Newton’s Science 137 – 26 Constants – the EM MEme drEaM thEME pARKs

“I do not know what I may appear to the world, but to myself I seem to have only been a boy playing on the seashore, diverting myself in now and then finding a smoother pebble or prettier shell than ordinary, whilst the great ocean of truth lay before me all undiscovered.”
-Sir Isaac Newton

Did the famous Alchemist whose initials are ‘SIN’ know about the TAROt?

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Interesting article.
Here is the pdf that goes with that article:
On page 6 we find this quote:

Generalized Frequency-of-Use. A vocabulary item’s generalized frequency-of use is calculated as the logarithm of its mean frequency in 17 languages from six language families, plus Basque and the Creole Tok Pisin (16).

What I find interesting is the FACT that the Basque Lauburu which is in FACT  a swastika, is the FACT it is a swastika constructed geometrically using ONLY a COMPASS!
In FACT no straight edge or SQUARE necessary.

And it is this FACT regarding the Basque Lauburu that allows us to illustrate how the swastika gives rise to other geometrical shapes like the Yin Yang and the Flower of Life embraced by the New Age Drunvalo, Barbara Hand Clow, etc. etc. clones. 

“…The Amphora, the Rosetta Fractal, DNA and the Holy Grail” | Reconciliation of Science and Religion


Friedrich Bernhard Marby says, they belong to the rune-allegories representing the movement or spin.


” This is not only the case with the swastika. There are movement-symbols, that show 2-12 so-called hooks or feet. The original, old names were: two-Fos, three-Fos, four-Fos, etc or two-foot, three-foot, four-foot, five-foot etc – now, that each one has hooks , they later on also said in order to camouflage:
Hooks, instead of: Heels, like previously: Foot instead of the original: Fos. The more the ” Christian ” church strove to kill and burn the shrewd , the more they had to camouflage themselves and they had to camouflage their knowledge in the ” Kalander-language “, that means giving the things other names , changing the names . Therefore Kalander-Sprache (kalen = speaks, ander = change). That’s how it became Fos = foot, (foot) heels = hooks and these alterations were to notice most clearly with the notably symbol , with the four-Fos or as it is called today: Swastika. With the other with ” Fos ” equipped symbols the old terms remained, like for example Tuefos, Trifos,Femfos, Sexfos (or two-fos, three-fos, five-fos, six-fos, etc.).

Because the Germanic buildings, whose masters, skilled workers and apprentices had the only right measurement , like once a Roman pope expressed himself , they were the only ones allowed to build the Christian churches ( because otherwise the mundane constructions would have been more beautiful than the churches). – This style is called, that the Germanic buildings could apply since about 1150 , the ” Gothic style “.It is the style, that reminds of the original church of the ancient Germans, of the cathedral of the forest, in its naturalness, nature-loving-ness and liveliness. In this style human beings and nature are stretching themself , detaching themself from the weight of the material, to the heaven, upwards to God ! Previously, the ancient Germans had also built churches already, also in the so-called ” Romance style “, and also earlier than the emergence of the Rome- church. Already 6000 years before that our calendar became binding, a wood-church stood on the position, on which the Cologne cathedral stands today.In Germany and the adjoining countries there were also churches built in the so-called Romance style and built from stones for a long time before the forcible introduction of the Christian teachings . – The style of the so-called ” renaissance ” penetrated from Italy in the 15 th. Century of our present calendar. In this style, the religious reason-stand, that has found its purest expression in the Gothic churches and cathedrals, is missing a stand that avoids each rigidity and connects the earth and heavens, nature and spirit, human being and God together.

In the timbering of the houses, like also in the church-constructions and town halls, that the Germanic buildings have built, we find the symbols of the true way to God, the symbols of the world, the cosmos and the life, in the tracery like in all parts of these constructions as ” jewelry “. I bring some examples for it:

The two-foß
the two-schneuß
Planet Uranus
The Trifoß
the three-schneuß
Planet Saturn
The four-foß
the four-schneuß
Planet Jupiter 
Furthermore, one finds the five-schneuß, the six-schneuß etc. These figures correspond to the two-fos(digit 2, planet Uranus) that Trifos (digit 3, planet Saturn) the Vierfos (digit 4, leadership, planet Jupiter) the Femfos (digit 5, planet Mars). The Sexfos (digit 6, planet sun) etc. The three illustrations show the right-spin. In these tracery-signs the left-spin can also be found everywhere.

Today we call the empty space of the symbols named above ” fish-blister ” or ” Schneuße “. The word “fish-blister” betrays the camouflage again. The older word is Schneuße. That is also how the Schneußen (existing in the allegories mentioned before) divide off the tension-fields in the area *).

Another type of runic symbols are

1. the three-pass – 2. the four-pass – 3. the five-pass

the six-pass, the seven-pass etc. You can find these symbols on and in Gothic constructions as signs of the old Germanic philosophy and religion and furthermore many times in coats of arms with the same meaning-basis.

Furthermore these symbols, in which the Schneußen are interconnected with lines, so that trained leaves originate, in fact the three-pass as shamrock, the four-pass as any flower, the five-pass as five-leaved rose, the six-pass as six-flaky rose etc up to the twelve-flaky rose, in the west-front of the churches, or the l6flaky (old rune-number) rose or the 18-flaky (Wodans rune-number) rose or as 24-flaky (also a rune-number) rose, can be found. Always and everywhere, the rose tells about the value of the race and the pure generation ” .

Sources: F.B. Marby ‘Der germanische Einweihungsweg
pages 57 – 60
Reprint in the Spieth Verlag
Inquiry only by telephone

Yes those are just some of the facts.
There are many good reasons my brain defaults to swastika technology:

Sir Issac Newton toyed with a  ‘-tor’ language?

The language NEWTON invented and the word ATOR highly suggests that Newton knew about TAROROTA and TORA.
(And of course I would be curious to know if SIN played with magic squares like the Rotas/Sator?)

Note how SIN used each of the vowels as a prefix for the word TOR.
Hey I was born in TORonto!

And of course the 137 Mystic muffin man (me) also has access to the Toronto Public Library system which prefixes all of their material, books, card numbers etc. with the five digits barcode 37131
Did I mention that the University of Toronto Robards library (where I also loiter about) the first five digits are 31761

How else does my birthday, being born in TORonto, the Mayan calendar, the secretive Freemasons, president George Washington, the French revolution, the French metric system and the Great Pyramid all collide around the numbers 13 79?

I already knew that SIN, i.e. Sir Isaac Newton studied the QaBaLaH along with aLchEmI.
How about we isolate the LEI in aLchEmI?
We also know that the gematria value of the consonants QBLH = I37

I wonder if the inverse of the fine structure constant, i.e.  137  forms part of >>

a + L + ch + E +m + I 

All of above brings us to the Wheel of Fortune, CARD X, and my claim that CARD X is the treasure map leading us to the treasure buried under the X and a solution in physics for X, and probably an explanation for PLANet X too!

Newton’s ABCs of – – 7

Above image is Newton’s model re: hierarchy of matter.

go to youtube video   @17:36 **

I guess the fact the hierarchy is listed as ratios;


….is to be considered a coincidence?

i.e. once again we can extract the pattern137‘ from the work of an influential master.
It is the pattern of the signal that is important in the transmission of information, not the intensity.
Dr. Michael Persinger would agree, because I am quoting him.

Newton who studied alchemy AND the QaBaLaH was clearly aware of the numbers 1-3-7 as a series of numbers that helped to describe the hierarchy of matter.

I know William R. Newman is aware that the inverse of the fine structure constant/alpha = 137
But I wonder if he is aware that the gematria value of QaBaLaH = 137 

** btw did you note the coincidental 1376 anagram in the time of the video 17:36 providing us with more 137 evidence of the coincidence which must be found and need not be explained IF everything is connected.

Science of … 13726 Constants

.. the EM MEme drEaM thEME pARKs


briefly as this post gets updated with more dEvIL in the dEtaIL, the theory is rather simple:

The claim to all of our fame is that we ALL share in the same gene-MEme-dream/theme pARKs and the common denominator is the EM fIELd that surrounds, penetrates, embraces, has a grip, has a hold over our MiNds and our heARTs.

In the bible we are told that the dimensions to Noah’s thEME pARK were:

300 cubits x 50 cubits x 30 cubits 

Length x Width x Height (3 stories)

conversion from cubits to meters:

137.16 x  22.86 x 13.716

Also in discussing measurements and the ability of an electron to move UP and DOWN energy levels in the periodic table of elements, it is interesting to note that the strength of the Electro-Magnetic fIELd, relative to the three other forces identified in physics (nuclear strong, nuclear weak, gravity)  is in fact >> 1/137

Would a Hebrew LEvI priest standing on his head providing for an upside down POV see how I^37 = LEvI

Elementary particles spin at 1.37 times the speed of light.

Transcending the Speed of Light by Marc Seifer

Tesla vs. Einstein: The Ether & the Birth of the New Physics

Marc Seifer

In Tesla’s dynamic theory of gravity all matter is constantly absorbing ether all the time at the tachyonic speed of 1.37 times the speed of light. This is the world of ether. By its nature, the ether exists in a realm that transcends the speed of light.

So, what then is gravity according to this theory? Gravity is simply the absorption of ether by, for instance, the Earth. The reason we fall back to the earth when we jump up is not because of some mysterious disconnected force called gravity; we fall back to the earth because we are in the way of the influx of ether. That is what gravity is. It is absorption of ether by the elementary particles. It is the elusive Higgs boson, or God particle, the force/process that gives matter its mass. And it happens in a continuous fashion all the time.

That is why radio broadcasts follow the curvature of the earth. As the wave propagates, it is pushed down to the earth by gravity, if you will, by this constant influx of ether. So, according to this theory, the reason light particles bend around stars and planetary bodies is not because space is curved, but because these photons are being affected by this constant influx. This theory further speculates that photons are not really massless, their mass would be equivalent to Planck’s constant, a tiny factor which Planck had to add to all his calculations to make them work out. If photons have energy, and if energy and mass are equivalent, then by definition, photons must have mass.

And a reminder that the latest estimate is that the universe is 13.7 billion years old.

Seifer wrote in one of his works:

“Now, to solve Einstein’s dream. His goal, we remember, was to combine gravity with electromagnetism. The reason he couldn’t do it was because to do so would involve resurrecting a detectable ether; and if that were the case, then, as Einstein himself stated, his theory of relativity would be wrong. Gravity is the influx of ether by the elementary particles it is the process that gives matter its mass, the so-called God particle. This process occurs at 1.37 times the speed of light.

As each elementary particle absorbs ether, two things happen – the process allows or helps the particle to continue spinning and, simultaneously, the energy is converted into electromagnetism. Ether comes in, causes electrons and other elementary particles to spin, and in that process, atoms retain their integrity and convert the constant influx into the electromagnetism, that is, Grand Unification”

…all of the above was mathematically and geometrically proven by my co-editor of this paper and Canadian physicist Al Zeeper from Edmonton, Alberta. **

** note the download fILE has 137 in its url!  

  (1/6)^37 – Planck Length – and the Tarot

And you would expect to find evidence of the same MEme-dreams aLIvE in popular CULTure in ALL epochs, past, present, and the future to come.
Or at least I would expect too because today, starting tomorrow, which ended yesterday I no longer beLIEve … because today I know we are ignoring evidence in plain sight.

The recovery of the info contained in the MEme Dream is based on pattern recognition, understanding a bit of ‘G’eometry in fact helps.

How do I KNOW I KNOW KNOW  there are cosmic messages in the white snow?

@ 00:55
start singing along with Bill Withers and count the # of   ‘I KNOW‘s

Ya KNOW it all ends with an AHA!

Here ya go just for confirmation you can count them for yourself:

And what would this next fella KNOW about the numbers 26 and 137?
I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW the Rabbi knows…

Please go to 12:00 of this video for an explanation of :

YHVH = 26

fmri spelling device 2 New fMRI Spelling Device Requires Very Little Effort to Setup

New fMRI Spelling Device Requires Very Little Effort to Setup

A new fMRI-based spelling device allows people to answer questions with their thoughts alone. Assigning unique patterns of brain activity to each letter of the alphabet lets people answer questions with their thoughts, which might help patients with locked-in syndrome communicate.

In a new study reported by the Scientific American, six healthy adults learned to answer questions by selecting letters on a computer screen with their minds.

 ….the volunteers stared at a computer screen displaying a table of three rows, nine columns and 27 squares. The squares contained the 26 letters of the alphabet and a blank space for separating words.

©1996, 1997 Stan Tenen

This section explores the Matrix of Meaning for the Hebrew Alphabet. The 27-letters of the Hebrew Alphabet (22 medial letters, plus 5 final-letter forms) are traditionally arranged in three layers of nine letters each. The first set of nine, Alef through Tet, represents the Archetypal; the second letter, Yod through Tzadi, represents the Inner/Spiritual; and the third represents the Outer/Physical.

The Passage Temple of Gavrinis

i.e. passage grave with decorated stones

The lunation at right is from the cave of Chanchal Mahoma on the other side of the Biscayan Gulf and it is supposed to be from 7000 BC. There are 26 symbols since the 3 nights of the wane moon are not counted.

The Science of 137 has another name.


Q = 100

B = 2

L = 30

H = 5

total = 137

Q/ How Many Fundamental Constants Are There?

A/ 26

John Baez – April 22, 2011

You might at first think that the speed of light, Planck’s constant and Newton’s gravitational constant are great examples of fundamental physical constants.

But in fundamental physics, these constants are so important that lots of people use units where they all equal 1! The point is that we can choose units of length, time and mass however we want. That’s three independent choices, so with a little luck we can use them to get our favorite three constants to equal 1. Planck was the first to notice this, so these units are called “Planck units”.

Planck units are great for quantum gravity. They are not so convenient for other purposes, however. The Planck length, for example, is ridiculously small: about 2 × 10-35 meters. The Planck time looks even worse: about 5 × 10-44 seconds. The Planck mass is 2 × 10-8 kilograms. In ordinary life, and even in nuclear physics, Planck units can be a real nuisance.

But in the grand scheme of things, units are not very important. They are arbitrary human conventions. As long as you stick with some choice or other you will do okay.

Many constants involves units of length, time, mass, temperature, charge and so on. The numerical value of these constants depend on the units we use. The numbers would change if we used different units. Thus, though they certainly tell us something about nature, to some extent they are human artifacts.

On the other hand, certain constants don’t depend on the units we use – these are called “dimensionless” constants. Some of them are numbers like pi, e, and the golden ratio – purely mathematical constants, which anyone with a computer can calculate to as many decimal places as they want. But others – at present – can only be determined by experiment. These tell us facts about nature that are completely independent of our choices of units.

The most famous example is the “fine structure constant”, e2/ℏc. Here e is the electron charge, ℏ is Planck’s constant, and c is the speed of light. If you work out the units involved you’ll see it’s dimensionless, and experiments show that it’s about 1/137.03599. Nobody knows why it equals this. At present, it’s a completely mysterious raw fact about the universe!

Constants that aren’t dimensionless can be regarded as relating one sort of unit to another. For example, the speed of light has units of length over time, so it can be used to turn units of time (like years) into units of length (like light-years), or vice versa. People who are interested in fundamental physical constants usually start by doing this as much as possible – leaving the dimensionless constants, which are the really interesting ones.

How many of these dimensionless fundamental constants are there? This depends on your opinion on some new developments, but my best guess is 26. All other dimensionless constants (aside from those built into the initial conditions) can in principle be derived from these, if our best theories of physics are correct – by which I mean general relativity, which covers gravity, and the Standard Model, which covers all the other forces. Of course, “in principle” means “not necessarily by any simpler method than by simulating the whole universe”!

General relativity and pure quantum mechanics have no dimensionless constants, because the speed of light, the gravitational constant, and Planck’s constant merely suffice to set units of mass, length and time. Thus, all the dimensionless constants come in from our wonderful, baroque theory of all the forces other than gravity: the Standard Model.

For starters, we have a bunch of masses. There are 6 kinds of quarks, one positively charged and one negatively charged of each generation: up, down; charmed, strange; top, and bottom. The masses of these quarks, divided by the Planck mass, give 6 dimensionless constants. We also have 3 kinds of massive leptons — electron, muon, tau. The W and Z bosons also have their masses. Then there is the Higgs, which while still not detected, is very much part of the theory, so we get another mass.

This gives us 6 + 3 + 2 + 1 = 12 dimensionless constants so far.

Then we have two coupling constants: the electromagnetic coupling constant and the strong coupling constant. The electromagnetic coupling constant is just another name for the fine structure constant; it describes the strength of the electromagnetic field. Similarly, the strong coupling constant describes the strength of the strong force – the force transmitted by gluons, which binds quarks together into baryons and mesons.

You may wonder why I’m not listing a coupling constant for the weak force here. The reason is that you can calculate this from the numbers I’ve already listed.

I should warn you here: there are different ways of slicing the pie. Instead of the electromagnetic coupling constant together with the masses of the W, Z, and Higgs, we could have used 4 other constants: the U(1) coupling constant, the SU(2) coupling constant, the mass of the Higgs, and the expectation value of the Higgs field. These are the numbers that actually show up in the fundamental equations of the Standard Model. The idea is that the photon, the W and the Z are described by an U(1) × SU(2) gauge theory, which involves two coupling constants. The beautiful symmetry of this theory is hidden by the way it interacts with the Higgs particle. The details of this involve two further constants – the Higgs mass and the expectation value of the Higgs field – for a total of 4. If we know these 4 numbers we can calculate the numbers that are easier to measure in experiments: the masses of the W and Z, the electromagnetic coupling constant, and the mass of the Higgs. In practice, we go back backwards and use the constants that are easy to measure to determine the theoretically more basic ones.

Either way we slice it, we’re now up to 12 + 2 = 14 fundamental constants.

But alas, it ain’t that simple. The W particle interacts with quarks in a complicated way that depends on a bunch of parameters called the Cabibbo-Kobayashi-Maskawa matrix. The point is that the W is charged, and any positively charged quark can emit a W+ and turn into any negatively charged quark, not necessarily of the same generation. (Thus while a top can turn into a bottom, it can also turn into a strange or a down; this is how funky exotic hadrons are able to decay into the usual boring stuff we see around us, which is made of ups and downs.) We need a 3 × 3 matrix of numbers to describe the amplitude for any positively charged quark to turn into any negatively charged one by this mechanism. There is however some room to simplify this matrix by multiplying the quark fields by phases, and there are some constraints this matrix has to satisfy, too, so there are not really 9 independent numbers but only 4.

That’s 4 more, for a total of 18.

Now we get to the new stuff: neutrinos. In the old days, the Standard Model said that neutrinos were massless, and the three different kinds – electron neutrino, muon neutrino and tau neutrino – couldn’t turn into each other. But there was a big problem with this theory. Namely, we see only about one third as many electron neutrinos coming from the sun as we should! Recent experiments are making it ever more certain that neutrinos do have mass and do turn into each other. As I write these words, it’s still not proven that they all have mass: since the experiments mainly measure mass differences, the mass of one could still be zero. If we assume that’s not true, then we get at least 3 more fundamental constants, from the 3 kinds of neutrinos. That would give 21 constants.

But actually, most people seem to think that neutrinos get their mass just like the quarks do – from interaction with the Higgs. If this is true, we need another 3 × 3 matrix for neutrinos, just like we do for quarks. People call this the Pontecorvo-Maki-Nakagawa-Sakata matrix, and they’re busy measuring its entries. Again, it has 4 independent numbers in it.

If this new extension of the Standard Model holds up, and all the neutrinos have nonzero mass, this brings the total of fundamental constants to 25!

There is another parameter in the Standard Model which measures how much the strong force violates parity — the symmetry between right and left. It’s sometimes called “theta”. However, as far as experiments can tell so far, this parameter is zero. As I said, I’m not counting “zero” or any other number you can crank out on a computer as a fundamental physical constant. So until we get a glimmering of evidence that this parameter might be nonzero, I won’t count this one.

So far I’ve been talking about constants that people can measure using particle accelerators. But recent astronomical observations have suggested that there are a few other fundamental constants. For example, it seems that the universe is expanding at an ever-faster rate, and the most conservative explanation for this is that the vacuum has a nonzero energy density. This energy density is called the “cosmological constant”, and it brings the total of fundamental constants up to 26.

There is also astronomical evidence that the universe is full of mysterious “dark matter”. If this consists of new particles, it will probably take new fundamental constants to describe their properties. But so far we don’t know enough about dark matter to start talking about new fundamental constants that describe it.

26 constants is not too many — but most physicists would prefer to have none. The goal is to come up with a theory that lets you calculate all these constants, so they wouldn’t be “fundamental” any more. However, right now this is merely a dream.

So, what are the fundamental physical constants? We have 26. If we use the ones that theorists like best, they are:

  • the mass of the up quark
  • the mass of the down quark
  • the mass of the charmed quark
  • the mass of the strange quark
  • the mass of the top quark
  • the mass of the bottom quark
  • 4 numbers for the Kobayashi-Maskawa matrix 
  • the mass of the electron
  • the mass of the electron neutrino
  • the mass of the muon
  • the mass of the mu neutrino
  • the mass of the tau
  • the mass of the tau neutrino
  • 4 numbers for the Pontecorvo-Maki-Nakagawa-Sakata matrix 
  • the mass of the Higgs boson
  • the expectation value of the Higgs field 
  • the U(1) coupling constant
  • the SU(2) coupling constant
  • the strong coupling constant 
  • the cosmological constant

Most of these are masses, so clearly we need to understand how particles get their mass! In the Standard Model, they get it from interacting with the Higgs boson, so all the masses listed above — and also the Cabbibo-Kobayashi-Maskawa and Pontecorvo-Maki-Nakagawa-Sakata matrices — really show up when we describe how particles interact with the Higgs.

The Higgs has not yet been seen — at least not with any certainty — but of the 26 fundamental constants of nature, 22 describe it or its interactions with other particles!

Isn’t that weird???

I suspect we’re in for some big surprises here….

But you’re probably wondering: what do these constants equal?

For that, check out this great table:

  • David Black, The fundamental constants of nature, PDF or DOC format.

This was compiled by David Black while he was a physics grad student at U.C. Riverside

Behind it all is surely an idea so simple, so beautiful, that when we grasp it — in a decade, a century, or a millennium — we will all say to each other, how could it have been otherwise? How could we have been so stupid for so long? 

– John Archibald Wheeler

© 2011 John Baez

That is where we are today apparently according to particle physics and quantum theory.

But look what I found that connects our past with the present in a most profound manner, using the language of symbols which is the preferred method of communication that our right brain utilizes.

A survey of cave-symbols has highlighted the appearance of 26 symbols which appear to repeat themselves around the Palaeolithic world.

larger image:

It seems that 26 signs, all drawn in the same style, appear again and again at different sites. Some of them are quite simple brush strokes, such as straight lines, circles, semi-circles and triangles. Others are more complex – such as the tusks of mammoth (without a body). This is the kind of thing developed much later in the pictographic languages, it is suggested, and evolved into abstract symbols. 

Article; New Scientist. (February 17th, 2010) Chauvet Cave and it’s Palaeolithic art.

But I can see that you are not convinced.

We need a bridge linking the ancient past lost to TIME itself, to when the past ‘began’ to be logged using recording devices of various means, up to the present TIME that is still questioning what TIME is.
Does a such a  TIME bridge exist?

Card X of the Tarot has a ‘arcane’ or hidden value of 26 in fact.

This is where is gets interesting in how the four numbers we see on CARD X:
i.e. 11, 2, 5, 8, can be revealed to be vEILing the numbers 137-6  too!

CARD X  11 2 5 8 = 26

And note the 4-letter name of god i.e. YHVH (to be referred to as Hashem) appears in the inter-cardinal directions.

Y = 10

H = 5

V = 6

H = 5

YHVH = 26

And this card also reveals the Mesopotamian code 137-6.

All you need to do is match the number of chapters written by each Evangelist to this New Testament code that is more than hinting at ‘137‘.

You must reduce the # of chapters written by each Evangelist to a single digit.
This is known as Pythagorean reduction and is a technique employed by most codes and ciphers.
I am doing should be expected.

i.e. 28 = 2+8 = 10 = 1+0 = 1

1 = 28 chapters MAN – sAIN’T Matthew 
3 = 21 chapters EAGLE – sAIN’T John
7 = 16 chapters LION – sAIN’T Mark
6 = 24 chapters – BULL – sAIN’TLuke

In contrast to its polar opposite the Mesoamerican/Freemason code 1379.

The same thEME regarding the Four Forces is also found depicted on the World Card XXI that we see below.

Card X and Card XXI
On Card XXI note the number of chapters in each gospel reduced to a single digit

All of the is easily grasped when you see the evidence of the vast number of coincidences.

Here is the quantum leap >>> together they spell numerically a letter/number mnemonic bIbLE or 6I6LE or 379I6

Did I just lose you?
Happens all the time.

selah V


Rock painting of shaman in Moab, Utah

Christian Lalibela Cross Ethiopia
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