FREE EnErgy – SEG – RS2 Theory


How do the following Top 10 ideas fulfill the rather simple concept put forth by Viktor Schauberger?

‘Comprehend and Copy Nature’

Event 2010
Top 10 Exotic Free Energy Technologies for Earth Transformation Conference

On Jan. 8, 2010, Sterling D. Allan gave a 1.5-hour presentation titled The Top 10 Exotic Free Energy Technologies at the 4th Annual Earth Transformation conference in Kona, Hawaii; sponsored by Dr. Michael Salla, of Exopolitics fame, and his partner, Angelicka Whitecliff.

Allan’s presentation featured those technologies outside the realm of conventional renewables that he deems to be the most promising in the near future to become available and make a profound impact when they do.

Below is a collection of material relevant to that presentation.

go to 2:56 GEET Plasma Reactor

Enlarge Rex Research.  GEET device, invented by Paul Pantone, claims to increase gas mileage 2-3-fold and cut pollution to nearly nothing.

Enlarge Rex Research. GEET device, invented by Paul Pantone, claims to increase gas mileage 2-3-fold and cut pollution to nearly nothing.

Part of the GEET design that attracted me are that two lines are flowing in opposition to one.


In the GEET Plasma Reactor the *idea* about the number of lines and the direction of flow reminds me of another modEL I came across which dates to 5000 BCE, found in the area of Samarra Iraq.

The digital SS or Sky Survey of the Milky Way suggests that neolithic bowl from Samarra above could have been a design of the Milky Way.
A bowl crafted by one of our ancestors in recognition of the Milky Way. Remember our ancestors were star gazers and keen observers of the patterns found in nature.

‘Comprehend and Copy Nature’

go to 4:28 PlasmERG Noble Gas Engine followed by the Searl Effects Generator, the SEG

John Searl and the 5×5 magic square

SEG co-magnetic model

This is a GIF animation of a SEG rotating. The bouncing, yellow balls show the path of conventionally measured magnetic flux–the “Searl Magnetic Wave” that is unique to his devices.

Searl Effect Generator (SEG) Magnetic structure
While investigating the SEG I came across the RS2.

I like the name.

RS2 Theory

The Reevaluation of Dewey B. Larson’s Reciprocal System of physical theory

Bruce Peret, KVK Nehru, Gopi Krishna V.


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