Mehran Tavakoli Keshe

to the reader: M.T. Keshe and me are both members of Pateo Academia and the image we see below taken from Mehran T. Keshe’s website suggests that we are both hovering around a similar concept, arrived at by a different avenue or journey.
And though we both belong to Pateo Academia , I personally do not endorse all of the theories or ideas that Pateo Academia offers.

Do I believe M.T. Keshe’s theory has merit?
I honestly do not know enough about it, though as already mentioned we both seem to covet similar archetypes in conveying our ‘ideas’ about how creation manifests.

And it is not surprising we again find the ‘spiral’ playing a significant role as conveyor of an ‘idea’ being carried forward for good reason.
As we know Archimedes was inspired by the spiral too.

Plasmatic Magnetic Fields create fundamental particles

This hypothesis is based on the new understanding that the creation of the universe is based on interactions of Plasmatic Magnetic Energies (PME’s) which entangle in Specific Entangled Plasmatic Magnetic Fields (SEPMAF’s). These SEPMAF’s represent energies which we call fundamental particles, and these can combine to form large complexes like atoms and then molecules.

The interaction and accumulation of the plasmatic magnetic energies usually leads to the creation of energy, heat and/or of the motion of their atomic structure in the inner core of each atom (and molecule), and this leads eventually to the creation of all sorts of matter in the cosmos. This essential processing happens in a smooth way on the fundamental magnetic level, and not by brute forces as in conventional reactors, which need high temperatures and high pressure conditions.

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What are the facts about Mehran T. Keshe?
There is always more not less controversy…

I have reproduced part of Keshe’s open letter below.

New Era

In this letter I write in a simple style so that there are no misunderstandings and there is no need for anyone to interpret the meaning and purpose of releasing this information. This letter has the same meaning for all creatures of the Earth and in the universe, as it is simple enough not to be open to any misinterpretation and needs no headman to translate, elaborate or misuse the information for anyone else. Everyone will take from this letter according to their understanding of how to serve humanity and the universal community.

>> The word ‘army’ has to be buried in the grave of history along with the violent men of the past.

The word ‘army’ has to be deleted from the tools of peace, and arms manufacturing has to be abolished and be a punishable offence under every law in every land on Earth and beyond.

One of the facts not commonly known is that under the banner of a peaceful nation Switzerland was the biggest supplier of tools of war to the German army in the Second World War.

This so-called peaceful nation is the biggest arms manufacturer and supplier of the most horrendous war weapons that man has ever seen on this planet, and the red cross in its flag is the true colour of the blood this nation has adorned itself with from the deaths it has caused by supplying arms to kill others in that war.

The behaviour of this pretend peaceful nation brings shame to its name and embarrassment to the word ‘peace’.

These acts of deception in manufacturing and creating tools of war and causing war among men of the same planet and in the universe have to come to an end.

This dishonest production of arms has to be stopped and replaced with peaceful activities, at once and not over a period of time.

In any case the new technology which we have released has made the present nuclear technology and the most advanced manmade technology of war obsolete, and if nations would like to see the power of this technology we are ready to display its power for total annihilation of all the arms that man has made over the centuries.

>> Blessed are those souls who understand, comprehend and become part of the peaceful universal community, for the creation of greater peace in the universe and not a lesser peace only on this planet.

Has ever been and shall ever be.

Mehran Tavakoli Keshe

Original written in February and finalised 23 March 2013 AD
please do not post any response on this link as it will not be published , please enter all your comments on the signing of the world peace treaty about this entry. PLEASE SHARE THE KNWLEDGE WITH THE REST OF THE HUMANITY

The TRUTH is out there is all I can say.
Who eventually holds your hand and shows you the way is up to you to figure out.

… to be updated as the cosmic inPHO arrives.

selah V

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