11 2 5 8 archives PLUS number 3

Nature by numbers = 5th GOSPEL of THOMAS = Fibonacci 112358

1,1, 2, ?5, 8 

? = 3

This video illustrates why the number 3 is a suitable number to be placed in the center of the wheel.
It also illustrates how math creates its own paradoxes, because this exercise in futility can be applied to any number in fact.

But still take note how the first two numbers discussed in the video are the number 3 and then the number 7 and then 23.
Here I want to suggest we have more evidence of how the collective unconscious defaults to certain patterns.

The Qabalah has another reason for showing a deep reverence for the number ‘3‘, and yes it is connected to a another profound pattern!

216 and the Shemhamphorash

‘Merlin tells King Arthur the 216 Secrets which are Fibs you need to know’

2B continued…

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