TRUTH recovery Step 1 – “There is no religion higher than TRUTH”

“There is no religion higher than TRUTH”

A  recovery process must involve truth, actually truth could be the SEED to the recovery process that needs to be sown.

What would the SEED of TRUTH look/sound/taste/feel/smell/hear like?
Many truth seekers throughout history have offered a SEED model.
This is one SEED that was offered by Madame H.P. Blavatsky and the Theosophical Society.


…. and the little white LIE


Here are a few videos to help us understand why we love to check into Hotel DeNILE all too often when confronted with a piece of evidence that does not fit our world view.

The first video serves as a great introduction to understanding what needs to be addressed on so many levels before humanities’ feuding tribes ever have a chance of a ‘reconciliation’ on a global scale…

But what becomes apparent and applicable to the bigger scale is that the recovery process for an individual is the same process nations and ultimately the world needs to adopt.
It is NOT going to be easy.

The second video gives a few good jarring examples of how unsettling cognitive dissonance is to our internal beLIEf system.

And this third video helps to explain why we LIE for money, whether the payoff is big OR small.

And this fourth video uses humor to get a great SS maSSaging meSSage out to the maSSes.

Light Workers are such energetic magnetic people, it is hard for them to LET GO of anything shiny and metallic…
The 13 Step Recovery Program helps folks LET GO of some silly ideas in order to make room for the ONE IDEA whose TIME has come.

Only 12 steps to go, and it does seem like a Heraklean task I have undertaken.
Trying to share some simpleton truths is not easy I have learned while attempting to teach.
A ‘brand’ new old ‘logos’ method must be recovered.


The Shadow Knows the TRUTH

go to 20:00 to learn about the shadow that defaults to TRUTH.

  1. Disclose.Tv …. I WON

2B continued…

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