Ra Uru Hu & the Human Design System


Create your Rave chart:

Human Design is an interesting ‘theory’ that seeks to reconcile many beliefs….

i.e. According to Human Design, the 9-centered being is a transitional form and that a further mutation will begin to appear in the population in 2027 with the emergence of a new species, called The Rave. As a transitional form, the current human design of the 9-centered being has consciousness capabilities beyond the scope of the 7-centered ancestral design, and it is this ability to utilize the binary consciousness that differentiates the 9-centered design from it’s past.

AHA >>> the archetype of 7 vs 9 should be noted…due to the CODE 1379 associations found in other beliefs….

…the Story of the Rat

Q & A with Ra Uru Hu: Left-ness & Right-ness In Traditional Education

>>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dpBaF_hQjVI&feature=related

Ra Uru Hu – 1995 Amsterdam interview

part 1

part 2

@ 2:58  “I am an Aries double rat, I am here to plant SEEDS, I will never see in my lifetime even the beginning of this tree or any of its fruit, it is a long ways away …”

>>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oeVrlxumIl4&feature=related

part 3

@ 2:00 “a discussion of the mass bearing NEUTRINO and the consciousness stream and the very nature of this fIELd that penetrates all matter, in speeds exceeding the speed of light.

@ 4:33  SuperNova 1987A

>>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6kgE_3c8pWo&feature=related


>>> http://www.ihdschool.com/

Human Design Nine Centers

The Nine Energy Centers

>>> http://humandesignhawaii.com/hdbasics/9centers.html

I do like certain things about the Human Design system.

It is a deSIGN of the TIMES….

The fact it can ALL fit into what the Rosetta Fractal Mandala represents is encouraging, and again suggesting that my rants and raves about a certain symbol be KEY for ME and my journey, has lead me to yet another RAVE.



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