ELIos – Magnetic Atom

Elios – ELIos – Magnetic Atom

The Magnetic Atom

by Pier Luigi Ighina

The Discovery of the Magnetic Atom (First Part: Theory)

When the scientists first started studying the atom, they soon realized that when it was excited by the light atom, it would just disappear in the light. So they started to excite it with strong magnetic fields and strong electric tensions, causing the alteration of the atom itself. In fact, in Dr. Ighinas opinion, electrons, protons, neutrons, positrons etc. are products of an altered atom, so their laws are altered in respect to the normal atom.

He thinks: how can you attempt to study something that is in constant motion by accelerating its motion? He developed the idea of trying to stop the motion of the atom.
When observing an atom under an atomic microscope, he defined 4 fundamental laws:

1) The light atoms, when they excite the observed atoms, give part of their motion to the latter.

2) The observed atoms absorb part of the motion of the light atoms to speed up theirs.

3) In order to excite an atom, you need it to get in touch with an atom of higher motion; the atom with the highest motion will attract the one with the lowest motion.

4) The higher the atoms motion, the more luminous it will be and vice-versa.



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