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UPDATE October 11, 2016

I have been adding the following update to many of my blog posts for obvious reasons.
It is a confirmation of a dream come true.

What shape are photons?

Quantum holography sheds light.

shape of  photons ~ Physicists created a hologram of a single light particle

Hologram of a single photon reconstructed
from raw measurements (left)
and theoretically predicted (right)

It appears that the Maltese Cross variants are representatives of photons.

Now it is all starting to make sense eh?

137 is the odds that an electron will absorb a single photon.

Protons and electrons are bound by interactions with photons.

~ Bill Reimers

The above quote can be found in the next UPDATE Sept. 25, along with the insights of James  G. Gilson.

UPDATE September 5, 2016

Classical physics tells us that electrons captured by element #137 (as yet undiscovered and unnamed) of the periodic table will move at the speed of light. The idea is quite simple, if you don’t use math to explain it. 137 is the odds that an electron will absorb a single photon. Protons and electrons are bound by interactions with photons. So when you get 137 protons, you get 137 photons, and you get a 100% chance of absorption. An electron in the ground state will orbit at the speed of light. This is the electromagnetic equivalent of a black hole. For gravitational black hole, general relativity comes to the rescue to prevent planets from orbiting at the speed of light and beyond. For an electromagnetic black hole, general relativity comes to the rescue and saves element 137 from having electrons moving faster than the speed of light. However, even with general relativity, element 139 would still have electrons moving faster than light. According to Einstein, this is an impossibility. Thus proving that we still don’t understand 137.

– Dr. Bill Reimers

The above quote is provided to help us understand the Abstract authored by James G. Gilson which follows…


An introductory review of the origins of the fine structure constant problem and some of its historical connections to angular momenta in Maxwell’s electromagnetic theory and to Planck’s frequency to energy conversion factor h. Three formulae that give accurate values of the fine structure constant are briefly examined and one probabilistic procedure based on the Combinatorial Hierarchy that leads to an accurate value is also discussed. Then follows a refinement of analysis used by the present author in deriving a formula for the fine structure constant. The error in the value deduced earlier in relation to the experimentally obtained value was approximately two parts in one thousand million. The refinements reduce this error to approximately two parts in one hundred thousand million. The scheme used is called wave snapping. It involves an analysis of how a trapped wave can be bent to fit along the orbit it is following. A wave element held trapped in an orbit can be considered to be able to bend continuously with infinite snapping points so as to lie along a curved orbit or it can snap into a discrete number of linear sections so as to make a best fit to the orbit curvature. A brittleness quantum number Nb relating to the number of snaps in a constrained wave is introduced. A formula involving the integers N = 137 and Nb = 25 is derived giving a value for the fine structure constant near the center of the bounds obtained by nuclear magnetic resonance experiments.

It is the last statement of this abstract that I want the reader to focus on.
Apparently James  G. Gilson and ME+me have arrived at a similar conclusion via different paths in life.
And that should be embraced if a scholar like JG Gilson and a wise guy smart ass like ME+me should hover over the same ‘truth’ which reveal themselves as ‘constants’ in our universe.

Is TRUTH a ‘constant’?

The dimensionless fine structure constant is linked to integers 137 and 25 via the formula to be found in J.G. Gilson’s paper.

A formula involving the integers N = 137 and Nb = 25 is derived giving a value for the fine structure constant near the center of the bounds obtained by nuclear magnetic resonance experiments.

Recall that this wordpress blog is primarily about the number 137, the Rotas/Sator magic square and the swastika as a light bending tool that helps us bring all ideas under one general theme.

Rest vs Motion

This particular blog entry focuses on the integer ’25’ based  5^2 which has been hidden in plain sight by vEILing it with I37 LEI LIEs or shall we say 137 fibs based on a rib

… and it seems I have found a mathematician who can help us understand the integers 137 and 25.

Who is James G. Gilson?

~ end of UPDATE ~

 In the Mind of a Master – Page 43 – Google Books Result

The Ancient Origins of the Cubit

The Ancient Origins of the Cubit

In summary then, the cubits of ancient Egypt were used as both a linear and square measure which eloquently expressed the relationship between the solar year of 365.25 days and Pi.   Both cubit measures express an advanced knowledge of mathematics and geometry as well as an awareness of advanced astronomical relationships.

It is also apparent that an additional cubit of 25” was used at times in Egyptian history during periods of Semitic influence.   The origin and basis for this cubit are not as clear.    Based on existing evidence though, it seems the 25” cubit was used in places were Semitic influence was prevalent.   This 25” cubit likely being one of the cubits used by the Hebrew people in the Biblical record.

To look at Spurling’s “Light-Life” rings, which come in various sizes and configurations, one might thing at first that he has pulled off a wide-spread hoax on all that follow his teachings and put their faith in his “treatments.” But there may be much more to his research than first meets the eye.

There is science to back up Spurling’s claims. In fact, the root of this science is grounded in sacred geometry.

The ancient sacred or royal cubit length of 20.6 inches is the important controlling factor. Even before Spurling and his partner, Bill Reid made this discovery, theoretical physicist John Archibald Wheeler, the man who coined the term “black hole,” described the effect as a mathematical theory in tensor calculus.

Flow, vector field, and tensor field visualization:
(note the two ovals or two rectangles that emerge)

Gary ‘Slim’ SpurlingBorn in Aberdeen, South Dakota on July 3, 1938
(…coincidently I was born July 3, 1957)

Gary “Slim” Spurling, age 69, crossed over on November 12, 2007 in his home in Erie, Colorado
A Farewell to Slim Spurling, Inventor, Mentor,  Friend of Mother Earth and Truth is Remembered:

IF it is information on free energy you came for, scroll to the bottom of the blog.


The Templar/Maltese Cross was formed by joining the letters A-E-O-N
  • 4 AEON is the same as 4 AGES
  • Knights Templar Magic Square has 25 units
  • It can be thought of as 5×5 or 5^2

Interesting association between the Maltese Cross and language:


The Maltese Cross and the Great Pyramid’s 8 sides!

So there appears to be correspondences/connections between all of the above.
i.e. Sator Square (Knights Templar), Maltese Cross, #25, and the Great Pyramid design.


http://www.amazon.com/Great-Pyramid-Dec … 1852307935

But what did I find in this book that got me excited?

It was the many references to 25 primitive inches = 1 sacred cubit that caught my eye in Lemesurier’s book.

All of the following references to ‘25‘ can be found in the book:

  • 25 (primitive inches)
  • 5^2
  • 5×5
  • 5 points 5 sides – the missing capstone

And as listed in the book, the references to 25 are also associated with all of the following:

  • the-ONE-who-is-to-come
  • Great Initiate
  • the birth of enlightenment
  • the Messianic Ideal

What the hell is a Messianic Ideal?
Is the IDEA and the IDEAL essentially the same thing?

Twenty-Five Bodhisattvas
Descending from Heaven, c. 1300, Japan, Kamakura period,
Pair of hanging scrolls; gold and mineral pigments on silk, Kimbell Art Museum

What if 25 = ZS
What if  the Holy Spirit or SS is in fact a reference to the number 55 and the number of atoms that make up our DNA structure on the atomic level.

What if  what if?

(some of this has been proved)



Nobody seems to realise the significance of the passage offset = 8 x great step height = 8 x subteranean chamber passage height = 8 x corner casing thickness less center casing thickness. Rutherford quotes the offset as 286.102 pryamid inch.

This gives a pyramid height of 4:pi x 286.102 = 364.276 & seems to be meaningless & useless. Well it is useless in pyramid inch but not olympic inch.


1 royal cubit = solar year / 10 / square root pi pyramid inch =
14.4 x square root 2 olympic inch [so we can convert 1 metrology system to another via the royal cubit]
364.276 pyramid inch = 359.99999 olympic greek inch & THAT IS WHAT HAS BEEN MISSED.
1/8th passage offset will = 45 olympic inch in height

Now Petrie / Cole said the center was concave to add to the rigidity of the structure. The casing was supposed to be flat.

John Searl’s Promises Promises Promises invention called the SEG
next to the oscillating emotional enneagram that can be applied to VBM

The SEG touted as Free Energy and the 5×5 Rotas/Sator Square algorithm

How does this blog concerning the Sator Square address FREE Energy?

Well if Marko Rodin’s torus based on VBM has been associated with the 3×3 Lo Shu magic square of Saturn and John Searl used the 3×3 (Saturn), the 4×4 (Jupiter) and the 6×6 (Sun) to develop his algorithms for the SEG (Searl Energy Generator) then the fact I have linked the 5×5 magic square of Mars, a.k.a. the Knights Templar magic square to Twistor String Theory, the combined work of Roger Penrose and Ed Witten means what exactly?

Think about it.

I have, obviously:



p.s. I went looking for information about the 55 holes in the Grand Gallery of the Great Pyramid (DNA archetype) and found 56 holes like in Stonehenge.
Well kinda of … the plot thickens.

The absence of the twenty-eighth slot in the western banquette, whose place is now taken up by the opening of the ‘well’ … which leaves us with;

28 x 2 = 56 minus 1 = 55

Well … what was there originally?


Flag of Ust-Orda Buryat Okrug

The 3 represented by the triskELIon, the 4 directions, 25 and 52, nice flag.



“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”

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  • Scott Pfaff  On June 25, 2012 at 10:50 pm


    The link below gives this warning..

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  • raphael  On January 1, 2013 at 2:25 pm

    hawk1378 sez:

    Lines 1 – 5 of the Sonnets begin with these letters: F T B H B = 37
    Lines 6 – 10 of the Sonnets begin with these letters: F M T T A = 57
    Lines 11 – 15 of the Sonnets begin with these letters: W A P T W = 77

    (Take the totals, 37, 57, and 77, and cross reference them using the first Table with the 365 Days divided into 15 columns and 26 rows.)
    37 = K
    57 = E
    77 = Y
    Which spells out the word: “KEY”.


    But today is day 366, instead of 365. A special Eye?

    • raphael  On January 1, 2013 at 2:27 pm

      AT that link we find the following quote associated with the letter O.

      The columns A-N represent the 14 tiers numbered 1-14. The letter O in the 15th column is associated with Day 365 and is beyond the peak of the pyramid. We can certainly apply many meanings to this day; the Last Day; Eternity; the circle symbol of Oroboros (the snake eating his tail); a year ending; a year beginning; the death and rebirth of any number of cycles; and so on.

      The Letter O, follows M an N which is consistent with the MNO KEY.


  • raphael  On July 28, 2013 at 12:53 pm

    Silbury Hill, is the tallest prehistoric human-made mound in Europe and one of the largest in the world; it is similar in size to some of the smaller Egyptian pyramids of the Giza Necropolis. It is 40 metres (131 ft) high and covers about 5 acres (2 ha). hectares

    5 acres = 2 ha

    was there something lost in translation?
    nope not this time …



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