Asymmetric DNA and the Double Non-Helix

UPDATE Aug. 15, 2014

The Double Non-Helix

By Ken Biegeleisen, M.D., Ph.D.

If you can patiently work your way through these presentations, you will come to realize that the Watson-Crick double-helix structure may be mainly an artifact of deproteinization and crystallization.

left: W-C helical structure in de-proteinized crystals
right: DNA structure in living systems:  non-helical!

~ end of update ~

The relationship between the mInD and our DNA and WHY ASYMMETRY is so important to ANY potential ToE (Theory of Everything) … orien.html

But when I saw this, I had to shout out B I N G O

Professor Daniel Geschwind explains that cortical asymmetry refers to differences between the right and left side of the brain. This relates to gene expression.

Cortical asymmetry is a concept that is related to human cognitive function.

…In other words of all the species and animals, our brains are the most asymmetric.

The left side is the most different from the right in our brain, even relative to our closest relative, the chimpanzee. And this asymmetry is very, very important. It is because of the asymmetry that we likely have language and many other higher cognitive specializations. So part of our research and other people’s research has been to identify genes that control asymmetry so that we can understand how a human becomes a human and how it’s different from a chimp. So far, we in collaboration with a laboratory at Harvard, Chris Walsh’s lab, identified a number of genes that were expressed asymmetrically and that was the first evidence that in the human fetal brain, there actually is what we call transcriptional asymmetry, that is different genes are expressed on one side than the other, or earlier on the right side than on the left side. This is very exciting. This however does not mean we know which genes cause the asymmetry yet, and that research is still ongoing. But what we’ve seen is the first molecular readout of the structural and functional asymmetry that is present in the human brain.

:arrow: … Brain.html

Yes as I knew would happen, science is catching UP to my theory based on the 12,000 year old swastika and other discarded tools like the 5000 year old I Ching and the Kabbalah.
Ya think?

What folks call the occult, I have begun to see as the ancient sciences that had evolved to help us rEMEMber the details of life, BEFORE we started writing it all down, how did we rEMEMber?
How was knowledge and wisdom paSSed on?
MNEMonics, MEMEtics, MEMEs have ALL been identified as a viable means of transference of data/info.
On another level, GENEs accomplish this necessary feat.

And as we all know, it is apparent that the info/MEME/data stream is increasing as we move FORWARD as we ‘appear’ to be getting closer to understanding our ROOTS and the source of all other ‘sources’?

But to me, clearly many folks have got lost in the detail of their specialty.
Our NEOlithic ancestors were not nearly as specialized as we have become over time.

Getting closer and closer
I can feel it in my bones
Hang in there humanity
My biggest critics will thank me one day.



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