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23 Skiddoo ~ The Story of the W and Z ~ RS Square ~ Twistor String Theory ~ by Conforto & Miller & Penrose & Plichta & Schwaller & Witten & Wittekind & your name here _________?

UPDATE March 20, 2017


Photon PREDICTED and ACTUAL results

Much has been revealed to the sage of the age since shown the image of a hologram of a photon back in October 2016.

Great Pyramid Templar Cross Pattee

And today I came across this interesting piece of information written by Lee Smolin.

Since 1973, our knowledge of elementary particles and fundamental forces has been expressed in what we call the Standard Model of Elementary Particle Physics. This reduces all phenomena, save gravity, to twelve fundamental particles interacting via three forces. This Standard Model has been confirmed in all experiments to date. This includes new measurements announced this month by two teams of experimentalists operating the Atlas and CMS detectors at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), working at nearly twice the energy as previous experiments.

In 2012, the news from the LHC was the discovery of the Higgs, which was the last particle predicted by the Standard Model remaining to be discovered. But the Standard Model cannot be the whole story, in part because the model involves twenty-nine free parameters…

…To be sure, there is one weak, but very exciting, indication from new results that might be interpreted as a signal of a new particle beyond the Standard Model.

This is a small excess of collisions which produce pairs of photons that, remarkably, are seen by both of the experiments operating at the LHC. But the statistical significance is not high when the statistics is done taking into account that one is bound to get some signal by random chance in one of the many channels looked at. So it could be a random fluctuation that will go away when more data is taken.


I do find that interesting considering that of late ME+me have been promoting the following formula found near the Temple of Inscriptions ~ Temple 11 Copan.

TWO concealed fyrfos = ONE photon

Copan Swastika.jpg


So the natural question is … what is a fyrfos?
Everybody has seen a fyrfos in fact.
The truth is hidden in plain sight, its signature/evidence is all about us.
Above  is an image of TWO overlapping fyrfos.
Each pointing or oriented in opposite directions.

One fyrfos is green and it faces left
One fyrfos is blue and it faces right

Important to note that the 4-fold green arms appear to be more angular than the 4-fold blue arms which appear to be more curved.

This anomaly will play a role later.

Photon Knights Templar Evolution


UPDATE November 7, 2016

In theoretical physics, the hierarchy problem is the large discrepancy between aspects of the weak force and gravity.[1] There is no scientific consensus on why, for example, the weak force is 1024 times as strong as gravity.

The Hierarchy Problem

By the way, you will often read the hierarchy problem stated as a problem with the Higgs particle mass.  This is incorrect.  The problem is with how big the non-zero Higgs field is.  (For experts — quantum mechanics corrects not the Higgs particle mass but the Higgs mass-squared parameter, changing the Higgs field potential energy and thus the field’s value, making it zero or immense.  That’s a disaster because the W and Z masses are known.  The Higgs mass is unknown, and therefore it could be very large — if the W and Z masses were very large too.  So it is the W and Z masses — and the size of the non-zero Higgs field — that are the problem, both logically and scientifically.)

The Hierarchy Problem | Of Particular Significance

According to theorist Lee Smolin the ultimate theory of everything must merge gravity with quantum mechanics.

other links

How does the story of the W and Z interact with the hierarchy problem from ME+me POV

For Raphael >>> there is a great blog post on the topic as well.

~ end of UPDATE ~

‘the handwriting is on the wall’

“For those who keep asking about interesting, promising ideas about fundamental physics to work on, twistors are something they definitely should look into. The recent amplitudes work is one specific application of thinking in twistor variables, but the whole question of how to do quantum field theory in twistor space seems to me to still be wide open.

Twistor theory involves some wonderfully different ways of thinking about four-dimensional geometry, and these seem far more likely to play some role in future advances in the direction of unification than any of the tired ones (GUTs, SUSY, string theory) that have dominated the field for so long.”

2014 blog entry by Peter Woit

UPDATE August 26, 2015

As the reader knows, something I keep harping about is that “the coincidence is god’s way of remaining anonymous” according to the genius/insight granted Einstein and arrived at by ME+me intuition being lead by my own inner genius.

The three numbers 258 placed in any order, i.e. 825 or it’s reverse 528 seem to be significant to my own POV for some reason, maybe because I was born at 5:28 am on 7/3/1957 or perhaps because it is associated with a KEY to unlocking the universal archetypes we ALL default to on some level, the closer we get to the source, the complexity is simplified, and complex forms revert back to simple shapes like the circle, square, triangle, line and a point given life by a murmur, impulse, a first cause put into effect?

Let us continue now with another direct hit regarding this theory that I have been ‘recovering’, never do I use the word ‘discovery’, that is indicative of the ego wanting to take credit for noticing what ‘just is’ is?

The following information found its way to me yesterday Aug. 25 or 8/25.

NaMo clearly translates as “I bow down to”

As I was downloading the above file from which I wanted to share with you today’s AHA!, guess what another coincidence presented itself to me.
I noticed that the file number 006582 just happens to include those numbers that have been shadowing little ole me since I was reborn at age 47.
There is no such thing as coincidences, every devil in the detail has been accounted for, from my POV.

So clearly the consonants NM and the vowels AO [alpha>>omega?] are indicating an idEA being passed forward from one generation to the next via cosmic mnemonics, the eternal and infernal archEtypes that manifiest as song, dance, the arts, religion and science too…obviously indicative of an underlying foundation or structure that is invisible to us.

But exploiting the imagination of a child coupled with or entangled with a higher consciousness that understands how a mirror works, plus an understanding of rotations, reflections, and translations of the x, y, and z axis [father, son, and holy ghost?] might suggest this letter = number NaMe game might indeed have some merit.

Can your inner child see how the N = Z using a rotation?
Can your inner child see how the M = W using a rotation?

What happens if we apply a reflection to the rotation?
What happens if we take this idea and move it to a new locale, does something get lost in the ‘translation’?

PhDUH my inner child arrived at a narrative that aligns itself with the genius of Ed Witten and Roger Penrose and a slew of sleuths hot on the trail of the TRUTH who are currently scripting a new narrative that attempts to re-invent the wheel of fortunes for you and me … The Story of the W and Z

There is ONE more most important piece of information that the reader needs to be aware of so your ignorance is kept at a safe distance in this presentation of some facts of life recovered.

TRUTH simplified?
1, 2, 3, 4

4 steps, 4 numbers, this is the same simple idea that Pythagoras was preaching 2500 years ago.

And you do see the four right angles that comprise the swastika?
Would Pythagoras have come across the Jaina Cross?
IF he did not, he would have been the first westerner who was blind to what is in plain sight.



Above I have presented three images detailing a process, one of the many depictions of the swastika as being associated with what creation is that can be retrieved from the internet.
The above images were taken out of a 1896 publication.

Freemasons call the ‘swastika’ the Jaina Cross.
We can use the swastika/Jaina cross to design the stupa which is a sacred temple.
Freemasons are interested in a sacred temple too, but their focus is not the eastern stupa it is the rebuilding of the western King Solomon’s Temple.

But wait we can also show in the most profound manner how King Solomon’s knot is in fact given life by the swastika too.

Now how would science suggest we build a temple using physics etc. and why do the numbers match what the swastika offers as an overriding idEA that we can link to two of the most important idEAs that our evolving consciousness has dreamed up since man rose above all other primates, the handax and the wheel are those inventions that help define the evolving consciousness of the tool maker that fell out of the tree of life and landed on his head and the 100th monkey was born …?

~end of UPDATE~

The Great Pyramid is comprised of 203 courses of Masonry. It is of interest to investigate the number 203 itself and to determine its relevance …

The Great Golden Pyramid of Giza is a square pyramid built in layers, each layer called a course.  If the bottom layer is called course 1, the top layer now present is course 203. If a capstone were present, it would be course 204. The integers can also form square pyramids: Square Pyramidal Numbers SPN(k) are the sums of squares of integers from 1 to a given integer k. For example, SPN(8) = 1 + 4 + 9 + 16 + 25 + 36 + 49 + 64 = 204, so the courses of the Great Pyramid correspond to SPN(8).

UPDATE December 10, 2014

I came across the above video by astrophysicist Giuliana Conforto via a link shared with me on faKebook by John Robert Martino.

A postcard from 1905. The Flatiron Building in the background shows that 23rd Street is the location.

23 skidoo (sometimes 23 skiddoo) is an American slang phrase popularized during the early 20th century, first attested before World War I and becoming popular during the 1920s. It generally refers to leaving quickly, being forced to leave quickly by someone else, or taking advantage of a propitious opportunity to leave, that is, “getting [out] while the getting’s good.” The exact origin of the phrase is uncertain.

This film is a very early effort at presenting a ”story” on film, in this case a punch line of sorts when a young lady has a Marilyn Monroe moment over a sidewalk steam vent. In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries it did not take much to make a man smile. A glimpse of stocking covered ankle or calf was enough.

And the idea that occurred on 23rd Street was later capitalized on by Hollywood. M’M melts in your mouth but not in your hands. But this time instead of the skirt incident happening on 23rd Street it happened on E52nd Street. For somebody like me who loves to transpose the numbers 25 and 3 with the letters NZS and EMW respectively, all I could really do is chuckle to myself, here we have more ‘poetic’ evidence for the pile of coincidences that is becoming a mountain of archetypal proof. Are you surprised at these coincidences, if not yet, you will be. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YaD1G1saJ_0

“Science progresses funeral by funeral”

Max Planck

That is a quote by a voice from the PAST. However this video demonstrating leading edge technology called PAPILLION being developed by Disney is in the PRESENT. What will the FUTURE bring after the current batch of science experts reach their best before date? The video is hinting at the FUTURE of where optics is headed. I see where we can use one image taken from this video to illustrate the many paradoxical conundrums regarding the human condition and the many theories that have been put forth in trying to explain our past, the present, and of course the big mystery is the future. Optics and light and perhaps Penrose tilings placed on a curved surface are also well within the domain of what Roger Penrose might use in trying to explain quantum non-locality! Twistors and quantum non-locality is a topic Roger and ME explore using the evidence called coincidences, much later in this blog.

(IMHO this particular animation of PAPILLION looks like a stubby little penis – doesn’t it?)

PAPILLION addresses what pi is and it also illustrates how to join the dots between a flat surface and a curved display. As a side note what is the connection between PAPILLION and the GALACTIC BUTTERFLY? Yet another rabbit hole, this one is Mayan:

The following three images below are the three choices being proposed for the geometry of the universe. I suspect that PAPILLION technology can exploit all kinds of curved displays, positive, flat and negative. But it is clear that anything we can do, the universe has already created in some other shape or form, but always better. However the eternal and infernal ideas rest, waiting, and ready, willing and able to be exploited by the first person that comes along that recognizes what ‘just is’ is for what it is. And yes I know pi = 3.1415 … blah blah blah to infinity … with apparently no recognizable pattern that appears to repeat unlike the ‘ancient pi’ that preceded the modern pi.

pi = 22/7 = 3.142857142857142857

The 22/7 pi which is found in the dimensions of Great Pyramid has a repeating sequence that early on identifies itself. Do you see it?

Fundamentally to me pi represents the ‘relationship’ between a ‘straight line (diameter of the circle) and a ‘curve (in the case of pi the curve being measured is a circle).

And how does religion progress? Do its ideas get updated as the theologians die and are replaced with fresh faces? I think we should make note of the following information bequeathed us by mystics like Madame Helena P. Blavatsky who published the following about pi in 1888. Clearly these are the words of a heretic.

Jehovah = diameter (straight line) Elohim = circumference (circle)

One thing I want to point out regarding architecture and pi. Any CULTure can easily build a structure using the ‘intel’ of the day to propose a ‘lintel’ (straight line) but it seems that great architects* seem to revel and reveal by exploiting and pushing the boundaries of the arch (curve) and the intel of the day has gone within and is promoting a new kind of ‘architecture’ to be found in the quantum world. What if arch >> arc >> ark = a rainbow bifrost bridge? *an exception could be the Great Pyramid which has no curved ceilings only corbelled arches. Now does the  phrase ‘prime time’ suggest prime numbers can be used to calculate or ‘structure’ time, also can we link them to the maps of time called calendars? Did the Mayan understand prime numbers? Would the Maya or anybody invested in making an accurate calendar or developing a GUT eventually ‘recover’ (not discover) prime numbers, the building blocks of numbers themselves? Numerology and the Astronomy of the Maya

UPDATE Jan. 25, 2014

Matthew 18:15-20

I was drawn to the numbers in that passage because they are the phi/FIB numb3rs that we find on Card X or Card XXI in the Tarot denoting the four E-vangELIsts.

11 2 5 8

(imagine/pretend/what if the number 3 is in the center) Matthew 18:15-20 New International Version (NIV) Dealing With Sin in the Church 15 “If your brother or sister[a] sins,[b] go and point out their fault, just between the two of you. If they listen to you, you have won them over. 16 But if they will not listen, take one or two others along, so that ‘every matter may be established by the testimony of two or three witnesses.’[c] 17 If they still refuse to listen, tell it to the church; and if they refuse to listen even to the church, treat them as you would a pagan or a tax collector. 18 “Truly I tell you, whatever you bind on earth will be[d] bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be[e] loosed in heaven. 19 “Again, truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven. 20 For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”

Passage #20 making a reference to the numbers 2 and 3 along with the passage in Matthew 18:15-20 a reference to the phi/FIB sequence is either a coincidence or evidence, perhaps another clue plus a confirmation that we are on the right track. And another coincidence easily verified is the fact I was just discussing DNA specifically referencing the numbers 2, 3, and phi.

… when you know what to look for …. it comes looking for you? UPDATE May 9, 2014 The following was published just last year in 2013, I came across it today, the comments regarding the W sign and S shape is a more evidence in support of this idea I am putting forth. A DNA Genealogy Solution to the Puzzle of Ancient Look-Alike Ceramics across the World

The 17 similarities include the technology of ceramics-making using clay ribbons (without potter’s wheel) and polishing instruments, and finishing the surface: print of baskets, bast texture, engobe coating. Besides, they include common shapes and ornaments (designs, images, symbols) as follows: spoons with similar ornaments, anthropomorphic images, Great Goddess figure, Great Goddess face, “Eyes of Goddess”/volute sign, “eye” sign, Triglav (triskelion), spiral, double spiral, “Seeded soil” sign, triangles, S shape ornaments, the W sign, apparent calendar functions of the vessels.

UPDATE September 22,, 2014 Meroitic system A phonological investigation into the Meroitic ‘syllable’ signs – ne and se and their implications on the e sign* by Kirsty Rowan (SOAS)

A further peculiarity of the essentially simple Meroitic system is the presence of four truly syllabic, that is, indivisible signs for CV syllables. These present a problem for both the historical and typological analysis of the script. For although graphic archetypes for these syllabic characters can be identified in the demotic Egyptian script which is the source of the Meroitic characters generally, it is not clear why these and only these four syllables received special treatment.

NE and SE or W and S will be reduced to the numbers 2 and 3 as we continue to investigate this idea being recovered by my higher self. I also have an idea regarding those 4 indivisible signs which received special treatment. end of  UPDATEs What is the prime number link between the mind of a child and the genius of the Maya, Ed Witten, Roger Penrose,  the Freemasons and that quote attributed to Jesus? Below we see an image of a statue of Julius Caesar. Can we address the following question:

“… when, if ever, is it OK to stab someone 23 times?”

I feel the answer to that question would be: “if you want to send out a MEME message that will resonate for a long time”

“J.C. was stabbed 23 times on the ides of March in 44 BCE”

Or have you seen the JC, Jim Carey movie called 23?

March 15 is what many historians remember as the Ides of March. Many people have taken a lot of inspiration from the famous story about Julius Caesar called the Ides of March. Those of you who haven’t heard about the Ides of March before would be intrigued to know that on March 15th in 44 B.C., a fortune-teller warned Julius Caesar about potential bad luck that could come his way. Julius Caesar didn’t take it seriously. The repercussions of not listening to the fortune teller were such that Julius Caesar was stabbed 23 times in the Roman Senate that very day. Even though this incident increased the popularity and importance of Ides of March in history’s calendar, many people would be unaware that Ides had existed with a different meaning prior to Julius’s assassination. The ‘ides’ simply began as a way to mark the monthly full moon—the 15th day of March, May, July and October, and the 13th day of the other eight months. The Ides of March also used to be the Romans’ New Year’s Day.

NOW WHAT IF the numerical ideas being passed forward by those who script the history of JC (Julius Caesar) or the HIS-story about JC (Jesus Christ) are clearly suggesting we pay attention to the numb3rs 23 (a reference to NM) and 153 fishes (March 15) and the very important 44 (base of G.P. is 440 cubits by 440 cubits and family members involved in creation events are usually 4 males or 4 females) … what if? Keep readingwhat if

2 = yin and 3 = yang

10,000 Things – The Creation

Lao Tzu writes in the Tao Te Ching:

Tao produced the One. The One produced the two. The two produced the three. And the three produced the ten thousand things.

The Roman Empire video:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oPf27gAup9U

23 “Living One” 

37 “Single One”

73 “Wisdom”

The two transcendent levels of the soul are the “living one,”23, and the “single one,”37. 23 and 37 are the golden division of 60. In a leap year with two months of Adar there are 60 consecutive days of “increased joy.” Every day I’m happier and happier to be a Jew. My increased happiness comes from the two transcendent levels of my soul, 23 (the living one) and 37 (the single one) = 60. 23^2 = 529, and 37^2 = 1369 = 529 + 1369 = 1898 = 26 times 73 26 is God’s essential Name Havayah and 73 is wisdom. We know God in wisdom. Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh’s blog Wonders from Your Torah

2 ~ 3

Binary Computers vs Ternary Computers

Two comments in support of Ternary follow.

  1. TechTalk: Binary Computers V/S Ternary Computer
  2. Only one thing to point out- Ternary base IS more efficient, but it’s something scientists have known for a long time.

The basic reason for this is that to store a number with S symbols (0 and 1 in binary) and length L, you get S^L possible values. Additionally, for practical concerns it turns out that in general, it takes S*L space to fit something for storing or manipulating a number. So then for space efficiency, you want to minimize S*L for S^L = C, for some C, say 1000. So minimize S*L, and you’ll find that checking on the integers, for any value of C that’s sufficiently large, the best value will be at (3,log3 C). The reason for this is that the true optimal is actually e, Euler’s number. 3 is closer to it than 2, so it’s actually more efficient. So that’s neat, though I realize that’s not really relevant to what he was saying. Just interesting that Ternary actually IS more efficient than Binary. source of quote found in comments: http://scientopia.org/blogs/goodmath/2012/06/03/numeric-pareidolia-and-vortex-math/

Well I find it odd that the above writer thinks it is neat but not relevant to the discussion taking place regarding the work of Marko Rodin. We know that nature operates efficiently, according to her own rules. So an idea that aligns itself with reality naturally seems more realistic than theories worked out on a blackboard alone. Maybe it is time man started to nurture nature?


The “3 Genomic Numbers” Discovery: How Our Genome Single-Stranded DNA Sequence Is “Self-Designed” as a Numerical Whole

4. Table 14 “We note particularly a kind of “NUMERICAL RESONANCE”: effectively, ALL ratios are related to the same 3 basic initial numbers: 2, 3, and Phi.” -Jean-claude Perez We can then show that any genomic DNA sequence is featured by three numbers, which characterize it and its 64 codon populations with correlations greater than 99%. The number “1” is common to all sequences, expressing the second law of Chargaff. The other 2 numbers are related to each specific DNA sequence case characterizing life species. For example, the entire human genome is characterized by three remarkable numbers 1, 2, and Phi = 1.618 the golden ratio. Associated with each of these three numbers, we can match three axes of symmetry, then “imagine” a kind of hyperspace formed by these codon populations. Then we revisit the value (3-Phi)/2 which is probably universal and common to both the scale of quarks and atomic levels, balancing and tuning the whole human genome codon population. Finally, we demonstrate a new kind of duality between “form and substance” overlapping the whole human genome: we will show that—simultaneously with the duality between genes and junk DNA—there is a second layer of embedded hidden structure overlapping all the DNA of the whole human genome, dividing it into a second type of duality information/redundancy involving golden ratio proportions.

With the exception of 2 and all primes are of the form


With the exception of 2 and 5 all prime numbers end in a 1, 3, 7, or a 9

 2-5 archive

1-3-7-9 archive

Should it be surprising then that prime numbers have been called the building blocks of math? What is the connection between the building blocks of math and life, and a fraternity that prides itself on the allegorical rebuilding of Solomon’s Temple, should we expect to find one?

“CHEMISTRY is the science of MATTER and PHYSICS is the science of MOVEMENT …” -Dr. Peter Plichta God’s Secret Formula page 2

Great website supporting the inspired work of Dr. Peter Plichta, who is essentially a polymath with the unique ability to think outside of the box called empirical science.

Prime Number Cross the 2 and 3

Since a child Peter Plichta felt he had a calling. He has a twin brother named Paul. And of course Peter and Paul were named after the founders of the Christian church St. Peter and St. Paul. Hence Saint Peter Plichta has a sincere belief that he is fulfilling a calling, a purpose, his destiny. Funny I have had the same feeling about where my epiphany at age 47 has lead me. But clearly on the PNC or Prime Number Cross we can see that the prime numbers 2 and 3 (highlighted in yellow) appear to be anomalies to the overall pattern. All the other primes in the first seven shells sit on one of eight radiating arms or spokes, yet the 2 and 3 appear to sit alone on their own spoke.

Prime Number Cross – the 2 and 3 appear to be anomalies

10,000 Things – The Creation

Lao Tzu writes in the Tao Te Ching:

Tao produced the One. The One produced the two. The two produced the three. And the three produced the ten thousand things.

The above video can be found here:

What is the ONE idea that links Peter Plichta and Jay Harman to the brains of Brian Greene, Brian Cox and Brian Schmidt, and so many other truth seekers who have fallen into the abyss, the black holes found in our own minds and hearts?

Are three brains and three Brians combined better than just one Peter Plichta or a Jay Harman? (note that both Peter Plichta and Jay Harman have patents to their credits … and Brian Schmidt  shared in a Nobel Prize for physics in 2011) COULD THESE WHIRLING SWIRLING CW and CCW VORTICES BE THE COMMON DENOMINATOR?


The model of Universal Vortical Singularity for contemplation is a universal vortical system of unisonal vortex that has nested vortex formations in a paradigm with harmonic unisonal vortices interacting in unison universally with perpetual motion in a vortical singularity. Is perpetual motion perceptible and perceivable?

part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HVxBdMxgVX0
part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WGWlT8SqXLM

For a good explanation of the W and Z go to 5:52

After swallowing Brian Cox’s best offerings you are now prepared to receive the noble insights provided by one of three 2011 Nobel prize *co-winners* in physics, Brian Schmidt.

Just like the Monty Hall problem  there are apparently 3 doors/choices to choose from when proposing the geometry of the universe.

The following (see text below)  Jain Buddhist explanation for what Brian Schmidt is explaining (in the image above) seem to be big bang on. The two cosmologies two thousand years apart seem to be identical in their basic premise. It appears that Yantras like Universes can be divided into three catagories.

  2. FLAT

Source of above text is found here on page 142:

The Story of the W and Z documents how ONE idea has been built on/expanded on since about 4000+ BCE till the present.

Using two letters/shapes that can be rotated, reflected, and translated

M > 3 > W > E

N > Z > 2

What is En ship?

NIN or EN in cuneiform script, a high priest or priestess of a Sumerian city-state‘s patron-deity. The 1350 BC Amarna letters uses EN for bêlu, though not exclusively. The more common spelling is mostly ‘be’ + ‘li’, to make “bêlí”, or its equivalent. Some example letters using cuneiform ‘EN’ are letters EA EN is the Sumerian cuneiform for “lord” or “priest“. Originally, it seems to have been used to designate a high priest or priestess of a Sumerian city-state‘s patron-deity[1] – a position that entailed political power as well. It may also have been the original title of the ruler of Uruk. See Lugal, ensi and en for more details

5000 BCE the story found in Samarra Iraq is about the N/Z and EWM3

 3000 BCE the story in Egypt is expressed as N and W or ‘mn‘ a.k.a. MENES*

 79 AD the same story in Pompeii appears as N and E

 1986 AD the most recent version taking place in CERN focuses on Z and W

 2013 AD  Calvin is having problems adding up >>> 

3 + 2

*Aha‘s claim as Menes comes mostly from the hieroglyphs (phonetic mn, sometimes referred to as men) associated with his name on various objects. However, it is uncertain whether there exists an unbroken tradition of knowledge on the part of the Egyptians about the foundational king that could connect the name Mni with any historical person.

This second name Mn which could means “established,” could be the origin of the name Menes by Manetho and still later by Herodotus, but this is by no means certain.

AM I CRAZY? Have I gone NUTZ?  Maybe maybe maybe I have, it would not be the first time … … documenting what  ‘just is’ is, what always has been is Symbol and Symbolic … 

Symbol and Symbolic  Ancient Egypt, Science, and the Evolution of Consciousness free pdf:

This is a fantastic book from my POV. I have recently been drawn into the work of this legend, R.A. Schwaller de Lubicz. Who had some controversial idEAs, which might seem like prophecies in retrospect. This book was published originally in 1949. But take note the authors interpretations of the Egyptian hieroglyphs suggested to him in 1949 ‘brain asymmetry’ which was not confirmed until the 1960s when split brain operations were yielding many AHA! Did the Frenchman Schwaller know about Wilder PenfIELd poking around the brain? But but but for me where Schwaller’s work collides in a most wonderful way is simply demonstrated by what he wrote here

Did you catch the part about the Nw.t? What if we rotate the W to an E and arrive at the word NET? And what if we rotate the N to a  Z?

page 50

page 52

page 53

page 54

page 55

Now the reader should be prepared for the WOW that follows. This book Symbol and Symbolic is a gift from the gods.

What follows is  a cosmic narrative that has been handed down through the ages. It is a narrative that I would like to attempt to weave together using certain shapes comprised of ‘lines’. It is the Eternal Story of the W and Z.

This quote is from page 30 and is word for word, but the highlights in red or black BFC are mine. 

The Poimander of Hermes Trismegistos (about 100 A.D.) I was still lost inside ecstasy when he spoke again “you see in your mind the seeming that starts type beginning the beginning of the beginning that never stops” “where did the rows/the L M Nts of birth come from?” “from god’s intention once it has taken Word and sees the lovely World of Birth she remembers to execute by heart whatever he says setting herself in order through rows of birth and the SoulBreaths, their first yield god the malefemale Mind Life Light the first being and doing bore by the Word Worker Mind 2 the fire/wind/god who worked up from scratch seven Comptroller Stars who fold their circles around the world strained to human notice they call their Accounts Heimarmene : Lot-Payment immediately god’s Word bounded away from the downward bearing (birth) rows towards that light-scoured workfact named BirthWorld making himself one with Worker Mind 2 for they enjoyed the same birth leaving behind the crazed wordless sloping L M Nts to furnish unwrought subject things… (entire text is 9 pages)

LMN or 7WZ

Falun Gong: The End of Days

In this book on page 53 we find the following quote, are you ready?

“…thus it was that in the course of Chinese history, when there had been a succession of natural disasters, believers began looking for Buddha Maitreya (messiah).In such a time, a charismatic man claiming to be Buddha and proselytizing a new faith might gain a large following. The buddha incarnate was believed to have no special identifying physical trait or behavior other than generally extraordinary appearance and a surname of Li, Liu, Zhu, Zhang, or Wang. When the self-proclaimed Buddha Maitreya determined that the millennium was imminent, his believers would cast aside their private devotions to become openly defiant rebels against the state and the established order.”

But did you catch the name of the coming Maitreya?

Li, Liu, Zhu, Zhang, or Wang

Before I came across those Maitreya names from the ORIENT I happened to chance upon this book that essentially breaks down CELTIC patterns to their essential parts that match the ORIENT.
…now here is the AHA where EAST meets WEST….but wait first we need to isolate the initials of those MAITREYA names and what we find is we are reduced to a pattern we could easily call 432.

4 sticks make up a W 3 sticks make up a Z 2 sticks make up a L

Li, Liu, Zhu, Zhang Wang = L Z W  Now shall we see how this Neolithic MEme Dream pattern manifested with the CELTS on the other side of the world?

The reader also needs to appreciate in the book ‘The Dream Culture of the Neanderthals’ author Stan Gooch concluded that the I-Ching was the flowering of Neanderthal right brain INTUITIVE sciences… AHA therefore migrations are NOT necessary for CULTures to share in the same idea/shape/form?)
Well in the preface page viii of that book on CELTIC KEY PATTERNS here is what we find:
“…Even those who may be put off by some of the simple mathematical symbols need not despair because these can be ignored, the mind being applied principally to the formation of the ‘V’, ‘Z’, ‘W’ or ‘Hook’ figures which form the skeletons of all key patterns.”
So what does the CELTIC hook pattern look like?
Gee I wonder why you would need a HOOK?
Is it because you cannot make knots in 2Dimensions, you need 3D?
Is that why some people who dislike math or quantum mechanics prefer a stitch in TIME?
 photo KEYpatternevolution.jpg
The HOOK pattern used in CELTIC heART is image #4
Here is where Wang/Wong and ME my last name being Wedekind, and lets not forget Witten and Zhang’s team who leads the NANO science research all come together to help explain reality?
WHAT IF ‘it has already been written‘ as I can show you?
After all what is the symbol that lead ME (Raphael the archetypal arc ARK-angel) to all I have recovered?
What symbol represents my epiphany best? Did I make these associations or did ‘THEY’? Who are ‘THEY’?So how do we take those 4 3 2 Sticks plus the HOOK pattern and use them to match up Neanderthal/Neolithic INTUITIVE THOTH thoughts with 21st century LOGIC? rEMEMber the swastika is called the HOOKed Cross in German and we can clearly see it forms the heART of King SoloMON’s KNOT in the 3Dimension?

Molecular Solomon’s Knot: Self-organization Leads To Intertwined Molecular Rings

I suggest that the VZW plus captain HOOK are going nowhere fast Peter Pan Man, clearly the eternal archetype is clearly accessible and here to stay.
IF you look for it with an open mind and heart … rEMEMber that the MEME Li is one of the potential Maitreya names?Have you ever heard of ‘10,000 things‘ in Buddhism?
What is the connection between LEY lines, LEI lines, 10,000 things and Richard Feynman suggesting that “all good theorists write I37 on the wailing wall and worry about it….?”

‘Heilige Linien’ to the Germans ‘Fairy paths’ to the Irish, ‘Dragon Lines’ to the Chinese, ‘Spirit Lines’ to Peruvians and ‘Dream paths’ (Turingas) to the Australian Aborigines – and so on around the world.In China the swastika has two names to ME knowledge and it means 10,000 too.

Wan is one name for the swastika in China and the LEI Wen is the other… ….I really like the fact we can take the SOUND LEI and rotate it 180 degrees and it looks like I37? Would a LEvI priest need to know about LEI and I37? I AM onto something but I need help with the math/physics and this is the AGE to bring this kind of wacky idea forth. Do you want to know WHY 137 now? Because the Age of Aquarius that we are mooving into is associated with St. Matthew and he was a LEvI tax collector btw.

MS vs WZ vs EN

MS – Multiple sclerosis (MS) MS affects the ability of nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord to communicate with each other effectively. MS – The traditional abbreviations are MS for manuscript and MSS for manuscripts. EN (cuneiform), the mark in Sumerian cuneiform script for a High Priest or Priestess meaning “lord” or “priest” EN The name of the letter comes from Latinen. The typographic sense dates to 1793.

And then we have this entryregarding the ME, NE, or PaRSu

In Sumerian mythology, a me (Sumerian, conventionally pronounced [mɛ]) or ñe [ŋɛ] or parşu (Akkadian, [parsˤu]) is one of the decrees of the gods foundational to those social institutions, religious practices, technologies, behaviors, mores, and human conditions that make civilization, as the Sumerians understood it, possible. They are fundamental to the Sumerian understanding of the relationship between humanity and the gods. The mes were originally collected by Enlil and then handed over to the guardianship of Enki

It appears that the MEme acronym called MS appears to be about ‘communication’. Is the MEme MS  being carried forward through SpaceTime? (the reason I spell MEme with a large ME and small me is in this way the wor d MEme represents the Macrocosmic/Microcosmic realms) How about Windows developed by Microsoft would this be an extension of the MS? Manuscript Formatting in Microsoft or MS Word

But I want to suggest we can find another way to express the idea  ‘MS‘ Here is where the IDEA gets fuzzy, the rules break down (like when quantum theory and relativity collide), where letters begin to resemble numbers and forms of communication begin to overlap. It is based on entering the mirror world of physics and taking a ‘shape’ and rotating it through the four directions to see what happens. i.e. M mirrored/rotated morphs into a W S mirrored/rotated morphs into a Z Thus this blog is a MS about the Story of the W and Z And this Manu-Script of the WZ , the evidence I now present suggests we are ALL experiencing and participating in the same MEme dream. Not only in the past but in the here and now. It is the eternal gene-meme-dream that creates the theme pARKS. Impossible to escape certain covenants or tENEts which are laws of the cosmos which dishes out a  ‘just is’ geometree of life. What I have documented is a MEme Dream that in itself was documented at least 7000 years ago of an event that marked our beginning, which began about 13.7 billion years ago…. This MEme Dream can be shown to have passed through many various stages of expression, communication. We can find the same MEme Dream on pottery that was crafted using chiral asymmetrical hands, found in Samarra Iraq dated to 5000 BCE, home of the original Tower of Babel….(image below on left)

… the same MEme separated by 5000 years being carried forward …and it is easy to draw a comparison between the two. …both memes, the bowl and the grid have the letter N in the center (as does the modern 5×5 biNgo grid) …both memes also have the shape/letter/number E/M/3/W placed in either the cardinal or inter-cardinal directions.

Then in Pompeii we find evidence of the same MEme Dream again, but note  it has been *updated* using the ‘geoMEtry/arithMEtic’  of the day that involved using magic square grids known as Kamea that corresponded to the 5 planets visible with the naked eye, plus the sun and the moon. Now the MEme Dream that had been recorded on the clay bowl has been updated, it now appears as the Rotas/Sator Square (above image on right). And 2000 years hence brings us up to the modern age and the same MEme Dream is still trying to unify us under ONE STORY, one manuscript. Update 15 Sept. 2012

Story of the W and Z

click for larger image: http://www.nikhef.nl/~i93/img/universe_original.jpg source of image: http://exposingreligionblog.tumblr.com/post/27703600307

Inverse Square Law

The second image of the Inverse Square Law  is a simplification of the forces at work in the first image. But it does correspond.

Where else can we find these grid/matrix MEme archetypes appearing, what other disciplines…?

Story of the W and Z

The ‘outside’ assistance I have been seeking in helping me take these interpretations to the next level has been slow in responding. Yesterday a series of fortunate events took me to a used bookstore in MiSSiSSauga, Ontario called ‘Turtle Island’. Did I say Turtle Island? What role does the Turtle play in creation narratives throughout history? I have one more to share with you. Go to 1:15 of this video. Aha very very interesting how the ASYMMETRICAL forces play a role… Shall we continue armed with this insight…

This is a first-hand account of one of the most important scientific discoveries of the twentieth century. In 1983, two groups of scientists working at CERN near Geneva collected data, which were subsequently shown to be consistent with the W and Z bosons. This work earned two of those scientists the 1984 Nobel Prize in Physics. The author of this book, Peter Watkins, was a member of one of those groups. His book opens with a brief statement of the background, explaining in non-technical terms the theoretical developments that led to the prediction in the late 1960s of the existence of the W and Z bosons. He then moves on rapidly to describe the background to the experiments, explaining as he does so the problems that had to be overcome, and giving details of the accelerators, detectors and computers used in these very advanced- and difficult- experiments.

It became apparent to ME this morning that my shadow guide had grown impatient with the outside world responding to ME pleas for help, so I was lead to this book. What if? For $7.50 it became clear to me I would need to raise my game, that outside help is still just a figment of my own imagination. It may never ever arrive. Thus I would have to dig down deep and with the assistance of my own inner messiah/guru/guide crack this nut/puzzle together. My MEme idea theory is rather unique, and probably why I find myself alone with these ‘recovered’ THOTH thoughts. Without a doubt the MEme Dream Story of the W and Z had already been documented 7000 years ago on the Halaf Pottery and 2000 years ago on the Sator/Rotas Square too. This MEme Dream has as its source the EM fIELd and the Earth. And I am about to provide evidence that illustrates how MEmes help to explain how the same ideas can get around without the need of migrations taking place between two CULTures. Science theories are suggesting the Electro-Magnetic fIELd contains all of the dreams/nightmares/THOTH thoughts of everybody who has ever lived in the past or is living today in the present…. Our future could depend on what kind of dreams we have and share in? You are about to see how The Story of the W and Z is in fact a MEme/archetype that is being passed forward through Space Time. Shapes, forms, IDEAS that are separated by thousands of years, yet they still have an uncanny resemblance to each other? It only makes sense that cookie cutter patterns that the cosmos uses could appear as LETTER/NUMBER shapes that were designed to convey communicate SOUNDS. It is a simple IDEA whose time has come. To merge past, present, future in one fell swoop, reconciling science and religion at the same time by pointing out that INNER SPACE is the final frontier, suggesting OUTER SPACE was a waste of time and money? Hey as you were reading the above paragraphs about The Story of the W and Z did you get that long distance MEme feeling, did Dorothy and The Wizard of oZ pop into your thoughts?

Did you read the last line that suggests Z decay products are the most energetic particles? Were you aware that the first sign of our awakening consciousness can be traced to the first Z zig-zag pattern going back 100,000+ years? And as we read on we find that the Z plays a role central to the gene-MEme-Dream Themes we all contribute to. It all helps to explain why the MEme ‘Zorro’ became a childhood hero of mine

UPDATE July 29, 2012

I just came across this video the other day of Roger Penrose trying to explain Twistor Theory and Quantum non-locality. Today July 29, 2012 I had a chance to watch it in its entirety…I tried watching yesterday but LIfE happened. Guess what, my archetypal training has served me well, I understand Roger rather well. I get it. Here is the video, watch it keeping in mind a couple of things, his grids discussing complex numbers can be easily shown to be analogous to the Kamea or Magic Squares of old. And his explanation of  spin left and spin right is a perfect fit for the spiral/swastika symbols of old that also were defined by their clockwise or counter-clockwise movements. And this is the best WOW of all. Roger likes to discuss the magic of  W and Z. I love to point out that my theory hinges on the following formulas/ideas: W = E or M or 3 going through rotations or even stepping through the mirror you end up with the same four shapes.

Z is different…

Z = N or 2 going through rotations. HOWEVER stepping through the mirror reveals something else >>> Z and 2 look like S and thus Z = N or 2 or 5 or S not to mention the backwards N of eastern Europe still used today So Roger and ME and CERN all agree on the importance of the magical W and Z.Image Now here is your first AHA! rEMEMber to look at the centre of the Sator Square. Do you see an N or is it a Z  surrounded by four ‘E‘. i.e. E = 90 degree rotations into M/3/W And in the image below in the center of the bowl from 5000 BCE we find an N and a Z!!! And surrounding the N+Z = swastika we find the necks of four birds in a zig zag shape reveiling in fact the number/letter glyphs M and 3 and W and E! Now watch how I try to put Roger and ME on the same cosmic page, approached from two different POV. Please note I will be posting an update where I point out the similarities in Roger’s work and mine. WOW I think I have found ME purpose in LIfE.

Has the ‘M’ been etched into our mind … ?
A shell etched by Homo erectus is by far the oldest engraving ever found, challenging what we know about the origin of art and complex human thought.

THE artist – if she or he can be called that – was right-handed and used a shark’s tooth. They had a remarkably steady hand and a strong arm. Half a million years ago, on the banks of a calm river in central Java, they scored a deep zigzag into a clam shell.

We will never know what was going on inside its maker’s head, but the tidy, purposeful line (pictured above right) has opened a new window into the origins of our modern creative mind.

It was found etched into the shell of a fossilised freshwater clam, and is around half a million years old – making the line by far the oldest engraving ever found. The date also means it was made two to three hundred thousand years before our own species evolved, by a more ancient hominin, Homo erectus.

“It is a fascinating discovery,” says Colin Renfrew, an archaeologist at the University of Cambridge. “The earliest abstract decoration in the world is really big news.”

String Theory To M-Theory

“M stands for Magic, Mystery, or Matrix…according to taste” -Ed Witten

5 Competing String Theories based on the same SOURCE

S = 5

This video discusses how Ed Witten went about uniting the 5 rogue string theories into ONE.

@ 1:37  Brian Greene explains how the 5 competing string theories were “like reflections in a wall of mirrors, what we thought were 5 theories turned out to be just 5 different ways of looking at the same thing.” …”String theory was unified at last” @ 2:14  ‘M Theory’ 

“What is the M for?”

Inverse Square Law and the Law of Squares

In physics, an inverse-square law is any physical law stating that a specified physical quantity or strength is inversely proportional to the square of the distance from the source of that physical quantity.

S represents an ideal source of electromagnetic radiation and A represents an arbitrary segment of the surface of a sphere of radius r.

So let’s start from the SOURCE and count the ‘r’ ….



1r = 1 x 1

2r = 2 x 2

And there actually is a 2×2 square contained in the I Ching i.e. an array/grid of four – l  l  l  l  one day later and already an update: I wrote this blog yesterday and today I was led to, reminded of, yet another coincidence regarding John Searle and his inspired design based on the numerical magic of the ancient magic squares. It must be mentioned that the Searle Effects Generator or SEG design is based on the Law of Squares.

Square four is graphically illustrated 3 dimensionally; added in any direction sums 34. The kernel of the square is the 2×2 cube which represents the core of the square.

3r = 3 x 3

magic square of Saturn (any line in any direction sums 15) a.k.a. the infamous Lo Shu Magic Square Many ‘researchers’ today link this magic square, along with its number groups to the Solfeggio frequencies and the work of Marko Rodin.

4r = 4 x 4

magic square of Jupiter (as John Searle points out any line in any direction sums 34) featured in Melencolia 1 by Albrecht Durer (image on left) along with the truncated cube referred to as the ‘polygon’. Image

5r = 5 x 5

magic square of Mars (any line in any direction sums 65) a.k.a. the Knights Templar Magic Square

I find it funny/strange that not many people have been addressing  why the palindromic magic of this square was attributed to the Knights Templar, 1000 years after evidence of its earliest use was buried in Pompeii.

The Sator Square was a *special* palindrome that could be read in four possible ways. And in the image below it seems quantum mechanics is still using the same method to express an idea.

On the Origins of Twistor Theory

by Roger Penrose Gravitation and Geometry, a volume in honour of I. Robinson, Biblipolis, Naples 1987

online access:

Of further potential interest in relation to the “circulation of the light” are the continuing explorations of Roger Penrose in association with Stuart Hameroff regarding physics and consciousness — namely the nature of consciousness in terms compatible with fundamental physics.

Penrose Twistor ModEL – Music of the Spheres

G clef (Treble Clef) The centre of the spiral defines the line or space upon which it rests as the pitch G above middle C, or approximately 392 Hz. Positioned here, it assigns G above middle C to the second line from the bottom of the staff, and is referred to as the “treble clef.” This is the most commonly encountered clef in modern notation, and is used for most modern vocal music. Middle-C is the 1st ledger line below the stave here. The shape of the clef comes from a stylised upper-case-G.

Do we have evidence of the Music of the Spheres in the model itself? i.e. does the G clef resemble the flow of  energy that we find in a vortex model, is there an analogy to be made and information extracted?

‘heART’ Vortex

The most important thing to take note of in this short concise video by cymatics guru Hans Jenny is how a change in frequency is all that is required to reverse the rotation from clockwise to counter-clockwise and back again.


It was believed that the new quantum object must combine angular momentum (spin) with linear momentum, and on an equal footing. It must be an object that is both spinning and moving along. In addition, it must be both quantum mechanical and relativistic. Penrose’s twistor was to fulfill all these requirements. It was also to bring together a number of other key ideas: the significance of complex numbers and their geometry; the role played by light rays (null lines) in relativity, and the special ways in which physical solutions are singled out in quantum field theory (the solution with positive frequency). The twistor space is defined by four complex dimensions. Since a complex number consists of two independent parts (such as Z = X + iY), it should contain more information than the “conventional space-time” (henceforth abbreviated to “space-time”) with four real dimensions. A twistor Z is a point in this twistor space. Multiplication of Z by its complex conjugate Z* defines the helicity or degree of twist (of the twistor) s = (Z Z*) / 2, which is a real number. All the twistors with zero helicity s = 0, lie in a special region of twistor space which is labeled as PN in Fig. 1. It divides the twistor space into two regions, PT+ and PT (Figure 02) corresponding to twistor sub-space with positive or negative helicity. This division is the geometrical analogue of the way in which solutions in quantum theory are divided into positive and negative frequency parts.

Fig. 1

Points in PN represent twistors with zero twist, and it turns out that they correspond to light rays or null lines in space-time. In Figure 01, while the points A, B, and C in twistor space correspond to lines in space-time, the line P in twistor space corresponds to a point P in space-time – the intersection of the lines A and B. This means that a point in space-time is nonlocal in its deeper nature.

Fig. 2

The origin of space-time now appears very different when viewed from the twistor perspective.  A twistor in the PT+ or PT region has to be represented in the space-time picture by a collection, called a congruence, of null lines that twist around each other in a right-handed or left-handed sense (see Figure 2).

Roger Penrose + Ed Witten + additions by R Wedekind follow in the links below showing how the Sator Square appears to be a match for Twistor String Theory, anticipated at least 2000 years ago.

Twistor string theory

For many years after Penrose’s foundational 1967 paper, twistor theory progressed slowly, in part because of mathematical challenges. Twistor theory also seemed unrelated to ideas in mainstream physics. While twistor theory appeared to say something about quantum gravity, its potential contributions to understanding the other fundamental interactions and particle physics were less obvious. Witten (2003) proposed a connection between string theory and twistor geometry, called twistor string theory. Witten (2004)[2] built on this insight to propose a way to do string theory in twistor space, whose dimensionality is necessarily the same as that of 3+1 Minkowski spacetime. Hence twistor string theory is a possible way to eliminate the need for more than 3 spatial dimensions when doing (super)string theory. Although Witten has said that “I think twistor string theory is something that only partly works,” his work has given new life to the twistor research program. For example, twistor string theory may simplify calculating scattering amplitudes from Feynman diagrams.


Witten’s twistor string theory is defined on the supertwistor space \mathbb{CP}^{3|4}. Supertwistors are a supersymmetric extension of twistors introduced by Alan Ferber in 1978.[3] Along with the standard twistor degrees of freedom, a supertwistor contains N fermionicscalars, where N is the number of supersymmetries. The superconformal algebra can be realized on supertwistor space.

N = Z = 2 = 5 =


Twistor theory is unique to 4D Minkowski space and the (2,2) metric signature, and does not generalize to other dimensions or metric signatures. At the heart of twistor theory lies the isomorphism between the conformal groupSpin(4,2) and SU(2,2), which is the group of unitary transformations of determinant 1 over a four dimensional complex vector space. These transformations leave invariant a Hermitian norm of signature (2,2).

  • \mathbb{M}^c corresponds to the subspace of \mathbf{R}\mathbb{P}^5 corresponding to vectors of zero norm. This is conformally compactified Minkowski space.
  • \mathbb{PT} is a 3D complex manifold corresponding to projective twistor space.
  • \mathbb{PT}^+ is the subspace of \mathbb{PT} corresponding to projective twistors with positive norm (the sign of the norm, but not its absolute value is projectively invariant). This is a 3Dcomplex manifold.
  • \mathbb{PN} is the subspace of \mathbb{PT} consisting of null projective twistors (zero norm). This is a real-complex manifold (i.e., it has 5 real dimensions, with four of the real dimensions having a complex structure making them two complex dimensions).
  • \mathbb{PT}^- is the subspace of \mathbb{PT} of projective twistors with negative norm.

\mathbb{M}^c\mathbb{PT}^+\mathbb{PN} and \mathbb{PT}^- are all homogeneous spaces of the conformal group. \mathbb{M}^c admits a conformal metric (i.e., an equivalence class of metric tensors under Weyl rescalings) with signature (+++−). Straight null rays map to straight null rays under aconformal transformation and there is a unique canonical isomorphism between null rays in \mathbb{M}^c and points in \mathbb{PN} respecting the conformal group. In \mathbb{M}^c, it is the case that positive and negative frequency solutions cannot be locally separated. However, this is possible in twistor space. \mathbb{PT}^+ \simeq \mathrm{SU}(2,2)/\left[ \mathrm{SU}(2,1) \times \mathrm{U}(1) \right]

The Road To Reality

by Roger Penrose book in pdf file found here:

book notes:

  • page 26 Tessellations
  • page 958 Twistor Theory

Do we dare to compare the work of Roger Penrose Twistor Theory and the Sator Square, using only at this time the following concepts:

PT+ and PT- and PN

As we can see the numbers 1379  play a role in the transformation of our cell phone/keypads into the Lo Shu 3×3 magic square. So 1379 reminds me of 1793 (founding of Toronto) and 1973 (for many reasons). What happened in 1973 in a place called CERN?

In 1972, in an experiment conducted by André Lagarrigue and colleagues, an invisible neutrino passed through the Gargamelle bubble chamber at CERN jolting an electron in its wake. Could this be an example of a neutral current event? No other experiments had observed similar events and confirmation was needed. After careful scrutiny and some more events of the same type, the discovery of neutral currents was announced in 1973. Direct observation of the two charged particles, called W, and their neutral counterpart the Z, had to wait until the 1980s when experiments at CERN’s proton–antiproton collider observed them for the first time. Glashow, Salam and Weinberg received the Nobel prize in physics in 1979, with Carlo Rubbia and Simon van der Meer sharing the prize in 1984 for their decisive contributions to the discovery of W and Z particles.

Another hidden message that can be gleaned from the sator square comes from the “spokes” within the inner square.




The above clues I feel we can apply to understanding how the Sator Square can be used as an algorithm.

The letters PNP, translating as “stalk related stalk”, can be seen to be a reference to the cross. The letters RNR, translating as “movement related movement”, can be seen as a reference to repeating prior movements or to teaching. The letters ENE, translating as “out of related out of”, can be seen as a reference to the assembly or meeting of members of the same community.


CONCLUSION: Therefore I want to suggest that the 2D  5×5 Sator Square and all that it implies as an algorithm, vectors, etc, if mapped onto 3D would perhaps yield a prototype resembling the Penrose Twistor ModEL, that which also incorporates the musings of Ed Witten along with string theory, and unbelievably would it be surprising to find that Hans Jenny and his conclusions about SOUND can be found using the same map? Of course not. The inspiration everybody is sharing with each other has the same eternal source, as these next images declare.

PT+ and PT- and PN

PT+ and PT- and PN

But the profound coincidences (evidence of the underlying unity we fail to comprehend) do not end with suggestions of a design. However note below how we can match up the Sator Square, i.e.  N = N and E = MEW3 to this plate/bowl dated to 5000 BCE found in Samarra Iraq, not far from the spiral/minaret a.k.a.  ‘Tower of Babel’. And how is it possible to convert the Z or the N (which is a Z rotated that we see in the center of the plate into a G?

Z  >>> G

The original Latin alphabet had 21 letters as follows:


Around 250 BC the Z was replaced with a G:


This would have been the 21-letter alphabet used by Julius Caesar (c.100–44BC) for his Caesar Cipher when he sent encoded messages to his battlefield generals. Suetonius, in his Lives of the Caesars LVI from the 2nd century AD, describes Julius Caesar’s simple cipher: There are also letters of his to Cicero, as well as to his intimates on private affairs, and in the latter, if he had anything confidential to say, he wrote it in cipher, that is, by so changing the order of the letters of the alphabet, that not a word could be made out. If anyone wishes to decipher these, and get at their meaning, he must substitute the fourth letter of the alphabet, namely D, for A, and so with the others. In other words, the letters in the coded message are shifted +3 in the alphabet to obtain the real message.

NOW please note the position of the letters Z and N in the Roman/Latin alphabet.

7   >  Z or G

13  > N

Here we have another interesting coincidence regarding the numbers 137 ! I also find this of value.

Plutarch’s Life of Julius Caesar supports the account given by Suetonius: And it is thought that he was the first who contrived means for communicating with friends by cipher, when either press of business, or the large extent of the city, left him no time for a personal conference about matters that required dispatch. It is possible that Bacon knew of this practice for in his Character of Julius Caesar he informs us that:  For his own person he had a due respect: as one that would sit in his tent during great battles and manage everything by messages. After the invasion of Greece in the first century BC the letters Y and Z were added, and in Elizabethan times J, U, and W were introduced. The Tudors used I and J as well as U and V interchangeably, while W was interpreted as being two U or two V.

4 A – 4 O

The beginning (Alpha) and the end (Omega)

Alpha and Omega is associated with Jesus.  And everybody (even atheists) know that Jesus and the Age of Pisces are ‘connected’ to the sign of the fish, 153 fish, and even to the ring of the fisherman (Pope) etc.


Note below how the 4 A and the 4 O on the Sator Square matches up with the 8 fish found on the Samarra bowl!

Gospel of Thomas #3

note on the MNEME plate above we have both BIRDS and FISH.

3. Jesus said; “If your leaders say to you, ‘Look, the (Father’s) kingdom is in the sky,’ then the birds of the sky will precede you. If they say to you, ‘It is in the sea,’ then the fish will precede you. Rather, the (Father’s) kingdom is within you and it is outside you. When you know yourselves, then you will be known, and you will understand that you are children of the living Father. But if you do not know yourselves, then you live in poverty, and you are the poverty.”

There exists a relationship between magic squares in the Luo Shu format and prime numbers.  This relationship has mostly to do with the sum of prime numbers and the center number of magic squares in the Luo Shu format. Magic squares in the Luo Shu format:

  1. Are based on a formula
  2. Reveal a Pythagorean Triplet of numbers
  3. Reveal a cruciform of odd numbers
  4. Reveal a relationship to prime numbers
  5. Form a three dimensional torus
  6. Are symmetrical, that is, any two numbers equidistant from the center add up to the same number.



If defining the ‘I37 fIELd’ is key to understanding ThE NET perhaps it is time to contact a potential navigator to help me find my way through the labyrinth called space time. The name of this navigator is Crichton E.M. Miller and we can place his Celtic Cross navigation tool directly over my map.

 Anglo-Saxon ivory head of a tau cross, with “Christ treading on the beasts”, early 11th century, British Museum.

Cercelée, or Sarcelly, is a term in heraldry. A cross cercelée is like an exaggerated cross moline and to a lesser extent like the anchored cross, with its forked tips curving around both ways, like a ram’s horns.  Also known as recercelée.

This photograph is provided with the kind permission of Maureen Palmer It shows the parts of the instruments in the Temple of Horus at Edfu. These hieroglyphs probably are Ptolemaic in origin.

Crichton E.M. Miller


In both images above and below we see the three circumpolar constellations Cassiopeia, Ursa Major and Ursa Minor.



The constellation CaSSiopeia appears to be a nice fit for  M E W 3


To find out whether Cassiopeia or Ursa Major is prominent. Generally:

  • Cassiopeia is prominent in the fall
  • Ursa Major is prominent in the spring

Both constellations have a compact distinctive shape. Cassiopeia looks like a W or a M. Ursa Major aka the Big Dipper looks like a spoon, or a pot.

  • Between the two constellations is the north star.


CARD XVI – The Tower

WHY the interest in CaSSiopeia? Are those two SS a clue to the mythology/poetry embedded right into the SS, the Solar System?

Photonic metamaterials

New meta-material switches handedness on demand

Physicists in the US and UK have created a new metamaterial with a handendness, or “chirality”, that can be switched on demand. Operating in the terahertz region of the electromagnetic spectrum, the material can be used to manipulate the polarization of terahertz waves.

Controlling the chirality of artificial molecules could enable advances in communications and biomedical imaging. Top, a scanning electron microscope image of optically switchable chiral terahertz metamolecules. Bottom, the purple, blue and tan colors represent the gold meta-atom structures at different layers; two silicon pads are shown in green. Images courtesy of Xiang Zhang et al, Berkeley Lab. The general principle of chirality switching in natural materials. (a) Schematic of a chiral molecule that lacks mirror symmetry in all directions. Under an external stimulus such as photoexcitation, temperature change or electric field, the chiral molecule undergoes a structural change to its mirror image, that is, the chirality is switched. (b) A material composed of the chiral molecules absorbs light more strongly for one circular polarization than the other. (c) After chirality switching, the chiral material reverses its responses to the two circular polarizations.

Figure 1: The general principle of chirality switching in natural materials.

Figure 2: Experimental demonstration of chiral switching metamaterials.

Figure 3: Theoretical calculations on chiral switching metamaterials

Schematic shows the chirality switching metamolecule consists of four chiral resonators with fourfold rotational symmetry. An external beam of light instantly reverses the metamolecule’s chirality from right-handed to left-handed. (Source: Berkeley Lab)

Photonic metamaterials are man-made structures composed of tailored micro- or nanostructured metallodielectric subwavelength building blocks. This deceptively simple yet powerful concept allows the realization of many new and unusual optical properties, such as magnetism at optical frequencies, negative refractive index, large positive refractive index, zero reflection through impedance matching, perfect absorption, giant circular dichroism and enhanced nonlinear optical properties. Possible applications of metamaterials include ultrahigh-resolution imaging systems, compact polarization optics and cloaking devices. This Review describes recent progress in the fabrication of three-dimensional metamaterial structures and discusses some of the remaining challenges.

Chiral negative index metamaterial

The Samarra Bowl

The Samarra bowl (ca. 4000 BC) at on exhibit at the Pergamonmuseum, Berlin.

The bowl was excavated as Samarra by Ernst Herzfeld in the 1911-1914 campaign, and described in a 1930 publication. The design consists of a rim, a circle of eight fish, and four fish swimming towards the center being caught by four birds. At the center is a swastika symbol. The bowl was broken, part of the rim is missing, and one crack ran right across the central symbol, so that the swastika symbol should be considered a reconstruction.


  • Ernst Herzfeld, Die vorgeschichtlichen Töpfereien von Samarra, Die Ausgrabungen von Samarra 5, Berlin 1930.
  • Stanley A. Freed, Research Pitfalls as a Result of the Restoration of Museum Specimens, Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, Volume 376, The Research Potential of Anthropological Museum Collections pages 229–245, December 1981

Well that is interesting…the swastika in the center is somewhat contentious…okay fine.


How about we just put an N or Z there instead, maybe even a 2? …or was it a S or 5 or the backward N still used in eastern europe?

  • Because that would then be a perfect fit to the theory ya see connecting that plate from 4000 BCE to switching metamolecules!
  • Among the Maya who is the god of M E N

Pawahtun God M

  • Pawahtun is the Atlas of Mayan deities. According to the 16th century Spanish bishop Diego de Landa, Pawahtun bore the responsibility of holding up the sky.
  • The deity existed in four aspects as the world-bearers that supported the corners of the universe at the cardinal directions, also called the Bacabs, when serving as the world-bearers.

Hun Hunahpu (God E: The Tonsured Maize god/ The Foliated Maize god) God M (Ek Chuah) Merchant God

Here is a catalogue, hopefully reasonably complete, of known Mayan God-forms. The information here is necessarily brief; a full accounting of all these entities would be a massive book in its own right. What is included here is: A Name, Mention if the God was localized to a particular tribe or city. Occasionally a note on previous labels for the deity in question – before the language could be transcribed with any clarity. Any important epithets or sobriquets that are associated with the Name, and a basic description of spheres of influence, attributes, and/or descriptive stories.

above: LO SHU magic square associated with the number

5 and 15 

Magic Square of Saturn is the version used in the west

Pawahtun God N Patron of the Numbers 

  • 5 and 15A calendar deity associated with the end of the year. He stands at the four corners of the sky, upholding both it and the world. He is also known to be a Patron of scribes.”E” An agricultural divinity, evidently Patron of maize and maize produce.Ekchuah Earler known as “M“. An agricultural divinity, the Patron of cacao and cacao products. He also has associations with travelers and journeys. He is often portrayed as an opponent (usually unsuccessful) of God “F“.”F” A god of war, with some associations in human sacrifice. He often occurs in tales of conflict (usually successful) against Ekchuah (God “M“).

The following is a repeat of some of the information already posted but it may help to go over it again. Some info is new. Falun Gong: The End of Days Vincent I do have ONE more important bit of info that you should be aware of? In this book:

  • http://www.amazon.com/Falun-Gong-The…/dp/0300102275
  • on page 53 we find the following quote, are you ready?
  • “…thus it was that in the course of Chinese history, when there had been a succession of natural disasters, believers began looking for Buddha Maitreya (messiah).
    In such a time, a charismatic man claiming to be Buddha and proselytizing a new faith might gain a large following. The buddha incarnate was believed to have no special identifying physical trait or behavior other than generally extraordinary appearance and a surname of Li, Liu, Zhu, Zhang, or Wang. When the self-proclaimed Buddha Maitreya determined that the millennium was imminent, his believers would cast aside their private devotions to become openly defiant rebels against the state and the established order.”
  • But did you catch the name of the coming Maitreya Vincent?
  • Li, Liu, Zhu, Zhang, or Wang
  • …but Vincent I gotta tell ya, before I came across those Maitreya names from the ORIENT I happened to chance upon this book that essentially breaks down CELTIC patterns to their essential parts that match the ORIENT????
  • …now here is the AHA dude where EAST meets WEST….but wait first we need to isolate the initials of those MAITREYA names and what we find is we are reduced to a pattern we could easily call 432.
  • 4 sticks make up a W 3 sticks make up a Z 2 sticks make up a L Li, Liu, Zhu, Zhang, or Wang = L Z W
  • Now shall we see how this Neolithic MEme Dream pattern manifested with the CELTS on the other side of the world?
  • (Vincent needs to appreciate in the book ‘The Dream Culture of the Neanderthals’ author Stan Gooch concluded that the I-Ching was the flowering of Neanderthal right brain INTUITIVE sciences…AHA therefore migrations are NOT necessary for CULTures to share in the same idea?)
  • Well in the preface page viii of that book on CELTIC KEY PATTERNS here is what we find:
  • “…Even those who may be put off by some of the simple mathematical symbols need not despair because these can be ignored, the mind being applied principally to the formation of the ‘V’, ‘Z’, ‘W’ or ‘Hook’ figures which form the skeletons of all key patterns.”
  • So what does the CELTIC hook pattern look like? Gee I wonder why you would need a HOOK? Is it because you cannot make knots in 2Dimensions, you need 3D? Is that why ole gals like to knit a stitch in TIME?
  • The HOOK pattern used in CELTIC heART is image #4 found here:
  • http://i98.photobucket.com/albums/l2…nevolution.jpg
  • hahaha see the eternal vortex game I just sucked you into?
  • so Vincent here is where Wang/Wong and ME my last name being Wedekind, lets not forget Witten and Zhang’s team who leads the NANO science research all come together to help explain reality? WHAT IF ‘it has already been written’ as I can show you?
  • http://i.imgur.com/1lz1R.jpg
  • After all what is the symbol that lead ME (Raphael the archetypal ARK-angel) to you Vincent? What symbol represents my epiphany best?
  • Did I make these associations or did ‘THEY’? Who are ‘THEY’?
  • so how we take those 4 3 2 Sticks plus the HOOK pattern and use them to match up Neanderthal/Neolithic INTUITIVE THOTH thoughts with 21st century LOGIC? …are you game Vincent in finding out?
  • rEMEMber the swastika is called the HOOKed Cross in German and we can clearly see it forms the heART of King SoloMON’s KNOT in the 3Dimension?
  • http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases…1215122349.htm
  • Like I said dude, VZW plus captain HOOK are going nowhere fast Peter Pan Man, the eternal archetype is clearly accessible IF you look for it with an open mind and heart … 
  • namaste
  • Raphael
  • p.s. rEMEMber the MEME that Li is one of the potential Maitreya names? Ever hear of the 10,000 things in Buddhism?
  • Pronunciation of Ley or LEI
  • http://www.howjsay.com/index.php?word=lei&submit=Submit
  • What is the connection between LEY lines and LEI lines and 10,000 things and Richard Feynman telling “all good theorists to write I37 on the wailing wall and worry about it….?”
  • (Heilige Linien‘ to the Germans ‘Fairy paths’ to the Irish, ‘Dragon Lines’ to the Chinese, ‘Spirit Lines’ to Peruvians and ‘Dream paths’ (Turingas) to the Australian Aborigines – and so on around the world). http://www.ancient-wisdom.co.uk/leylines.htm
  • In China the swastika has two names to ME knowledge and it means 10,000 too.
  • Wan is one name …and the LEI Wen is the other…
  • ….but I gotta tell ya Vincent I really like the fact we can take word LEI and rotate it 180 degrees and it looks like I37?
  • Would a LEvI priest need to know about LEI and I37?
  • Dude I AM onto something but I need your help with the math/physics … this is the AGE to bring this forth …. do you want to know WHY 137 now?
  • Because the Age of Aquarius that we are mooving into is associated with St. Matthew and he was a LEvI tax collector btw.
  • Shall we play along?
  • U-V-W Mapping
  • UV mappingThis process projects a texture map onto a 3D object. The letters “U” and “V” denote the axes of the 2D texture[note 1]because “X”, “Y” and “Z” are already used to denote the axes of the 3D object in model space.UVW mappingUVW mapping is a mathematical technique for coordinate mapping. In computer graphics, it is most commonly a \mathbb{R}^{2} to \mathbb{R}^{3} map, suitable for converting a 2D image (a texture) to a three dimensional object of a given topology. “UVW”, like the standard Cartesian coordinate system, has three dimensions; the third dimension allows texture maps to wrap in complex ways onto irregular surfaces. Each point in a UVW map corresponds to a point on the surface of the object. The graphic designer or programmer generates the specific mathematical function to implement the map, so that points on the texture are assigned to (XYZ) points on the target surface. Generally speaking, the more orderly the unwrapped polygons are, the easier it is for the texture artist to paint features onto the texture. Once the texture is finished, all that has to be done is to wrap the UVW map back onto the object, projecting the texture in a way that is far more flexible and advanced, preventing graphic artifacts that accompany more simplistic texture mappings such as planar projection. For this reason, UVW mapping is commonly used to texture map non-platonic solids, non-geometric primitives, and other irregularly-shaped objects, such as characters and furniture.Texture mappingTexture mapping is a method for adding detail, surface texture (a bitmap or raster image), or color to a computer-generated graphic or 3D model.
  • More 2 and 3 and 2/3
  • Framework of ideal proportions in a medieval manuscript. Page proportion is 2:3, text area proportioned in the Golden Section
  • According to Jan Tschichold

    There was a time when deviations from the truly beautiful page proportions 2:3, 1:√3, and the Golden Section were rare. Many books produced between 1550 and 1770 show these proportions exactly, to within half a millimeter.

  • …to be continued, updated as the inPHO arrives

The New Physics of Bio-mimicry – Vortex Basics – Fractals – Geophysical Fluid Dynamics

The New Physics of Bio-mimicry


This a visual tour with accompanying links to the evidence of the Vortex nature of our Curved Electric Universe. This version has been stripped down for easier assimilation for those new to these subjects.

It is best to scroll through this page rapidly a few times so that you get the feel of where it is going. Then start reading the pages from the link on each picture, starting from the beginning.

Schauberger’s Wooden Water Pipe Vortices

Geophysical Fluid Dynamics

Geophysical Fluid Dynamics (GFD) is the study of fluids that are rotating and/or stratified. The two primary examples are the Earth’s atmosphere and oceans. Technically, any fluid on the earth is in a rotating frame of reference but it is only the slow and large scale motion of fluids that experiences the Coriolis force (really pseudo-force) to a significant degree.

Incidentally, low pressure systems corresponds to cloudy or wet weather whereas high pressure systems are usually clear and dry. This is illustrated in the pictures below, the red arrows represent the forcing due to pressure and the black the Coriolis force.


The above analysis was for the case where f > 0 which means that the frame of reference is rotating counter-clockwise. Since the low pressure system induces counter-clockwise motion as well, we call this cyclonic since the motion of the eddy rotates in the same sense as the ambient frame of reference. In the case of a high pressure system the motion is said to beanticyclonic. In both instances, if instead f < 0


Interpolation seen as a geometric connection

On the Coupling Between an Ideal Fluid and Immersed Particles


Boussinesq approximation (water waves)

The Boussinesq approximation for water waves takes into account the vertical structure of the horizontal and verticalflow velocity. This results in non-linear partial differential equations, called Boussinesq-type equations, which incorporate frequency dispersion (as opposite to the shallow water equations, which are not frequency-dispersive). Incoastal engineering, Boussinesq-type equations are frequently used in computer models for the simulation of water waves in shallow seas and harbours.

While the Boussinesq approximation is applicable to fairly long waves – that is, when the wavelength is large compared to the water depth – the Stokes expansion is more appropriate for short waves (when the wavelength is of the same order as the water depth, or shorter).



Other Flow Modeling Possibilities 



Unraveling the Mind of God

-by Robert Matthews


2b continued