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UPDATE June 3, 2020

Osberg Tapestry Wagon

Explanation of the The Ritual Wagon Procession

Came across this web page today highlighting the obvious connections between FIRE and LIGHTNING … and Thor

The Fylfot (meaning “four footed”) is Mankinds oldest and mightiest power symbol, appears nearly world wide in some form. There are thousands of variants of this mighty symbol in the Germanic Heathen tradition and is commonly swirling in both clockwise and counterclockwise forms without any change in meaning.

Associated with fire and lightning, the Fylfot is particularly holy to Thor, and is a potent symbol of dynamic cosmic power, and unstoppable swirling strength of the will, invoking his might & protection. This motif occurs frequently throughout the lands of the wide ranging Teutons since the early Bronze Age and are prominent on cremation urns and carved memorial grave stones with early Runic inscriptions, seeking Thor’s protection in the afterlife.

2D Chiral 3D Chiral
Highlighting how obvious the dunderheads are who are currently promoting an Electric Universe + Saturn mythology lacking its main character … the 12,000+ year 2D CHIRAL World TEACHER.

The main point being is that the Electric Universe Dunderheads who promote an Electric Universe are out to lunch when it comes to acknowledging humanities once unified history.

Thanks Dave Talbot for keeping humanity in the dark about the light to be found in the abyss.

end of UPDATE 

“The day when we shall know exactly what electricity is, will chronicle an event probably greater than any other recorded in the human race.”

In the Theogony by Hesiod, the Cyclopes – Brontes (“thunderer”), Steropes (“lightning”) and the “bright” Arges  – were the primordial sons of Uranus (Sky) and Gaia (Earth) and brothers of the Hecatonchires. As such, they were blood-related to the Titan and Olympian gods and goddesses. They were giants with a single eye in the middle of their forehead and a foul disposition. According to Hesiod, they were strong and stubborn. Collectively they eventually became synonyms for brute strength and power, and their name was invoked in connection with massive masonry. They were often pictured at their forge.

Uranus, fearing their strength, locked them in TartarusCronus, another son of Uranus and Gaia, later freed the Cyclopes, along with the Hecatonchires, after he had overthrown Uranus. Cronus then placed them back in Tartarus, where they remained, guarded by the female dragonCampe, until freed by Zeus.

They fashioned thunderbolts for Zeus to use as weapons, and helped him overthrow Cronus and the other Titans.

The lightning bolts, which became Zeus’ main weapons, were forged by all three Cyclopes, in that Arges added brightness, Brontes added thunder, and Steropes added lightning.

These Cyclopes also created Poseidon‘s tridentArtemis‘ bow and arrows of moonlightApollo‘s bow and arrows of sun rays, and Hades‘ helmet of darkness that was given to Perseus on his quest to kill Medusa.

Cyclops – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Thunderbolt = Masculine SEED

The Cosmic Thunderbolt – Electric Universe and Plasma Physics

Seeking the Third Story

I left comments at the above youtube link regarding Zurvan the Zoroastrian God of Time.

Would it be a stretch of our imagination to associate the masculine SEED/thunderbolt to the swastika which is used as the SEAL for the Buddha’s heart?
Cyclops, the third eye associated with the mind, a twinkle in the eye, the inner spark. The fire within.
At what point does a great idea become an emotion or a possession?

Dave Talbot lists 21 motifs for lightning;

  • Motif #1:   Lightning takes the form of a frightful weapon—a sword, arrow, mace, club, spear, axe, or hammer.
  • Motif #2:   Lightning is an ancestral warrior, the hero god who defeated chaos monsters in primeval times. Lightning-hero and lightning-weapon are frequently synonymous.
  • Motif #3:   Lightning appears as a great bird or “thunderbird” with heaven-spanning wings.
  • Motif #4:   Lightning is the flash of an “eye” in heaven. It is the destructive power of the “evil eye,” destroying opposition.
  • Motif #5:   Lightning is launched from a great wheel turning in the sky, the “chariot” of the gods.
  • Motif #6:   Lightning is accompanied by falling stones or “thunderstones.”
  • Motif #7:   Lightning is the messenger of a central sun that ruled the sky before the present sun.
  • Motif #8:   Lighting streaks along the world axis, acquiring the form of a towering column, the axis mundi. It is the pillar of the sky which, at the beginning of time, “separated heaven and earth.”
  • Motif #9:   Lightning is a generative, masculine pillar. It impregnates goddesses.
  • Motif #10: Lighting is a “chain of arrows” launched skyward by a great warrior or hero.
  • Motif #11: Lighting appears as a ladder or backbone of the sky, whose steps were ascended by an ancestral hero.
  • Motif #12: Lightning spirals, twists, or whirls across the heavens. It is a whorl, swastika, or triskeleon.
  • Motif #13: Lighting appears as an undulating, fiery serpent.
  • Motif #14: Lightning takes the form of twins, two brothers, or two companions, each viewed as the alter ego of the other.
  • Motif #15: Lightning is two serpentine or rope-like filaments wound around a central axis (caduceus motif)
  • Motif #16: Lightning appears as an equal-limbed cross; it explodes as luminous streamers, dividing the home of the gods into equal quarters.
  • Motif #17: Lighting “blossoms” as a flower, the celebrated plant of life.
  • Motif #18: Lightning is fire and brimstone (sulfur). The lightning of the gods gives rise to a sulfurous stench.
  • Motif #19: In their violent wars, the gods blast each other with lightning. Chaos monsters are destroyed by lightning.
  • Motif #20: Lightning leaves its mark on celestial heroes and chaos monsters, who are “lightning scarred,” or “thunderstruck.”
  • Motif #21: The lightning-scar or wound of the warrior-hero is the mark by which he is identified or recognized.

And what is the connection between the SWASTIKA and the idea of a SEED?


Does the square we see being held by Zurvan embedded with 12 dots have any significance in relation to the 4×3 (12) grid attributed to the Breastplate worn by the high priest?

What is the narrative that so many creation stories default to?
Were the authors of Hamlet’s Mill correct?’s_Mill

Would the narrative concern itself with the Precession of the Equinoxes?

4 AGES ModEL – Solar Wind – Magnetic Field – the Atom – Precession of the Equinoxes

The Electric (plasma) Universe – the 3 Crosses of Christ* and the 4 Ages Model*

Continuing on with Dave Talbott’s video Seeking the Third Story I happened to notice a very interesting association between the work of Anthony Peratt, Dave Talbott and these 3 Crosses of Christ.

What do the 3 Crosses of Christ look like when stacked on top of each other?

I see a match made in heaven using plasma!


 ** What are the 3 Crosses of Christ and the 4 Ages Model?

** 4 AGES Model Labyrinth part 2


Continuing with another profound correlation between the work of Anthony Peratt (see above), Dave Talbott, and what ‘just is’ is.

Dave Talbott calls this image (we see on the whiteboard to the left of Anthony Peratt – the opposing zig zag lines) a Chain of Arrows, Anthony Peratt calls it a Christmas Tree.
Together they appear in agreement.

I refer to the Chain of Arrows or the Christmas Tree as 25 or 52 and further I find I can link it to the idea of a fret patterns, the meander, serpents, waveforms, and frequencies/vibrations.

Chain  of Arrows a.k.a. the Christmas Tree next to a model of Linear Polarization and below we see the evolution of the sowilo rune in the elder futhark during the centuries.

*Sowilō or *sæwelō is the reconstructed Proto-Germanic name of the s-rune, meaning “sun”.
It appears as Old Norse sól, Old English sigel, and Gothic sugil.

The Elder Futhark s rune (reconstructed name *Sowilo) is attested in two variants, a Σ shape (four strokes), more prevalent in earlier (3rd to 5th century) inscriptions (e.g. Kylver stone), and an S shape (three strokes), more prevalent in later (5th to 7th century) inscriptions (e.g. Golden horns of GallehusSeeland-II-C).

(note the 4 strokes vs. 3 strokes)

Below are two sowilo/sig runes adopted by the NAZIs as a logo,  i.e. branding for the SS.
Even today the initial branding of a product is paramount to its recognition and helps to ensure its eventual success.

Coincidentally, the Phoenician letter šin from which the Old Italic s letter ancestral to the rune was derived was itself named after the Sun,shamash, based on the Egyptian uraeus hieroglyph.

How to feed 5000 people using 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish

Marko Rodin VBM 2 Fish and 5 Loaves of Bread and Jesus Mihi Omnia 157 and the BLUE WORM

25 – 5^2 – 5×5 – the Birth of Enlightenment – the Messianic Ideal – Free Energy?


LIGHTNING – The GOD Helmet – MagnetoPHOsphenes – Ball Lightning

…to be continued


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  • raphael  On November 7, 2013 at 2:16 am

    Figure 37 is copied from the Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society, vol. xviii., p 898, plate 4. It is a Buddhist emblem, and represents the same idea under different aspects. Each limb of the cross represents the fascinum at right angles with the body, and presented towards a barleycorn, one of the symbols of the yoni. Each limb is marked by the same female emblem, and terminates with the triad triangle; beyond this again is seen the conjunction of the sun and moon. The whole therefore represents the mystic curba, the creative four, by some called Thor’s hammer. Copies of a cross similar to this have been recently found by Dr. Schliemann in a very ancient city, buried under the remains of two others, which he identifies as the Troy of Homer’s Iliad.

  • raphael  On August 27, 2015 at 2:54 am

    Who was Perun?

    In Slavic mythology, Perun (Cyrillic: Перун) is the highest god of the pantheon and the god of thunder and lightning. His other attributes were fire, mountains, the oak, iris, eagle, firmament (in Indo-European languages, this was joined with the notion of the sky of stone), horses and carts, weapons (the hammer, axe (Axe of Perun), and arrow), and war. He was first associated with weapons made of stone and later with those of metal.

    Perun is described as a rugged man with a copper beard. He rides in a chariot pulled by a goat buck and carries a mighty axe, or sometimes a hammer. The axe is hurled at evil people and spirits and will always return to his hand.

    Of all historic records describing Slavic gods, those mentioning Perun are the most numerous. As early as the 6th century, he was mentioned in De Bello Gothico, a historical source written by the Eastern Roman historian Procopius. A short note describing beliefs of a certain South Slavic tribe states they acknowledge that one god, creator of lightning, is the only lord of all: to him do they sacrifice an ox and all sacrificial animals. While the name of the god is not mentioned here explicitly, the fact that the word Perun in a number of Slavic languages today simply means “thunder,” or “lightning bolt,” credibly suggests that this was a reference of him.

    wiki source
    I ponder if Tesla who was Slavic/Serbian raised by a priest father was aware of Perun and his godly powers?
    Who else can we name as thunder/lightning gods?

    Thor, Zeus, and Jupiter all loved to create thunder/lightning and this power long ago resided only with the gods … until the seed of this fire was stolen from the gods and given to humanity by who exactly?

    a/ Prometheus
    b/ Phoroneus
    c/ Benjamin Franklin
    d/ Nikola Tesla

    (I jest)
    That fateful day arrived not that long ago, and somebody had told Benjamin Franklin the publisher to get lost and go fu*k a kyke, 😮 Benjamin thought they said ‘go fly a kite’ and he did, and the world
    has never been the same ever since.

    Then came along the cosmic poet Nikola Tesla and he managed to turn Ben Franklin’s Kite idea plus the Key into electricity and this idEA has helped light up the world.

    The Thunderbolt in Myth and Symbol
    -It is the pillar of the sky which, at the beginning of time, “separated heaven and earth.”
    -Lightning is a generative, masculine pillar. It impregnates goddesses.
    -Lighting is a “chain of arrows” launched skyward by a great warrior or hero.
    -Lighting appears as a ladder or backbone of the sky, whose steps were ascended by an ancestral hero.
    -Lightning spirals, twists, or whirls across the heavens. It is a whorl, swastika, or triskeleon.
    -Lighting appears as an undulating, fiery serpent.
    -Lightning takes the form of twins, two brothers, or two companions, each viewed as the alter ego of the other.
    -Lightning is two serpentine or rope-like filaments wound around a central axis (caduceus motif)
    -Lightning appears as an equal-limbed cross; it explodes as luminous streamers, dividing the home of the gods into equal quarters.
    -Lighting “blossoms” as a flower.

    So where is today’s rant about thunder and lightning taking us?

    Well the importance of the gamma rays to our existence is just another feather in the cap of the swastika which is easily associated to the gods of thunder and lightning.

  • raphael  On December 28, 2016 at 4:59 pm

    I do not believe it is helpful to start any discussion of myth and symbol with the swastika. You could just as well start the discussion with Atlantis or Homer’s Iliad. Discussion will immediately fragment into irreconcilable interpretations, none having a sufficient foundation either in ancient texts or in acknowledged principles discerned by pioneering researchers of the 19th and 20th centuries.

    Here is the VERY SHORT list of the mythic themes that I will always present in any slide presentation that includes mention of the swastika.

    1. The myth of the central luminary of the sky: central sun, superior sun, primeval sun, ruling before the present Sun, then departing for remote realms. Enigmatic identify of this power with Saturn in archaic astronomy.

    2. The myth of the smaller star, eye, heart, or soul in the center (in front of) the primeval sun. Always the mother goddess in her diverse forms. Enigmatic identity of this figure with Venus in GLOBAL symbolism.

    3. The appearance of an unborn warrior-hero within this central star, and the subsequent “birth” of that figure from the star (goddess). Enigmatic identity of this figure with Mars in GLOBAL symbolism.

    4. The radiance (luminous streamers) emanating from the central star to ANIMATE the primeval sun.

    5. The wildly disordered appearance (disheveled, “cometary” hair) of these streamers when the primeval epoch fell into chaos. Identity of this phase with the terrible aspect of the mother goddess.

    6. The emergence of a whirling form from the chaotic streamers (disordered hair of the mother goddess).

    7. This whirling form as a divine weapon, employed by the warrior hero (his magical “power) in his valiant effort to restore cosmic order.

    8. The variations on the whirling form as triskeleon, swastika, and whorl.

    Though the answer here is short, I can assure the reader that the supporting data is voluminous. Not only that, anyone choosing to investigate further WILL find a complete consistency of these principles with available data from all of the ancient cultures.

    David Talbott


    Hey David N. Talbot can we link ALL of the above to the following images posted?

    It appears that your biggest mistake sir was in ignoring how vital the swastika is in helping us define the following in the 21st century as we embrace more and more of what quantum theory can teach us;

    what is time?
    what is space?
    what is motion?
    what is consciousness?

    How does your Saturn blah blah blah fit in with the Holographic principle being promoted by David Bohm, Karl Pribram, Krishnamurti, Rupert Sheldrake etc etc etc?

    In fact this emerging theory has linked the HOLY HOLOGRAM of a PHOTON = two concealed fyrfos = an idea worth preserving because it preserves us … helps us evolve to greater and greater heights …. King David what is ironic is that your middle initial is a KEY cornerstone to ME+me recovered theory. 😉
    why is ‘N’ so important?

    password is NUN


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