Plato and the LOST TREASURE – Pseudo-Dionysius

Pseudo-DionySiuS the Areopagite

Pseudo-Dionysius the Areopagite, also known as Pseudo-Denys, was a Christian theologian and philosopherof the late 5th to early 6th century, the author of the Corpus Areopagiticum (before 532). The author is identified as “Dionysos” in the corpus, which later incorrectly came to be attributed to Dionysius the Areopagite, the Athenian convert of St. Paul mentioned in Acts 17:34.[1] His surviving works include Divine Names, Mystical Theology,[2]Celestial HierarchyEcclesiastical Hierarchy, and various epistles.[3] Some other works, such as Theological Outlines, are presumed to be lost.

During the medieval period Saint Dionysius the Areopagite and Saint Denis of Paris were considered to be the same “Dionysius” who had been converted by Saint Paul in Acts 17:34.[10] Medieval tradition held that Saint Dionysius the Areopagite had traveled to Rome and then was commissioned by the Pope to preach in Gaul (France), where he was martyred.[11] This confusion of historical detail was compounded by the common acceptance of Pseudo-Dionysius’s writings as the authentic work of the Biblical Dionysius of Acts 17:34. The greatAbbey of Saint-Denis just north of Paris claimed to have the relics of Dionysius. Around 1121, Pierre Abélard, aBenedictine monk at Saint Denis Basilica, turned his attention to the story of their patron saint, and disentangled the three different Dionysiuses.

532 and 1734 appear significant

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