OM-phalos – Nav-ELs – Wheels of Fortune – Geodetic Center

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GEODETIC CENTER of North America 

“The day when we shall know exactly what electricity is
will chronicle an event probably greater than any other
recorded in the human race.”
Modern electricity came from man harnessing ‘lightning’.
Okay this what we know thus far about the origin of harnessing electricity.
Apparently Benjamin Franklin attached a KEY to a string and a theory which in turn was attached to a Roger Penrose idEA called a Kite or was it a Dart which was set adrift into the upper atmosphere targeting the Chinese cloud patterns which appeared to be the source of thunder and lightning … (do ya follow?)

Holy MEME drEaM the Penrose tiles are very stealth looking Batman.  

I do need to remind those who are not familiar with myth storytelling (a synthesis of the collated intuitive meme dreams) that Thor, Jupiter, and Zeus were all associated with lightening, sometimes thunder, and apparently the swastika has been associated with the hammer of Thor and the two lightning bolts the two sig runes which were later adopted to represent the ‘SS’.

Blue Lightning Pattern Design

The sig rune looks like the letter ‘N’ reversed.

And of course from time to time I have had THOTH thoughts creep into my mind suggesting SS = 55 = ZZ = 22 too!

As we all know China is the strongest growing market in the world right now. To make sure that their products live up to international standards and to reinsure foreign customers, the China Top Brand quality label is awarded to certain companies every year, since 2001[3] (a few months before becoming a member of the WTO).

“In the official interpretation of “China Top Brand” […] logo actually represent four arrowhead-shaped objects that symbolize economic development. Together the objects formed the character for fame […] in China Top Brand as well as the character for quality […] in Quality Top Brand.

The four arrowheads also represent four Arabic number one’s, which symbolize the four quality standards, the four evaluation criteria, the four concepts and the four evaluation principles necessary to become a China Top Brand.”

In India the fire sticks of Agni have also been associated with the swastika.
I AM going to go out on a limb in the here and now and suggest that the theft of fire from the gods involved the swastika too.

YHVH  a.k.a. JeHoVaH  

God/YHVH is positioned
at the four inter-cardinal directions

feelin’ lucky punk?

“The method of interrogating the god at Delphoi consisted in placing above the omphalos a

roulette wheel

in which obviously there moved a pebble or a few pebbles”

– Livio Catullo Stecchini

Egyptian Omphalos similar to the Roulette Whee

…was divided into 36 sections or decans.

Interesting that the Aztec Calendar Wheel outer rim is divided into 36 sections too.
plus 4 sections on each of the inner arms for a total of 52

I do find it interesting that we have found another profound connection between the swastika, along with the horseshoe magnet shape associated with GOOD LUCK representing the inner circle at Stonehenge and now we find profound coincidences between the roulette wheel and the casino, err shall I dare suggest the KA-sin-oh!

What I am finding out is that there exists much mystery as to the origin of the ‘roulette wheel’, prior to the French renaming or reinventing this WHEEL concept found in the Orient…and perhaps a similar concept in the Americas.

As this link clearly suggests:
OriSSa/Chariots/Wheels/Apollo = Precession of the Equinoxes

Nilson explains the name of Apollo by the gloss of Hesychios pella= lithos, “stone”, and most probably he is right.

There is no question that at Delphoi Apollo was identified with the omphalos, which is a stone, the foundation stones of the universe. The opholos with its pattern of meridians and parallels represents the upper hemisphere and hence represents the numerical order of the universe.

The method of interrogating the god at Delphoi consisted in placing above the omphalos a roulette wheel in which obviously there moved a pebble or a few pebbles.

Apollo is the god of measure, science, philosophy, and in general of the higher intellectual activities. He is a god of music, because music is intimately connected with measurements devices. It is not surprising to see Apollo called Nomios since nomos is a part of measures; Apollo is particularly linked with legalism. In mythology he appears closely connected with the palladion of Troy and he is presented as a lover of Kassandra to whom he gave the gift of prophecy. He would have given a similar gift for similar reasons to the Cumaean Sibyl, a figure who Jews and Christians accepted as their own, since she prophesied historical events connected with astronomical ages. The Cumaean Sibyl stood inside a vessel, like the prophetess I have mentioned in relation to the Hebrew Ark.  

There are several locations around the ancient world that have inherited the accolade of ‘Earth Navel’. By definition, each location represents the place through which we connected with an invisible umbilical connection to the earth-mother-earth. These sites are invariably considered the centre of the world, or even the universe, and often become primary pilgrimage locations (such as Mecca or Allahabad). It has long been argued that there may exist a geometric connection between such sites, with a clear geodetic connection between Delphi and Karnak (Egypt), as established by Livvio Stecchini. Stecchini said this about the subject:-

‘The Temple of Ammon at Thebes at latitude 25° 43’ N was considered, and is, located at 2/7 of the distance between the Equator and the pole. Ancient geographers divided the space between the Equator and the Pole into 7 zones. Egyptologists have vainly tried to explain why the Greeks gave the name of Thebai to the city called Wast by the Egyptians; the explanation is provided by the Hebrew word thibbun meaning “navel”. From the Bible (Jud. 9:37) we learn that “a navel of the earth” was located at Mt. Gerizim where there was originally the sacred center of the Hebrews before it was moved to Jerusalem; the Samaritans never accepted such a shift, and geographically they were right, since the claim of Jerusalem to be the navel of the earth was not correct. The eastern gate of theSecond Temple, where the standards of length were located, was called Gate of Susa, but Susa was located at the latitude of Mt. Gerizim which is 32° 11’ N. The sanctuary of Mt. Gerizim was located at a latitude that is 2½ sevenths from the Equator. Egyptian benchmarks had the shape of the “navel” found at the Temple of Delphoi in Greece. These “navels” had the shape of a hemisphere with the meridians and parallels marked upon them; at times they are half a sphere and at times they are elongated at the Pole. The sanctuary of Delphoi was considered a “navel of the earth,” as being located at 3/7 of the distance from the Equator to the Pole. This would correspond to a latitude 38° 34’ N; the Temple of Delphoi is actually located at a latitude 38° 29’ N, … which makes it 6° to the North of one of two Egyptian anchor points, the original apex of the Nile Delta at latitude 30° 05’ N on the axis of Egypt which is 31° 13’ E. Susa was computed as being 17° to the East of this point; it is at latitude 48° 15’ E. When the Assyrians established their religious capital at Nimrud in 875 B.C. they chose a point that was 6° to the North and 12° to the East of this Egyptian anchor point. (5) (See below for list of Earth Navel’s) ‘Stecchini maintains that the iconographically consistent presence of pairs of pigeons, perched on, or on either side of, the omphaloi , or “navels,” of the ancient world, are an indication of their function as the measurers of the geodetic absolute center. He adds, that, “from prehistoric times” … “carrier pigeons [were] used for establishing geographic distances.

According to Greek legends, a central geodetic point was obtained by loosing two birds of equal strength and using the mean of the time employed in flight. This would allow for differences in wind current and other variables. By repeated flights even more accurate measurements could be obtained. In ancient literature and iconography the flight of two doves is the standard symbol for the stretching of meridians and parallels.

With Stecchini’s information in hand, it becomes possible to see that the dove-stories originating out of Egypt are a direct reference to the mathematical calculations used by the Egyptian priests to establish that their place in the world was at the absolute center’. (2)

“He with the navel” (Xitli), according to the scribe Alva Ixtlilxochitl, “opened the earth and swept everything in its path, on the day Ahui-Quiahuitl, in the year 8-Tecpatl,” this translates into April 24 of 76 A.D.”

Planet WavesZodiac Wheel

French Roulette Wheel

Whirlygig Toy

DNA Roulette

Sacred Geometry under the DNA molecule

Theoretically, it is possible to construct a helix from almost any series of polygons, there happens to be only one polygonal formation that would fulfil all the necessary criteria: ten regular pentagons orientated about a decagon

Does the image above resemble the next image?
Does DNA, the idea for roulette, games of chance, the good luck swastika, all suggest we are gambling with our lives?

Sexagesimal (base 60) is a numeral system with sixty as its base. It originated with the ancient Sumerians in the 3rd millennium BC, it was passed down to the ancient Babylonians, and it is still used — in a modified form — for measuring timeangles, and geographic coordinates.

Origin 3×4 GRID
It is possible for people to count on their fingers to 12 using one hand only, with the thumb pointing to each finger bone on the four fingers in turn. A traditional counting system still in use in many regions of Asia works in this way, and could help to explain the occurrence of numeral systems based on 12 and 60 besides those based on 10, 20 and 5. In this system, the one (usually right) hand counts repeatedly to 12, displaying the number of iterations on the other (usually left), until five dozens, i. e. the 60, are full.[1][2]

A legend says that François Blanc supposedly bargained with the devil to obtain the secrets of roulette.
The legend is based on the fact that the sum of all the numbers on the roulette wheel (from 1 to 36) is 666
which is the “Number of the Beast

I also want to point out that some roulette tables have 37 slots.
If 666 is the sum of the numbers 1-36 what happens when we add slot #37?

666 + 37 = 703

After playing chess and windmill last class, I have concluded that while both these games may seem very different there are actually several similarities between the two.

Fig 16 prayer wheel

Prayer Wheel

The practitioner most often spins the wheel clockwise, as the direction in which the mantras are written is that of the movement of the sun across the sky. On rare occasions, advanced Tantric practitioners such as Senge Dongma, the Lion-Faced Dakini, spin prayer wheels counterclockwise to manifest a more wrathful protective energy. As the practitioner turns the wheel, it is best to focus the mind and repeat the Om Mani Padme Hum mantra.

Read more:


The following was posted on TOEQUEST on January 14, 2013

WHY can I convert the 4 Evangelists who we see reading their gospels to Hamid’s formula below?

the MAN 1, the EAGLE 3 , the LION 7 , the BULL 6

how did I derive those numbers and why do I feel I can insert/convert them to the Planck LENGTH formula?
and one of my guru guides, Livio Cattulo Stecchini informs me LENGTH is of primary importance….


(1/6)^37 (St. Matthew 1 divided by St. Luke 6)^ St. John 3 St. Mark 7

It is really simpleton, easy to remember, maybe the reason why it was structured this way, so the wisdom could be RECOVERABLE?

How many chapters are in each of the gospels attributed to the 4 Evangelists?
Reduce them to a single digit.

(also note how the birth of jeSuS was recorded in Matthew1:18-25 which is a match for the zodiacal positions as noted on CARD X of the Tarot)

I AM a crazy ****************ing genius. 

And I know I AM casting real gems and pearls to the ‘pig-dogs’ of this generation.
I have seen history play itself out over and over and over and over …

Future generations will rEMEMber who I AM.
This current one is lost in space without an oar or rudder to help steer the ship of fools….

‘Raphael’ associated with the swastiKEY
(so it has already been written….in fact)

stevie25 you never did answer my simpleton question:

Do you believe in god?

selah V

p.s. now lets pretend that CARD X a.k.a. the wheel of fortune is a roulette wheel?

the comparisons to DNA can wait for now…. 

well stevie25 YOU have no idEA what kind of gift you offered ME.

I wonder IF you will start to see the pearls I AM giving YOU?

Quote Originally Posted by stephentuck25 View Post
I don’t find that function particularly accurate for the value of Planck Length (but it is a close approximation).

CLOSE is close enough for ME!!!

In the game of horseshoes and magnetism, the player does NOT have to score a dead ringer to win.
There is no need to be exact in fact.
Close but no cigar (a phrase coined in the USA) is a non issue.
You can win the game of horseshoes by just being close to the stake.
Keep that in mind when developing a theory. 

A search of ‘lucky swastika horseshoe’ yields MANY results in fact.

Stonehenge inner circle is shaped like a horseshoe and it yields many coincidences regarding my favorite numbers, these sunny daze 

Within this circle stood five trilithons of dressed sarsen stone arranged in a horseshoe shape 13.7 metres (45 ft) across with its open end facing north east. These huge stones, ten uprights and five lintels, weigh up to 50 tons each. They were linked using complex jointing. They are arranged symmetrically. The smallest pair of trilithons were around 6 metres (20 ft) tall, the next pair a little higher and the largest, single trilithon in the south west corner would have been 7.3 metres (24 ft) tall.The average thickness of the stones is 1.1 metres (3 ft 7 in)

Obviously, the swastika was famous long before John Deere formed his first plowshare in 1837!

It gets even better stevie25 

From my POV ….

Quote Originally Posted by stephentuck25 View Post
The standard value of the Planck Length is 1.616199 x 10^-35 meters and when I do a relativistic correction for the velocity of the earth (from an equation using relativistically accurate Planck Units based upon the Lorentz transformation), I get 1.60698 x 10^-35 meters for the value in a rest-frame. The value returned from (1/6)^37 = 1.61586 x 10^-29. Hamid came up with his value (based upon converting to micro-meters) by multiplying his figure for the Planck Length by 1,000,000 since 1 meter = 1,000,000 micro-meters (also known as microns). His value is rather close for micro-meters but it is not exact. However, it is my understanding that he feels this could be due to the amount of uncertainty in measurement. The only explaination for his numerology is an analogy of a Roulette Wheel and Quantum Mechanics (which are based on probability).

Well I can honestly say, I didn’t really care for all of that…though I AM sure it is relevant.

Maybe you should change your name to sAIN’T Stephen?

Or would you prefer stevie-Apollo the god of measurement?

Apollo is the god of measure, science, philosophy, and in general of the higher intellectual activities. He is a god of music, because music is intimately connected with measurements devices. It is not surprising to see Apollo called Nomios since nomos is a part of measures; Apollo is particularly linked with legalism. IMPORTANT SITE bookmark this site:

Now what you offer here is grand.
I would bet the farm on it in fact. 

Quote Originally Posted by stephentuck25 View Post
Although, it does sound somewhat connected to something I read on a forum called “Cracking Pi” in which supposedly a flat bet advantage of 0.8333 in the work of scientists such as Rudjer Boskovic and Werner Heisenberg (using Probability Theory) relates to a 0.16666 flate bet advantage in Roulette (where the advantage of 0.8333 is doubled by the possibilities of two possible directions with the geometric certainty of one direction). It is interesting since ……

Roulette is a game based upon Gravitation and the parallels made to the Pi-Constant.

I haven’t made a decisive determination as it relates to Probability Theory’s basis on physical quantizations, but Hamid’s theory could have a basis established in Probability Theory that relates to Planck Length.

“Cracking Pi”

Roulette is a game based upon Gravitation and the parallels made to the Pi-Constant

Well what else can I say … “I told ewe so” comes to mind and Hamid should be glad I have not only RECOVERED some valuable puzzle pieces but I AM putting them together.

With OR without your assistance, clearly the math genius called stevie25 is just a hired hand, just another dude on the Circle Square ranch.

REMEMEBER that stevie25 … I have seen many SS SuperStar LEFT fIELders just like you drop the fly ball to help lose the game.

I really do HOLD the swastiKEY

Or maybe Andy (who is a legend in his own mind) as the next incarnation of Capt. Kirk will lead us all to the promised land….?

wolf rolf ROFL

image of Egyptian OMPHALOS

Earlier in this response I suggested that you bookmark this site:
It is a site being operated in the MEMEory of Livio Catullo Stecchini.

An expert on ancient weights and measures.

Here is why you need to raise your game.

Nilson explains the name of Apollo by the gloss of Hesychios pella= lithos, “stone”, and most probably he is right. There is no question that at Delphoi Apollo was identified with the omphalos, which is a stone, the foundation stones of the universe. The opholos with its pattern of meridians and parallels represents the upper hemisphere and hence represents the numerical order of the universe.
The method of interrogating the god at Delphoi consisted in placing above the omphalos a roulette wheel in which obviously there moved a pebble or a few pebbles. 
Nilsson observes that at the sanctuary of Apollo Didymaios, “the Twin”, of Miletos the god was represented by two stones in form of astragalos. A copy in bronze of one of these astrogaloi has been found and it is a standard of weight. The astragaloi, like pebbles, were means for consulting the divinity and hence for revealing the numerical order of the universe. The astragaloi of the Temple of Apollo Didymaios were carried in procession, and so was the omphalos kept at the Temple of Zeus Ammon in Libya.

Here is another site that I recommend stevie25 should spend more not less time on….rEMEMber you and Hamid at this point are splitting hairs, I AM the fella who does the shearing.

 OM-phalos – Nav-ELs – Wheels of Fortune – Geodetic Center

I should probably approach Hamid with my request to help ME solve this puzzle, an offer I made to you.
(Andy is out to lunch, doin’ lunch with his puny ego on planet ???)

Thereby putting us on the same page as Roger Penrose and Ed Witten.…y-the-w-z.html

IF stevie25 thinks he is the cat’s ass, I got news for ewe, pussies have 9 LIvEs and your claim to fame is a fading probability, once all the dicks are on the table, your big schtick might not seem so big afterall.

thank you kindly for your gift, I appreciate the pearl, I AM will soon have 108 pearls on my Christian Rosenkreutz rosary.
then I can trade it in for a set of wings. 

ITS a GAME children can play best sometimes
keep the rules SIMPLETON so everybody can participate


selah V



I just noticed that this is post 2207

22/7 = another pi in the sky coincidence!

to be continued …

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