73 vs 37 ~ Gurdjieff ~ The Law of Three and The Law of Seven and Fate and Destiny

 UPDATE March 1, 2016

18 + 19 = 37

Why did the Egyptians have 37 decans if one decan was equal to 10 degrees and a circle is 360 degrees?


DECANS 1-18 Porch of the Grand Temple Capricorn-LeoDECANS 1-18

DECANS 19-37 Porch of the Grand Temple Cancer-Aquarius

DECANS 19-37

The coincidences need to be, demand to be, investigated.

~ end of UPDATE ~

enneagram truth_anim

3 and 7 and Cosmic Laws

The Ray of Creation and the Food Diagram are inseparable from Gurdjieff’s teaching about the fundamental law of three forces and the law of the sevenfold development of energy (the Law of Octaves), and the interrelation of these laws as expressed in the symbol of the enneagram. The reflection of these ideas in man is inseparable from Gurdjieff’s teaching about the tripartite division of human nature, the three “centers” of mind, feeling, and body, and the astonishing account of how Gurdjieff structured the conditions of group work is inseparable from the idea of his work as a manifestation of the Fourth Way, a spiritual path distinct from the traditionally familiar paths termed “the way of the fakir,” “the way of the monk,” and “the way of the yogi.”

Gurdjieff focused on two main cosmic laws, the Law of Three and the Law of Seven.

  • The Law of Seven is described by Gurdjieff as “the first fundamental cosmic law”. This law is used to explain processes. The basic use of the law of seven is to explain why nothing in nature and in life constantly occurs in a straight line, that is to say that there are always ups and downs in life which occur lawfully. Examples of this can be noticed in athletic performances, where a high ranked athlete always has periodic downfalls, as well as in nearly all graphs that plot topics that occur over time, such as the economic graphs, population graphs, death-rate graphs and so on. All show parabolic periods that keep rising and falling. Gurdjieff claimed that since these periods occur lawfully based on the law of seven that it is possible to keep a process in a straight line if the necessary shocks were introduced at the right time. A piano keyboard is an example of the law of seven, as the seven notes of the major scale correspond exactly to it.
  • The Law of Three is described by Gurdjieff as “the second fundamental cosmic law”. This law states that every whole phenomenon is composed of three separate sources, which are ActivePassive and Reconciling or Neutral. This law applies to everything in the universe and humanity, as well as all the structures and processes. The Three Centers in a human, which Gurdjieff said were the Intellectual Centre, the Emotional Centre and the Moving Centre, are an expression of the law of three. Gurdjieff taught his students to think of the law of three forces as essential to transforming the energy of thehuman being. The process of transformation requires the three actions of affirmationdenial and reconciliation.

How the Law of Seven and Law of Three function together is said to be illustrated on the Fourth Way Enneagram, a nine-pointed symbol which is the central glyph of Gurdjieff’s system.

Law of Three

The Law of Three, in a short description, means that three forces enter into every manifestation, into every phenomenon, and every event. They are called (but these are only words, because they do not express their qualities) positive, negative and neutralising, or active, passive and neutralising; or, still more simply, they may be called first force, second force and third force.

These three forces enter into everything. In many cases we understand the need for two forces — that one force cannot create an action, that there is action and resistance. But generally we are not aware of the third force. This is connected with the state of our being, the state of our consciousness. In another state we would be aware of it in many cases where we do not see it now. Sometimes we can find examples of the third force in ordinary scientific study — for example, in chemistry and in biology we can find the necessity for a third force in the creation of events and phenomena.

We begin with the study of psychology. Later we shall talk more about three forces and we may find some examples of their interaction. But it is better to be prepared and get accustomed now to the idea of the need to study these three forces.

Law of Seven

The Law of Seven must also be described briefly. It means that no process in the world goes without interruptions.

In order to understand the meaning of this law it is necessary to regard the Universe as consisting of vibrations. Suppose something begins to vibrate at 1000 vibrations a second and the frequency increases to 2000 vibrations a second. This period is called an octave, because this law was applied to music and the period was divided into seven notes and a repetition of the first note.

The octave, particularly the major octave, is really a picture or formula of a cosmic law because, in common arrangements, within one octave there are two moments when octaves slow down by themselves. Vibrations do not develop regularly. In the major octave this is shown by the missing semi-tones; that is why we are told that it is a picture of a cosmic law; but this law is not restricted to music.

The reason why it is necessary to understand the Law of Seven is that it plays a very important part in all events. If there were no Law of Seven, everything in the world would go directly to its final conclusion; but because of this law, everything deviates. For instance, if rain began it would go on without stopping; if floods began, they would cover everything; if an earthquake began it would go on indefinitely. But they stop because of the Law of Seven, because at every missing semi-tone things deviate; they do not go by straight lines.

The Law of Seven also explains why there are no straight lines in Nature. Everything in Life and in our machine is based on this law. So we shall study it in the work of our organism, because we have to study ourselves not only psychologically, not only in connection with our mental life, but also in connection with our physical life. In our physical processes we find many examples of the working of this law.

At the same time, the Law of Seven explains that, if you know how and at what moment to do it, you can give an additional shock to an octave and keep the line straight. We can observe in human activity how people start to do one thing and after some time do a quite different thing, still calling it by the first name without noticing that things have completely changed. But in personal work, particularly in work connected with this system, we must learn how to keep these octaves from deviating, how to keep a straight line. Otherwise we shall not find anything.

37 Jesus and the Swastika

Odin had two wolves named Geri and Freki, who are also the Alpha and Omega, that is spoken of  in the Bible.

They are the 8th and 17th Runes, which are also 36 and 37 on the calendar of evolution. In that calendar, 36 is the first and 37 is the last.

They represent the good and bad voice some hear during schizophrenia. In Greek mythology they are known as the three headed dog Cerberus who guards the gates of hell. These three heads represent the good voice, the bad voice, and the schizoid person in the middle.

They also represent seeing the red frequency of 36 which represents imperfection, while seeing the gold frequency of 37 represents perfection.

They also represent the Ovum being 36 and the Zygote being 37.
‘Semen’ and ‘Ovum’ together equal the numerological value 37.

And I need to point out another link between 36, 37, and 666.

666 is the sum of all the numbers from 1-36. Now add the 37th number to 666.
666 + 37 = 703 

The space-time characteristics of the axonal action potential are remarkably similar to the scaled equivalents of lightning. The energy and current densities from these transients within their respective volumes or cross-sectional areas are the same order of magnitude. Length–velocity ratios and temporal durations are nearly identical. There are similar chemical consequences such as the production of nitric oxide. Careful, quantitative examination of the characteristics of lightning may reveal analogous features of the action potential that could lead to a more accurate understanding of these powerful correlates of neurocognitive processes.

Keywords: lightning, action potentials, current density, resonance, natural patterns, nitric oxide

The 11th Rune is Zeus’ lightning bolt.
It also represents the Light of God, also referred to as Jesus in the stories of the Bible.

The name Jesus broken down in numerology equals 11, showing that Jesus is the lightning bolt. Zeus is the ancient name for the planet we now call Jupiter. The lightening also bolt represents the electric jolt and spasms of an orgasm. 

The 12th Rune is the hammer of Thorr,which is really Earth, Wind (or Air), Water, and Fire going up in frequency, caused by the electric jolt of the 11th Rune. The hammer of Thorr is what slams into the Kundalini forcing it up the spine until it hits the crown chakra at the top of the head.

The 18th Rune, which is the symbol of two lightning bolts side by side (and the last Rune on the calendar of evolution) represents that the circle is complete. At this stage, we are full of light and equal to the sun Helios (meaning Christ like).

enneagram truth_anim

Other notable ‘37

I love the fact that this information is provided in Leaflet No. 371

Jean Louis Pons the discoverer of comets just happened to find at least 37 comets.

source of above text:

Pliny the ELder and 37

In Pliny’s 37 volumes of Natural History, Volume 1 mostly summarized the remaining 36 books. Volume 2 covered cosmology and astronomy. Volumes 3 through 6 described geography. Volumes 7 through 11 covered zoology — everything from people to fish to bugs — relying strongly on the teachings of Aristotle. Volumes 12 through 19 covered botany, including much of the work of Theophrastus. Volumes 20 through 32 were devoted to drugs and medicine. Volumes 33 through 37 covered rocks, metals, and precious stones.


Do the Wright Thing – OrvILLE‘s  First Flight was 37 meters

The first flight of the Wright Brothers was for a distance of 120 feet and lasted 12 seconds. With Orville as pilot, the plane took off at 10:35 a.m. 

The brothers made a total of four flights on that day, December 17th 1903.

First Flight: Orville, 120 feet (37 meters) in 12 seconds, Speed: 6.8 mph (10.9 km/h). 
Second Flight: Wilbur, 175 feet (53 m) 
Third Flight: Orville, 200 feet (61 m) 
Fourth Flight: Wilbur, 12 noon, 852 feet (260 m) in 59 seconds. 

All the flights were about 10 feet (3 m) above the ground. 

The plane was called the Wright Flyer, but later it was sometimes called the Kitty Hawk, after the place where the flight happened.

Louis BLErIot – the EngLIsh ChannEL and 37

On 25 July 1909 he tried again, taking off from Calais, France in his lightweight monoplane before dawn. Powered by a 28-horsepower engine, his plane was blown miles off its planned course by strong winds in the Channel, but Blériot reached England and landed the plane at Northfall Meadow in Dover at 5:17 AM. The 22-mile flight took 37 minutes, and the resultant fame made Blériot famous worldwide. His company became a leading manufacturer of airplanes, including the SPAD fighter flown by allied nations during the First World War.

from wiki:
From 1913 or earlier, Blériot’s aviation activities were handled by Blériot Aéronautique, based at Suresnes, which continued to design and produce aircraft up to the nationalisation of most of the French aircraft industry in 1937, when it was absorbed intoSNCASO.

ArIstotLE and 37

Since the legislator should begin by considering how the frames of the children whom he is rearing may be as good as possible, his first care will be about marriage—at what age should his citizens marry, and who are fit to marry? The union of male and female when too young is bad for the procreation of children; it also conduces to temperance not to marry too soon; for women who marry early are apt to be wanton; and in men too the bodily frame is stunted if they marry while the seed is growing (for there is a time when the growth of the seed, also, ceases, or continues to but a slight extent).

Women should marry when they are abouteighteen years of age, and men at seven and thirty; then they are in the prime of life, and the decline in the powers of both will coincide.

The constitution of an athlete is not suited to the life of a citizen, or to health, or to the procreation of children, any more than the valetudinarian or exhausted constitution, but one which is in a mean between them. A man’s constitution should be inured to labor, but not to labor which is excessive or of one sort only, such as is practiced by athletes; he should be capable of all the actions of a freeman. These remarks apply equally to both parents. Women who are with child should be careful of themselves; they should take exercise and have a nourishing diet. Their minds, however, unlike their bodies, they ought to keep quiet, for the offspring derive their natures from their mothers as plants do from the earth. As to adultery, let it be held disgraceful, in general, for any man or woman to be found in any way unfaithful when they are married, and called husband and wife.

Could this have stemmed from the fact that Aristotle was married at 37 to Pythia who was 18?

Clearly there is an IDEA being passed forward mnemonically and and and …

Eighteen = 73 = Number = Goddess = Egypt

Isis 18 is stripped out of the original Cheops form and placed in the denominator of the collective unconscious equation;

37*18 = 666

The God-head (37) times Isis (18) = the Beast.

But I also want to point out that the God-head (37) times the Sun (19) = 703

We see all of the above Egyptian numbers in the images below, the following images which have been *updated* by my insights.
I AM rather pleased that I can add to both of these men’s work.
Schwaller spent at least 20 years on his book and Davidson about a quarter of a century.
I have been at this game about X years now.

So is Isis the MOON – 18?

Tablets of Karnak
by David Davidson

The respective book covers for both magnum opus by Davidson and Schwaller de Lubicz.
(I happen to be in possession of both books)

The Temple of Luxor
genius 0f Rene Schwaller de Lubicz

to be continued…



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