

But the above image of the grid is static, it is stationary, what happens if we add MOVEMENT or depth?


At the center of ThE NET we see the ‘twisting swastika’, which appears to be a mechanism that mother nature likes to employ to make things happen.


  • Some folks think I have become possessed by the swastika.

Well it appears that they are correct. But is it such a bad thing to focus your attention on ONE idea, especially IF that ONE idea appears to hold the KEY to unifying the world into ONE consciousness? Well now that the swastika has been introduced by Jay Harman I want to go back to another Max Planck quote made in 1936. This quote speaks to ME, I often feel like the lonely wolf promoting the swastika.

New scientific ideas never spring from a communal body, however organized, but rather from the head of an individually inspired researcher who struggles with his problems in lonely thought and unites all his thought on one single point which is his whole world for the moment.

Address on the 25th anniversary of the Kaiser-Wilhelm Gesellschaft (January 1936), as quoted in: Surviving the Swastika : Scientific Research in Nazi Germany (1993)

Max Planck – Wikiquote

So Max are three brains better than just one, how about three brians?

#1 Brain Greene uses ThE NET to explain Space

#2 Brain Cox uses ThE NET to explain particle physics

#3 Nobel winning Brain Schmidt uses ThE NET three times to explain the geometry of the universe.

ALL three of ThE NETs, open, flat, or closed, can be applied to this unifying idea.

But what if my brain is different than each of the Brians?

My simpleton noble not Nobel brain wants to use ThE NET to explain how to make a FRIENDSHIP KNOT!

[linked image]

In the above image INSERT 4 HANDS into the 4 SLOTS marked 1, 2, 3, 4 in order to clasp 4 WRISTS and 4-ARMS thus forming the friendship knot like we see in the image below.

[linked image]

In this next image I see a big G, a needle, a thread, and a grid upon which to weave a tapestry or a narrative.

[linked image]

But take a look at the GRID that has been highlighted in YELLOW.

Yes it is the FRIENDSHIP KNOT which forms the backbone or skeleton of the MATRIX, ThE NET in fact! It is the SEED PATTERN that I have been documenting for some time now as the blog you are on demonstrates.


Just keep reading and it soon becomes apparent why there exist no coincidences and why all of the coincidences I have documented over the years must now be considered evidence of a bigger picture yet to be revealed. Perhaps the magic carpet woven will in fact fly or failing that at least assist in taking the imagination for a wild ride. And to suggest the tapestry that which gets woven can be represented by all three options regarding the Cosmic Geometry – Curvature and Density of the universe should not be surprising.

[linked image]

The cities of Plato and Playdoh and Jungian sandbox therapy

The SEED pattern is in fact the same pattern that we find in Atlantis. In fact it is a pattern that is linked to dividing up the Atlantean plain equitably!

YES in conclusion I must conclude that the SWASTIKA IS THE MATRIX, as a symbol it represents the forces that which are responsible for the formation of ThE NET.

REST/Repose vs. MOTION has always been a scientific and philosophical smoking gun because it puts religion and science onto the same page.

Galileo Galilei, however, realized that a force is necessary to change the velocity of a body, i.e., acceleration, but no force is needed to maintain its velocity. In other words, Galileo stated that, in the absence of a force, a moving object will continue moving.


Suggesting that the swastika is the NET that Jesus casts over the RIGHT SIDE of Das Boat!

The IHS ‘grid’ 

Christogram, a form of monogram, for the name Jesus Abbreviation for the In hoc signo vinces legend

You decide if the following entries constitute:


KUBA – SHOOWA textiles

Circle Limit by M.C. Escher


go to the above link and click on this image to view the demonstration:

I have added the yellow and red highlights 



to understanding our psychology

Video link:  watch?v=ElWX4D3lHLU

Start watching this video @18:25 and make sure you get a real good look at the SOUND CHAMBER architecture while the ‘experts’, Dr. Marcus du Sautoy and Professor Judy Edworthy play with SOUND and the effect it can have on humans.

“her research investigates the psychological effects of sound”

PAUSE the video @20:10 after listening to the brief explanation of how important sound is to our well being. Now the non-expert (ME) lacking in a set of blinders issued to him called a PhDUH, who was guided by his INTUITION and IMAGINATION wants to point out something rather OBVIOUS to the experts who just can’t seem to get on the same page called ‘SHOCK and AWE’.


In this next video Dan Russell studies Acoustic Propulsion. Do I need to ask you to look behind Dan, what do you see on the walls, the preferred design for acoustics, but why why why is this the preferred shape in studios?


Two spherical Helmholtz resonators (glass Christmas tree bulb ornaments with a resonance frequency of 386 Hz) connected by a thin rod and suspended from a thread will rotate when driven at their resonance frequency, provided that the driving sound is loud enough (in this case more than 125 dB). The cause of rotation is due to a nonzero time average of the momentum flow into and out of the opening of the resonator. Asymmetry in the opening of the resonator causes flow separation and vortex rings that produce a reaction force (and hence a torque) on the system, causing it to rotate.


The significance of what I AM proposing will become clearer and clearer to the reader. The first thing I want to point out in the above image of The Code is the pattern we see in the background, behind the experts who seem to be oblivious to how that pattern reveals an underlying geometry that nature seems to show a preference for.

Keep reading to see how significant that simple geometric form used to capture SOUND is a BIG CLUE to the bigger picture of how SOUND and LIGHT conspire to become the authors of Electro-Magnetic U and ME.

Animation of rotating squares with two different phases α
source: http://home.strw.leidenuniv.nl/~snik/html/NTS.htm http://home.strw.leidenuniv.nl/~snik/html/sculptures.htm

How does the above work collide with the Quintessence?

Escher’s Circle Limit

Friendship Knot

Four overlapping hands/wrists resulting in an apparent ‘pinwheel’ design?

The SS SiriuS Mystery

Which of the following images presented below depicted in The Sirius Mystery is a match for the Friendship Knot?

The author Robert Temple (using Peter Tompkins notes as key) did a great job linking the Omphalos Stone to Oannes and the Sacred Basket and to the Egyptians for me.

Both of the images below are from Egypt according to Robert Temple. AHA here is the link I was looking for.

Please note since writing this I have acquired the book by Peter Tompkins SECRETS of the GREAT PYRAMID that Robert Temple kept referencing, which contains the most valuable appendix supplied by Livio Catullo Stecchini. As documented here:

The Sirius Mystery and the Secrets of the Great Pyramid

The Oracle Centers
chapter 5 


Oannes Sacred Basket

La Venta Stela 19, the earliest known representation of the Feathered Serpent in Mesoamerica. So here we have an Olmec steale where we see the earliest depiction of the enigmatic Feathered Serpent holding a basket very similar to Oannes in the Mesopotamian narrative.

Did the contents of the BASKET become the contents of the ARK?

Donation of Constantine

The contents represent an idEA worth preserving. DNA’s main purpose is to encode and store data, information, or inPHOmation, to be passed on. Because DNA concerns itself with the life blood of ALL life on earth I feel this is something worth placing into basket as something sacred.

The same codons used to create us, also are used in different combinations to create other animal and plant life, even bacteria. If Genesis is a gene thesis could we find evidence of this elsewhere? Would this ‘secret’ be found in a ‘forgery’?

The Donation of Constantine is a forged Roman imperial decree by which the emperor Constantine I supposedly transferred authority over Rome and the western part of the Roman Empire to the Pope. The text, purportedly a decree of Roman EmperorConstantine I dated 30 March, in a year mistakenly said to be both that of his fourth consulate (315) and that of the consulate of Gallicanus (317), contains a detailed profession of Christian faith and a recounting of how the emperor, seeking a cure of his leprosy, was converted and baptized by Pope Sylvester I. In gratitude, he determined to bestow on the see of Peter “power, and dignity of glory, and vigour, and honour imperial”, and “supremacy as well over the four principal sees, AlexandriaAntiochJerusalem, and Constantinople, as also over all the churches of God in the whole earth”. For the upkeep of the church of Saint Peter and that of Saint Paul, he gave landed estates “in JudeaGreeceAsiaThraceAfricaItaly and the various islands”.



To Sylvester and his successors he also granted imperial insignia, the tiara, and “the city of Rome, and all the provinces, places and cities of Italy and the western regions”

Shall we take a closer look at the pattern depicted on the tiara being ‘handed off’?

Image  knot


And following Constantine who is handing off the TIARA to Pope Sylvester is Jesus (clean shaven) riding the White Horse entering through the gate? In these next two images by Escher called Square Limit and Circle Limit do you see a resemblance to the weave used in Oannes’ Sacred Basket?


How difficult would it be to find more images that resemble the Omphalos Stone aka the “navEL of the world” … shall we try to see what we can find?

Robert Temple did not address the potential of MEMES and PHOsphENEs as possible explanations for both a 100th monkey phenomenon and ‘the aLIEn’. IMHO we do not need to go beyond our own Electro-Magnetic fIELd to explain the source of the many narratives throughout the world that appear to be linked by some kind of unifying mechanism.

And the underlying mechanism which appears to be the author of many stories and narratives helping us to evolve could be described as the EM gEnE-MEME-drEaM-thEME pARK that we all participate in, whILE awake, whILE dreaming and of course whILE shleeping too! click on link, for the update in solving the Sirius Mystery. Why aLIEns are not necessary to explain how we got here:

So it appears that this particular shape used to build a SOUND CHAMBER can be found in the Jaina Cross below demarcated by the pattern revealed by the numbers 1 2 3 and 4.

And before we continue I just want to suggest that the numbers 1 2 3 4 in the Jaina Cross (above image) correspond with the 4 arms on the stone that Robert Temple had identified (below) as one of the two symbols cognizant with the Egyptian Navel of the World the Omphalos.

A fine analogy between the two images i.e. the Jaina/Swastika Cross and the Egyptian Omphalos would be positive vs. negative space.

Update November 7, 2012 The GNoSiS, GeNeSiS, GNoSSoS and KNoSSoS connection to the SWASTIKA SEED. In the image below do you see the numbers 2_5 and 5_2? Do you see the SEED pattern that we have been discussing in the image below?

UPDATE Aug. 30/2012

I want to present a very important addition to the ‘SEED PATTERNS‘ I have been collecting and documenting. Clearly the evidence in this blog suggests that coincidences in fact are evidence of the underlying UNITY that we fail to comprehend.

The above image allows us to form a link between the SEED PATTERN, the electron, pi, magnetism, chiral metamaterials and the 3 colors used in the Nazi flag and I just recently rEMEMbered a very similar pattern is used to provide for a non-slip metal plate surface used on fire trucks.


image above left: is non-slip metal plate found on the steps and surfaces of firetrucks as a safety feature
image above right: is a NANO design used to make solar panels more efficient Life is just like that.

Even though I worked around fire trucks for 24+ years this coincidence between the SEED PATTERN recognized, the direct result part of my current quest and the SEED PATTERN used as a non-slip safety plate encountered on my former job as firefighter never occurred to me until just recently.


And why are those colors important and how do we form the link? go here:

British Museum – The Battersea Shield next to Sator Square

British Museum – The Battersea Shield

Iron Age, 350-50 BC Found in the River Thames at Battersea Bridge, London, England Interesting Length!

77.700 cm

A shield for show and sacrifice?

The Battersea shield was not made for serious warfare. It is too short to provide sensible protection. The thin metal sheet and the complicated decoration would be easily destroyed if the shield was hit by a sword or spear. Instead, it was probably made for flamboyant display. The highly polished bronze and glinting red glass would have made for a great spectacle. It was finally thrown or placed in the River Thames, where many weapons were offered as sacrifices in the Bronze Age and Iron Age. Iron Age shields are not commonly found.

The overall design is highlighted with twenty-seven framed studs of red enamel (opaque red glass) in four different sizes, the largest set at the centre of the boss.

The Battersea Shield is one of the most significant pieces of ancient Celtic military equipment found in Britain. It is a sheet bronze covering of a (now vanished) wooden shield decorated in La Tène style. The shield is on display in the British Museum, while a replica is housed in the Museum of London.

The Battersea Shield probably dates from the 1st century BC or early 1st century AD, though an earlier date is possible, and dates from as early as 350 BC have been suggested.
It was dredged from the bed of the River Thames in London in 1857, during excavations for the predecessor of Chelsea Bridge**; in the same area workers found large quantities of Roman and Celticweapons and skeletons in the riverbed, leading many historians to conclude that the area was the site of Julius Caesar‘s crossing of the Thames during the 54 BC invasion of Britain.

Coincidence or Evidence? The new Chelsea Bridge formerly called the Victoria Bridge opened in 1937! The Battersea Shield was found in 1857, 100 years before I was born in 1957, the number code 1379 is dear to me, and the street I live on is called Victoria pARK!

In Focus: The Battersea Shield – YouTube

Ceiling Patterns from the Palace of Amenhotep III, Malqata

Please rEMEMber that the ‘experts’ claim that the swastika is not found in Egypt until imported by the Greeks. So what influence did the Greeks have in 18th Dynasty Egypt?

The Eighteenth Dynasty of ancient Egypt (notated Dynasty XVIII)[1] (c. 1550–c. 1292 BC) is perhaps the best known of all the dynasties of ancient Egypt. As well as boasting a number of Egypt’s most famous pharaohs, it includedTutankhamun, the finding of whose tomb by Howard Carter in 1922 was a sensational archaeological discovery despite its having been twice disturbed by tomb robbers. The dynasty is sometimes known as the Thutmosid Dynasty because of the four pharaohs named Thutmosis (English: Thoth child).

However these cEILing tILEs suggest a different story or narrative has been crafted using the same ole IDEAS regarding LIGHT and SOUND waves.


The  SEED pattern that can be found in ME garden. It incorporates the 4 colors of the Medicine Wheel, used in the stages of alchemy.

Blackening ~ Whitening ~ Yellowing  ~ Reddening

A solution for the Pythagorean theorem (i.e. a^2 + b^2 = c^2) that is usually attributed to Pythagoras
a solution older than Pythagoras having made its way west from China.



Popular CULTure knows about the film GiGi. But how many folks know about GG (George Green) and his contributions to science?

NOW I must introduce a numerical PATTERN that I recognized in my own life.

Clearly I am part of nature, so this pattern could represent an aspect of nature too?
Unfortunately the reader will think my ego has entered the arena, please try to overlook the ME evidence that I use to help/counsel/lead ME, focusing instead on the bigger picture that will soon become apparent as we unravel the simplicity of the underlying SEED PATTERNS that affect all of us on the atomic scale. …

Did you notice his date of birth, clearly George Green, GG  is a 1379 meSSenJAH too.

rEMEMber the MEME 1379 err 1793 or how about 3761 or ….

1793 is the same year as George Washington laying the cornerstone in the Capital Building.

1793 is the same year that YORK, or Toronto, where I was born was founded.

Aha! that means I must be a 137 messenJAH too?

I was born on July 3, 1957 or 7319-5

And it gets even better.

My birth certificate declares that I have in fact been registered as 073190! And yes it gets even better still;

299,79613 is the speed of light in meters/sec!

May I remind the reader that the CODE 137-96 had already been identified.

Before I ever saw that video I had already zeroed in on 137-96!

BTW 1793 is the same year France officially adopted and brought into the world the metric system.
WHY then does the Great Pyramid reveal the speed of light in metres/sec?


It appears that the metric SyStem that our SS Solar SyStem would eventually adopt was anticipated by the Egyptians, OR who ever built the pyramids on the Giza Plateau.

In anticipation of the 21st century quantum physicist with all of his brilliant insights who would arrive at the same conclusions leading to an AHA!

How and why could this be? Our pagan ancestors I must conclude had identified the SEED pattern Nature is the best teacher.

Comprehend and Copy Nature and identify the SEED Pattern


Westwood Crop Circle – July 17, 2008

Pythagorean theorem for (3, 4, 5) triangle Chou Pei Suan Ching 500–200 BCE note: the solution is on a 7×7 magic square of Venus


Samarra Iraq pottery circa 5000 BCE and St. Brigid’s Cross

4-fold rotation of the cursive shapes E M 3 W


Rodin Coil Torus

Friendship Knot

Among the Maya who is the god of M E N

Pawahtun God N Pawahtun is the Atlas of Mayan deities. According to the 16th century Spanish bishop Diego de Landa, Pawahtun bore the responsibility of holding up the sky. The deity existed in four aspects as the world-bearers that supported the corners of the universe at the cardinal directions, also called the Bacabs, when serving as the world-bearers.

Hun Hunahpu God E

The Tonsured Maize god/the Foliated Maize god

God M (Ek Chuah) Merchant God


Here is a catalogue, hopefully reasonably complete, of known Mayan God-forms. The information here is necessarily brief; a full accounting of all these entities would be a massive book in its own right. What is included here is:

A Name, Mention if the God was localized to a particular tribe or city. Occasionally a note on previous labels for the deity in question – before the language could be transcribed with any clarity. Any important epithets or sobriquets that are associated with the Name, and a basic description of spheres of influence, attributes, and/or descriptive stories.


Pawahtun God “N” Patron of the Numbers 5 and 15.

A calendar deity associated with the end of the year. He stands at the four corners of the sky, upholding both it and the world. He is also known to be a Patron of scribes.

“E” An agricultural divinity, evidently Patron of maize and maize produce.

Ekchuah Earler known as “M”. An agricultural divinity, the Patron of cacao and cacao products. He also has associations with travelers and journeys. He is often portrayed as an opponent (usually unsuccessful) of God “F”.

“F” A god of war, with some associations in human sacrifice. He often occurs in tales of conflict (usually successful) against Ekchuah (God “M”).

3 M E W


What is the connection between the SEED pattern above (the Celtic brooch) and the 55 atoms that comprise our ACGT?

Celtic Brooch = SEED pattern


Making Celtic Knots


Seed of life produces the flower of life which produces the fruit of life, and the SEED pattern is the ‘lifeline’ that an initiate needs to plant or sow, so they can harvest the fruit at a later date.

Scheme of the Tableau des Bacab

Celtic Eternity/Lover’s Knot

Notes on Certain Maya and Mexican Manuscripts, by Cyrus Thomas


Chaldean Zodiac and Hands of God

The ‘E’ is found on the stem of the K-E-Y

Splendour of the Sun

Indian Medicine Wheel next to the ‘Gift or Donation of Constantine’


MC Escher next to the Rotas Sator Magic Square


How do we link swirly twirly SWASTIKA to the IDEA of the WINDMILL?


Now before I go on did you notice in the above text the reference to solar power, see page 137?

Did you know the sun, hELIos travels along its orbital path @ 137 mILEs per/sec?

WHOA are these ‘coincidences’ or have I tapped into something divine?

Yes it appears that every dEtaIL has been attended to by the dEvIL, even in this book,.
It is a wild wild ride I am on in these end of the daze….

And what would the connection be between WINDMILLS and the GREAT PYRAMID’s 8 sides?



How do we link the WINDMILL to the IDEA of the 4E or SEED PATTERN?

Jacques DeMolay the Last Grand Master of the Knights Templar
King Philip the Fair had him slowly burned upon a scaffold on an island in the River Seine in Paris
March 1314

Jacques de Molay (c. 1244 – 18 March 1314) was the 23rd and last Grand Master of the Knights Templar, leading the Order from 20 April 1292 until it was dissolved by order of Pope Clement V in 1307.

Jerusalem – Detail from a 12th century Crusader Map
Jerusalem-CrusaderMap12thc.big.jpg [386KB]

BELL Lab Sound Stage 1940s and a Hemi-Anechoic Chamber

Provides a precise free-field environment used to measure sound sources over a reflecting plane.


Gift of Constantine illustrates the 4 possible ways of reading the Rotas Sator Square

 Unraveling Roman mosaic meander patterns: A simple algorithm for their generation.


3 > W > E > M

Rotations, Reflections, and Translations

Take note of the glyph that looks like the number 3 highlighted in yellow of this Dogon granary. A granary? Isn’t that associated with a place for keeping SEEDS, a storehouse for threshed grain? File:Dogon12.jpg



In the Dogon language the word for SEED is SENE

Many scholars have been turned onto the Dogon Tribe of Mali West Africa, these end of the daze. Their traditions still being practiced today dating back to the time of the Pharaohs. The Dogon as many people know seem to have anticipated that modern science would find out that Sirius has a binary star companion. But how can that be, Sirius ‘B’  is invisible to the naked eye.


On the left is the Sator Square found in the Galamus Heritage Monastery

Coincidences? In light of ALL the coincidences that keep piling up I gotta say it is a deSIGN of the TIMEs that is being revealed.

St. Anthony’s Galamus Hermitage Monastery

Saint Anthony’s chapel is renowned for containing a magic square:


But what is a magic square doing in a structure that is purely Catholic in origin?

For sure, as Galamus is not the only location where this “decoration” has been found, some have come up with explanations that make it appear that this has a significance within the Catholic doctrine. But it should fail to impress most, if not all. Indeed, we note that the inscription was already found in the ruins if Pompey, which thus makes it definitely older than Christianity. Here, in Galamus, it may indicate that the site was in use prior to a Christian dedication too – or that at some point, a magical dimension was added to its “pure Catholic” purpose. Perhaps because people resorted to magic, either due to the enigmatic incidents that had occurred, or as part of the miraculous protection the Saint had offered to the village? http://2012forum.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=16919&start=135

And to let the reader know, the next step in the deciphering of the Sator Square is based on SS Neolithic Sticks and Stones cosmology. So simple a child could understand.


N = I + V


ENE = A matriarchal cross in the center of the Sator/Rotas Square.


 Note:  The TENET cross spells either NET or TEN depending on the direction. NOW did you know the first Pharaoh or King to unify the two Egyptian Empires North and South or the poles positve N and negative S was a fella by the name of …

… King mENEs

But mENEs was the name the Greeks gave King Hor-AHA!

And mENEs is an acronym of sEmEN 


…of course we made a TENET with the universe and rELIgion is the result … the bIbLE comes from the word bIbLIos. Something I noticed due to the structure of the Hebrew alphabet and how words are composed using consonants void of vowels. All of the following words once you remove the vowels are left with the same consonants. i.e. BiBLe …….BBL BiBLos……BBLS BaBeL ……BBL BaB-iLu…..BBL BaRBeLo…BRBL BeLE BiRi..BLBR

Shamash and Adad became in combination the gods of oracles and of divination in general. Whether the will of the gods is determined through the inspection of the liver of the sacrificial animal, through observing the action of oil bubbles in a basin of water or through the observation of the movements of the heavenly bodies, it is Shamash and Adad who, in the ritual connected with divination, are invariably invoked. Similarly in the annals and votive inscriptions of the kings, when oracles are referred to, Shamash and Adad are always named as the gods addressed, and their ordinary designation in such instances is bele biri (“lords of divination”).


We are left RS not quite fitting the mold. The two letters R and S remind me of the Rotas/Sator square, but until I find more confirmation for the RS, I shall treat this as a ‘coincidence’. But I know there are none, it is all design.

The 3 significant clues that need to be investigated are:


RS = RazIEL Sefer (book of secrets given to Adam in the Garden of Eden)

Can we connect the 3×4 grid attributed to the angEL RazIEL and the secrets of creation to both the Breastplate of the High Priest (LEvI) AND the 3×4 keypad that the 21st century CULTure has now embraced to encourage money lending and animal trading in the ‘Temple’? YES, maybe.

Combinatorial explosion and Project Euler 393




R-S notational system 

Organic Chemistry/Chirality See main discussion:

RS Reciprocal System

Dewey B. Larson’s Reciprocal System of physical theory, a Theory of Everything that is based on the concept of motion, rather than matter.

BBL and QiBBeL



There is one other word we should add to this list.

Qibbel is the root of the word Cabala, Kabbalah, Qabalah, etc. it means “to receive”.

Qibbel contains the word bible, i.e. Q + bible.

So with the exception of Qibbel (root of Cabala) Biblios (the root of the word Bible) and Barbelo (Gnostic literature re: Pistis Sophia – Barbelo is the first emanation of god) the same letters BBL are unique to all.

UPDATE September 5/2012

I had a THOTH thought looking at the words Abu Simbel obvious eh? So lets compare the obvious gate or entrance at Abu Simbel with Bab-ilu?

rEMEMber one of the words mentioned above was Bab-Ilu = Gate of God

Now remove the vowels.

aBu SiMBeL  … BSMBL BaB iLu … BBL

The two x-tra consonants are the M and N, two shapes/glyphs which we can place onto this plate/bowl from 5000 BCE.

And because we can also link the above plate/bowl to Precession of the Equinoxes, a way of calculating time on a larger scale we need to investigate how the vital TIME MEMES get passed forward from one generation to the next.

UPDATE – April 28, 2012 While researching ancient methods of ‘measuring time’ I came across another word we can add to the above list of coincidences of words with the consonants QBLH.

hourglass >> waterclock >> astrolab >> Qibla >> QiBLaH

And this coincidence alludes to an interesting association. Which is that what religions are trying to define.

The concept of what TIME is, and it pays to be in possession of the time clock during the last 2 minutes of the game? (has the hail Mary been tossed in the direction of the end zone…?)
Note that most of the civilized world adheres to the Gregorian Calender established in 1582.

That is why science appears to be yet another religion trying yet again to define what TIME is.
Specifically as the 4th dimension.

Geometry, Relativity and the Fourth Dimension

Geometry, Relativity and the Fourth Dimension by Rudolf Rucker

It was reading about the astrolabe that I was lead to the AHA. In the Islamic world, the astrolabe was also used to calculate the Qibla and to find the times for Salah, prayers.

The Qiblah (Arabic: قبلة‎, “direction”), also transliterated as Qibla, Kiblah, Kıble or Kibla, is the direction that should be faced when a Muslim prays during salah. It is fixed as the direction of the Kaaba in Mecca. Most mosques contain a wall niche, known as mihrab, that indicates the Qiblah. In the Bahá’í Faith the Qiblih (Arabic: قبلة‎) is the location that Bahá’ís should face when saying their daily obligatory prayers, and is fixed at the Shrine of Bahá’u’lláh, near `Akká, in present day Israel; approximately at 32°56′37″N 35°5′30.5″E.

It is evident that Qiblah and Qiblih concern themselves with facing  ‘direction’.

Bahai star.svg 7 – 9 – 11 pointed stars are all symbols for the Holy Spirit

“Bahá’í” is derived from the Arabic Bahá, meaning “glory” or “splendour”.

Important to note that Marko Rodin’s inspirations, how he came to develop his Rodin Coil ideas he has attributed to the arabic words Baha and Abha.
He assigns a value of Baha = 2151 (9) and Abha = 1251 (9).

Based on the letters corresponding to the values a – 1, b – 2,  h – 5, giving Baha and Abha both a value of 9.

Some thoughts not random:

ASTROLABE  –  the 7 rotated becomes an L

Update 20/08/2012

In the past I have claimed that the swastika can be used to promote both FEAR and LOVE.

In the west we are mostly familiar with, focused on the negative associations of the swastika and we ALL KNOW WHY! Because of A. Hitler err I mean Aleph hItLEr and his painful message…a reminder of where we went wrong?

Swastika as Dynamic Pattern Underlying Psychosocial Power Processes Implicate order of Knight’s move game-playing sustaining creativity, exploitation and impunity…

This article which was posted on the internet May 27th, 2012 and is proving itself to be valid confirmation of my intuition being switched on approximately 8 years ago.

4 NATIONS come together and MEET at a CROSSROADS

image supplied by Alex Ratcliffe

In the Union Jack (on the right) we have three flags superimposed over each other.

1/ Cross and Flag of St. Andrew the patron saint of Scotland

2/ Cross of St. Patrick patron saint of Ireland

3/ Cross of St. George patron saint of England

Only the Cross of St. David the patron saint of Wales is absent from the Union Jack

AND hey what about the Flag from the Isle of Man? Which just happens to be the geodetic center of the British IsLEs

IsLE of MaN

But where do we find the geodetic center of North America?

Coat of arms of Isle of Man (Latin motto translates “Wherever you throw it, it will stand”

The text/dimensions of the GP below are the result of Livio Catullo Stecchini calculations.

… a bIbLE mnemonic?

And in the five letter word the bIbLE we can extract the five numb3r code 137-69 i.e.

b I b L E  >>>  6 I 6 L E rotate the I6LE 180 degrees >>> 6 3 7 9 1 >>> 137-69


 Hui Machine – the Magic Windmill

The Hui Machine – the Magic Windmill

The very simple device is also known as the gee-haw whammy diddle,the mystery stick, hooey stick, the idiot stick, the magic windmill, the notched stick, the truth stick, or the stick-propeller device. Its physics is interesting. Rubbing a round wooden stick together produces a vibration whose elliptical excitation is transformed into rotational motion of a propeller. All the material as well as the rubbing appears to be symmetrical. Nevertheless, the user can change the direction of the wheel. Still today, the best explanations are from the 1980s. There are still many questions to be answered about the device. It is a pedagogical tool to illustrate what an experiment is, to see the process of hypothesis building and then to build an explanation. When does one really understand it?


Back to the 2 KEYS we have in our possession…

E = tEEth


I wonder if George Green was a golfer?

C-I-L  the SS Smart Seeder

CIL sounds like sEE-EyE-EL



What is the connection between the Rotas/Sator square and how you should sow seed?

…the E-Z

and accurate way to seed ….


One likely translation is “The farmer Arepo has [as] works wheels [a plough]”; that is, the farmer uses his plough as his form of work.
Although not a significant sentence, it is grammatical; it can be read up and down, backwards and forwards.

C. W. Ceram also reads the square boustrophedon (in alternating directions).

But since word order is very free in Latin, the translation is the same.
If the Sator Square is read boustrophedon, with a reverse in direction, then the words become SATOR OPERA TENET, with the sequence reversed.

And is it another of those ‘coincidences’ that my garden tiller blades carry the same pattern? Or at some point do all the coincidences add up to evidence?

But we know simply by using a MIRROR the following shapes are revealed.


E = M or 3 or W using rotations and traveling along the z-axis E = 3 and W = M


Z = N or 2 using rotations and traveling along the z-axis we have a cryllic И, a S and a 5 Ursa Major positions during equinoxes and solstices.

  1.   2770 BC
  2.   1800 BC
  3.   2000 AD

Big and Little Dippers and Ganesha

Circle Square Ranch is a Christian Kids And Teens Camp

The FAB FOUR image above and the 4-EvangELIsts in the image below

Book of Kells Folio-27v Four-Evangelists

Highslide JS


TAROT HISTORY and CHALDEAN Zodiacal KEY – notice the four  rotating ‘E’

Friendship Knot

1521 and 52 and its reverse 25



What makes the world go round?

 Der Herr behüte Dich



There is no such thing as the coincidence. It is design.
ALL coincidences are obviously part of the evidence that clearly suggests we are unified in ways beyond our comprehension.

We fail to see the overall design using only our five senses even using telescopes and microscopes all we do is intensify and magnify our blindness to the other senses that remain untapped.

Fractals suggest we were privy to the original THOTH thought that we have forgot.
We all participate in the same gene-meme-dream-theme pARKs regulated locally by our own Electro-Magnetic fIELd of which we are a part and co-creator.




p.s. to be updated till the end of time or I run out of infinite space because the I37 meSSenJAHs never ever rest till their work has been completed.

wait … ….ya need to know the garden of eden can be accessed through the playground of a child’s mind…and it all starts with leaving the beta business world and being reborn like I was at 47 with the insight of a child again, plus the advantage of having 47 years of experience in the ‘real world’ called hindsight. ….that is why ralph finding his inner genius…his AE (Albert Einstein) was lead into the realm of the ultimate game. ….the playground of the mind where ya meet folks like AE who suggested imagination was primary to the primes, or the Buddha who meditates and achieves the same place in space, or even Jesus who suggested to access the Kingdom you needed to be like a child again… take a guess who ME playmates have been for the past 8 years?

ALL of the above plus ME shadow. ralph + AE = raphAEl

raphael helped ralph build this labyrinth in his backyard to help in the healing process…. and raphAEl reminded ralph the gateway, the first step in conscious integration is by leaving the 9-5 beta business reality and entering the realm of a child again via the 1st STEP the ‘alpha’ waves.

that is why raphael means ‘god heals’ poetically his name contains the solution re: rAPHAeL – ALPHA

  • STEP 1 – Alpha is the first step out of  Beta consciousness
  • STEP 2 – Theta
  • STEP 3 – Delta
  • STEP 4 – Delta + REM

Just like the archangel mIchaEL perSINGer suggests in the first minute of this STELLAR video, there exist only 4 basic microstatic PATTERNS that are the ‘building blocks’ to consciousness.

On the walls of the Christian catacombs in Rome,
the symbol of the Swastika appears next to the words
which means
“Life of Life”