Z Theory – LIGHT and SOUND – NIBIRU the Crossover – 1094 – Slaying of the First Born

Music and silence combine strongly because music is done with silence, and silence is full of music.

Marcel Marceau

Z  Theory of Everything 

LIGHT and SOUND – NIBIRU the Crossover – 1094 – Slaying of the First Born

This page is about how my evolving theory merges with the work of Frank Znidarsic.

Electrical engineer and physicist Frank Znidarsic has been investigating new sources of energy for twenty years following the trail of cold fusion and antigravity research. He finally came up with a startling new theory of quantum reality that relates all the natural forces including gravity [1-3], but has yet to publish in a mainstream journal, though there is a peer reviewed paper accepted for publication [3], co-authored with Glen Robertson of NASA Marshall Laboratory.  At Znidarsic’s request, I looked into his theory and became sufficiently convinced to write about it.

The unification of all forces – ‘a theory of everything’ or ToE – a project started by Albert Einstein and taken up by many after him, has become the holy grail of theoretical physics. Although the unification of weak electromagnetic and strong nuclear forces has been achieved, gravity remains beyond the pale of existing physical laws. If Znidarsic is right, his theory (which I shall call the Z Theory) may well lead to an understanding of the range and the strength of the force fields and can also provide an explanation for Planck’s constant, the fine structure constant, the Bohr atom, the quantum jump, and  the  intensity of atomic emission spectra, etc., a long list of unsolved mysteries, or mysteries accepted to have no explanations by the scientific community. No other candidate ToE has come close to accomplishing all that, and especially not the standard theory of the universe that’s in danger of going down in history as the most spectacular failure of big science (see Box1).

source: http://www.i-sis.org.uk/The_Z_theory_of_everything.php

“….the vibration of spoken words”

Powerful Video 

Helen Keller & Anne Sullivan (1930 Newsreel Footage)

SS designation = Holy Spirit or St. Peter and St. Paul

All who desire to know the light of universal thinking can know it when they can but comprehend effects of cause sufficiently well to recollect from their inner Minds the light of cause.

When that day comes to man he will know that:
Everything that is must be of everything else that is.
Nothing can be of itself alone.

There can be no two of anything in the universe, two substances, two Minds or two beings.
All things are universal.

-Walter Russell

Neutral Center is Cause of Physical Universe

 image by Walter Russell
two spirals opposed adding up to ONE
in vs. out spirals that meet their maker in the center
and at the same time give birth to each other
Is this yet another paradox?


Why does this image appear to rotate clockwise like a ferris wheel?
This static image is in fact an optical illusion, it is not an animation.

Swastika LIGHT workers and Maltese SOUND workers need only apply as we plod/plot a new course.
A new direction is being plotted for the spaceship planet earth to embark on.

What if?

At this point the fiction becomes science.

Frank Znidarsic the slaying of the first born and 1094 …

The transition or intersection point has been determined, at least the speed has been.
Frank Znidarsic’s experiments suggest the LIGHT to SOUND morphing occurs @ 1094000 m/s.
This is known as the Znidarsic Constant.

“The quantum condition emerges at points where the electronic velocity of light equals the nuclear velocity of sound.” 
-Frank Znidarsic 2009 

Fine Structure Constant: 1/137.035999074

Frank Znidarsic’s number = Z = 1094000 m /s
speed of light = c = 299 792 458 m / s
(z * 2) / c = 1 / 137.016662706

The slaying of the first born and 1094   :arrow:   ZeitgeiSt meet ZnidarSic

So how easy is it embed the speed of light in m/sec in the Great Pyramid?
Give me 1 chess board, we draw two 2 circles.
All you need to know or remember.
Thousands of years later AHA!

Longitudinal wave

Longitudinal waves include sound waves (alternation in pressure, particle displacement, or particle velocity propagated in an elastic material) and seismic P-waves (created by earthquakes and explosions).


Representation of the propagation of an omnidirectional pulse wave on a 2d grid


And IMHO the above image of this bowl from Samarra Iraq, dated to 4900 BC. is a representation of the same IDEA
i.e. the representation of the propagation of an omnidirectional pulse wave on a 2d grid.

Take a close look at the center of the grid and you will see a Maltese cross emanating from the center…similar to tossing a pebble in the water with concentric circles propagating from the center outwards.

Transverse wave

A transverse wave is a moving wave that consists of oscillations occurring perpendicular (or right angled) to the direction of energy transfer. If a transverse wave is moving in the positive x-direction, its oscillations are in up and down directions that lie in the y–z plane.


 Propagation of a transverse spherical wave in a FLAT 2D grid. (empirical model)

These are transverse LIGHT waves and their motion is slightly different as we can see in the above image….they swirl…as opposed to pulsate. Take a close look and you will see a swastika swirling in the center of that grid.

And the motion matches the plate/bowl from Samarra Iraq 5000 BC.


That plate above is also an archetype or model of the FLAT spiral galaxy they have identified and called the Milky Way.

And what does this work by Zelia Nuttall suggest, connecting the above bowl to the Big Dipper, Little Dipper and Cassiopeia?

The Fundamental Principles of Old and New World Civilizations by Zelia Nuttall

“Planet X Nibiru” = Tarot Card X = “Crossing Over”

Well I found another profound connection.

Of course CARD X solves planet X too.

Card X of the Tarot = Nibiru

Science fiction author Zecharia Sitchen’s depiction of Nibiru

The symbols of the Rose and the Cross are themselves deeply suggestive of Nibiru which was often depicted form of a cross
by the ancients, as Zecharia Sitchin describes:

“The pictographic sign for the Twelfth Planet, the “Planet of the Crossing”, was a cross.

This cuneiform sign, which also meant “Anu” and “divine”, evolved in the Semitic languages to the letter tav, which meant “the sign”.

Is that how Sitchen depicts them?
Well I find that interesting.
Two of the three plates I found in Iraq, circa 5000 B.C. depict the same idea.

Zecharia Sitchin (Russian: Заха́рия Си́тчин; Azerbaijani: Zaxariya Sitçin) (July 11, 1920 – October 9, 2010)[1] was an Azerbaijani-born American author of books proposing an explanation for human origins involving ancient astronauts. Sitchin attributes the creation of the ancient Sumerian culture to the Anunnaki, which he states was a race of extraterrestrials from a planet beyond Neptune called Nibiru. He believed this hypothetical planet of Nibiru to be in an elongated, elliptical orbit in the Earth‘s own Solar System, asserting thatSumerian mythology reflects this view. Sitchin’s books have sold millions of copies worldwide and have been translated into more than 25 languages.

Sitchin’s ideas have been rejected by scientists and academics, who dismiss his work as pseudoscience and pseudohistory. His work has been criticized for flawed methodology and mistranslations of ancient texts as well as for incorrect astronomical and scientific claims.[2]

I must conclude that my up to date interpretation of these ancient sacred concepts incorporating science would be different than Zecheria Sitchen who it appears could not interpret the meme dream.


I can also illustrate associations between archetypal symbols concerning light and sound to our own DNA.



Would the ideas called sound (image on left) and light (image on right) have a powerful effect
on how we take in memetic information and process it?

Here is how I would match everything, past to present.
On the left in the image above of Nibiru as a radiant planet I see SOUND waves pulsating outward and on the right we/me see LIGHT waves radiating outward/inward.

And SOUND we can connect to pi, and LIGHT we can connect to phi.
And SOUND frequencies can be converted to LIGHT frequencies @ 1094000 m /s. 

Thus a ‘crossover’ occurs between LIGHT/phi waves and SOUND/pi waves.
phi and pi thus reveal themselves as irrational convertible cosmic currencies too.
And it should be no surprise that our coinage has evolved from irregular asymmetrical shaped ancient coins to the perfect symmetrical circles we use today for our coins.

But ancient Chinese secrets based on ages old philosophy can be found in their old coins, where we find both the four-fold square and perfectly symmetrical circle depicted.

Inner square and an outer circle brings us full circle to an idea that helps to define the human condition and the fool circle.

Round metal coins with a round, and then later square hole in the center were first introduced around 350 BC. The beginning of the Qin Dynasty (221-206 BC), the first dynasty to unify China, saw the introduction of a standardized coinage for the whole Empire.

Was Nibiru sighted in in Iraq around 5000 B.C.?

Or is most of this an archetypal narrative hinting at something else, anticipating our next move, an unraveling of events not to be taken too literally, ya figure?

Fact or fiction: embedded in the ancient archetype/narrative, I see science today validating what was written long ago, complimenting universal laws of nature being unveiled using microscopes and telescopes.

Naked eye observations that anticipate what we would find using horoSCOPES, teleSCOPES, microSCOPES and the Scopes Monkey Trial too of course.

Other folks who believe only in religion cannot see this connection.
And there are other folks who only believe in science, and they too fail to see the OBVIOUS connections and associations.

Simple Truths about the rules on how to solve ‘X’ have been veiled with stories about X, like buried treasure, crucified messiahs, rogue planets, evil NAZIs and a theory of everything.

Can we find associations between Z Theory of Everything and The Story of the W and Z which involves the force carriers called bosons?

CARD X solves X

Card X, the Wheel of rising and falling Fortunes is the treasure map leading you to a treasure, awaiting to be found in each of us.

That is my spin on it.



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