Ed Witten – Brian Greene – String Theory – M Theory

@ 00:40  “An amazing thing happened, those equations actually also predicted and described the propagation of light waves, and as it turned out later also radio waves, tv waves, gamma rays and so on, which are also different manifestations of the same basic phenomenon, the same basic kind of wave seen with different energies, that came out of Maxwell’s equations.”
-Ed Witten

2D propagation of LIGHT WAVES


In theoretical physicsM-theory is an extension of string theory in which 11 dimensions are identified. Because the dimensionality exceeds that of superstring theories in 10 dimensions, proponents believe that the 11-dimensional theory unites all five string theories (and supersedes them). Though a full description of the theory is not known, the low-entropy dynamics are known to be supergravity interacting with 2- and 5-dimensional membranes.


@ 02:50 The ‘M-Brane’ as a pool table analogy.

“Whenever the balls collide there is something that seeps off the table  … sound waves” 

@ 04:00 “Now the idea is that gravity might be like the sound waves …

… it might not be confined to our MEM-brane, it might be able to seep off our part of the universe”

– Briane Greene

I take credit for highlighting and slightly altering how the information Brian Greene presented.


2D propagation of SOUND WAVES

Gravity is connected to SOUND!

But I knew that, the above image told me that.

What if the TENET Cross in the Sator Square is the Gravity Cross?

How could that be, how could the Sator Square anticipate Roger Penrose, Twistor Theory, Ed Witten, Super-Symmetry, String Theory, M Theory AND little ole me pulling a rabbit out of my hat and exclaiming ta da?

Would the intelligence or hidden hand capable of putting together a universe be able to make predictions too?
Or is it all random?

“The coincidence is god’s way of remaining anonymous”
-Albert Einstein



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  • mark  On April 15, 2012 at 2:32 pm

    even though ed witten is a genius ,you appear to be a nutbag.

    • raphael  On April 17, 2012 at 11:25 am

      do you feel better Mark after leaving that comment?
      hey could you be more specific Mark about what convinced you I am a nutbag?

      there is fine line that separates genius and nutbags.
      Sir Isaac Newton (SIN) willingly gave lectures to empty classrooms.
      He called it talking to the walls.
      Nobody at the time understood WTF he was talking about.

      SIN was a bible babbling Arian Puritan who did not like Catholics or Anglicans.
      He was also the best alchemist of his age, the last magician, sorcerer.
      Science was a hobby, the optics, math and physics he pioneered were only to help PROVE his bible beliefs true.
      He spent 20+ years trying to conceptualize the ‘temple of Solomon’, the New Jerusalem to come…
      Not many modern science wankers know that, science adopted what they needed for their religion and buried the rest…

      And then there are the assholes like you who cannot even manage to respond with a fair criticism of what has been offered.
      Why is that?

      I might be a nutbag Mark but you are clearly a crash test dummy, a man of few words given a license to hit the wall.

      I really do hope you respond with your best shot.

      Lets discuss science/religion/alchemy/etc…
      If you want to trade insults I can do that too.


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