55 – 37 – 20 Amino Acids

With regard to the table of 20 amino acids published by Rakocevic, we are, now, in a position to say with great confidence that the entire table is framed around the numbers 37,55, 73, 703 and 666

who is Rakocevic?
the thread will help identify him.
:arrow: http://www.biblewheel.com/forum/showpos … stcount=70

I have no idea how this fella arrived at the numbers [37, 55, 73], I accept it as just another confirmation.

5.1.1 Equations from alternating cells as doubletsThe sums for the alternating doublet pattern from Table 11 may be written as:1. A1 = 1356.45 = (2 x 666) + (5 x 5) – 0.55
2. A2 = 1381.55 = (2 x 703) – (5 x 5) + 0.55

In this manner, the number 55 appears as the fine-tuning for the equation, while its digits split to create the mediating factor of (5 x 5).
With the realization that we now have a full-house for the integer triplet [37, 55, 73] as fine-tuning mechanism for our present table, it remains only to express these as equations.
http://infolib.hua.edu.vn/Fulltext/Chuy … /43.38.pdf

’18’ appears to be a factor?
37 + 18 = 55 + 18 = 73 


A palindrome sequence for the double helix of DNA has the same nucleotides if read from 5’ to 3’, 
which is the normal reading direction, either from the plus (+) or from the minus (-) strand. A 
manual and visual assessment of this palindromic linker was done. Amazingly, this linker was 
present in thousands of sequences reported to the Genbank.
http://www.iscid.org/papers/Chavez_Pali … 101505.pdf

Reminder, the 5×5 Sator/Rotas Square is a palindrome too. :wink:

37 = 24 + 13

What does the mitochondrial genome do? 24 of the genes specify RNA molecules involved in protein synthesis while the remaining 13 encode proteins required for the biochemical reactions that make up respiration. A number of rare diseases are caused by mutations in mitochondrial DNA, and the tissues primarily affected are those that most rely on respiration, i.e. the brain and nervous system, muscles, and the kidneys and liver.

385 x 2, “exchanged” amino acids

– number 11 and number 7 etc. –

hey did ya all know that 385 = magical 7 x dna 55 or 77 x 5

this site specializes in ‘Genetic Code’ and explains it all better than I ever could.

The “Cross”- and “Form”-coded amino acids:
:arrow: http://www.u5d.net/ama/subama/Subpages/ … d_ams.html

destiny has a nice ring to it?
you become wed to some obvious truths?
you stand naked before each other exposed.
no more secrets


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