137 Prime Curios!

The first ‘137 prime curio’ that I want to report on or bring to your attention is the curious ‘identity theft’ by this woman here.
The theft occurred at high noon during prime time.   😉

About Patti

Patti Digh is the author of six books, including bestsellers Life is a Verb and Creative is a Verb. She travels the world teaching others about mindfulness: to live fully, love well, let go deeply, and make a difference. Patti’s comments have appeared on PBS and in The New York TimesFortune, the Wall Street Journal, the London Financial Times, and many other international publications.

She writes a thank you note every morning.


Dear Patti,

I dig U.
(btw how do you pronounce your last name?)
But I am sure you have heard such flattery before.
You probably have had a long line of at least 37 fellas (maybe even 137!) try to pull on your heART strings or play the same ole’ MiNd games that John Lennon was hinting at and singin’ about back in 1973 that people were playing and still are…

I turned 16 in 1973.
1973 marked the first year humans would never ever leave the safety of the earth again.
In fact the only people to breech the safe zone (i.e. staying within the earth’s atmosphere) are the Apollo program astronauts.
No other astronauts before or since Apollo have left the relative safety of the earth’s atmosphere contained within the Van Allen belts.
Not ONE before or since.

**Did we ever go?



**Now the reason I had to throw in the part about the moon is because I came across this piece of coincidental information just today.
And today (October 19, 2013) is actually an addendum to the original blog you are presently reading.

37 year mystery dating back to 1973

And why approximately 37 years after 1973 did I start to manifest a 137-9 theory regarding ‘Fiat Lux‘?

137-9 Mesoamerica Code – FIAT * LUX


Yes my 137 AHAs started arriving in full force after I read Arthur I. Miller’s book called 137 Decipering the Cosmic Code back in 2010.
As this forum I belonged to in 2010 attests.
I posted the following discussion on Fri Nov 05, 2010 9:20 pm.

“Why 137?” – help decipher share in Solomon’s Treasure $100K

I came across this next website recently and it offers an analysis of the book and it gives my research into ‘137’ an honorable mention too.

Groupname for Grapejuice: 137 tipkcoC

And Patti if you take a look at this site, I AM sure you will appreciate what it has to offer, its insights are meant for you too.
How do I know?

It was posted on your birthday this year on Sunday August 18, 2013

One of Jung’s Mandala’s taken from his masterpiece

What’s in a NaME?
What’s in a NuMb3r?

…and which came first?

So why does everybody want to control the ‘logos’, a form of ‘branding’ clearly linked to geometry?

Should we go ask Pythagoras or Plato why we still wrestle with the same ideas thousands of years later?

Infamous 3 Sevens logo

The AWB, Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging was formed on 7 July 1973 in a garage in HeIdELberg, a town southeast of Johannesburg, in the then Transvaal Province of South Africa. Eugène Terre’Blanche, a former police officer, became disillusioned by then-Prime Minister B.J. Vorster’s “liberal views,” as well as what he viewed as communist influences in South African society.

The AWB flag is composed of three black sevens (forming a triskelion) in a white circle upon a red background.
According to AWB, the sevens, ‘the number of JAHWEH‘, ‘stand to oppose the number 666, the number of the anti-Christ‘.

Red is considered to represent Jesus‘ blood, while black stands for bravery and courage.

The inner white circle symbolises the “eternal struggle”, or according to other sources “eternal life”.[20] The flag bears a resemblance to theSwastika flag used by the Nazi Party and Nazi Germany.


note the hexagon structure in the center of the lattice grid
6 surrounding the center 7

The Magnificent 7 – the number of JAHWEH

Eugène Terre’Blanche decided to form the AWB with six other like-minded persons and was elected leader of the organisation, a position he held until his death in April 2010.

Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

6 around 1 

6 around 1 archetypes seem to work magic in the formation of Neo-Nazis groups all over the world…

7/7/1973 group was formed  

37 years later in 2010 the founder of AWB is killed.

What is the significance of the number 137 in physics?


The importance of the number 137 is that it is related to the so-called ‘fine-structure constant’ of quantum electrodynamics. This derived quantity is given by combining several fundamental constants of nature: 

where e is the charge on the electron, c is the speed of light, h-bar is Planck’s constant and the epsilon represents the permittivity of free space. Despite the fact that each of these constants have their own dimensions, the fine-structure constant is completely dimensionless! 

The importance of the constant is that it measures the strength of the electromagnetic interaction. It is precisely because the constant is so small (i.e. 1/137 as opposed to 1/3 or 5 or 100…) that quantum electrodynamics (QED) works so amazingly well as a quantum theory of electromagnetism. It means that when we go to calculate simple processes, such as two electrons scattering off one another through the exchange of photons, we only need to consider the simple case of one photon exchange — every additional photon you consider is less important by a factor of 1/137. This is why theorists have been so successful at making incredibly accurate predictions using QED. By contrast, the equivalent ‘fine-structure’ constant for he theory of strong interactions (quantum chromodynamics or QCD) is just about 1 at laboratory energy scales. This makes calculating things in QCD much, much more involved. 

It is worth noting that the fine-structure ‘constant’ isn’t really a constant. The effective electric charge of the electron actually varies slightly with energy so the constant changes a bit depending on the energy scale at which you perform your experiment. For example, 1/137 is its value when you do an experiment at very low energies (like Millikan’s oil drop experiment) but for experiments at large particle-accelerator energies its value grows to 1/128.


Coupling Constants for the Fundamental Forces

In attributing a relative strength to the four fundamental forces, it has proved useful to quote the strength in terms of a coupling constant. The coupling constant for each force is a dimensionless constant.

The links below take you to some information about determining the value of the coupling constants.

Coupling Constants
Strong 1
Electromagnetic 1/137
Weak 10-6
Gravity 10-39

137 and the Holy Crown

Historical Origin of the Fine Structure Constant Part 1


Historical Origin of the Fine Structure Constant Part 2


Prime Curios!

+ The only known primeval number whose sum of digits equals the number of primes “contained.”

+ 137 is a self-referencing “tweet” on the social networking site Twitter.

+ 137 is the largest prime factor of 123456787654321.

+ The reciprocal of the fine-structure constant of electromagnetism is close to 137. Throughout his life, physicist Wolfgang Pauli had been preoccupied with the question of why the fine-structure constant has this value. He died in Room 137 of the Rotkreuz hospital in Zürich, Switzerland.

+ The start of twelve consecutive primes with symmetrical gaps about the center.

+ William Shanks (1812-1882), a British amateur mathematician, manually calculated the logarithms of 2, 3, 5, and 10 to 137 decimal places in 1853.

+ 2137 – 1 is a semiprime (containing exactly two prime factors). [Brillhart]

+ 137 divides 11111111.

+ The most frequent digits to occur among primes less than 1010 start out 1, 3, and 7, in that order. [McCranie]

+ “And these are the years of the life of Ishmael, an hundred and thirty and seven years: and he gave up the ghost and died; and was gathered unto his people.” (Genesis 25:17, KJV)

+ The sum of the squares of the digits of 137 is another prime and all five odd digits are used. [Trotter]

+ The number seven occurs 137 times in the Book of Revelation (KJV). [Blanton]

+ 137 is the first integer parameter n1 in Gilson’s formula α(n1, n2) = n2cos(π/n1)tan(π/(n1n2))/π for the value of the fine structure constant α = α(137, 29) = 0.0072973525318….

+ The sum of Rosie’s measurements (42-39-56) equals 137 in the song “Whole Lotta Rosie” by the Australian hard rock band AC/DC.

+ The greatest prime factor of any 8-digit repdigit is 137. [La Haye]

+ The Hawaiian Island chain is made up of 137 islands, islets, and shoals.

+ 1372 = 1 (mod 391). [Croll]

+ A molecule of chlorophylla, C55H72MgN4O5, consists of 137 atoms. [Blanton]

+ The sum of the squares of the first seven digits of pi is the smallest such prime: 3^2 + 1^2 + 4^2 + 1^2 + 5^2 + 9^2 + 2^2 = 137. [Post]

+ 137 * 2^(3 * 137^2) + 1 is prime. Note that 137 appears twice. [Buddenhagen and McCranie]

+ 137 * 2^523283 + 1 is prime. [McCranie]

+ The James A. FitzPatrick nuclear power plant on the shore of Lake Ontario has 137 control rods. [Gonyeau]

+ 137 is the Chilean National Sea Rescue emergency number. [Vogel]

+ (137!-1)/139 is prime. Note that 137 and 139 are twin primes. [Gallardo]

+ Mabkhout (1993) showed that every number x^4 + 1, for x > 3, has a prime factor greater than or equal to 137. He used a classical result of Størmer. [Post]

+ The numerical value of the Hebrew word Kabbalah is 137 (using the “common” Hebrew gematria method), which is equal to the combined value of the words chochmah (73), “wisdom,” and nevuah (64), “prophecy.” [Scholem]

+ One of the math papers of Ted Kaczynski (also known as the Unabomber) is Boundary Functions for Bounded Harmonic Functions, Transactions of the American Mathematical Society 137.

+ Baseball player Barry Bonds batted in 137 runs in 2001, his highest yearly total to date. [McCranie]

+ 2137 reversed is prime. [Nash]

+ Garry Kasparov and Anatoly Karpov played 137 draws in chess. [McCranie]

+ On the day before his presidential inauguration, Barack H. Obama made a 137-mile train trip from Philadelphia to Washington, DC. [McCranie]

+ The smallest prime with 3 distinct digits that remains prime if any one of its digits is removed. [Post]

+ The comic book series Superman’s Girl Friend, Lois Lane ran for 137 issues (March 1958 to October 1974).

+ 137^(odd power) = 137 mod (17 * 23); 137^(even power) = 1 mod (17 * 23). [Sirag]

+ Feynmanium (symbol Fy) is informally used for a hypothetical chemical element of atomic number is 137, which has not been observed to occur naturally, nor has been synthesized, nor is it known if this element is physically possible. [Post]

+Animal Kingdom won the 137th Kentucky Derby. [Cuenta]

+ The full chemical name for caffeine is 1,3,7-trimethylxanthine.

+ The first three solutions to the Tower of Hanoi & End of the World game/puzzle using 1, 2 & 3 discs is the sequence 1,3,7. [Phillips]

There are 11 curios for this number that have not yet been approved by an editor.

More 137 Curiosities

 The Old Man of Hoy is a 449 feet (137 m) sea stack of red sandstone perched on a plinth of igneous basalt rock, close to Rackwick Bay on the west coast of the island of Hoy, in the Orkney Islands, Scotland. It is a distinctive landmark seen from the Thurso to Stromness ferry, MV Hamnavoe, and is a famous rock climb. It is close to another famous site, The Dwarfie Stane.

One of the nicest lawyers I ever had the pleasure to meet was a fella by the name of G. Hoy.
And of course I met him when we were living on Highway 7.

Herr ‘G’ Hoy helped my folks incorporate many many years ago…he suggested a company name called RAM-RAK which was based on the REVERSE spelling of my parents given names, MARia – KARl
3 + 3 letters = star of david = a star is born?

And btw Karl Maria Willigut the high ranking NAZI occultist agrees with me that angELs are angLEs.

hEIL hItLEShocked

 ‘Aithar-beings’ found themselves in constant struggle with ‘water-beings’ taking shape in the same period. They were ‘sexless’ and propagated themselves as Hymir-born, in the beginning Kymir, Angles later called Angels, by means of their ‘concentration of their will’, in order at a later time, to gain spiritual union with the water beings which were developing with the same mode of propagation. How this process could be explained in more detail is not expressed in the ‘Irminsaga’ and without the Runo tablets remains inexplicable. 

page 99 of The Secret King

Ain’t that a lark Karl?
Hey Papa don’t worry I AM a rolling stoner in REVERSE gear on my way to ‘getting it’ and returning to the source called YA or is it AY?  Wink
Love YA, my father who heART in heaven.

AY was the penultimate Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt’s 18th dynasty. He held the throne of Egypt for a brief four-year period (probably 1323–1319 BCE[1] or1327–1323 BCE, depending on which chronology is followed),

So the Old Man Hoy has given us a connection between the Scottish Freemasons and Noah’s Ark which was 137 meters long.
But obvioulsy the Ark was long (x-axis/male) NOT high (y-axis/female/Long Anna).  Wink

Achtung babe, there is more for U2 absorb of my 10cc nocturnal emissions. Laughing

 HELIgoland (German: Helgoland; Heligolandic: deät Lun [“the Land”]) is a small German archipelago in the North Sea. 


The Long Anna is the emblem of the German North Sea island of Heligoland . She is a 47 meters high and about 25,000 tons of heavy, free-standing rock ( surf pillars ) made ​​of red sandstone with a floor area of 180 sqm in the extreme northwest of the island. (Stonehenge is oriented to the northeast) 


The 1379 narrative continues…and with the introduction of Henry Sinclair as the Earl of Orkney the plot thickens.

Three cousins – Alexander de L’Arde, Lord of Caithness; Malise Sparre, Lord of Skaldale; and Henry Sinclair – were rivals for the succession to the earldom of Orkney. On August 2, 1379, at Marstrand, near Tønsberg, Norway, King Haakon VI of Norway invested and confirmed Sinclair as the Norwegian Earl of Orkney over a rival claim by his cousin Malise Sparre.[3] In return Henry pledged to pay a fee of 1000 nobles before St. Martin’s Day (November 11), and, when called upon, serve the king on Orkney or elsewhere with 100 fully armed men for 3 months.

The alleged voyage to North America

Almost nothing more is known about Sinclair’s life. However, much has been written through conjecture about his supposed career as an explorer. In 1784, he was identified by Johann Reinhold Forster[7] as possibly being the Prince Zichmni described in letters allegedly written around the year 1400 by the Zeno brothers of Venice, in which they describe a voyage throughout the North Atlantic under the command of Zichmni.[8]

The authenticity of the letters (which were allegedly rediscovered and published in the early 16th century), the exact course of the voyage, as well as whether it even took place, are challenged by historians. Most regard the letters (and the accompanying map) as a hoax by the Zenos, their publishers.[9] Moreover, the identification of Zichmni as Henry Sinclair has not been accepted by most historians, although it is taken for granted by the supporters of the theory.

Some supporters of the theory contend that there are stone carvings of American plants in Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland.[10][11] The Chapel was built by Henry Sinclair’s grandson William Sinclair and was completed in 1486. Columbus made his first voyage in 1492. This is seen by writers Christopher Knight andRobert Lomas as being compelling evidence for the theory that Sinclair had sailed to America,[10] although scholars have said the plants are simply stylised depictions of common European plants.[12]

In addition, some writers such as Native American historian Evan Pritchard have claimed that Glooscap, the spiritual hero figure of the Micmac people, is in fact a depiction of an early European explorer, most likely Henry Sinclair.[13][14]

The claim that Henry Sinclair explored North America has been popularised by several other authors, notably by Frederick J. Pohl,[15] Andrew Sinclair,[16]Michael Bradley,[17] William S. Crooker (who claimed to have discovered Henry Sinclair’s castle in Nova Scotia),[18] Steven Sora,[19] and more recently by David Goudsward.[20] The claim is based on several separate propositions:

  1. That the letters and map ascribed to the Zeno brothers and published in 1558 are authentic.

  2. That the voyage described in the letters as taken by Zichmni around the year 1398 to Greenland actually reached North America.

  3. That Zichmni is Henry Sinclair.


137 – Constantine the Great and his heirs …

The eldest son of Constantine the Great and Fausta, after the death of his half-brother Crispus, Constantine II was born in Arles in February 316[2] and raised as a Christian. On 1 March 317, he was made Caesar;[3] at the age of seven, in 323, he took part in his father’s campaign against the Sarmatians.[4] At age ten he became commander of Gaul, following the death of Crispus.

Constans (LatinFlavius Julius Constans Augustus)[1] (c.323[1][2]–350) was Roman Emperor from 337 to 350. He defeated his brother Constantine II in 340, but anger in the army over his personal life and preference for his barbarian bodyguards led the general Magnentius to rebel, resulting in the assassination of Constans in 350.

Constantius II (LatinFlavius Julius Constantius Augustus;[1][2] 7 August 317 – 3 November 361) wasRoman Emperor from 337 to 361. The second son of Constantine I and Fausta, he ascended to the throne with his brothers Constantine II and Constans upon their father’s death.

Constantine II (LatinFlavius Claudius Constantinus Augustus)[1] (January/February 316 – 340) wasRoman Emperor from 337 to 340. Son of Constantine the Great and co-emperor alongside his brothers, his attempt to exert his perceived rights of primogeniture led to his death in a failed invasion of Italy in 340.

Please remember to remember that phallic symbols are related to the IDEA of prime numbers, i.e. the obELIsk, and of course the pricks and the one dick that tries to run the world?

ObELIsks were erected throughout Rome in order to guide pilgrims on their jubILEe journeys.

And remember to remember it is rumored that the grand-vater of Jesus was in fact called HELI.

Please do not wake me up from my dreamy state of mind and put me back to shleep.
What I AM is onto something bigger than all of us….
But it appears to be dimensionless.

Stay thirsty my friends.


As long as we are discussing the rats who have it backwards and see themselves as star, found in the Vatican i.e. St. BeneDICK fromerly the Rat-singer shall we step inside the DOME in the Basilica and measure it?
The Dome not the dick.

137 feet

TeLEoIs and 137

1940. Prophecy based on the Teleois, a system used by all ancient wise men and lately rediscovered. A mysterious series of numbers and proportions found in musical scales, distances of planets from the sun, designs of snowflakes, etc., it was used to transmit knowledge and prophecy from one civilization to another.

Front Cover

Prophecies Of Melchizedek In The Great Pyramid And The Seven Temples – Page 

The 7 Sacred Temples and the Mathematical Correlations
There are 7 Sacred Temples around the world that are said to have been built by a high order of priests that were great mathematicians. These Temples were built to what is known as the Teleois Proportions. These are specific circles, that when drawn in to these temples, the intersections of them point to exact dates of important events in the evolution of man. These proportions are also part of other structures, such as the design of snow flakes, the skeleton of man and our Solar System. 

The base Numbers of the proportions are 1,4,7 and 13. In the Mystic Quadrate System this represents 1 Planetary Cycle divided into 4 Seasons with 7 Planetary periods and made up of 13 increments. But there is another amazing correlation. In the progression tables used only in The Mystic Quadrate System, there is an Age Column and a Plate or Quadrate Column. In the Yearly, Seasonal, Lunar and Weekly tables, when ever the Age Column reduces to one of the four base numbers of the Teleois Proportions, the corresponding Quadrate or Plate is also one those four numbers. This reveals that the increments of motion within The Mystic Quadrate System, are in perfect harmony with the structure of the world around us, including the Solar System as defined by the Teleois Proportions.


The Gann Wheel

Chapter 3-A Lesson From the John Floor!


How The Gann Wheel Is A Pivot Calculator


Book XI
Gann and the Teleois

starting on page 246

Whether or not Gann had a knowledge of the Teleois is a matter of conjecture on my part. Although he never mentions it by name, there appears to be times when he is referring to it.

Whether he did that or not I know there are Teleois angles on the Square of Nine chart.

What is the Teleois, you ask. Good question.

The word itself seems to mean perfect from what little I have found about the word.
Whether that means the Teleois numbers are perfect, I don’t know, since in many writings I have found several numbers referred to as perfect numbers. Some are Teleois and some are not.
My introduction to the Teleois came from a book written about 1940 called “The Prophecies of Melchizedek” by Brown Landone. Landone found Teleois relationships in the Great Pyramids, the planets, the human body, etc. I will not recount those relationships here as that would be going down a different path and as I have said in a number of my writings, we have to stay on the path we are on and go down those other paths later.

He listed the basal Teleois proportions as 1, 4, 7.
He listed the primary Telois proportions as 13, 19, 25, 31.
He listed the secondary Telois proportions as 10, 16, 22, 28.

If we list those numbers in numerical order we can see a PATTERN.

1, 4, 7, 10, 13, 16, 19, 22, 25, 28, 31

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  • raphael  On March 19, 2016 at 4:46 am

    The Year 137 AD
    In the year 137 AD the Bishop of Rome ordered the birthday of the Christ Child celebrated as a solemn feast.
    According to Dr. K. P. Jayaswal, “The State of Champa, according the Chinese authorities was founded in 137 A.D”.
    The Hermitage Art Museum: “On display is the famous “Palmyrian Tariff”, a marble slab with a text in Aramaic and Greek expounding the law issued on April 18th, 137 A.D. concerning the levying of duty on goods imported into Palmyra.”

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