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NAZI Bell ~ Vortex ~ Viktor Schauberger ~ Hans Jenny ~ Roger Penrose ~ Jay Harman – Frank Chester ~ Joseph Farrell ~ Crop Circles ~ all theories ‘resonate’ with a Twistor Theory

It will soon become clear to the reader that science does not like to use the ‘S’ word.

“Comprehend and Copy Nature” 

“fish don’t’ swim, they’re swum and birds don’t fly, they’re flown”
-Viktor Schauberger

And I want to add something that my quest also pointed out to me.

‘born leaders are not born, they are lead’

Can we assume that humans don’t walk or run, they are led?
The ‘experts’ today are suggesting that gravity is a combination of pushing 70% and pulling 30% forces.

Does the history of the universe look like a BELL?

Oops … David Hatcher Childress found eleven interesting facts NASA documented about the moon.

King’s Chamber – Sarcophagus – Great Pyramid

The earliest scholar to conduct the first scientific study of the great pyramid was John Greaves in 1637. He was professor of astronomy at the University of Oxford.
He wrote the book “Pyramidographia” which was the first book ever published just on the Great Pyramid of Giza.

A Roman Catholic, Pere Claude Sicard visited the great pyramid in 1715. His account is interesting in that he describes an unusually feature of the empty coffin in the King’s chamber.

He states ” it was formed out of a single block of granite, had no cover, and when struck, sounded like a bell”.

Others have also reported about this strange melodic sound that the coffin emits when struck.

Abbe Claude-Louis Fourmont visited the great pyramid in 1753 and also noted the sonorous coffin had not any inscription on it.

UPDATE February 16, 2015

The following image was posted on faKebook by Will-Iam Garland

Four things need to be pointed out.

  1. the fact that my mother’s maiden name is Drost
  2. the fact that the above image is the central theme to the recovery underway found in this blog
  3. the Droste effect plus Widukind is a match made in heaven
  4. https://at37.wordpress.com/?s=widukind

~ end of UPDATE ~

Powerful powerful video presentation by Jay Harman, his R&D into biomicry work reflects what ‘just is’ is.

Penrose Twistor ModEL – Music of the Spheres

G clef (Treble Clef)
The centre of the spiral defines the line or space upon which it rests as the pitch G above middle C, or approximately 392 Hz. Positioned here, it assigns G above middle C to the second line from the bottom of the staff, and is referred to as the “treble clef.” This is the most commonly encountered clef in modern notation, and is used for most modern vocal music. Middle-C is the 1st ledger line below the stave here. The shape of the clef comes from a stylised upper-case-G.

Is the G clef resembling an inverted water vortex a coincidence or part of the design?

And because I noticed similarities between Jean-Pierre Houdin’s Great Pyramid Spiral Theory and what I also had since recovered, it is now apparent that we can place Jean-Pierre Houdin’s GP Spiral next to the inverted water vortex.

What if?

youtube deleted video1

What do crop circles teach us about nature?

Crop Glyphs, Sound frequency & Sacred Geometry

Some highlights from this video: (however note the above video is  no longer available

@ 1:29 note how the chromosomes shape of the crop circle wheat is altered from being an asymmetrical ellipse (before) to a symmetrical circle (after).

@1:39 note the crop circle shown, and the SEED pattern.


@ 1:52 The role of ultrasonic frequencies

@ 2:58 “Perhaps the geometry is causing such effects?”

@ 3:15 “In nature geometry is the physical manifestation of energy”

@ 3:27 “it was discovered there exists around the perimeter an energy field … between 260-320 megahertz.”

@ 4:34 “in other words the crop circles are living organisms, physical expressions of living energy… but what type of energy?”

@ 4:55 “in fact it (sound) is the one fundamental principle all religions agree …


@ 5:20 “in crop circles the clues constantly point toward sound as a source”

@ 6:04 CYMATICS – helping to visualize frozen music – the relationship between sound frequencies and geometric shapes.

@ 7:57 the human body silence gap occurs around 260 – 300 megahertz, i.e. the same range as found in crop circles.

@ 8:56 1991 crop circle matched to human DNA which is unused specifically that area waiting to be coded.

@ 9:45 the crop circle connection to water and its ability to store memory. Are crop circles an indication that the world’s water is being coded? Along with the human body which is also about 2/3 water?

Comprehend and Copy Nature

Inspired by HRH The Prince of Wales, HARMONY captures on film in a way we’ve never seen before, an authentic leader on critical global issues. For the better part of three decades, The Prince of Wales has worked side by side with a surprising and dynamic array of environmental activists, business leaders, artists, architects and government leaders. They are working to transform the world, address the global environmental crisis and find ways toward a more sustainable, spiritual and harmonious relationship with the planet.  From organic farms, to the rainforests of British Columbia, to rare footage of HRH interviewing Al Gore about climate change in 1988 – Harmony introduces viewers to a new and inspiring perspective on how the world can meet the challenges of climate change globally, locally and personally.

HARMONY home page:

So why did I start this blog with a trailer for the film called HARMONY an apparent follow up to Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth?

It will start to become clear as we investigate how nature prefers to ‘flow’ and the inter-related research/passions of Viktor Schauberger, Hans Jenny, Roger Penrose, Jay Harman,  and those NAZI scientists who were developing leading edge, out of this world technology…for the generations to come based on designs that mimic how nature prefers to flow, generating life in the process.

The ellipse shape that is produced using the cymascope that we see in the video is clearly associated with the Om sound and perhaps even St. Peter’s Square ‘ellipse’, which was before it was adopted by Christianity/Catholicism a pagan site.





X = Lux = light cone = 2 swizzle sticks

Below we see three images of three ellipses

1/ St. Peter’s Square ‘ellipse’
2/ the Karlsruhe ellipse design
3/ pixel image, a binary representation of our DNA

The Karlsruhe image acts as a bridge between St. Peter Square and the 3rd ‘pixel’ image of the DNA.

The 3rd image is in fact as mentioned a representation of our DNA (using binary codes) that was sent out into space as part of the Arecibo message.
A cosmic message  directed toward the constellation M-13 which is 25,000 light years away…what would the point of such an exercise be?



1/ St. Peter’s Square containing an Ellipse




3/ pixel image, a binary representation of our DNA


– Considers itself the home of justice in Germany, a role taken over from Leipzig after 1945.
– Due to similarities to the United States capital city, it has been speculated that Karlsruhe was a model city for the cityscape of Washington, D.C. Both cities have a center — in Karlsruhe the palace and in D.C. the Capitol Building — from which the streets radiate outward.

Area 173.46 km2(66.97 sq mi)
Elevation  115 m  (377 ft)
License Plate KA
Postal Codes 76131-76229
Area Code 0721 

Karlsruhe translates as Charles’ repose.

The Karlsruhe Pyramid is a pyramid made of red sandstone, located in the centre of the market square of Karlsruhe, Germany. It was erected in the years 1823–1825 over the vault of the city’s founder, MargraveCharles III William (1679–1738).

The pyramid is regarded as Karlsruhe’s second emblem, the city’s absolutist layout in the shape of a folding fan being the first.


BINARY Representation of our DNA and the LIGHTCONE

Lorentz Transformation next to Karlsruhe?


left  Lorentz vs. Galilean right 

Transformation of the World Line/Meander/Serpentine 2 or 5

explanation of difference between Lorentz and Gailean:


Shall we start with the Origin of the Species?

The 13.7 billion year old Universe looks like a BELL to me.

Comprehend and Copy Nature?
But at what scale should we start?
And how far back should we go to investigate to see if our ancestors comprehended nature and copied it?

Schauberger’s Wooden Water Pipe Vortices

What I find interesting is that the clay bowl above from 5000 BCE and the Wooden pipe vortice model illustrate an identical kind of flow pattern.
However the two models are separated by 7000 years suggesting the ideas presented by the forester Viktor Schauberger had already been eclipsed by a pagan or two.

Both models have swastikas at the center indicating movement and both models show that near the edges, i.e. due to the guide vanes, the carbons and in-flowing residues are swirling clockwise but yet flowing in reverse.

The subject is the world’s biggest bell.

Why is that important or worthy of investigation.
Well folks mention that IF you strike the rectangular granite sarcophagus in the King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid … it sounds like a bell.

Ok remember that.

NOW did you know that the World’s biggest ‘functioning’ BELL in the world happens to be within spitting distance of the world’s biggest Buddha Buddy who has a swastika emblazoned over his heART.

And on the palm of each hand is also an 8-spoke or 8-fold Dharma Wheel.
Two palms each with a Dharma Wheel suggests 8+8 or 8×8.

Who would have guessed? 
It was news to ME until just the other day. 

The Bell of Good Luck 

Cast on New Year’s Eve 2000, the Bell of Good Luck is located in the Foquan Temple in Pingdingshan, Henan, China.

The bell weighs 116 metric tons and it is 810.8 cm (318 in) in height and 511.8 cm (201 in) in diameter.

The Bell of Good Luck has therefore claimed the title of heaviest functioning bell in the world since its construction in 2000, up to the present date. 

The biggest bells in history: 

note: the ‘137’ entry on that list at the above wiki link. 
The casting of the world’s biggest bELL was in the year LELI err I mean I737…?  

The 216-ton Russian Tsar Bell (also known as the Tsar Kolokol III) on display on the grounds of the Moscow Kremlin is the heaviest bell known to exist in the world today.[9] However, a very large piece broke off from the Tsar Bell during its casting in 1737, so this irreparably damaged bell has never been suspended or rung. The Tsar Bell cannot be considered as the heaviest functioning bell in the world due to its inability to serve as a percussion instrument. Rather, it may be considered to be the largest bell-shaped sculpture in the world.

But wait what does this video about the world’s largest Buddha Buddy suggest? 

Stop/pause the youtube video @2:25. 

We learn the world’s biggest bell is located on Dragon Head Peak. 
But what else do you see? 
Do you see the obvious? 

Why are the scholars OBLIVIOUS to the OBVIOUS? 
Why don’t they see what I see when looking at the Great Pyramid, the King’s Chamber and the bELL Tower on Dragon Head Peak? 

Why does it sound like a BELL when you strike the sarcophagus in the King’s Chamber? 

PhDUH compare the shape of the bELL Tower on Dragon Head Peak to the architecture of the King’s Chamber. 

 PhDUH I think I have another AHA here folks, a HUGE one, considering all other ideas for the shape of the King’s Chamber have been kinda lame till I pointed out the OBVIOUS?

note in the image taken from Chris Dunn’s website, in this image he calls the design of the King’s Chamber ‘redundant’.

Chris tell that to the Japanese and the Chinese who seem to employ the pagoda style for their bELL Towers.

But there is more of course.
I have ALREADY made other profound associations to the BELL shape and SOUND on this thread.

We could start with the OBVIOUS, that the various BELLs look like the same modEL science has come up with for our universe?

Ancient Chinese secret revealed?
Maybe … the man behind the mirror has been revealed?
Ding dong the witch is dead.

Mirror Mirror on the wailing wall …

Kozyrev Mirror


Comprehend and Copy Nature

“C & C” Principle

The Austrian forester Viktor Schauberger (1885 – 1958) is today considered to be one of the pioneers of modern water research and holistic nature observation. Already during the first half of the 20th century, he warned insistently against the consequences of unrestricted exploitation of the environment. As an alternative, he propagated a radical rethinking of our attitudes towards nature, and the development of completely new methods of energy production that are in harmony with nature. He formulated his so-called “C & C” Principle: to Comprehend and Copy Nature!

great video about Viktor Schlauberger

‘Comprehend and Copy Nature’


Hermes with winged cap

Comprehend and Copy Nature?

The Biggest Starquake Ever Recorded 

“This is near the frequency of the 22nd key of a piano, F sharp,” said Tomaso Belloni from Italy’s National Institute of Astrophysics.

“This explosion was akin to hitting the neutron star with a gigantic hammer, causing it to ring like a bell,” said Richard Rothschild from the University of California, San Diego. “Now the question is: what does the frequency of the neutron star’s oscillations — the tone produced by the ringing bell — mean?”

The more one studies these things, the more one realizes that sound is the creative principle. It must be regarded as primordial. No single phenomenal category can be claimed as the aboriginal principle. We cannot say, in the beginning was number, or in the beginning was symmetry, etc. These are categorical properties which are implicit in what brings forth and what is brought forth. By using them in description we approach the heart of the matter. They are not themselves the creative power.

This power is inherent in tone, in sound.”

-Hans Jenny

@ 1:10
Hans Jenny manifests two weathercocks that look just like the wings on Hermes cap!

And he is able to reverse the FLOW simply by manipulating frequencies.

rotating torus photo rotating_torus_coil_zpsdccf1980.gif

Comprehend and Copy Nature?

Jay Harmon CEO of PAX Scientific 

 image on left: Lily Impeller image on right: Dextral or Right Hand Conch Shell

The eight auspicious symbols of Buddhism are:

1) Conch Shell
2) Lotus
3) Wheel
4) Parasol (Umbrella)
5) Endless Knot
6) Pair of Golden Fishes
7) Banner Proclaiming Victory
8) Treasure Vase

Ancient Indian belief classifies the conch into male and female varieties. The thicker-shelled bulbous one is thought to be the male (purusha), and the thin-shelled slender conch to be the female (shankhini).

The fourfold caste division is also applied as follows:

a) The smooth white conch represents the (Brahmin or Priest caste)
b) The red conch the kshatriyas (warriors)
c) The yellow conch the vaishyas (merchants)
d) The grey conch the shudras (labourers)

Additionally, there is a fundamental classification of conch shells occurring in nature: those that turn to the left and those which turn to the right.

The Left Turning ConchThe Right Turning Conch

Left-turning Sinistral and Right-turning Dextral conch shells

Spinning to the Left and Spinning to the Right

The Lanzon has been interpreted variously as a principal deity of Chavin, an oracle with the power to speak (thanks to a hole in the roof of the chamber), a symbol of trade, fertility, dualism, and humankind’s interaction with nature, or any combination of these. What is evident is that the 4.5m (15 feet)-tall obelisk is a painstakingly carved piece of white granite in a roughly lance-like shape, and depicts a human-feline hybrid with claws, writhing snakes for hair and eyebrows, fangs curved sideways in a smile (thus the nickname ‘Smiling God’), and

…one arm raised while the other is lowered.

Other carvings at Chavin de Huantar depict Lanzon clutching a Strombus shell in one hand and a Spondylus shell in the other, which has been interpreted as a possible reference to fertility and the duality of the sexes.

A Strombus shell is a conch, which brings us back to the Buddha and the underlying concept regarding ‘sound/vibration/frequency’.

I find that interesting and I am guessing that the Strombus shell or ‘conch’ associated with the Lanzon is probably the more rare left handed variety.


Acoustic Analysis of the Chavín Pututus (Strombus  – CCRMA


One arm raised while the other is lowered!

But seriously what is the connection between Jay Harman, the Man Who Would Be King, Prince Charles and HARMONY on earth…?

PAX founder and CEO Jay Harman appeared in the November 19th NBC airing of Harmony: A New Way of Looking at Our World, a new documentary film about Prince Charles by award-winning filmmakers Julie Bergman Sender and Stuart Sender.

A portion of Harmony is dedicated to HRH’s interest in biomimicry and introduces both Jay and Janine Benyus.

These two world-renowed biomimics discuss the potential of biomimicry to provide advanced technologies that operate more effectively, more cleanly, and more efficiently than current products.

Water around a whirlpool moves in spirals, in the second image the whirlpool has been inverted.

Please watch the Hans Jenny video on Resonance and tell me which of these modELs (one of each pair has been inverted) best describes the FLOW of energy being manipulated by Hans Jenny.

Go to 47:31

The above 3D modEL is based on Roger Penrose’s Twistor Theory. Which one is correctly depicting its proper orientation? The one on the left or the right?
Does it matter how matter moves, apparently yes it does, and the movement of matter can be affected by SOUND, that is made very clear in the Hans Jenny video.

Those are three modELs all suggesting nature prefers to flow in a certain manner. All three modELs share in the same fundamental design. FIrst Hans Jenny exciting the spores of the club moss, the natural movement of a spiral whirlpool, and the Penrose Twistor modEL all share a similar flow pattern.

And take note how Viktor Schauberger’s experimental flying saucer circa 1940 (image on left)
bears a similar resemblance to Roger Penrose’s Twistor model!

UPDATE September 20th, 2015

The Nassikas Superconducting Thruster

Introducing the new space drive for interstellar exploratory craft:
The Nassikas superconducting thruster
(U.S. Patent No. 8,952,773).
Invented by:  Prof.  Athanassios Nassikas
Technical Educational Institute of Larissa, Greece

I came across this design on Paul LaViolette’s site and have placed it next to the twistor model.
Again the design and lines of force are very very similar.

Simple yet effective.
Nature is simple and efficient.

So the paradox is why are humans not efficient?

~ end of UPDATE ~

BUT what about John Searl and the SEG, the Searl Effects Generator,
will it ever fly, will it ever get off the ground?

Comprehend and Copy Nature?

Die GLOCKE or the BELL design next to an inverted water whirlpool.

@ 2:37

“It’s configuration is such that on the inside there are two counter rotating drums which unlike Nick Cooke and Igor Witkowski I believe were stacked one on top of the other.”
note: the secret ingredient IRR Xerum 525 which is mentioned as ‘critical’ to its operation…  

@ 5:20 “the SOUND that it makes” …. the Germans named it “der Bienenstock” … “the Beehive”

image on left: “Der Bienenstock” or beehive, the Omphalos Stone (museum of Delphi)
 image on right: Foundation Stone or Omphalos found in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre

What I feel is important is the IDEA being carried forward. It is the ‘shape’ of the BELL similar to an ACORN shaped UFO that crashed near Kecksburg in 1965.

And this ‘shape’ predisposes any need for a secret NAZI design.

Because Frank Chester illustrates using sqrt3 geometry how most of the ideas I have discussed thus far are all connected!

sqrt3 – 45 degrees – the cube – the heart – the bell – the vortex

click on link:

Heinrich Himmler’s Rasputin – Karl Maria Wiligut

@ 30:00 a discussion of Torsion Fields and why Unified Field theories in 1935 Nazi Germany fade from view. 

@ 33:00 Heinrich Himmler’s Rasputin – Karl Maria Wiligut’s influence as an occultist is discussed.
(… I shall mention another coincidence at this time, Karl and Maria are the names of my parents…and in fact Karl Maria Willigut is one of two writers to confirm my suspicions that ‘angELs are related to angLEs’) 

@ 34:19  … we are introduced to the primacy of the spiral!

 34:19 Heinrich Himmler’s Rasputin – Karl Maria Wiligut’s double spiral theory

note: the presenter Joseph Farrell suggests this is the most important part of his presentation…the statements made from 34:30 onward…

 36:13 Three most important laws of hyperdimensional physics are 1/rotation  2/rotation  3/rotation.

 36:36 And the symbol that best represents all of the above, which has been placed into plain view since 1933 is the ….

the swastika!

 37: 30 >> 38:15 the purpose of the BELL project

listen to the conclusions Joseph Farrell suggests…it could blow your mind…?

>>> what the NAZIs were really after?

 43:47  “… so lets sum up the physics” AHA! so let us discuss hELIos, a.k.a. as the sun. The has different layers that do not rotate at the same speed. AHA! … this is called differential rotation, thus the sun gives off torsion effects, thus the standard modEL of the sun/hELIos is not complete …

 46:10 more AHA! and WOW! regarding torsion shear caused by the counter rotating drums.

 47:19the ABCs of the purpose of the BELL

  Why would Argentina friendly to Hitler and Germany declare war on NAZI Germany  late in the war, 1945?

 1:00:00 why this next declaration was made by a scientist in hiding:

 1:08:03 AHA! the 4/20 connection again!
Why do some folks celebrate Hitler’s birthday on 4/20?
Why do some folks light a joint at 4:20 pm as part of a rite/ritual?

Maybe Douglas Adams was correct about the number ’42’.
The number ’42’ has received considerable attention in popular culture as a result of its central appearance in 

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy as the “Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything

Please note the World Premiere of the HRH film HARMONY will be in the month of April 2012 too, during the Sundance Film Festival taking place in London April 26-29.

 1:15:15 Summation of Evidence by Joseph Farrell

1/ … the ability to manipulate Space Time
2/ … and or … ?

I would agree with Joseph P. Farrell that the configuration suggests that they are stacked, however IMHO there are three drums/shells not two drums as mentioned.

According to the *simple* modEL recovered, the two inner drums circulate opposite or reverse to the one outer drum.

Having presented the evidence thus far for how nature prefers to operate (including NAZI evidence), I want to suggest that the best model, the one that fits like a glove if the hand were a vortex could in fact be a BELL type device.

Will the Liberty Bell set us free?
Will Taco Bell feed the world?

For whom the Bell tolls?
Is this to be humanities wake up call?

The Walls of Jericho were brought down by SOUND.
Ding dong the witch is dead?

AUM, OM let me remind you do not ever ever utter the name of the ineffable, the unutterable.
Did you know the universe talks to us in invisible sign language?

Can you find evidence of spirals?

image on left rock art depicted as phosphenes groups
image on right column belonging to Baha’i House of Worship

Comprehend and Copy Nature?

3-dimensional geometric wave patterns caused by sound vibrations in water
by Dr. Hans Jenny

Comprehend and Copy Nature?

This site lists five short Hans Jenny videos:


Weathercocks, Winged Caps, and Horns…


NEWS comes at us from 4 directions*


-affecting our genes and MEMES helping to form the TEMES/teams based on the inPHO exchanged?

*What about the 3 other directions?


….and what is at the core of who you are?
….can you find a nugget of gold inside the cORE of who you are? 

What if Hermes, Mercury, and Thoth are SS meSSengers because they go both ways?

Comprehend and Copy Nature?

About time humanity gave it a real earnest go?

Take from the is blog and feel free to spread what you feel to be true blue and discard the rest.


Raphael a.k.a. LabbIEL

(god heals our DNA?)

p.s. on the left the F-clef reminds me of phi (sounds like fee) and the Tenor/Alto Clef reminds me of a 2 combined with 5 or maybe a 3.