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UPDATE July 26, 2022

Basque Cross aka swastika in SUPERPOSITION Lauburu

The following entry here was posted on faKebook by Joseph Mason in September 2020. I just saw it today. It depiected the following crop circle. To which I replied it looks like the Basque Lauburu a.k.a. swastika idea. See next image.

Basque Cross aka swastika in SUPERPOSITION

However the point to be made is that this ‘universal archetype’, ‘dynamic symbol’ is found everywhere as this blog entry illustrates.

Keep reading. Sometimes it helps to drop some LSD to help see what a seer does.

LSD C Liungman quatrefoil Timothy Leary

UPDATE April 17, 2020

Pictures are worth 1000 words …


LSD Ballcourt Marker Copan

LSD Mirror of Truth design Natalie Glasson

 Mirror of Truth design by Natalie Glasson ~ what Timothy Leary identified as LSD

This blog is about dropping LSD*, digging down deep, finding and enlisting the help of St. George and learning how to slay your inner dragons using an idea.
*not the LSD you had in mind.

UPDATE January 2, 2020

This is the first UPDATE or ‘posting’ of 2020 … the next decade looks promising from our POV.

A few images are presented to set up the rest of the blog … all of them are associated with the Mandylion known as the Image of Edessa.

MANDYLION Christos_Acheiropoietos or Christ HandmadePhoton Mandylion King Abgar with image of edessa 10th century

image on left “The Saviour Not Made by Hands”, a Novgorodian icon from c. 1100
image on right According to the account, King Abgar received the Image of Edessa,
a likeness of Jesus

Oswald Wirth Tarot of Magicians Sky Constellation MIRROR Map CHIRAL MIRROR

Now the simple trick to understanding Oswald Wirth’s offering is to hold it up to the CHIRAL mirror and viola it now makes more sense!

Oswald Wirth Tarot of Magicians Sky Constellation MIRROR How Many North Poles

The most inner wheel containing the Little Bear #21 and Draco #13 rotates clockwise as it should, the next wheel containing the Great Bear #7 and other circumpolar constellations [some contain past and future pole stars]  rotates counterclockwise as it should, and all of the zodiac signs are contained in the outer wheel which rotates clockwise  and at the same time the zodiac signs ‘precess’ or countdown … 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, and back to 12.
Yes and most importantly the above analogy also suggests that you can enter this cycle at any point in history and script yourself a 4 Ages or 5 Ages narrative.

Hermetic Masonry by Frank C. HigginsCrowley Greek Cross of Zodiac 4 Ages Model Precession LOW ENTROPY and LOVE 4713 BC 4004 BC

And the point to be made is this …
The point/time in our past that you choose to enter as a date in history to begin to extract a particular narrative could end up defining you and the narrative you hold dear.
Each CULTure in fact does choose a different entry point for their narrative to begin. Many hover around the same period in our history … between 4000 BCE and 3000 BCE … spring equinox was in Taurus formerly Gemini … so expect the ‘twin’ ARK+E+types to merge with Age of Taurus bull’shit’ eventually merging with the Age of the Ram followed by Age of the Fish associated with Jesus.
After awhile much of the bullshit, ALL narratives start to sound similar for obvious reasons.
[yes you will note the letters/numbers are now reversed but the significance of each of those constellations is not]

And the next AHA is to ‘superimpose’ in an effort to ‘superposition’ science onto this model reveals the map, the compass, and the treasure, all in one image.

Oswald Wirth Tarot of Magicians Sky Constellation MIRROR MANDYLION

Mt Meru NORTH POLE 4 rivers flow like in Eden

Above is evidence from India.
Further what wikipedia has identified and filed under Chinese Theology looks more like ancient math that became myth.

What China offers to this one narrative that serves us all just adds to the evidence and clearly a discussion between east and west is long overdue.
We have not even brought into evidence the magic of magic squares that began with the 3×3 in China.
Below we see the ancestor of the 3×3 Ho Tu and Lo Shu magic squares … it appears to be the 2×2 Supreme Ancestor i.e. Shangdi.

It appears from this POV that ancient myth based on arithmetic [all about numbers] evolved into math [all about theory].

Myth is math!!!

Celestial Pole Shang STAR GODS ANCESTORS

In the Shang dynasty, as discussed by John C. Didier, Shangdi was the same as Dīng (, modern ), the “square” as the north celestial pole, and Shàngjiǎ (上甲 “Supreme Ancestor”) was an alternative name.

Oswald Wirth Tarot of Magicians Sky Constellation MIRROR image Map vesica piscis… to be continued.

~end of UPDATE~

LSD C Liungman quatrefoil Timothy Leary

The significance of that quote by Timothy Leary will soon become apparent in this blog.

LSD ChalcatzingoLSD Ballcourt Marker Copan


UPDATE February 10, 2015

Look in the mirror
The mirror has been rotated…
You are the change!
source of image:

The Mandylion and the Shroud

This blog wants to point out a potential Shroud – Mandylion connection, however in this blog I am more interested in pursuing and illustrating the significance the 4-fold and 8-fold geometry of this universal design that clearly antedates Christianity.

Later we can investigate how 4-fold and 8-fold geometry were intrinsic to the Egyptians and what Rene Schwaller de Lubicz identified as the Master Builder’s Grid.

*end of UPDATE


If you do not watch these videos and your knowledge of prime numbers is limited how do you expect to understand what is to follow in this blog?
What I AM is presenting is leading edge paradigm altering information not to be taken lightly.

From a mathematical POV the prime numbers are the ‘building blocks’ of numbers.
So please acquaint yourself with the primacy of the prime time prime numbers called yin (2) and yang (3).
Yes of course both yin and yang are prime, and the Chinese clearly have made an elementary connection to how our reality takes shape and form based on primarily prime numbers.

The image below is called the PNC, Prime Number Cross developed by polymath Peter Plichta who has degrees in biology, physics, and chemistry.
His work supports how yin and yang are special.
Take a look at how he plotted the prime numbers.

A pattern emerged resembling the ‘crusader crosses’, all prime numbers with the exception of yin #2 and yang #3 appear to follow this pattern.

The pattern that emerged resembled a ‘crusader cross’
ALL prime numbers that have been circled with the exception of yin #2 and yang #3
appear to follow this prime number pattern.

Symbols for town/village/protected crossroads and Egypt


Under the system that prevailed for most of pharaonic Egypt’s history, the country was divided into 42 nomes.

Above we have 4 examples of the hieroglyph meaning town/village/protected crossroads and it was also used as a symbol for Egypt herself.
It is thought of as meaning walled city but the pictograph in ancient Hebrew suggests a serpent coiled inside a basket.

Do these two images look the same?


On the left is the symbol for TET, TAW, or TAU

On the right is the symbol for the rune Gebo, associated with movement.
Which the modern day gnostics have associated with the swastika, the oldest symbol (10,000 BC) we have on record of a consciousness suggesting rotation, movement, or motion.

Quatrefoil above the West Door of
Croyland Abbey


and the

New Atlantis

L eague for
S piritual
D iscovery

Quatrefoil is a symbol for the 4 Evangelists

LSD C Liungman quatrefoil Timothy Leary

Now that I have given you a taste of what LSD is, did you know that is all it takes to induce a trip?

It does not take much.
Sometimes just a little pin prick.

Even a geometric placebo can have an effect on you.

So let’s take an LSD trip using our new 3D LSD filters issued to us.
Shall we begin by using our LSD visions to build a New Atlantis?



The New Atlantis project could become a turning point in the history of Earthly civilization. It will inspire great following across a whole range of fields: medicine, philosophy, art, business, sport, spiritual improvement … and bring it millions of tourists, making it a new centre of pilgrimage on the world map.


How deep do you want to go? 
click on link







How deep do you want to go? 
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How deep do you want to go? 
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How deep do you want to go? 
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How deep do you want to go? 
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How deep do you want to go? 
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How deep do you want to go or how high up do you want to go?

The tursaansydän (Finnish for “heart of Tursas” or “heart of octopus” <of the order “Octopoda”>) or mursunsydän (“heart of the walrus“) is an ancient symbol used in Northern Europe.

The symbol originates from prehistoric times and incorporates a swastika.

The tursaansydän was believed to bring good luck and protect from curses.

It has been speculatedthat the tursaansydän represented a flying and rotating hammer of the thunder god Ukko (in Finland) orThor (in Scandinavia). It could also have been an image of a lightning ball, like the Russian “thunder marks” (see Perun). Another theory is that it is actually an image of the heart of some being, such as Tursas or the walrus. Based on its many interpretations and uses, this symbol appears to have had many meanings over time.



How deep do you want to go? 
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 JESUS and the ZYGOTE and LSD?

How deep do you want to go? 
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It is really important to take note (for future references involving DNA)
that the above geometry highlights the pentagon, hexagon, circle, vesica piscis.


How deep do you want to go? 
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How deep do you want to go? 
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How deep do you want to go? 
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Are you still feeling lucky, can you feel your Kundalini rising?


Kundalini vs. Mandylion
What would a serpentine kundalini metaphor have to do with
the dandy Mandylion and Jesus Christ?


The large mouth of a jaguar which forms the door is thought to be associated with the underworld.

As Above

In the image ABOVE we see the Andean cross known also as the Chakana carved into stone block in Puma Punku temple, Tiahuanaco Bolivia.

In the image BELOW we see the one of eleven churches hewn into the rocky hills of Lalibela, Ethiopia, the church of St. George.

As Above So Below

Please note how the two images ABOVE and BELOW reflect two different POVs projected by two CULTures divided by the Atlantic/Atlantis Ocean sharing in a similar IDEA.
There is one word to describe it on both the macro level and the micro level.
Only one word that allows us to realize what the gravity of the situation is …

* P O L A R I Z A T I O N *

POSITIVE and NEGATIVE aspects of the ONE image or IDEA captured – just like film 

Eastern Hemisphere (positive) vs. Western Hemisphere (negative)

Should we find that surprising?
And ‘polarization’ allows us to investigate the connection between the cross and the two red-mode and blue-mode gravity waves which in fact are polarized too!

So Below

Church of Saint George
One of eleven churches hewn into the rocky hills of Lalibela, Ethiopia

What I find interesting in Lalibela is that clearly a statement is being made.

Most dwellings we live in are constructed from the ground UP.
The churches in Lalibela built with the help of angels who knew about angles (this is the rumor) are clearly built from the top DOWN.

NEGATIVE IMPRINT found in Boliva vs. POSITIVE IMPRINT found in Ethiopia
divided by the Atlantis Ocean
In fact it could be suggested that an east/west polarity exists.



The 13th century illustration on the left, painted by an unknown master, probably in Rheims, France, is from La Bible Moralisée and pictures the Second Person of the Tri-une God, the Logos, Jesus Christ, by Whom all things were made, in the act of “setting his compass upon the face of the deep.”

In the Genesis accounts of the Creation of the World emphasis is repeatedly placed on God’s acts of “dividing.”

The compass symbol expresses the fundamental truth that reality is an irrational continuum and that only by arbitrary division and measurement are “things” cognizable by the human mind.

The original manuscript is now at the Österreichische Nationalbibliothek in Vienna.

Fu Xi holding the SQUARE in his left hand and his sister Nüwa wields the COMPASS in her right.

Fu Xi holding the SQUARE in his left hand and his sister Nüwa wields the COMPASS in her right. Thus clearly the man is associated directly to the SQUARE the straight line and the right angle. And the woman is intimate with the COMPASS the curve and the circle.

Only a compass is required to construct the Basque Lauburu.
Some scholars deny a link between the curvy Basque Lauburu and the angular swastika we are accustomed to.

Kuna flag

The following link between the Basque Kuna and the Kuna flag is of course a coincidence.

From: “Tara Brigit Morrigan O’Sullivan”

The Oriental Great Goddess of Wisdom was know by the names of Cunti or Kunda (Kunda specifically identified as the Yoni of the Universe). The Goddess of Wisdom has again and again been associated with the serpent or the snake in cultures worldwide and it seems probable that as Kundalini is about arousing the coiled serpent of wisdom at the base of the spine that the word kundalini evolved from Kunda the Goddess. As you already know, C and K are frequently interchanged in different languages. And so it is that from Cunti and Kunda we get the probable origins of the words for country, kin, and kind (Old Englis CYN, Gothic KUNI)…
ALSO related the Latin CUNNUS, middle English CUNTE, Old Norse and Frisian KUNTA,
Basque KUNA….other cognates are “cunablula” (a cradle), “Cunina” (a Roman goddess who protected
children)…”cunctipotent” (all powerful….having cunt magic), “cunicle” (a hole or passage….easy to see that kin
meaning relative comes from the image of “one born from the same cunt”)…..also cunning (clever), kenning & ken (knowledge, learning, insight, wisdom)….Kunda made it all the way to Ireland and is believed by many to be the precursor of the Irish Goddess KILDA whose shrines were everywhere until the Christians came and destroyed them or turned them into Christian churches. Unfortunately for the Christians the area around the shrines also bore the name of the Goddess in the prefix KIL, and lives on today in such names as KILdare, KILarney, KILkenny, etc.

But be honest now how deep are you willing  to go in your quest for the TRUTH…? 
click on link

above image JESUS on the cross between the two thieves yin and yang

below the eastern wall of Bet Maryam church Ethiopia in fact tells the same story …

… as the two b-mode gravity waves identified by Andrei Linde and the BICEP2 team.

You cannot go much deeper than  this without losing your mind.
What are you waiting for, click on the link.

It is a fact that the Trinity is in charge of ye
via rotations, reflections, and translations
You, ewe, and magnetic U is the change to come
Take a real good look in the mirror.

to be continued ….

selah V

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  • Semrix  On February 26, 2016 at 6:36 am

    Dear Raphael,

    Amazing work!
    In my personal studies, I was in need of this stimulation.
    I felt the nag/urge of reporting something within 24 hours of
    Browsing your material. Two things in part, namely they be,
    Waking up the next morning the Swastika appeared, and I sensed an incredible
    Power and feeling about it, but more so overwhelmed by an impression of a self-evident truth making itself known although accompanying a terrifying (as in awe/wonder) and exciting meaning- it’s certainly a key (to our current perspective), nay- a Seal that evokes an old memory. By old It is meant to say it represents The Alpha, the beginning, but this “symbol” in itself is quite magnificent in scope- likened to the entire macro reduced to the simplest micro expression. It accounts for existence and reality, but formed and robed in Perfect simplicity. Recent study confirms that it has much to explain regarding collective consciousness-es being divided, both inverting on itself and yet expanding – contraction and expansion – two laws of motion – at work in the simplest manner.

    Second, an image on this very page, two below the crucifixion image, it cannot be emphasized properly or adequately enough- that image just so happened to depict a type of mental activity, a very powerful one, but only noticed under conscious control of the hemispheres of the mind and the center (corpus collosum) – with a strong connection and semi direction by and of power of sight and/or movement of the eyes. This mental activity has a few methods, but ultimately imagine this: O I O
    Each “O” represents opposite hemispheres of the brain and with them the sides of the body they each regulate. Whereas “I” represents Corpus Collosum (CC) per se.
    With proper coordination and use of will, one’s first step is two become conscious of split of hemispheres, that is- noticing physically the separation of the Two with the division. Now, if you will, imagine the two eyes as “steering wheels” that turn opposing directions like in the picture I refer, Right eye/Hemisphere clockwise, and Left Eye/Hemisphere counterclockwise. By steering wheels, I do not mean the physical eye itself moves, but a manual control similar to the ability to see in peripherals – but it is to move in opposite circular directions, at the same pace (which involves Massive will power – and cultivates such). But they act as steering wheels in Regards to the Whole brain and that which it regulates. Doing this circular motion of 360 degrees at the same pace and rate more than say, 5 times, depending on individual, might exhaust them. When one is able to do this 10 or more times, once one releases the “steering wheel” of attention of will, a sensation occurs in the CC that is without possible description, save to say, the Mind Turns On! It surely delivers one of the Seven Wonders of Mind and is the True beginning of experiencing the other Six.

    I write at length here, merely for contribution, the First being experience and gratitude for this material. And second, as a process perfected that is quite unknown and provokes Higher Mind powers AND physical Brain (organ) development and cultivation of The Power of Will.

    Let me end, by providing an interesting Book, wherein you will find the favored Swastika and Souwastika, on page 53 is described something about the two for possible profit. Locate this @

    It is a grateful moment in posting this,
    With gratitude,

    • raphael  On February 26, 2016 at 5:46 pm

      glad you enjoyed the blog
      thanks for the link
      I found another with a free pdf.

      Click to access A-System-of-Caucasian-Yoga.pdf

      re: caucasian yoga

      This is probably an idea that was derived from the work of Guido von List and his recovery of the Armanen runes, later expounded on by Friedrich Bernhard Marby

      Stefan Colonna Walewski (June 9, 1897 – May 19, 1955) was a Polish American diplomat and antiquities specialist, publicised as a foremost expert in occult artifacts. As proprietor of his “Esoterica” shop in New York City, Count Colonna-Walewski maintained a large collection of “mystic and occult curios”, at one point boasting over 20,000 objects and “the largest library on demonology in America”.

  • raphael  On December 1, 2016 at 8:12 pm

    faKebook participant Michael Sean Brown


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