37 ~ gENEs in mtDNA ~ and the Neanderthal

UPDATE March 30, 2015

One day later and while innocently browsing through Anthony Judge’s website I came upon another ’37’ re-discovery!

Number 37 as indicative of fruitful pathways of transformation?

37 Tonal values in hexagonal lattice array
(Reproduced from Ernest McClain, 1981, p. 95)
Meditations Through the Quran: tonal images in an oral culture

UPDATE March 29, 2015

This coincidence seems worthy of posting.
I wonder if scientists know they are being played like zeros and ones by the cosmic fiddler Nero?

Scientists have sequenced a 37,000-year-old genome.
The results show that present-day Scandinavians are the closest living relatives to the first people in Europe.

An international team of scientists have sequenced the genome of a 37,000-year-old male skeleton found in Kostenki in Russia.

The study, which was recently published in Science, sheds entirely new light on who we are as Europeans.

“From a genetic point of view he’s an European,” says Professor Eske Willerslev, Director of the Centre for GeoGenetics at the University of Copenhagen, who was involved in the new study, and adds:

“Actually, he is closer to Danes, Swedes, Finns and Russians than to Frenchmen, Spaniards and Germans”.

And I do find the above interesting.
Widukind the last Saxon to oppose Charlemagne found refuge with the Danes before eventually converting to Christianity.

And he did say Neanderthals and modern man interbred about 57,000 years ago.
Another ’37’ coincidence.

~ end of UPDATE ~


Neanderthals … They’re Just Like Us?

Well, not exactly. But new discoveries have had a surprisingly humanizing effect.

According to a new study that analyzed traces of Neanderthal DNA in present-day humans, Neanderthals may have been interbreeding with some of the ancestors of modern Eurasians as recently as 37,000 years ago. And another recent study found that Asian and South American people possess an even greater percentage of Neanderthal genes.

“These are complexities in the out-of-Africa story that certainly I would not have anticipated two or three years ago,” said Chris Stringer, a paleoanthropologist at the Natural History Museum in London.

A Draft Sequence of the Neanderthal Genome

The draft sequence of the Neanderthal genome, published in the journalScience in 2010, provided the first compelling genetic evidence that Neanderthals and H. sapiens had more in common than just an ancestor in Africa hundreds of thousands of years ago.

Did Neanderthal Genes Cause the Advancement of Human Civilization?

Let’s look at the facts: modern humans made basically zero progress for over 163,000 years. They didn’t invent much. They didn’t develop any significant societies. They didn’t build much of anything. They were basically hunter-gatherers that did not make any technological progress for 163,000 years.

To put that in perspective, virtually all of human progress has been made over the last 37,000 years.

 37 gENEs in mtDNA


In most multicellular organisms, the mtDNA is organized as a circular, covalently closed, double-stranded DNA. But in many unicellular (e.g. the ciliateTetrahymena or thegreen algaChlamydomonas reinhardtii) and in rare cases also in multicellular organisms (e.g. in some species of Cnidaria) the mtDNA is found as linearly organized DNA. Most of these linear mtDNAs possess telomerase independent telomeres (i.e. the ends of the linear DNA) with different modes of replication, which have made them interesting objects of research, as many of these unicellular organisms with linear mtDNA are known pathogens.[16]

For human mitochondrial DNA (and probably for that of metazoans in general), 100-10,000 separate copies of mtDNA are usually present per cell (egg and sperm cells are exceptions). In mammals, each double-stranded circular mtDNA molecule consists of 15,000-17,000[17]base pairs. The two strands of mtDNA are differentiated by their nucleotide content with the guanine rich strand referred to as the heavy strand, and the cytosine rich strand referred to as the light strand.

The heavy strand encodes 28 genes, and the light strand encodes 9 genes for a total of 37 genes.

Of the 37 genes, 13 are for proteins (polypeptides), 22 are for transfer RNA (tRNA) and two are for the small and large subunits of ribosomal RNA (rRNA).

This pattern is also seen among most metazoans, although in some cases one or more of the 37 genes is absent and the mtDNA size range is greater.

Even greater variation in mtDNA gene content and size exists among fungi and plants, although there appears to be a core subset of genes that are present in all eukaryotes (except for the few that have no mitochondria at all).

Some plant species have enormous mtDNAs (as many as 2,500,000 base pairs per mtDNA molecule) but, surprisingly, even those huge mtDNAs contain the same number and kinds of genes as related plants with much smaller mtDNAs.[18]


But what do we make of these coincidences?

This particular Oracle, the Great Star Guide contains the names of 37‘ entities and clearly most of them are names of angELs.

I just happen to notice another coincidence … I wore the number 23 as MVP of my high school basketball team…I also go by the name Raphael.
The angel below on the Star Guide #23 is Raphael.
Yin is 2 and Yang is 3.

Zoroaster Great Star Guide

The Great Star Guide

37 angEL‘s = Zoroaster’s Oracle ‘template’

Great link the source of those Zoroaster images in this blog…unfortunately they are in German:

but wait … what have we here?
The Seed/Flower/Fruit of Life and37

click on link:


The following information including an image I had posted ended up becoming a dead link.

Snapshots in time (nondimensionalized) of the implosion/explosion of a hexagonal shock in a square box.

But I managed to locate a Jorgenson at NASA who might fit the bill.

“We took the alphabet and put it into a matrix — like a calendar. We numbered the columns and rows, and we could identify each letter with a pair of single-digit numbers,” Jorgensen said. “So we silently spelled out ‘NASA’ and then submitted it to a well-known Web search engine. We electronically numbered the Web pages that came up as search results. We used the numbers again to choose Web pages to examine. This proved we could browse the Web without touching a keyboard,” Jorgensen explained.

Scientists are testing new, ‘noncontact’ sensors that can read muscle signals even through a layer of clothing.


So at the end of the daze what do we have here exactly?
An apparent coincidence or evidence that we are sharing in the same gene-meme-dream-themes that keep reinventing themselves over and over and over again till we get it….?

I do lean toward Stan Gooch’s theory suggesting that Neanderthal INTUITION is today being verified and subsequently it must be vilified by 21st century LOGIC which is about to kick itself in the but! but! butt! because we have been such arses!
The late Stan Gooch after many years of research and study concluded the I-Ching was the ‘flowering’ of the Neanderthal sciences.
I feel the QaBaLaH is an extension of this INTUITIVE line of LOGIC too. 😉

Suggesting in the end that science and religion MUST reconcILE, with the result that science will prove itself to have been a religion and religion was in fact based on a science.

ta da

Did the NEanderthal MiNd play a role in the Eternal Story of the W and Z?




2B continued:
more evidence that coincidences are evidence of what we fail to comprehend still to come.

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