Swastika Applications ~ the Paladin

full size image:  http://i.imgur.com/lBXvd.jpg

Q/ What does Paladin mean?

A/ Paladin means “a person who fights for a cause” a hero/holy fighter

Swastika Paladin Fri 04-30-1993 The swastika or more properly the tetraskelion, gramadion or croixpatt*e, has been found in pre Columbia America, in Central Asia, China, Japan, through out Europe etc. It’s found among people as varied as the Etruscans, Hindus, Celts, Aztecs, Mayans, American Indians, Teutonic and Nordic peoples etc. The swastika has represented many things to many people who never heard of Christ! It has represented the spinning wheel of life, time, progress, the four elements, seasons, health, wealth, prosperity and/or blessing in many myths & cultures around the world. The Swastika refers only to the rt. hand spinning cross such as used in Nazi Germany, the more correct & older version is called the Swavastika and spins the opposite direction. Hitler subverted the older symbol for his own perverse reasons. The left hand Swavastika refer to the male & the right hand Swastika refers female. In Hinduism the swastika has represented two forms of Brahma. Clockwise it represents Pravritti or the evolution of the universe flowing outward & counter clockwise it represented Nirvritti the involution of the universe. In India it represented Ganesa & Kali. In Ancient Persia the left hand swastika was used to represent sacred fire to their priests. Its left arm up representing receptivity and its right arm down representing blessing. The Swavastika has represented Thor’s hammer spinning in Norse mythology and the cycle of time in Hindu and American Indian myth & legend. In many cultures it was a symbol of the power of the sun, a symbol of good fortune. It has also been a symbol of Dyaus, Zeus, Jupiter as well as Thor. In China its call Lei-wen meaning thunder-scroll. In some cultures the right spinning Swastika has been used to denote the vernal sun and the left autumnal the sun. As the fylfot it has been used as a Christian symbol of the cross and a decoration at the bottom of church windows for centuries.

Although some scholars think the Swastika originated in Assyria or India there is no single common origin for the Swastika because it can easily be discovered by anyone studying simple designs made in squares!

The only thing known for sure about the swastika is that the symbol predates both Hitler & Christ.


I noted this was posted on the internet on  Fri 04-30-1993 Which reduces/morphs into 7 1993 >>> 13799 rotated 180 degrees >>> 66LEI or how about:

6I6LE   >>> bIbLE

just sayin’ because it matched the ‘numerical’ code recovered.

379I9 rotated 6I6LE

Christian Priest holding the Lalibela Cross ~ Ethiopia

E=mc^2 is equivalent to Mass @ Rest

The Christian Lalibela Cross Ethiopia on the right has been rotated 180 degrees.
A definite clue ~ note the direction of each pair of the swastikas on both the horizontal and vertical axis changes with the rotation – BUT in the center the Maltese/Templar Crusader cross appears to be mass at rest or E=mc^2.

And there is one more thing to note, it is the asymmetry of the N/S axis.
Note one end has one cross placed in the center and two crosses on the corners tilted upward.

xyz + time

And if the Lalibela cross represents a modEL of the x-axis and y-axis, the priest holding the cross must in some way represent the z-axis plus time.



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