I37 aLIEns ~ EM MEME drEaMs ~ UFOs ~ Stan Romanek Equations ~ SRE “the ONE-who-is-to-come”

UPDATE June 11, 2015

Some commentators upon Thom’s megalithic yard (John Ivimy and then Euan Mackie[24]) have noted how such a measure could relate to geometrical ideas found historically in two Egyptian metrological units; the remen of about 1.2 feet and royal cubit of about 1.72 feet. The remen and royal cubit were used to define land areas in Egypt: “On documentary and other evidence Griffith came to the conclusion that the square on the royal cubit was intended to be twice that on the remen; and Petri identified the remen as a length of 20 digits”.[25]

A square with side length equal to the diagonal of a square with side length equal to one remen has an area of one square royal cubit, ten thousand (a myriad) of which defined an Egyptian land measure, the setat. [cite mackie] John Ivimy noted that “The ratio MY : Rc is SQRT(5) : SQRT(2) to the nearest millimeter, which makes the MY equal to SQRT(5) remens, or the length of a 2 x 1 remen rectangle.”,[26] see figure below.

Explains how some have derived Thom’s Megalithic Yard unit of measure from metrological land measure relationships established historically in Egypt’s Dynastic periods

The main weakness in this argument is probably that, in order to derive their yard, the builders of the megalithic monuments would have needed the remen and royal cubit, upon which this geometrical relationship relies

~ end of UPDATE ~

Stan Romanek HYPERCUBE

image on left: Stan Romanek’s hypercube
next to an animated unfolding hypercube a.k.a. tesseract
below is another of Stan’s received messages
known as the Stan Romanek Equations, SRE
Stan Romanek ZP propulsionSRE
Are these equations coming from ERiS?

The above ‘equation‘ also reminds me of a riddle found in some churches said to be found on the two tablets.
A reference in fact to the Ten Commandments.


The vowel E supplies the key.


The strange writing at the bottom of this new equation (above image) was at first, unrecognizable. A researcher and a Professor of ancient languages at a large university discovered that it was the word, “propulsion” written in an ancient form of Aramaic.

The bottom of the equation reads, “Zero Point Propulsion.”

How do we bring it ALL together?
Is it possible to unite the concept of the alien with the ancient Egyptian reference to the Great Initiate, the MeSSianic ideal, or ONE-who-is-to-come?

Have you ever heard of Stan the man Romanek and his claims of UFO abduction and channeled quantum equations…?
I admit I am NOT familiar with this tale.

So why do my claims of being struck with an IDEA back in 2004, (and I never left my big comfy red chair mostly), have the possibility to MERGE and bring his lofty claims DOWN to earth…and place his abductions where they belong…in his MEME sensitive MiNd….?

Task to be accomplished.
How do I Raphael, (who claims to have bouts of temporary insanity daily), MERGE ME archetypal journey with Stan the Man who claims to have been abducted by aliens…?
How close are our stories?
Not close at all really.
But the evidence we both retrieved from the dark side while on our archetypal journeys matches in uncanny ways?

So then why does Stan and ME both have pieces to the same puzzle?

Does RENSE make sense to you?

Stan Romanek’s Site:

Despite the fact that all of these equation were given to Stan during his abduction experiences, this information did not start coming forward until Stan was undergoing his first hypnotic regression. Included in Stan’s first equation (see image below), is a formula depicting a helium atom bombarding element 115., Element 115 at the time did not exist. It was years later when element 115 would be created. Also included in the equation is a depiction of our solar system represented by ten dots and a circle representing the Sun. It wouldn’t be until years later that scientists would discover a tenth planet in our solar system and name it, “Xenia” At that time it was relevant, but sadly things have recently changed and not even Pluto is considered planet anymore. Towards the end of Stan’s writing is Drake’s Equation, first devised by Dr. Frank Drake (now Professor Emeritus of Astronomy and Astrophysics at the University of California, Santa Cruz) in 1960, in an attempt to estimate the number of extraterrestrial civilizations in our galaxy with which humanity could potentially have contact. Somehow, with no prior knowledge of Drake’s equation, Stan drew it and added, X 100, while under hypnosis!

In my archetypal recovery I can see how 115 or 1+1+5=7 might have some significance.
But how many magnificent sevens can we find?

UPDATE Nov. 2, 2014

Valence electrons of ununpentium fall into three subshells:

  1. 7s (two electrons)
  2. 7p1/2 (two electrons)
  3. 7p3/2 (one electron)

… 3 sevens?


Shall we move on?
What else was it about the Stan Romanek Equations that caught my eye?
We could reduce the EM MEME formula or idea to SRE?

~ end of UPDATE ~

How did your day begin today?
Was it eventful?

These are some of the google entries from my computer search engine.
The last 5 from yesterday and the first 5 from today*.
*Mon Mar 14, 2011 7:14 pm

note the original posting of this on the 2012Forum can be found here:

Was it going to be another 55 = SS = Holy Spirit kind of day?

I woke up this morning, and within four clicks, I found myself staring at ONE of the Romanek Equations.

Of course what I saw had me digging deeper into who is Stan the man Romanek?
Note the times of my entries yesterday…5:28 (the time of my birth appears)…in the last 5 entries yesterday.
This morning I resumed my earnest search for ME truth.
And at 8:25 (reverse of 5:28) I clicked on the Black Sun.

And then the next step in Mi 528 solfeggio journey I chose to go toward Stan Romanek from the Black Sun…

This gets real good….
It suggests the Sator Square/Maltese Cross/Swastika/Theory of Everything rants/insights have been full on.


It suggests I can take Stan’s channeled info and place it onto the Sator Square.

Because as I have already illustrated in that link above regarding ‘the Egyptian prophecy  ‘the ONE-who-is-to-come’  is associated with the numbers 

  • 25

  • 5×5

  • 5^2

A mnemonical/harmonical right brain might just rEMEMber the numbers 25, 55, 52?

Now for those of you who know and prefer empirical science to metaphysical insights, please read these three articles.

It becomes apparent that my earlier claims that the Sator Square was an algorithm is correct and I AM appears to be on track.

My E-fforts to get ALL archetypal beliefs onto the same ONE arch-E-typal page will be rewarded.

ONE-who-is-to-come…has been found and it hints at picking a new direction or vector together using our collective consciousness.

Let ME+me PRSNT to you the ONE-who-is-to-come, a gift from the great beyond, the 5×5 Sator Square archives:


It comes complete with a formula for gravity to be found in ThE TENET cross, the ramifications of what is claimed here plays a huge role in the paradigm shift, but of course this generation will not ‘see it’.


In the above images, on the left is a Celtic brooch and on the right we have the SS, the Sator Square.
Do you see a circle in both images?
Do you see what looks like 4xE surrounding the ‘center’?
If you can please confirm that there are ‘55 notches’ in the outermost ring.

rEMEMbering there are 55 atoms of hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon that make up the amino acids (ACGT) that comprise 64 codons or codes of  our DNA.

Now let us take this inquiry to the next level.

Upper left corner is a “Matrix” with 2 external (Seed Key)inputs.


Stan Romanek’s PEN idea placed next to the P ENE

Whoever wrote this was responding to the image I have placed beside the Sator Square.

Important Response To Romanek’s Equation
From The Library
IPN Communications
EQUATION 1:Upper left corner is a “Matrix” with 2 external (Seed Key)inputs. :wink:
It is used to derive the next solution set. The equation for the solution set is “Mathematically Meaningless” but … it reflects a geometric progression “Code” for selecting a desired condition from a random “Scatter Plot” indicated by the dots with one dot circled.This is a “Similar” code set found in the Viterbi Algorithms used in modern cryptography. On each side of the vertical dashed line we see a “Mirrored Convergence” of two sets of parabola indicating an “Asymptopic” condition (In phase by the direction of the arrows)the left condition being a frequency base of 2 while the right is a multiple of 2 (Frequency of 4 – which indicates “HarmonicCoupling.
Using the code set to select the desired item from the scatter plot – possibly an astral time demarcation (planet, star positions etc…), a coupling (Lenz effect) can occur a***** the date sensitive barrier represented by the vertical dashed line. The shortest distance between two points is a straight line = the circle with 2 points. This “Equivalency” reflects the curvature of Time and Space “Relative” to the distance between 2 known points (locations). The variance in baseline frequency on each side of the vertical dashed line indicates the “Asymptopic” concept of the barrier between 2 universes…Asymptopic being that “2 universes can approach but never “Converge”.
Passage from one to the other is through the “Lentz like” Coupling (similar to that found in an ordinary transformer).


This could be indicating a point of “Natural” convergence between our universe and another “Similar” universe. I believe the date and location are embedded in the “Code”. It may be possible for a “Knowledgeable” intelligence to “Couple through” to our Time sphere at the specified location and date … (in this concept, “Coupling Effect” is the heart and soul of “Worm Hole” theory).

Courtesy “The Library” in care of IPNcomm.org

…and biNgo was his name. :wink:

I highlighted the above Harmonic Coupling, any idea why?

Along with the last paragraph highlighted?

Along with the recent findings re: graphene and the nano sciences!

Hey WHAT IF Raphael is in possession of what has been VEILeD?


ABCs of the Sator Square

The SS and the SwaStika lead me to the Maltese Cross and the Sator Square and a host of other profound coincidences that convinced ME in no time at all, that there are NO coincidences, all the coincidences are in fact just evidence of the design we fail to comprehend using our piddly senses.

6660 inches = 555 feet or maybe SSS

S anctus!
S anctus!
S anctus!

S hakti!
S hakti!
S hakti!

Thrice or a trinity are both THOTH meme thoughts that had been taught?
I thoth I taw a purdy kat … a sense of humor helps.

555 or SSS = SenSeS is an apt reminder of what we have forgotten since we learned how to read and write using primarily our left brains.

North East West South = NEWS

The Washington Monument is the world’s tallest obELIsk at 555 feet 5 1/8 inches.

How long before the rest of you arrive on Page ONE where all the NEWS that is fit to print, arriving from the four directions ‘NEWS‘ suggesting we are ALL sharing in the same GENE-MEME Dream that we recover in bits, bytes, and pieces from the EM field…

Don’t forget the rooster crows thrice too.

137 brings us to an exploration of the Second Page

September 3, 2002
Upon waking, Stan’s wife Lisa noticed that the alarm clock was upside down. Later they both noticed that there were pens, pencils and paper in and around the bed. It was then that Stan found this equation in his own handwriting lying next to him. Stan has no idea how he was able to draw the equation in total darkness and while asleep.

Stan Romanek SS Shleep Sketching

The Second Page, Written During the Night

The second and third lines of this page are explanations and approximations of the terms used in the first line, so let’s start with them.

α = e2/ ħc ~ 1/137

This is the fine structure constant used in quantum electrodynamics.The funny symbol used here by Stan has to be the Greek letter alpha, since e2/ ħc is the fine structure constant, and alpha is the symbol used for it; c has been defined above;  ħ is Plank’s constant h divided by 2π; where h is 6.62×10-27 erg-seconds;  e is the charge on the electron, which is 4.8×10-10 in esu units and (1.6×10-19 coulombs in mks units).

Stan Romanek HYPERCUBE

Stan Romanek’s 4D hypercube or tesseract

October 10, 2003
Stan drew this after a vivid dream.
He drew it freehand in under a minute and has no idea how he drew it so straight and so quickly. Stan later tried to duplicate this and was unable to.

What if the 5x5x5 cube can be associated to the 5×5 magic square AND the hypercube?

Stan Romanek arch

Do you see the NN or ZZ or SS wave
what about the L and 7
and the ‘8’ for infinity
along with a 5 and 2 embracing each other?
… I AM sees all of that.

April 28, 2009
Stan allowed ABC to film him when under regression for a Prime Time Special. Stan remembered some strange symbols arranged in an arch on a doorway from one of his experiences. When asked to write them down he did so in less then twenty seconds, with his eyes closed and his head turned to the left…

Okay okay Stan the Man I see many archEtypes in your arch ‘recovery’.
This is what the archEtypal archangLE RaphaEL recovered about the sacred ‘arch’ and ARKs.

note in Raphael Sanzio’s School of Athens on the underside of the arch we see swastikas!

Now can it be that RaphaEL SaNZio who just happened to die at the age …


… just happened to leave as EVIDENCE or a gift, a PRSNT in fact for me (Ralph who was born on 3/7) to RECOVER and SHARE with you the reader?

There is so much more, how deep do you want to go?

to be continued


RaphaEL a.k.a. LabbIEL


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