SS Lightning Gods – The God Helmet – MagnetoPHOsphenes – Ball Lightning – ZZ Top

UPDATE May 3, 2016

Mysterious blue flashes in space and upside-down lightning have been caught on film


Again science is creating more mystery … similar to the tactics used by religion?
If you use the swastika to filter out the mysteries do you know what happens?
The religions start to disappear one by one until there are none.
Only truth remains.
ALL the religions fall UNDER the one umbrella of what upside down lightning in outer space implies.
Yes the TEACHER can teach ‘we the sheeple’ about those mysteries that science and religion have helped to create because your ‘ignorance’ is the ‘wild card’ in the entire equation.
As Madame Blavatsky documented in her book, intimate knowledge shared by the TEACHER helps a seeker of the truth make the Maya illusion disappear.

“The Svastica is the most philosophically scientific of all symbols, as also the most comprehensible. It is the summary in a few lines of the whole work of creation, or evolution, as one should rather say, from Cosmo-theogony down to Anthro-pogony, from the indivisible unknown Parabrahm to the humble moneron of materialistic science, whose genesis is as unknown to that science as is that of the All-Deity itself. The Svastica is found heading the religious symbols of every old nation”

 “It is the Alpha and the Omega of universal creative Force, evolving from pure Spirit and ending in gross Matter. It is also the key to the cycle of Science, divine and human; and he who comprehends its full meaning is for ever liberated from the toils of Mahamaya, the great Illusion and Deceiver”

-Madame Helena P. Blavatsky
The Secret Doctrine 1888

~ end of UPDATE ~

What happens 8,640,000 (8+ million) times per day, every day, all the time, integral to how the weather plays itself out?

Data from the National Lightning Detection Network shows that over the continental U.S. an average of 20,000,000 cloud-to-ground flashes occur every year. Around the world, lightning strikes the ground about 100 times each second, or 8 million times a day.

And to ignore lightning as integral to the bigger picture is really quite foolish, bordering on stupid IF you consider yourself somebody who suggests we heed what science can teach us.



SS Gods or SS Dogs of War?

In English, the dogs of war is a phrase from Act 3, Scene 1, line 273 of  William Shakespeare‘s Julius Caesar:

“Cry ‘Havoc!’, and let slip the dogs of war”

(AP) — The Marine Corps on Thursday once again did damage control after a photograph surfaced of a sniper team in Afghanistan posing in front of a flag with a logo resembling that of the notorious Nazi SS — a special unit that murdered millions of Jews, gypsies and others.

Do I find it surprising that the numbers 137 are associated with the SS – Scout Snipers?

SS is in fact both a symbol for the Holy Spirit and St Peter and St. Paul

“When the Greeks symbolized the seven Pleiades as seven doves, they had got hold of the wrong constellation in relation to the number seven.

The seven doves, like the seven bears, cows, sisters, Hathors, Hohgates, Cabiri, or others, are the seven great stars in Ursa Major.”
Gerald Massey 


SS mirrored is  ZZ or 22

pi = 22/7  = 3 1/7  = 317


God B

God of Rain & Lightning

As one of the most important deities (God B), he is the most commonly depicted in the codices with numerous manifestations including GI, Kalo’mte’ and Yopaat.
Quadripartite god with likely a fifth in the center.
Also identified with war and human sacrifice. Sometimes shown fishing.
Closely associated with K’awiil (God K) Pendulous nose.Wields hafted stone axes or serpents, which are symbols of lightning.Often holds a serpent in the mouth.
Wears a Spondylus shell earflare.
The ABCs re: Maya Gods

God K

K’awiil, God of Royal Dynasties

One of the important deities (God K)

He is a celestial lightning deity, often appearing as Chaahk’s smoking serpent lightning axe; also is identified with rain and maize.

Associated with elite lineage and dynastic rulership.

Long upturned snout (scaly reptile) with a fire element extending out of his brow, often from a shining mirror.
In the Terminal Classic and Post classic periods, he can appear with wings. In the Classic period, he is shown with a serpent foot and a smoking device in his forehead, but most commonly, is in the form of the Manikin Scepter,an axe wielded by rulers.

Some correlation with Aztec Tezcatlipoca.

Fig. 1: Bolon Dzacab (Dresden Codex), the Lightning Deity.

God K is the Schellhas-Zimmermann-Taube designation of a codical Maya deity representing lightning (see fig. 1). In earlier, especially Classic depictions, his main characteristics are a blade or torch running through his forehead, and a serpent leg (see fig. 2).

God K personifies the lightning axe of the rain deity, Chaac, which is also a stereotypical attribute of the king as represented on his steles.

God K was called Bolon Dzacab ‘Innumerable (bolon ‘nine, innumerable’) … the numeral ‘nine’ is repeatedly included in the deity’s logogram.

Hieroglyphically, the head of God K can substitute for the syllable k’a in k’awiil, a word possibly meaning ‘powerful one’, and attested as a generic deity title in Yucatec documents.

Lightning plays a crucial role in tales dealing with the creation of the world and its preparation for the advent of mankind.

God K is identified with wrapped-up seeds.

God K not only embodied the king’s war-like lightning power, but also his power to bring agricultural prosperity to his subjects: The Lightning deity was a god of agricultural abundance, and of the maize and cacao seeds in particular. Therefore, he is often depicted with a sack of grains, sometimes accompanied by the expression hun yax(al) hun k’an(al) ‘abundance’.

As we all know China is the strongest growing market in the world right now.

To make sure that their products live up to international standards and to insure foreign customers, the China Top Brand quality label is awarded to certain companies every year, since 2001 (a few months before becoming a member of the WTO).

“In the official interpretation of “China Top Brand,” […] logo actually represent four arrowhead-shaped objects that symbolize economic development. Together the objects formed the character for fame […] in China Top Brand as well as the character for quality […] in Quality Top Brand.

The four arrowheads also represent four Arabic number one’s, which symbolize the four quality standards, the four evaluation criteria, the four concepts and the four evaluation principles necessary to become a China Top Brand.”[4] Unfortunately this design resembles something, which could deter European, American and Israeli customers from buying a product with this logo on it.

What do you think, does the China Top Brand quality label resemble another symbol that stirs up bad memories in Europe or other western countries?

How does the award compare to 4 other related images.

1/ 16th-18th century  was taken in the Santa Catalina Monastery in Arequipa Peru
A monastery whose beginning dates back to about 1579 AD.

I added the two angular SS or are they reverse letter ‘N’one perpendicular to the other, thus creating a right-facing swastika cross.

On the 10th of September 1579, the Memorial and Capitulation of the foundation of the Monastery was signed by the Town Corporation, the Judiciary, the Regiment of the City and the Bishopric of Cusco. The Town Corporation delivered the four plots owned by the city for its functioning and appointed Doña María de Guzmán as “the first to live within and be prioress of said Monastery”.
On Sunday 2nd. of October 1580 a high mass was celebrated in the city and Doña María was acknowledged as the founder and took the habits formally.

2/ 21st century ~ China Top Brand quality label

3/ National flag of Germany between 1935-45
Featuring the NAZI adopted Swastika
Jump to Nazi Germany

4/  The SS sig rune insigna
Adapted by the NaziS based on the sowilo runes

The sig rune (or Siegrune) symbolised victory (sieg). In its original form as the rune of the Younger Futhark, it represented the sun; however, von List reinterpreted it as a victory sign when he compiled his list of “Armanen runes” .

It was adapted into the emblem of the SS in 1933 by Walter Heck, an SS Sturmhauptführer who worked as a graphic designer for Ferdinand Hoffstatter, a producer of emblems and insignia in Bonn.Heck’s simple but striking device consisted of two sig runes drawn side by side like lightning bolts, and was soon adopted by all branches of the SS – though Heck himself received only a token payment of 2.5 Reichsmarks for his work. The device had a double meaning; as well as standing for the initials of the SS, it could be read as a rallying cry of “Victory, Victory!”. The symbol became so ubiquitous that it was frequently typeset using runes rather than letters; during the Nazi period, an extra key was added to German typewriters to enable them to type the double-sig logo with a single keystroke.

Internationally-renowned American rock band, Kiss, uses a different logo in Germany than it does for the rest of the world, due to the two ‘S’s in their logo (which spells out ‘KISS’) resembling the double-sig rune.

In February 2012, it was reported that United States Marine Corpsscout snipers had been using the double-sig rune to symbolize their function since at least the 1980s. The disclosure led to strong public criticism due to the link with the SS. The Commandant of the Marine Corps gave orders to stop the practice, issued an apology and ordered an investigation into the prevalence of the practice.

“I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven”

How  can it be that something we call NEGATIVE is really good for you?

When certain kinds of winds begin to blow throughout the world, hospital admissions, suicides, and crime rates skyrocket.
One country-Switzerland- even accepts the blowing of the “Foehn” during the commission of a crime as mitigating evidence in court.

What causes these “witches’ winds,” as they are often called, to differ from others?

What do they posses or lack that make them a dread to the lands or oceans they blow across?

Positive ions.

According to the experts, positive ions rob us of our good senses and dispositions, while their counterpart, negative ions, enhance them, stimulating everything from plant growth to the human sex drive.


What are Negative Ions or more correctly, NEGATIVE-CHARGED ions?

They’re oxygen atoms with an extra electron and they can help you feel better.

In ancient textbooks on yoga, that venerable mystic discipline of the East, it’s suggested that a student wishing to perfect his body and mind through breathing exercises should practice near a waterfall, in a cave or (best of all) in a cave under a waterfall.

How are negative ions produced?

Well, the best generator is lightning, followed by ocean surf and waterfalls.

Negative ions are also abundant in mountains and forests (all plants give off some ions).
You’ll notice that the highest negative ion concentrations are in natural environments …

LIGHTNING – The GOD Helmet – MagnetoPHOsphenes

Ball Lightning and the ZIG – ZAG


image on the left – the mystical, mysterious, mythical cult leader Christian Rosenkreutz
showing the ten correspondences to the QaBaLaH  Tree of Life
and next to CR is how to read a Mayan codex

Lightning and Thunder are critical to our evolution as life forms, our eventual re-creation, as it is clear we participate in an environment (nature/universe) which is itself based on fractal self similarity.
Science knows that.

great source for leading edge research on lightning;

Why have the Nazca Lines proved such an insoluble mystery?

The reason lies in the sheer variety of designs, which include around 300 pictures, commonly referred to as “geoglyphs”.

The relative sizes of the spider, monkey, condor and lizard (among others) can be judged against the largest figure – a stylized heron with a zigzag neck, approximately 900 feet long.

However, as diverse as these geoglyphs are, others are different again, consisting of totally abstract shapes. And even among the abstract designs, there is diversity. Whilst one design in particular contains no less than 365 angles others, in the form of spirals, contain no angles at all.


What letters do you see in the zig zag mirror images of the Nazca Heron?

M  or a W?


3 or an E?


left image: northern serpent mound zig zag is 600 feet
right image: southern geo-glyph zig zag is 900 feet

But the most interesting coincidence is that in the northern hemisphere we find another zig zag archetype of great significance.

The 600 foot Great Serpent Mound in Ohio and the Nazca lines may have been constructed about the same time. There is no evidence to suggest this is not a possibility.

Together the bigger picture suggests the 900 foot Heron (bird in the southern hemisphere) and the 600 foot Serpent (snake in the northern hemisphere) provides us with a global motif that is found throughout the world.

The bird and snake engaged in battle, representing polarities, i.e. sky vs. earth.

images source:

Together as a group gods like Zeus and Thor, the meander and zig zag, Dr. Frankenstein’s experiments, all merge nicely with the synthesis of a science called the QaBaLaH a.k.a. ‘RS 137’ , Rabbi Science 137 and the archetypal Tree of Life found throughout the WWW
Later we will merge ‘RS 137’ with the Rotas Sator magic squares.

The God Helmet


above right is 1990s technology.
 above left:  8 Coil Shakti firing sequence vs. the Koren Helmet
a.k.a. the God Helmet

Inventor Stanley Koren shows us the most recent version of the God Helmet
which no longer uses a helmet, and has had the unused coils removed

Debate Concerning the God Helmet

Spirituality and the Brain

How the god helmet works, what is happening in your brain when you have an epiphany or that feeling of a presence being nearby.

$hakti technology 4 $ale:

No More Secrets – 2007 Lecture

A Lecture dELIvered by Dr. MIchaEL PerSINGer who is proving himself worthy of qualifying as an archetypal arkangEL I37 messen-jah who knows all about the angLEs.

Transcranial magnetic stimulation analogy

Theoretical calculations from University of Innsbruck researchers suggest that the magnetic fields involved in certain types of lightning strikes could potentially induce visual hallucinations resembling ball lightning.[52] Such fields, which are found within close distances to a point in which multiple lightning strikes have occurred over a few seconds, can directly cause the neurons in the visual cortex to fire, resulting in magnetophosphenes (magnetically-induced visual hallucinations).

from wiki we find this:

Transcranial magnetic stimulation

Cooray and Cooray (2008)[72] stated that the features of hallucinations experienced by patients having epileptic seizures in the occipital lobe are similar to the observed features of ball lightning. The study also showed that the rapidly changing magnetic field of a close lightning flash has a strength which is large enough to excite the neurons in the brain strengthening the possibility of lightning-induced seizure in the occipital lobe of a person located close to a lightning strike establishing the connection between epileptic hallucination mimicking ball lightning and thunderstorms. More recent research with transcranial magnetic stimulation has been shown to give the same hallucination results in the laboratory (termed magnetophospenes), and these conditions have been shown to occur in nature near lightning strikes.[73][74] This hypothesis fails to explain observed physical damage caused by ball lightning or simultaneous observation by multiple witnesses (at the very least, observations would differ substantially)


Ball Lightning … great balls of fire!

One possible theory:

Hydrodynamic vortex ring anti-symmetry

Physicist Domokos Tar suggested the following theory for ball lightning formation based on his ball lightning observation.[28][63] Lightning strikes perpendicular to the ground, and thunder follows immediately at supersonic speed in the form of shock waves[64] forming an invisible aerodynamic turbulence ring lying horizontal to the ground. Around the ring there are over and under pressure systems which rotate the vortex around a circular axis in the cross section of the torus. At the same time, the ring expands concentrically parallel to the ground at low speed. In an open space, the vortex fades and finally disappears. If the vortex’s expansion is obstructed, and symmetry is broken, the vortex will break into cyclical form. Still invisible, and due to the central and surface tension-forces, it shrinks to an intermediate state of a cylinder, and finally into a ball. The resulting transformation will subsequently become visible once the energy has been concentrated to the final spherical stage. The ball lightning has the same rotational axis as the rotating cylinder. As the vortex has a much smaller vector of energy compared to the overall energy of the reactant sonic shock wave, its vector is likely fractional to the overall reaction. The vortex, during contraction, gives the majority of its energy to form the ball lightning, achieving nominal energy loss.

And what about Thunder, what role does Thunder play as the consort of Lightning…?


2B continued as the info is recovered.  😉



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