1379 Coptic Magical Text Slideshow ~ Open Sesame

19 mules each carrying two jars

1 + 37 

When the nineteen mules were loaded with thirty-seven robbers in jars, and the jar of oil, the captain set out with them, and reached the town by the dusk of the evening. He led them through the streets till he came to ‘Ali Baba’s door where he was sitting after supper to take the air. He stopped his mules, addressed himself to him, and said: “I have brought some oil a great way, to sell at tomorrow’s market; and it is now so late that I do not know where to lodge. If I should not be troublesome to you, do me the favour to let me pass the night with you.

The Father the Son and the Holy Spirit

713 x 9 = 6417

713 = 23 x 31


The following slides are X-tra Special

# 13, #14, #17, #18, #22, #23-28, #29



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