UPDATE March 8th, 2014

 Hypogeum in Malta 2500 BCE had 3 levels underground

On the walls of the Hypogeum many different patterns in red ochre were found.  Shapes like spirals, pentagons, floral patterns, and even the outline of a bull adorned the walls.

Research done by Paolo Debertolis and Niccolo Bisconti of the Universities of Triests and Siena respectively, has shown that the construction of the chamber was made in a way to affect the psyche of people, perhaps to enhance mystical experiences during rituals. The use of fractal non-linear resonances, which appear in the acoustics of the Hypogeum, is something that modern science has just started to investigate and the results show that these type of frequencies have the ability to alter matter.

source: http://www.ancient-origins.net/ancient-places-europe/hypogeum-hal-saflieni-and-unknown-race-elongated-skulls-001190#sthash.hezI1TWQ.dpuf

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4 Ages ModEL

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Diffraction of Light

Several of the classical and most fundamental experiments that help explain diffraction of light were first conducted between the late seventeenth and early nineteenth centuries by Italian scientist Francesco Grimaldi, French scientist Augustin Fresnel, English physicist Thomas Young, and several other investigators.

These experiments involve propagation of light waves though a very small slit (aperture), and demonstrate that when light passes through the slit, the physical size of the slit determines how the slit interacts with the light.

This interactive tutorial explores the diffraction of a monochromatic light beam through a slit of variable aperture:


ALDEBARAN is a star that belongs to a very select group called the Persian 4 Royal Stars. And Aldebaran is in fact the Eye of the Bull a.k.a. Taurus. And it will become apparent why that is important in the bigger picture as we go on.

TARGET  have licensed the Target bulls eye logo to Target Australia for use by a completely separate chain of stores.”

Its just a simpleton BULLs EYE?
And now a corporation OWNS this MEME LOGO that I can show you is connected perhaps to the biblical ‘LOGOS’?

What if I AM more full on than you realize? Then what does it mean for U and ME?

TARGET belongs to the 15 PHOsphENE groups identified and studied by NASA.

TARGET belongs to this family, a group of symbols we each are capable of generating by either rubbing our eyes or sitting in a cave.

Pick your companion Mohammed, Plato, or ME.
These geometric forms of light clearly belong to a cosmic language that science has exploited to help blind people ‘see’ again!

A cosmic alphabet that is associated with producing powerful ‘G’eoMEtric MEMEs and IDEAS. And by putting them on display 24/7/365/26,000 years and whispering sweet nothings into each other’s consciousness “jesus loves ewe”, gossiping about our FOES (pho) while meeting for free naked lunches, keeping the gene-MEME-dream alive by screwing each other over literally and figuratively.

Isis + Osiris = Horus a.k.a time Hours

Hey without our fertILE imaginations where would we plant the cosmic MEME SEEDS while we make WAR and call it LovE?

Here is an updated presentation by Johann called:

Removing the Veil

Symbolosphere and the 3 Level Structure of the World

As Garlan and Shaw (1993) write, “beyond the algorithms and data structures of the computation; designing and specifying the overall system structure emerges as a new kind of problem. ABSTRACT This work is aimed at explanation of coexistence of material and nonmaterial aspects of life. It is demonstrated that by synthesizing ideas about structures, physical entities, mental phenomena, and symbolic relations, it is possible to understand how the nonmaterial can emerge from the material and in which way the nonmaterial may mediate and control the production of material entities. Found regularities form a cyclic structure, which is applied to the phenomena of creativity and invention.

Joy in the Present

Moving Symbols

Radical Change in Psycho-social Energy Possibilities?


But each of the 3 levels has 4 arms which makes 12 In fact those numbers are associated to the 12 signs of the zodiac and the 4 ELements too.

rEMEMber this MEME tuck it away for now

L M Nts – eLeMeNts

This simple modEL is a MEME being passed forward through SPACE TIME and obviously MOTION is also part of that underlying meSSage being ‘carried forward’ not unlike genetic DNA material. This in eSSence is what genes and memes are all about.  INFOmation MEMES identified as INPHOmation force carriers or perhaps an apt analogy are the ‘GAUGE BOSONS’ that science has been playing with at the quantum level at CERN?

Photons, Gluons, the W and the Z + the 12 ferimons

What if together those 4 force carriers plus the 12 ferimons represent an analogy to a quantum precession of the equinoxes? And it does not matter how big or small this 4 Ages ModEL is it primary concerns would be data storage, data communications, and viable APPLICATIONS for all of this cosmic data we are immersed in. Some of the data we perceive as positive, some of it is negative and most of it defined by the neutron is in fact neutral. In the images below the 12 numbers we find on this square Greek Cross are central to the calender called the Precession of the Equinoxes. A calender that tracks the cycles of the two equinoxes and two solstices. The ancients, fellas like Plato referred to the Precession of the Equinoxes cycle as the Great Year. Estimates vary from 24000 to 26000 years for ONE cycle. note: in the image on the left the numbers 2 5 8 11 contained in green squares can be rotated 90 degrees ccw and reflected in a MIRROR  it would essentially represent what we see in the image to the right.

This link explains how I arrived at the numbers we see on the square Greek Cross.

It should be updated to account for the new evidence that only continues to confirm the simplicity VEILeD behind the complexity, a simplicity that must exist at the core, if you think about it. Out of something comes nothing is a mantra that both religion and science almost agree on. It is the nothing that becomes something that is impossible to define. But that actually is the issue that divides all beLIEfs. It is a War of Words in the here and now while we wait for the aLIEns to mount their attack and propel us all into the next stupid fucking illusion called the War of the Worlds? OH MY FUCKING GOD will the idiocy ever ever end? And in 2001-2002 as the smoke was still clearing as a result of the smoking gun called WTC7 the dynamite VEILeD as another big LIE called WMD based on rumors and really shitty fucking ‘intelligence’ (sources never named?) the became powder keg that set off another War of the Words in Iraq. And now here we go again the Masters of Propaganda (is there any doubt)  the US of A is pulling the same ole propaganda shit now targeting Iran.

“Signs and Symbols rule the world not phrases and laws” -Confucius 


[linked image]


Shaft of Osiris

Recovered in 1999 also by coincidence has 3 levels.

Schematic views of Gödel’s universe – Cylindrical and Flat 

[linked image]

4 AGES ModEL ~ Nsude Igbo pyramid
[linked image]4 Ages Model ~ Trellborg, Denmark is a match for the geometry of Danish architect and Freemason Tons Brunes

[linked image]

4 AGES ModEL Cuilcuilco
[linked image]
4 AGES ModEL Edmund Halley (Halley’s comet)
[linked image]
4 AGES ModEL Plato and Atlantis

image above left is the Atlantis Cross  image above right  we see the three levels of ferimons in three columns I II III .

Please note ALL of the  modELs thus far presented have 3 distinct levels. And those 4 force carriers the PHOTON, the GLUON, the Z and W represent the MEME being passed forward that we see on CARD X (the Wheel of Fortune) and CARD XXI  (The World/Universe)

It appears that we are ZEROing in on the TARGET. Not everybody is happy where the WAL-MARTs and TARGETs are headed but the pervading archetype suggests that in order to become ONE the simplicity behind the human condition which arises to become complexity MUST be revealed so we can focus and hit the TARGET.


Above left a simple way to track the long term cycle, a zodiacal Precession Time clock. Simply by joining the 12 dots representing the 12 signs of the zodiac that comprise the precession cycle note how the lines appear to cross ove each other clearly weaving a KNOT. And the KNOT which is woven is in fact Solomon’s Knot.

The ATLANTIS Cross which we can link to the CELTIC Cross is in fact been proved to be a navigation device. And our position in SPACE is indicated by the positions #12 – Age of Pisces and #11 – Age of Aquarius we would appear to be in that quadrant of the cosmic sea… A cosmic sea/foam called the Higgs Field. It is very easy to see and comprehend that until we drop down another energy level represented by 1 – 4 – 7  – 10 we are still a long way off before realizing the big dream most of us have when we fall ashleep at nite is unifying the world to come. So relax the world is not going to end tomorrow but sadly global enlightenment is NOT going to happen in 2012 either. Though I AM hopeful that the future predicts the new kid on the block science will prove itself a religion too and of course the story handed down called the bIbLE documenting a GENESIS will have turned out to be in fact a thesis, a THOTH thought. genesis = GENE-theSIS  Religion and Science like the yin yang fishes are chasing each others tail/tale. We still have a long way to go though before realizing the big dream, the big cosmic orgasm that will occur when science and religion FUSE together instead of the FISSION process that has defined the major religions attitudes toward each other.

OOOOOOooooooo AAAAAAAaaaaaa

Omega followed by Alpha means a new cycle has begun. So the Greek Cross illustrating a simple Precession of the Equinoxes cycle mapping out TIME suggests that the Age of Aquarius + the Age of Capricorn are still to come. Now I hate to remind ‘we the sheeple’ but their ‘precious’ that gold ring they covet is in their noses and they are being lead. Their ‘precious Jesus’ is associated with the Age of Capricorn and the GOAT more than the Age of Aquarius which is associated with St. Matthew the patron saint tax, finance, security, and control. So let me suggest IF the archetypal MEME drEaM thEME Jesus shows up he better come prepared with some real world APPLICATIONS pointing us all in the right direction. Because the 21st century NANO SUPER HERO the SWASTIKA will in fact be a hard act to follow.

Regardless of whether an image is formed in the microscope or another optical instrument, the size of a diffracted point of light becomes smaller with decreasing wavelength or increasing numerical aperture, but always remains a disk that is larger than the point of light originating from the specimen (or other object) being imaged.

Both the experiment described above, and the classical demonstration of diffraction using light passing between the fingers, utilize a narrow slit as an aperture to produce a diffraction pattern. All optical instruments, including microscopes, utilize circular lenses and apertures, as does the human eye itself. Circular apertures produce similar diffraction phenomena, although with circular symmetry (instead of linear geometry, as in the case of slits).

Therefore the diffraction pattern of a point source of light, if highly magnified, is seen to consist of a central bright disk surrounded by a concentric series of diffraction rings (the secondary maxima and minima).

When a lens, such as a microscope objective lens, is properly focused, the light intensity at the minima between the bright rings in the pattern is zero. No matter how perfect the lens is, the secondary diffraction maxima cannot be eliminated nor can the central spot be reduced to a single point of light (unless the lens could be made with an infinite diameter).



2B cont’d

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