BLACK-WHITE-RED ~ Alchemy ~ RuSSell Brand X ~ Phoney Joseph Kony ~ How to Manipulate ~ Spooky Action at a Distance

Kevin J Johnston black white red

Prince’s symbol:a unified symbol of the male+female signs=Universal Love
image source: 

Continue reading to find out how Prince the EM meme dream is brought back into the light by Duke Widukind a.k.a. Prince of Darkness/Hades who happened to be born in 1957.



Swastika as Dynamic Pattern Underlying Psychosocial Power Processes

Yes if you go to that link above you soon realize why and how the swastika can be used to pull on your heart strings and screw with your mind, at a distance.
Using the colors black, white, and red to assist you helps.
Using techniques going back to the bronze age in fact.

UPDATE October 26, 2013

The above link is a companion to the one you are about to read.

Eric Dollard – the next Tesla?

Marilyn Manson tearing pages of the Bible while performing
Antichrist Superstar during the Dead to the World tour

SS Scout Sniper 317

Matt Hale flanked by the Creativity flag
How original…how creative?

Above is my latest inductee into the BLACK WHITE and RED Hall of Shame, Matthew Hale.
And he is in very good company.
(And I do love the ‘W‘ he has chosen too…)

Hale was raised in East Peoria, Illinois, a city on the Illinois River. By the age of 12, he was reading books about National Socialism such as Adolf Hitler‘s Mein Kampf, and had formed a group at school.

Matthew F. Hale – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Okay I AM starting to wonder why all of the following fellas on these pages covet the colors BLACK WHITE and RED to help them carry their message?

It has been brought to ME attention that Che Che ruSSell Brand X is calling for a revolution.
But guess what?

He claims he has no solutions for the revolution he endorses.
Even the real Che Che Guevara had one or two for his  revolution.

But in this camPAIN I do see RED.
And BLACK and WHITE too.

And it is because of this manipulation of those three colors that I have added his presence to this blog and others who have also been down this road seeking a revolution or a grasp at absolute power over their domain.

***end of UPDATE***

Invisible Children is a company NOT a charity.

The best way to approach this controversy is by using some humor.

*red alert – turn down the sound on your video player for this next video, it comes on rather loud…*



The SEEDS must always be planted before there can be a harvest…

As a child of the Jewish people who, by the grace of God, for the past eleven years has also been a child of the Catholic Church, I dare to speak to the Father of Christianity about that which oppresses millions of Germans. For weeks we have seen deeds perpetrated in Germany which mock any sense of justice and humanity, not to mention love of neighbor. For years the leaders of National Socialism have been preaching hatred of the Jews…But the responsibility must fall, after all, on those who brought them to this point and it also falls on those who keep silent in the face of such happenings.

Everything that happened and continues to happen on a daily basis originates with a government that calls itself ‘Christian.’ For weeks not only Jews but also thousands of faithful Catholics in Germany, and, I believe, all over the world, have been waiting and hoping for the Church of Christ to raise its voice to put a stop to this abuse of Christ’s name.

— Edith Stein, Letter to Pope Pius XI

Can it happen again and again and again?
As long as ignorance can be exploited the answer is of course, yes crimes against humanity will continue.

17 of the following BLACK WHITE and RED  

images were taken from the Phoney Joseph KONY 2012 video.

30 minute video:

Diane Sawyer asks “Is this the new way to move the world to action…?”

Have a look at the images that follow, can you guess which ones came from a SCRIPT, a script that keeps getting re-invented by ignorance participating with certain patterns, by allowing themselves to be ‘sucked’ into the meme dream without awareness … ?

EGYPTIAN UNIFIED CROWN – King Narmer united Upper and Lower Egypt.

He combined the tall, pointed ATEF crown of WHITE FELT or WOOL with the RED WICKER CROWN, when he united the two kingdoms.

Crowns were often decorated with the URAEUS ( a rearing viper ) and with the ANKH crown ( a sign of life ).

I found this hat one day and it spoke to ME:

“wear me out”



The diagram above shows the ‘Tetragrammaton’ written in

Phoenician (blue script)
Aramaic (red script)
modern Hebrew (black script)

It is a valuable clue, in understanding why the IDEA of a primal GERM or SEED must be part of the game.


Is the Swastika the ultimate MEME?

What is a MEME?

click on link for answer:

Alchemy & MEMEs = EYESIGHT preference for BLACK WHITE RED!

So I think it is becoming clear that Jason Ru$$ell has been a$$isted/directed by the ‘SS‘ … the Secret Societies … the Banker cloaked in blue…?

Without any ability to form an opposing political party, many Acholis initially supported Joseph Kony‘s rebellion. But Kony’s popularity failed when he began to brutally enforce his own strict version of Catholicism on his tribe to create a new government based on his interpretation of the 10 Commandments.

When his popularity dissipated, Kony turned to forced recruitments. It’s estimated that Kony’s forces have kidnapped between 60 to 100,000 children since 1986, often killing their parents in the process.

Uganda (a Catholic and born-again Christian country) has sided with South Sudan (also Christian) in their struggle for freedom against Northern Sudan (predominantly Muslim). In retaliation, Northern Sudan began funding Joseph Kony in the mid-1990′s.

JP Morgan Chase Bank

Chase Bank contributed $1 million to Invisible Children to help them produce the KONY 2012 campaign, among other programs. AND JP Morgan Chase is also a major investmest  banker of Tullow Oil..

That’s right, the oil company that needs US military help to pump oil out of Uganda.

To show connections between resources, the indigenous who live on those lands, the swastika, and the Chase Logo is elementary….

Hopi Kachina Rattle given to a 7 year old as part of an initiation.


The rattle with the color BLUE and the swastika sharing the center.


To recap the 4 primary stages of the alchemy process, which Jung equated to the individuation process are:





Alchemy & MEMEs

Rosetta Fractal Mandala
above image was taken in a Peruvian monastery in 2006 while on a quest for the Holy Grail
WHAT IF I found it?
* *** *******

… pyramids of the Giza Plateau?

Flag of Egypt



KONY 2012 MOVEMENT is PLANNING a SURPRISE for the WORLD on the MORNING of APRIL 20th, 2012

…but whose birthday is April 20th?

A/ Joseph Kony?

B/ Osama Bin Laden?

C/ Adolf Hilter?

And what do folks who are hip to the hype about 4/20 do at 4:20 p.m. every day as part of a rite and ritual?

Breathing exercises?
Inhalation and Exhalation?

And what better way to help get the message out to the masses who rarely attend mass anymore?

Use ROGERS Wireless of course.
Do you see the swastika in the wireless logo?

Okay I am seeing a pattern …

CHA$E and GeeE use the $wa$tika in their ‘LOGOS‘ and so does ROGER$

COVER THE NIGHT is a reference to ‘plastering our awakening consciousness’ with PHOney Kony 2012  BLACK WHITE and RED  posters that will hopefully assist in the *activations* of people who on their morning dog walks headed for Starbucks…

Rosetta Fractal Mandala

Is the Rosetta Fractal Mandala the Quinta Essentia?
Can we learn from it?

The swastika is called the JAINA Cross by the Buddhist Jains.
And to them the swastika represents what Christ on the cross does.
The most peaceful karmic aware people on earth are the Jains, to an extreme.

So why do we continually try to associate the swastika to yet another western serial killer?

Why do we use the swastika in the 21st century which is associated with Gott = God = tetragrammaton = YHVH to induce FEAR and DISGUST?

Symbologist Robert Langdon:

“Sheeple are symbol illiterate”

The Sheeple Shepherds wear the same colors as their flock …

21st Century “WE the SHEEPLE” who know NOT what they do … it seems to be a rebleat of what has come before.

19th century programming

19th and 20th century versions of  “WE the SHEEPLE”

Saluting the flag and reBLEATing the “Pledge of Allegiance”

Orient 21st century “WE the SHEEPLE” programming

It appears that nobody is immune to the programming….


21st century Chinese symbol being used today placed next to WWII NAZI SS symbol.

What are the Chinese using this symbol for?

I was lucky enough to find this archival image with the numbers
137 – 43 – E

Modern Day Knight Templar on a quest rescuing the damsel in distress.
But the SS princeSS came with some baggage.

If you think my SWASTIKA associations are out of line with reality, please allow me to introduce you to the New Improved SSS which is accessible on facebook.

Yes I added an S to the SS to give it a new image.

S acred
S wastika 
S cience  



And now a word from our one of our commercial sponsers … 

EWE-Tube logo is based on the Christian ‘FISH” logo

The Fish and the AngEL

As mentioned this image was taken back in 2006 while on a quest …
It was photographed in a Catholic Monastery in Peru which had been closed for nearly 400 years, reopened in 1970.

Background to this image and where it was taken….

The Monastery of SaintCatherine (SpanishSanta Catalina) is a monastery of nuns of the Domincan Second Order, located in ArequipaPeru. It was built in 1580 and was enlarged in the 17th century. The over 20,000-square-meter monastery was built predominantly in the Mudéjar style, and is characterized by its vividly painted walls.

The word Mudéjar is a MedievalSpanish corruption of the Arabic word Mudajjan مدجن, meaning “domesticated”, in a reference to the Muslims who submitted to the rule of the Christian kings. Some say[who?] it is from the Arabic word مُدّخَر (pronounced “muddakhar”), which means something or someone who’s being kept or saved to be used later when needed or at the right time or be being kept or saved because of its high value.

On Sunday October 2, 1580 a high mass was celebrated in the city and Doña María was acknowledged as the founder and took the habits formally. In 1582,

Arequipa suffered a severe earthquake and the Monastery was badly damaged …

note:  October 2, 1580 = 10/2/1580 = 11 2 5 8 = CARD X of the Tarot Code

This is what I found out just recently in 2010 after using the names Rafael/Raphael for about 25 years, since about 1985.
Along with being 
possessed by the swirly twirly swastika since about 2005.
It all happened rather innocently.

First there is SHOCK! followed by the AWE shucks!

Humility followed by grace.

Here is the source of this image and claim:


Some people believe Hitler was an Avatar….they are wrong….the avatar to come is not a man nor an angel.

the-ONE-who-is-to-come  is an IDEA whose time has come!

And then everybody (or at least a bunch of people who are tired of being sheeple) buy into the new IDEA for a new age.

Because it all makes sense. My research shows a direct link between the geometry of the swastika, our DNA, and the references to the IDEA of a Holy Grail and a purpose to the underlying chaos.

So Raphael (which means god heals) the archangEL might just use the swastika to give us insights into our DNA, including the JUNK coded within.



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  • raphael  On November 13, 2015 at 7:47 pm

    The Creativity Movement was one of the most notorious hate groups in the 1990s, gaining publicity for its rapid growth and the violent incidents with which it was associated.

    Originally founded by Ben Klassen in 1973 as Church of the Creator, the organization fell into disarray in the mid-1990s following the criminal convictions of several of its members, the suicide of Klassen in 1993 and a successful lawsuit brought by the family of a Gulf War veteran murdered in 1991 by a COTC member.

    In 1996, COTC was reborn as WCOTC with the emergence of the young law school graduate Matt Hale as its leader.
    Hale’s publicity skills, his unsuccessful battle to obtain his law license in Illinois, and a two-state shooting spree by follower Benjamin Smith in July 1999 that left two dead and nine wounded, all kept the WCOTC in the headlines in recent years. In November 2002, the WCOTC lost a copyright infringement lawsuit brought against it by the Te-Ta-Ma Truth Foundation, which had successfully trademarked the name “Church of the Creator” years ago. A federal judge ordered the WCOTC to stop using its name, to give up its Web addresses, and to turn over all printed material bearing its name. Hale refused to comply with the order and in January 2003 had arrived for a contempt of court hearing when he was arrested for soliciting the judge’s murder. He remains in jail awaiting trial as members of the WCOTC and other white supremacist groups rally behind him. Currently, Thomas Kroenke, appointed “Hasta Primus” or “Spearhead” of the WCOTC before Hale’s arrest, is running some of the group’s operations in Wyoming.

  • raphael  On April 8, 2019 at 10:50 am

    Creativity (formerly known as The Church of the Creator and the World Church of the Creator) is a pantheistic white separatist, white supremacist, white nationalist, antisemitic, anti-Christian religion which has been classified as a neo-Nazi hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.[2] It was founded in Lighthouse Point, Florida by Ben Klassen as the Church of the Creator in 1973. The worldview of Creativity is purported to be based on the “survival, expansion and advancement of the White race”,[3][4] according to the “external laws of nature, the experience of history, on logic and common sense”[5] and members of the movement believe in a “racial holy war”[6][7] between the “white and non-White races” (including Jews, black people and non-white people of “mixed race”).[8][9][10][11][12][13]

    Creativity is promoted by two organizations: the Creativity Alliance (CA – also known as the Church of Creativity) and the Creativity Movement (TCM). The groups have common origins.[14] … AHA the BLACK WHITE RED plot thickens … Ben KlaSSen

    slightly different POV from a Christian

  • raphael  On April 8, 2019 at 12:44 pm

    how ironic … love the MBG used as a background in this interview of B. Klassen an outspoken white supremacist … too funny … humanity appears to be blind deaf and dumb to what is hidden in plain sight …


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