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2012 in review re: Wordblog

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

4,329 films were submitted to the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. This blog had 24,000 views in 2012. If each view were a film, this blog would power 6 Film Festivals

Click here to see the complete report.

RESCUE ME ~ Firefighter Badges 856 and 1258 ~ Swastika City Arkaim ~ Tracking the Aryans ~ Chariots of Fire ~ Phaistos Disk

UPDATE September 23, 2016

We can add another most profound coincidence to the Phaistos Disk.
What can we learn when placed alongside other ideas which seem to share in a similar structure used to define the narrative?

Chakravyuha vs. Phaistos Disk
What can be learned?

… to be continued

~ end of UPDATE ~

circa 510-490 BC. Charioteer, holding kentron and reins, driving walking quadriga right
centre containing diademed head of Arethusa to left

Arethusa means “the waterer”.
In Greek mythology, she was a nymph and daughter of Nereus (making her a Nereid), who fled from her home in Arcadia beneath the sea.

UPDATE August 29, 2015

The other day Ang Rode-Neumann led me back to the Phaistos disk and Gareth Owens at TEDxHeraklion.
She pointed out to me that my birthday July 3 coincided with the same day the Phaistos disk was found in 1908.
Another ’37’ connection that is not a coincidence.
It would be another confirmation that the swastika recovery is no accident of chance.

Phaistos Disc Decipherment Claims – Non-linguistic

disclaimer: ALL of the Phaistos disk information that follows needs to be sorted out.

Later I was lead to Peter Aleff and Victoria Shockley, as it turned out they are both ‘game players’ ….

Phaistos disk B-side on the left a red arrow clearly indicates an entrance
and on the right we see a similar idea, plus three lesser entrances in blue

In my opinion the entrance of the Phaistos disk B-side leads to the inner spiral which in fact is encapsulated by 12 segments, 13 on the A-side.
In my opinion the outside ring would evolve into the Omega symbol maybe linked to the zodiac be consistent with the controversy regarding 12 vs. 13 zodiac signs.
The entrance on this disk might be located between Scorpio and Sagittarius, that is where the 13th zodiac sign called ophiuchus would be situated.

note: The spiral begins on side A with an 8-fold rosette and KA

Is the Phaistos disk it a potential update to an idea being developed that we see in Arkaim?

An IDEA still being developed today in fact.

Other theories worth having a look at IF we all bring pieces of the puzzle to the solution.

RED ARROW exit/enter B SIDE

BLUE ARROW enter/exit A SIDE

For an explanation of some of the NUMBERS 1-61 go to Peter Aleff’s site;

The following table belongs to Robert Bradford Lewis.

Robert Bradford Lewis website;

Ecliptic crossing the galactic plane of the Milky Way near the center of the galaxy

Ecliptic crossing the galactic plane of the Milky Way near the center of the galaxy or GC
The galactic center or GC intersection involves #8 Scorpio, #9 Sagittarius
and a potential 13th sign of the zodiac in Ophiuchus.
(Sky graphic using Stellarium 0.10.61)

Phaistos Disk WOMB

My inner child ponders if the spiral is inside a womb?
… as I have shown above?
… two sides of the same coin?
… but is the coin flat or does it have a topography to account for evolution and involution?
… as we see in the next image of the Shiva Lingam.

Is there any hidden meaning in the Shiva Linga structure?

Shocking Connection Between The Vatican & Shiva Linga

You will see the similarity between the shape of the linga and the compound of the Vatican city.
Looking closer you will find a tripundara (three lines on Shiva’s forehead) and a bindu incorporated into the design of the Piazza San Pietro of the Vatican city.

Vatican- What’s In A Name?

The word Vatican has been derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Vatika’ which means Vedic cultural centres.

Now it happens that Hindu monasteries are also called vatika. This raises the question could the pre-Roman Etruscans have based their religion on Hinduism and learned how to stimulate the third eye through entheogenic plants? Given that the Vatican was once a vatika for Vaticinia women (probably from India) who drank from a vat of vatika wine to hallucinate through their swas-tika, most religions may well have been derived from ancient Indian shamanism that incorporated entheogenic herbs. The book “Persephone’s Quest” seems to support this idea.

A Shiva linga was discovered inside the Vatican city during the archaeological excavations. This Shiva linga is exhibited in the Gregorian Etruscan museum of the Vatican city.

Kumares jug found same place as Phaistos DiskPhaistos Disk WOMB
What IF?

~end of UPDATE~

The two fire sticks of Agni
note that we could refer to them as x-axis and y-axis
comprising a grid, matrix or ThE NET

How did humans learn how to make fire? We have three possibilities:

1. Aliens taught them
2. They had vision in which god told them how to do it
3. They did it by accident while trying to do something else

If you think about primitive fire making techniques they fall into two basic types:

1. wood on wood friction
2. stone on iron friction


The following are the interpretations attached to the different points of the compass:—

If the bird flies north-east and then returns quickly to the rice, extreme good fortune to the Raja;
if north-west, rice and fish will be plentiful;
if west, receipt of news of wars from other countries;
if south-west, worms and mosquitoes will abound, and the Raja and the people will be ill at ease;
if south, much sickness and many deaths;
if south-east, disturbances in the country, and lives lost in war and by the attacks of wild beasts;
if east, happiness for the Raja.
I have failed to ascertain why these meanings are attached to the particular directions.

HOWEVER did you note in the above interpretation that north was not mentioned, only 7 of 8 points on the compass rose.

tayma al-maqayel-chariotAl Maqayel Chariot
  1. Stonehenge is oriented to the northeast or NE.
  2. The Great Pyramid is oriented to the Celestial Pole Star.
  3. IF you go to the NE corner of the unfinished apex of the Great Pyramid, you will find it is just over 137 meters in height.
  4. Noah’s archetypal three level Ark was just over 137 meters long too.
    i.e. 300 cubits >>> 450 feet >>> 137.16 meters
  5. And then when you find out that we can connect ‘137’ to the value of the word QaBaLaH (QBLH = 137) and using science illustrate how 137 can be linked to one of the four forces ‘electro-magnetism’, via its reciprocal or inverse called ‘alpha’ or 1/137, the fine structure constant, then IF I was to suggest the Hebrew aleph-bet is a language of light and its reciprocal darkness too, why do ‘we the sheeple’ look at ME+me as though I am crazy when I appear to be onto something big?
    Begging me to ask the question would a LEvI priest working earthly magic need to know about 137 or 1/137?
    i.e. 90 x 2 click click two rotations 180 degrees LEvI = I^37


Over 50 ancient geoglyphs, including swastika, discovered

Jordanian Swastika Geoglyph

Titicaca Geoglyphs



First step, expose yourself to this geometric shape/form for 24+ years, and then for a further 7 magical years you really try to focus on it charms.
As I did from the temple and castle I call my HOME

… and I managed to follow the archetypal clues back HOME

I retired from the fire department on July 31, 2007 and the best reason I can give is that I was given no choice by my higher self.
I took it’s advice not knowing exactly where I was being ledbut since that day I received my thunder-jolt I have never ever looked back.

Yes I repeat it will be a full magical 7 years on 7/31/2014 that I thunder-bolted from the fire department because I truly felt ‘reborn’ and found myself someplace I no longer needed to be.

To be, or not to be, that is the question—

But apparently I do want to suggest that is NOT the question.

2 BE or not 2 BE
Which mode shall thee BE?
B or E?

Today the ‘gravity of the situation’ is in fact suggesting that an addendum be added to the bard’s POV.
Being the sage of this age let me suggest the famous quote be updated based on the identification of the IMPRINTING we have all received, apparently according to ’empirical science’ evidence.


Arkaim ~ Swastika City

SanSkrit – ‘ARKA’


Swastika City

In order to gain publicity, the early investigators described Arkaim as “Swastika City”, “Mandala City”, and “the ancient capital of early Aryan civilization, as described in the Avesta and Vedas“.

The swastika description refers to the floor plan of the site, which (with some imagination) may appear similar to the swastika symbol, albeit with rounded arms (similar to the lauburu) attached to a central ring instead of a cross.

If a Stonehenge it something outstanding Arkaim is the phenomenon exclusive in its uniqueness. The Stonehenge, in its best years was, in a principle, only a cult place and prehorizont an observatory deprived of any utilitarian functions. Arkaim besides it was a temple under open-air and a solar -lunar observatory it was also a settlement both a fortress and metallurgical combine and … a calendar.

Astroarcheologist K.K.Bystrushkin has established, that Arkaim has not been simply constructed in the form of a zodiac map of the star sky, but also contained in the plan three calendars:

  • solar
  • lunar 
  • precessional

..all at once!

Arkaim a.k.a. Swastika/Mandala City next to my firefighter badge #856

When we consider my journey involving the Maltese Cross and Swastika these past few years I find it fascinating that the globally recognized logo for firefighters and the design of Arkaim have a similar design.

But wait there is another very profound coincidence regarding my badge #856, the Indo-Aryan culture and the ‘CUBE’.
(**see blog postscript)

Part 1-3

other sources:

great source:

Significant Vinca Script info:


The site is generally dated to the 17th century BC. Earlier dates, up to the 20th century BC, have been proposed. It was a settlement of the Sintashta-Petrovka culture.

And why does linking Arkaim to the Sintashta-Petrovka CULTure prove to be an interesting AHA?

One word.


N Z swastikas Chariot Athens Greece c700 BC

Athens c.700 BC

great website that I must return to

The earliest known chariots have been found in Sintashta burials, and the culture is considered a strong candidate for the origin of the technology, which spread throughout the Old World and played an important role in ancient warfare.

Swastika: The Forgotten Constellation Representing the Chariot of Mithras

Presented September 2012 for the first time.

What makes the swastika interesting in the context of Mithraism is the wide use of this symbol in the east, particularly in ancient Iran and India, coinciding with the Mithraic tauroctony.

Interestingly, the swastika was known as ‘the chariot of Mithra’ in Iran.

 In the Avesta, Mithra is described as having a celestial quadriga pulled by four heavenly white horses, who have front hoofs made of gold and back hoofs made of silver.
His chariot is decorated with the stars and his bright face is like the star Sirius.
He hears with his thousand ears and watches with his thousand eyes, always standing on the high end of the sky, restlessly, in the north, arising above the Alborz mountain.
He appears before the sunrise and after the sunset and touches both ends of the ball-shaped earth, and he watches everything between the earth and the sky.

This leaves no doubt that the seat of Mithra and his quadriqa is a celestial body in the sky close to the celestial north pole.

The Zodiac and Dirghatamas

What kind of references can we find in the Rig Vedas to lightning, thunder, the number 7, and chariots of fire?

One of a series of articles by David Frawley on Astrology in the Vedas.

1. Of this adorable old invoker (the Sun) is a middle brother who is pervasive (the Wind or lightning). He has a third brother, whose back carries ghee (Fire). There I saw the Lord of the people (the Sun) who has seven children.

2. Seven yoke the chariot that has a single wheel (chakra). One horse that has seven names carries it. The wheel has three naves, is undecaying and never overcome, where all these beings are placed.

3. This chariot which the seven have mounted has seven wheels (chakras) and is carried by seven horses. The seven sisters sing forth together, where are hidden the seven names of the cows.

11. The wheel of law with twelve spokes does not decay as it revolves around heaven. Oh Fire, here your 720 sons abide.

12. The Father with five feet and twelve forms, they say, dwells in the higher half of heaven full of waters. Others say that he is the clear-seeing one who dwells below in a sevenfold wheel that has six spokes.

13. Revolving on this five-spoked wheel all beings stand. Though it carries a heavy load, its axle does not over heat. From of old it does not break its ancient laws.

What is literally, figuratively and empirically clear from the Vedic text is that the inclusion of numbers as part of the narrative is fundamental.
Without which the memetic message would be less effective.

Votive carts from Dupljaja

Two copies of votive carts discovered in the early 20th century near the village Dupljaja , represent the highest artistic achievements carriers DUBOVAČKA žutobrdske – cultural group , which was distributed at the end of the Bronze Age in the Serbian Danube and south Banat .

Time and conditions at which the findings are poorly understood , it is the unusual structure carts contribute to some scientists express doubts as to their authenticity . Felix Mileker thought that both copies found 1903rd in the northeast part of the site Dupljaja – City .

Collector from Bela Church Leonard Bem , bought the finder fragmented wheelchair and with the help of one’s craft , they are very skillfully reconstructed . In Bemovom property were located up in 1929. when his son Karl offered to sell Felix Milekeru curator of the Municipal Museum in Vrsac .

Collecting just one part of the required sum , Mileker buys smaller carts with two wheels and anthropomorphic statetu with schematized bird face decorated with solar symbols – swastikas . Although damaged, votive carts from Dupljaja , are one of the most important items that are kept in the Municipal Museum in Vrsac .

The second , larger and better preserved specimen acquired the National Museum in Belgrade . Rounds circular shape in which the figure of the male deity dressed in women’s clothing with a wide bell skirt , pulling two wildfowl while the third is the site of the charioteer . Trolleys and statuettes decorated with ornaments made by incision with a filling of white paste. Ornaments and jewelry to suit statuettes , otherwise normal for late Bronze Age , particularly accurately represented .

It is believed that the figures on the car is the deity of fertility , while wildfowl drawn wagon their regular companion and also a symbol of fertility. The emergence of divinity, master of the sun, could be linked to the myth of the Delphic Apollo , dressed in women’s clothes , that one part of the year in the distant , mist- covered land of the Hyperboreans , and the other , in his temple at Delphi.

What is history?
I think a true accounting of history must consider both recent HIS-story and the pre-literate HER-story.
I think history is a continual debate that revolves around a central issue that is impossible to get everybody to agree on!

‘wha just happened?’

selah V


Badge #856 

** p.s. there are two more profound associations to my badge #856 that need to be mentioned.

First of all my badge #856 and the number of letters in my given name (ralph) 5, middle name (robert) 6, and surname (wedekind) 8 are in fact 568.


Cubical weights in graduated sizes.These weights conform to the standard Harappan binary weight system that was used in all of the settlements. The smallest weight in this series is 0.856 grams and the most common weight is approximately 13.7 grams, which is in the 16th ratio. In the large weights the system become a decimal increase where the largest weight is 100 times the weight of the 16th ratio in the binary system. These weights were found in recent excavations at Harappa and may have been used for controlling trade and possibly for collecting taxes.

Harappa Archaeological Research Project

another source … slides 40-47 discussing the relationship between the Pleiades and Great Bear should be viewed.

“The weight system of the Indus Valley civilization was standardized, and nearly identical weights were used in all of the settlements for the valuation of precious commodities such as gold, gems, spices, and perfumes, and for taxation purposes.

Indus weights were also found at sites along the Gulf and most notably at Susa in southwestern Iran.

The Susa weight in this exhibition (cat. No. 292b) was found in a prince’s funerary repository from the twelfth century BCE, long after the period when it was used in the Indus region. Given that it was deposited in a prestigious context, it must have been preserved as a rarity and perceived as a precious object. The Indus weight system was binary, with two seeds of barley or one seed of the red and black gunja (Abrus precatorius) representing the smallest unit, 0.109 grams.

Eight of the gunja seeds or sixteen grains of barley are equal to the smallest known Indus weights, which average 0.871 grams.

In this group of cubes found in various archaeological contexts at Chanhudaro the smallest weight is 0.856 grams.
(For more information on the Chanhudaro weights in this exhibition, see Mackay 1943, pp. 239-46, pl. 91:29-32).

The most common Indus weight is approximately 13.7 grams, which is sixteen times heavier than that. With the larger weights the system shifts to a decimal increase, according to which the largest weight is one hundred times heavier than the sixteenth multiple of the binary system.

The largest cube in the group from Chanhudaro weighs 1,330.68 grams, which is 40 grams short of the official standard. Obviously someone was losing out when using this weight.

In addition to the more common cubical weights, truncated spherical weights have been found at many of the larger Indus Valley sites. These weights conform to the same system as the cubical forms and may represent a regional style preferred by some merchants. Although some of the Indus weight categories are similar to those found in Egypt and Mesopotamia, the similarities appear to be coincidental and not the result of intentional correlation fortrade or taxation purposes. ”(JMK – Jonathan Mark Kenoyer, Professor of Anthropology, University of Wisconsin, Madison) (Aruz: pp.401-402)

the above document found here has been deleted:

2012FORUM source:

okay then …

0.856 x 16 = 13.696 = 13.7 

And why would my badge numbers 856 which lead to 13.696 and 13.7 excite ME-WE?

“IN THIS SIGN CONQUER” next to ME first firefighter badge #856

File:Simple Labarum2.svg

image on left; Rosalind Franklin’s first ever  ‘X’ x-ray of DNA which was the evidence provided to Watson and Crick which lead to their double hELIx DNA hypothesis that has been embraced by 21st century science ever since.
image on right: Constantine’s vision the CHi Rho along with the phrase;

‘In hoc signo vinces’

‘In this sign conquer’

Babylonian Captivity 586 B.C.

The Northern Kingdom of Israel fell captive to the Assyrians in 722 B.C. The reason was because of their idolatry.

The Southern Kingdom of Judah survived for another 134 years and fell to the Babylonians in 586 B.C.

Badge 1258 and Badge 856

Interesting coincidences regarding when the N-orth and S-outh fell.
When I see the number 722 immediately pi comes to mind.

722 >> 22/7 = 3 1/7 = 317 = 137

And I find it rather coincidental again that my badge #856 carries with it a much deeper meaning.

I must conclude that the coincidence has become my guru!

Fig. 398 – A selection of widely used symmetric patterns on metopen dated
from the Geometric period in Greek cultural history (BOHEN, 1988).

Susan LANGDON (1993; p. 108/109) paid attention to this subject but came to a negative conclusion:

‘ The specific number of horses included may not signify much, since on more than one occasion pyxides with different numbers of horses have been found in a single grave.’

She traced the connection of the horses with death and the underworld back to iconography and ritual practices of the Late Bronze Age.
A general discussion of geometric (horse)pyxides and their workshops was made by BOHEN (1988), but she does not enter upon the number of horses and their possible significance. The review of her book by BOUZEK (1992; p. 273-274) gives no clue either. Some of the decorations used in the painting of metopen are given in fig. 398 (BOHEN, 1988; Abb. 23). They have their quadripartite character in common.

to be continued …

House of the Double Axe ~ Rosicrucian Lectures ~ Vesica Piscis with Robert Gilbert & Raphael & the World TEACHER

UPDATE October 18, 2018

The following is a fine introduction to this blog … presented first by Dartmouth College, followed up by World Mysteries Blog and later presented by Scott Onstott in a EweTube video …

The Golden Ratio & Squaring the Circle in the Great Pyramid

The rope-stretcher’s triangle is also called the 3-4-5 right triangle, the Rope-Knotter’s triangle, and the Pythagorean triangle.

BENT pyramid SYMMETRICAL ACHIRAL base and ASYMMETRICAL CHIRAL topimage credit Freddy Silva

The Red and the Bent Pyramid at Dashur – World Mysteries Blog

Thus it appears that the Red Pyramid design may have been based on the pentagon.
And it appears that the Bent Pyramid design may have been based on both the hexagon and the pentagon helping to bring the numbers 4 [square base] and 5 [pentagon] and 6 [hexagon] into a geometric alignment or narrative?

Bent Pyramid inclination-angles-hexagon+pentagon+square base -symbols-6+5+4

And Scott Onstott’s brain fART called ‘Secrets In Plain Sight’ catering to a YouTube or is it EweTube audience never ever ever ever discusses what is ‘Hidden In Plain Sight’, a rather ironic omission considering the tone of this video.
Yes we can use the video itself to prove how ignorance gets a voice and far too often more than its 15 minutes of fame allotted.
The most vital idea that has been passed forward for the past 12,000+ years is not even mentioned in Scott Onstott’s video which is about 3 hours 45 minutes long.

PhDUH why?

chiral 5x5 Jacob Bronowski ASCENT OF MAN Music of the Spheres MBG

IF we can easily show the associations between the Pythagorean right angle triangle and the 2D chiral World TEACHER … then is Scott Onstott missing the bigger picture altogether?
Do we have yet another example of the blind leading the blind?

All of the above is a primer for the AHA which follow.

3D chiral spiral Great Pyramid Houdin2


MOOving forward how difficult is it today using the penetrations of science to show those vital links that exist between the Pythagorean right angle theorem and the 12,000+ year old 2D chiral World TEACHER a.k.a. swastika, along with its kissing cousin the 3D chiral spiral and a narrative called ‘let there be light’?chiral hands mirror and medium Metamaterials

It is getting easier and easier as science penetrates into the quantum … remembering one important statement … ‘all life is chiral’

UPDATE February 19, 2017

Want to thank my faKebook friend Anne Cakebread for supplying us with another lead and confirmation of this recurring eternal idea.
Two intersecting circles and whence this idea came from is a ZEN mystery.
Could this intersection help us define ‘X’ and the buried treasure that lay deep inside all of us, those who bother to seek shall find, watch what happens if you bother to knock if you have an open mind and an open heart.

What you will find is that the source of all genius is to be entangled with talent, inspiration, hard work, and I want to add imagination.

“Genius is 1% talent and 99% percent hard work”
-Albert Einstein

“Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration”
-Thomas A. Edison

We often hear that the 1% of humanity represents the THEY who are out to do the other 99% of humanity harm.

Well maybe it is time to invoke your inner THEY and see what kind of miracle your 1% can manifest?

UPDATE November 6th, 2015

5555 and 37 – ‘How Gravity Works’ by Maurice Cotterell ~ Peter Aleff and RaphaEL learns to wIELd his AXE

This update contains two recent finds, both of them are profound.
The first one I found while looking for a image of Aleisa’s Cross and came across the vesica piscis.
If you do not know the geometric significance about the Vesica Pescis, <<< this link is a fine place to start.

ALESIA's CrossChalice Well

left image: Alesia’s Cross displaying the triskele and the seed pattern
right image: Chalice Well displaying the sqrt253 vesica piscis

The geometric vesica piscis on the Chalice Well pendant is pregnant with meaning and immediately caught my attention and a google search quickly brought me up to archetypal speed, if haste less waste is your goal, the foundational archetypes if present is always a fine place to start sniffing around for the source of the idea.

Furthermore IF gravity today is being described as a 30% PULLing and a 70% PUSHing narrative that can be unveiled in the bIbLE what are we to make of this archetypal presentation of the Chalice Well?


Chalice Well
1 Source leading to
7 bowls zig zagging vertically dropping down to
3 (2+1) a horizontal geometric vesica piscis shaped pool with
1 exit

The Chalice Well, also known as the Red Spring**, is a well situated at the foot of Glastonbury Tor in the county of Somerset,England.

The Chalice Well symbol was also an inspiration for the Eye of Elena in Sarah J. MaasThrone of Glass series and also featured in the Kingdom of Mei series as the key teaching of Christianity being a cyclical cataclysm

**not surprisingly there is a  White Spring slightly East of the Chalice Well or Red Spring.

Chalice Well cover

Chalice Well cover
designed by the church architect and archaeologist Frederick Bligh

Wells often feature in Welsh and Irish mythology as gateways to the spirit world. The overlapping of the inner and outer worlds is represented by the well cover, designed by the church architect and archaeologist Frederick Bligh Bond and presented as a gift after the Great War in 1919. The two interlocking circles constitute the symbol known as the Vesica Piscis. In the well lid design, a spear or a sword bisects these two circles, a possible reference to Excalibur, the sword of the legendary King Arthur, believed by some to be buried at the nearby Glastonbury Abbey. Foliage represents the Glastonbury Thorn.

Bligh Bond wrote that the vesica design for the well cover was “typical of many early diagrams, all having the same object – the rendering of spiritual truth by means of the purest, most intellectual system of imagery conceived by the mind, namely, truth which is ‘aeonial’ or eternal, of which geometry is the best interpreter, since it can figure for us with remarkable suggestiveness those formative principles upon which the Father has built his Creation, principles which shall endure when heaven and earth have died.”[4]

Vell comrade?

How many times can I go running back to the well and come back with something profound to offer before my well spring of swastika analogy runs dry?


Well here is today’s second offering.

Oswald Wirth AXE Pyramid Cube

The Masonic mystic Oswald Wirth and the 137 SS Mystic both fortunately agree in their association of Card X a.k.a. the Wheel of Fortune  to the SwaStika and the numbers 137.

On the left we also see the image of an axe balanced on the apex of a pyramid with a cube as foundation.

… and by coincidence two things must be noted, Freemasons usually determine where the center of a temple is going to be by positioning themselves in the northeast and beginning their calculations from there.
… the unfinished apex of the Great Pyramid in the northeast corner is slightly over 137 meters. Keep in mind Noah’s Ark was 137.16 meters and the word QaBaLaH has a gematria value of 137.

Now those four numbers that have been highlighted in red and blue 1376 are linked to the four gospels Matthew, Luke, Mark, and John and also to the ‘fixed’ zodiac signs Aquarius, Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio.

~ end of UPDATE ~

The Minoan Calendar

Royal Axe

1. The Knight of the Royal Axe, or Prince Libanus 

UPDATE August 14, 2015

Approximation of the intervals of the semi-minor axes of the planets.
Left to right: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto.
© Keplerstern Verlag

The evolving arrangement is so dazzlingly clear and simple, that we have to wonder once again, why, at least to the authors knowledge, it has not been mentioned anywhere. What we see is something like a reflection in Jupiter, the greatest member of the planetary community, even though Venus and Neptune are not yet integrated into the represented order. We achieve this by using the most simple regular figures: circle, square and triangle. The proportions 2/1 and 4/1 can be derived from the ratios of the areas of the incircle and the circumcircle of a quadrangle respectively a triangle. Thus the circle cuts off proportions in the form 4/p, p/2 etc.

Note that Jupiter sits nearly in the middle, off center, similar to the position of the human heart.
The author also mentions that Venus and Neptune have not been integrated into this order.

To the reader, the important idea being passed forward is a cosmic balancing act, which is clearly illustrated in the body of this current blog.

The man in the middle, whether it be Jupiter, Zeus, or Jesus is always depicted using the same fundamental concepts.
Jesus must come to terms with his inner and outer forces.
What if the yin and yang are the two thieves flanking Christ, the positive and the negative, the light (venus/sun) and the darkness (neptune/pluto)?

~end of UPDATE~

\tfrac{1351}{780} > \sqrt{3} > \tfrac{265}{153}\,.

The mathematical ratio of the height of the vesica piscis to the width across its center is the square root of 3, or 1.7320508… (since if straight lines are drawn connecting the centers of the two circles with each other and with the two points where the circles intersect, two equilateral triangles join along an edge). The ratios 265:153 = 1.7320261… and 1351:780 = 1.7320513… are two of a series ofapproximations to this value, each with the property that no better approximation can be obtained with smaller whole numbers. Archimedes of Syracuse, in his On the Measurement of the Circle, uses these ratios as upper and lower bounds:

In Buddhism, the swastika signifies auspiciousness and good fortune as well as the Buddha’s footprints and the Buddha’s heart.
The swastika is said to contain the whole mind of the Buddha and can often be found imprinted on the chest, feet or palms of Buddha images.
It is also the first of the 65 auspicious symbols on the footprint of the Buddha.

6 5

The swastika has also often been used to mark the beginning of Buddhist texts. In China and Japan, the Buddhist swastika was seen as a symbol of plurality, eternity, abundance, prosperity and long life.
The swastika is used as an auspicious mark on Buddhist temples and is especially common in Korea. It can often be seen on the decorative borders around paintings, altar cloths and banners. In Tibetan Buddhism, it is also used as a clothing decoration.

The most striking change Dalí makes from nearly every other crucifixion painting concerns the cross. Instead of painting Christ on a wooden cross, Dalí depicts him upon the net of a hypercube, also known as a tesseract. The unfolding of a tesseract into eight cubes is analogous to unfolding the sides of a cube into six squares. The use of a hypercube for the cross has been interpreted as a geometric symbol for the transcendental nature of God

Just as God exists in a space that is incomprehensible to humans, the hypercube exists in four spatial dimensions, which is equally inaccessible to the mind.

The net of the hypercube is a three-dimensional representation of it, similar to how Christ is a human form of God that is more relatable to people. The word “corpus” in the title can refer both to the body of Christ and to geometric figures, reinforcing the link Dalí makes between religion and mathematics and science.

Christ’s levitation above the Earth could symbolize His rise above Earthly desire and suffering. The motif of the cube is present elsewhere: Gala is standing on one and the chessboard is made up of squares.

However what I found interesting was this description that accompanies the image, specifically the part about the knees.

In viewing the original one is immediately struck by the simplicity of the landscape, background, and Christ’s body contrasted with the classic realism of Gala/Madonna and the relatively grotesque detail amplification of Christ’s knees and hands. In the original painting you can see at least 5 images of Gala in Christ’s right knee and 5 images of Salvador in Christ’s left knee. It would be interesting to view this under ultraviolet and infrared light to explore what else Dali may have hidden in this painting.
Oddly the only other art I’ve seen to take direct inspiration of ‘hidden images in knees’ is male erotic Tom of Finland ‘biker boy’ 1982 where a lower woman’s torso is hidden in right knee; a man’s upper torso and phalic image are hidden in the left.
Well I do want to offer another ‘hidden image’.
Here is a image dated from the same era as the SHROUD of TURIN.
I have cropped out a portion of the Girona Tapestry  circa 11th-12th century.
It shows Adam ‘naming’ the animals in Eden. Take a look at Adam’s knees!
Swastikas on both.To the right of Adam are the stag and unicorn both associated with Jesus Christ.
To the left we see a serpent and a strange creature that has bat wings for ears.
complete image:

Now there are two ideas I want to carry forward as the reader continues with this wordblog.

How the numbers 5 and 6 relate to the structure of DNA and the idea that the body is a temple.
Thus we might be able to conclude that the biblical Genesis is hinting at a GENE theSIS.

Pewsey Hill Wiltshire England
Swastika and Chakra crop circles appeared between July 19-22, 2004

The significance of associating the ‘swastika’ with the ‘chakra’ system will become apparent later in this blog, along with why the building blocks from the ground up are ‘asymmetrical’ in nature, i.e. matter/anti-matter, DNA, amino acids, proteins, etc.

“It now remains for us to complete our work by giving the great key of William Postel.”


THE great arcanum — that is to say, the unutterable and inexplicable secret — is the absolute knowledge of good and of evil.

We are forbidden to say more on this subject; we shall conclude our revelation by the figure of three pentacles.

These three stars will explain it sufficiently. They may be compared with that which we have caused to be drawn at the head of our “History of magic.” By reuniting the four, one may arrive at the understanding of the Great Arcanum of Arcana. page 287.

The Rosy Cross Lamen as worn by Adepts in the Rosae Rubae et Aureae Crucis, the inner order of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.
It is a symbol of the Philosopher’s Stone, the ultimate product of the alchemist.

Note in the above image of the Rosy Cross which uses a Latin cross template that one arm is longer.
I recall years ago still living my LIfE as firefighter I was riding the ferry back to the city from my island firehall sanctuary.
Lazarus one of the ferrymen and I were having a discussion about crosses, the swastika and the Latin cross.
It was him identifying the crucifix or Latin cross as being ‘longer in the south’ that caught my attention.
That would indicate the light source is in the north casting a longer shadow in the south … but the sun never gets around to the ‘north’ does it?
And why was the north such a big deal, the Great Pyramid in fact is more of a monument dedicated and oriented to the northern hemisphere than the south.
That was years ago.
This is now, shall we move forward.
Below is the southern arm of the Rosy Cross note the two geometric shapes.
One is the 5-pointed pentagram and the other one is the 6-pointed hexagram.

TAO and number 11

Tao is the single thread running through all life.
It is the one of the beginning, returning after the end, represented by ten.

It is central because it combines  the 5 (centre of the series 1-3-5-7-9) and the 6 (center of the even numbers 2-4-6-8-10)

5 – pentagram and 6 – hexagram

Please note that both images below due to the intersecting circles display the veSica piSciS.

SSS – 555

Sacred Geometry in Brittany  
as documented in the video Exploring the DaVinci Code
Henry Lincoln’s Guide to Rennes-Le-Chateau


image: John Michell
The Dimensions of Paradise

Squaring of the Circle 

The Vesica Piscis is also the clue to solving the ancient problem known as the Mystical Squaring of Circle …

… the Square Root of Phi, which ultimately means that the only way we can bridge the worlds from Heaven (Circle) to Earth (Square) is to employ the harmonics of the Vesica Piscis that uses the Divine Proportion of 1:1.618033 … to access the mathematics of Infinity which is embedded in the Human Canon and the Rose Flower.

The Quadrature of the Circle, that allows Heaven (Circle) and Earth (Square) to be Equal, is born out of two superimposed Vesica Piscis at right angles or 90°.

In conclusion, all these invisible and external geometries are embedded in our DNA. We are It. This written article is a male, left-brained, logical, rational and analytical attempt to grok ancient knowledge. In contrast, a woman, right-brained, visual, intuitive, musical, and holographic could just as well pick up a Rose Flower, smell it with deep reverence, and access all the mathematical and harmonic mysteries of the universe, with but one mere breath.
End the Search, there is nothing to discover, nothing to pull apart or analyze, it is already here, in the Heart and Aroma of the Vesica Piscis, indeed the Mother of All Form.

The role of 2, 3, and 5 in demystifying twin primes.

Labrys, πέλεκυς, bipennis, double-headed axe

However the most profound AHA recovered from the MNEMoNic MEME fIELd was the profound realization that the labrys or double axe associated with the Minoan civilization, and by default the Linear A and Linear B scripts can been shown to be associated to the Vesica Piscis.

And it makes perfect sense that the double ax derived from the prehistoric 1.5 million year old handax (which was essentially leading edge technology for 1 million years) is in some way instrumental as a tool or instrument in initiating a ‘sacred cut’ or a ‘golden mean’ that produces a ‘golden ratio’ resulting in ‘golden triangles’, ‘golden rectangles’, and of course the much heralded ‘golden spiral’ know as ‘phi’, not to be confused with a FIbonacci spiral.
The difference between a Fibonacci spiral and golden spiral is explained here Spirals illustrating Phi, the Golden Ratio
(btw that is a great site!)

But what I want to point out regarding those two images above is how those two spirals are more indicative of two natural processes that in fact are taking place all the time.
Note how the Fibonacci spiral on the left counts outward from the CENTRE using building block squares, approaches irrational phi 1.618 as it spirals OUTWARD.
However the golden spiral on the right is best illustrated by starting with a PERIPHERY, i.e.  we start with a golden rectangle and by removing squares as you count INWARD, similar to going down the drain …

Clearly both processes the inward and outward journeys appear infinite.
The underlying idea is that the flawed ASYMMETRICAL spiral can never ever become perfect and merge with either the SYMMETRICAL perfect circle or the straight line represented by the x-axis.
After all phi can be expressed visually as both a wave that flat-lines or a spiral approaching the geometry of a circle.


I just found this out recently.
Wow, it explains so much.
Thanks to Sean Carroll for dumbing it down for me.

Clearly this video is grand.
All you need to do is watch the first 43 seconds of that video to get the picture that I AM about to unvEIL.
Sean Caroll is merely preparing you the reader in anticipation of ME showing you how far back these simpleton ideas can be traced to.
Are physicists just building on very old ideas but unwilling to give them credit?
Ideas that can be found in religion and pagan rites and rituals?

E = mc^2 is mass at rest?

I did not know that.
All I can say is AHA and thank you Sean Carroll for explaining that to ignorant little ole ME.

now … If they ask you,

‘What is the evidence of your Father in you?’

say to them,

‘It is motion and rest.’

– Gospel of Thomas saying #50

Therefore MASS at REST would be akin to god?
Because humans can never ever rest?

What if A represents the hexagon vs. B the pentagon with overlapping geometries?
A is a circle and B is the oval or ellipse.

Wave centres approaching:  Phi-waves push the wave centers unless they are in resonance,
so there will be repulsion.
Distortion of waves on entering the high-intensity central regions is not shown.
There will be a degree of focusing.


 Ripples caused by puffs of air on mercury.
On the left, the mercury is stationary; on the right it is moving from right to left at speed v
such that v/c is about 0.7

Here is the source of those images and a paper discussing phi and the effects of motion.

Pentagram and Hexagram symbolism of the Kabbalist Eliphas Levi
link to video

However there are different, more rational explanations of irrational numbers like pi and phi and words like Abracadabra or is it  Aabra-KA-Daabra?

Is KA part of a key to unlocking your inner ME, your body double, your vital essence, which leaves the body after you X-pire?

The Ka (kꜣ) was the Egyptian concept of vital essence, that which distinguishes the difference between a living and a dead person, with death occurring when the ka left the body. 

I highly recommend this lecture series I am now presenting.
Presented by Robert Gilbert of the
Vescia Institute.
It has been uploaded into 11 segments on youtube.
I will try to supplement to what Robert is offering the viewer.

I AM my higher self is here to help guide us.
WHY AM I qualified to assist Robert Gilbert in these lectures?
Keep reading and it will become apparent why.

It just occured to me as I was researching Robert Gilbert that I attended a discussion by him in my hometown.

I knew he ‘looked and sounded’ familiar.
But it does appear that he is yet another seeker who is either ignoring the swastika with an intent or he is just plain ‘ignorant’ of its far reaching meanings.

Raphael formerly Ralph


Bellhaven Road

The first place I lived when I left home at age 16
Decked out on the deck in a LEvI shirt and LEvI genes

as of today

I AM 55 years of age


 pentagon 5 – hexagon 6 pairings

image on right is ACGT is comprised of 55 atoms
image on left is the Ho Tu (I-Ching) has 55 black and white dots
and the sum of the numbers 1-10 = 55
which brings to mind the 10 Commandments  

37 and ‘The 10 Commandments’


But did you notice that there are 5 letters to the left of KA and 6 letters to the right?

pART 1

As the lecture begins we see to the far left an image of the Christian Cabbalist/alchemist Heinrich Khunrath.

“The First Stage of the Great Work,” better-known as the “Alchemist’s Laboratory.”

The drawing of the laboratory is credited to architectural painter Hans Vredeman de Vries (1527-1604) and shows Heinrich Khunrath in his laboratory.

Please take a very CLOSE look at these next two images.

Coincidence or design?

1st image
1609 AD by Heinrich Khunrath

2nd image
comes about 400 years later
designed by?

Two Gateways to Eternal Wisdom

Heinrich Khunrath’s
The Door of the Sanctuary and the Stairway of the Sages

CERN Atlas detector, LHC, Geneva Switzerland.

Please note that each of these two images have men inside.

In the 1st image we see the Alchemist looking for the Philosopher’s Stone, and in the 2nd image is the physicist who no longer believes in God?

The second image is in fact a picture of the modern Gateway to understanding the quantum realm.
The 21st century marvel of science, the CERN ATLAS detector, one of two general-purpose detectors at the LHC, Geneva Switzerland.

Everything science has worked for on its learning curve till this point in our modern history amounts to what CERN will tell us about the birth of the universe.

Heinrich Kunrath’s 1609 version of this ‘archetypal porthole/gateway’ has a warning posted above the entry.

“stay away, keep out from here, ye profane”

Are these images representing octagonal gateways built using orthogonal  geometry?
Are they archetypal models of time tunnels, star-gates to another realm?

This is clearly not a new idEA!

more info:

3 Types of Initiates

HEAD – thinking – knower – ‘initiate’

HEART – feeling – seer – ‘clairvoyant’

HARA – willing – doer – ‘adept’

As the reader may realize by now the central theme of my investigation/research revolves around the swirly twirly ‘swastika’.
So is it possible that we can connect the HEAD, HEART, and HARA to the ‘swastika’?


Recall starting @2:17 Robert discusses the role of patterns within patterns which in fact can be associated to thought forms projected by the MiNd of God, associated with Hebrew letters as an example.

He further states that ‘sacred geometry‘ is a ‘universal science‘.


Can we associate the  HEAD to the SWASTIKA  and patterns within patterns?
The evidence ‘just is’.
Allow me to present it.



Can we associate the  HEART to the SWASTIKA ?
Well this idEA is not new at all because many students of Buddhism realize that the swastika is the seal of the heart of the Buddha buddy.  One image is all that is necessary.
Finally what about the lower abdomen, belly, stomach.
Can we find associations between the  HARA and the SWASTIKA ?

FALUN DAFA – Law Wheel Design

Falun Gong or Falun Dafa emerged at the end of China’s “qigong boom”—a period which saw the proliferation of similar practices of meditation, slow-moving exercises and regulated breathing.

At his lectures, Li “places” a Falun/SWASTIKA in the abdomen of each attendee.

According to Li…

“Falun is an intelligent rotating entity composed of high-energy matter. The Falun that I plant in a practitioner’s lower abdomen rotates constantly, twenty-four hours a day.”

Recall in the video that Robert suggests ADEPTS thru the act of ‘willing’ can access non-physical realities to alter things on the physical plane…working with ‘etheric’ energy fIELds.

Dantian, dan t’ian, dan tien or tan t’ien is loosely translated as “elixir field”, “sea of qi“, or simply “energy center”. Dantians are important focal points for meditative and exercise techniques such as qigongmartial arts such as t’ai chi ch’uan, and in traditional Chinese medicine.

The term dantian used by itself usually refers to the lower dantian, which is considered to be the foundation of rooted standing, breathing, and body awareness in qigong and martial arts. The lower dantian has been described to be “like the root of the tree of life”.

Starting  @7:31  Robert gives us two other examples of the 3 main centers, the Head/Heart/Hara and  how they are defined in Buddhism and Sufism.

In Buddhism they are known as THOUGHT, SPEECH and ACTION.
In Sufism (mystical Islam) they are called HEAD, HEART and HANDS.

Note that we might be able to define now what the ‘H’ in Jesus ‘H’ Christ refers to!

The association to the HANDS is from my POV and how I accessed this ‘info’ confirming.
Here is why.

Clearly these are Universal Teachings that have NO boundaries in the cosmos, only man made ones imposed by ‘ignorance’.

And in Freemasonry** we find the same three centers/chakras being targeted, the head, chest and abdomen in the persona of CHiram Abiff.

**it is always important to rEMEMbEr that Freemasonry without the rituals involving King Solomon’s Temple would not be called Freemasonry.

King Solomon’s Temple is central to Freemasonry.

pART 2


“… the evolution of human consciousness …… transition from an external human guru based system to one in which the awakening of the I AM presence becomes the guru…”


“what I want to emphasize is what we are representing tonight are concepts related to the original European Rosicrucian impulse, it is not related to any particular central teacher, organization, not trying to recruit you for anything … this is really a path of spirit direct connection to spirit by understanding spiritual processes.”

THE ONE  –  MiNd of God


“…in ancient Greek times they talked of the the source of all being with the name of the ONE  in capital letters


…this is a  beautiful representation in sacred geometry where everything comes from a unified source

…the one becomes the two… the two becomes the four… the four becomes the eight… it ends up becoming the ten thousand things the Chinese talk about.”

10,000 Things – The Creation 

Lao Tzu, for example, writes in the Tao Te Ching:

Tao produced the One. 
The One produced the two. 
The two produced the three. 
And the three produced the ten thousand things.


There was a time, when the Eastern symbol of the Cross and Circle, the Swastica, was universally adopted. With the esoteric (and, for the matter of that, exoteric) Buddhist, the Chinaman and the Mongolian, it means

“the 10,000 truths.”

These truths, they say, belong to the mysteries of the unseen Universe and primordial Cosmogony and Theogony.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 2 page 585 

Feel free to watch the entire series available at the above links.

My comments regarding each segment are still to come….

Current Issue Cover

Rosicrucian source material:

Pewsey White Horse

It was back in 2004 that I had my swastika epiphany, the same year this crop circle appeared.

Events surrounding the appearance of Pewsey White Horse formation, July 19/20 2004 

Close Up Impressions  

For the next two hours or so the formation received close quarters examination to determine the validity of the glyph as a genuine paranormal event.

Aside from the specified damage the glyph was clean and neat with no traces of organized human activity that would suggest that the formation was a fake; therefore it was the conclusion of all those present that this crop circle formation represents a genuine and unexplained happening. Subsequent examination by other experienced researchers has drawn the same conclusions and at the time of writing this one goes in the category of genuine crop circles, with no definite explanation pending.

The Black Helicopter 

Less than ten minutes into the examination of the formation the situation in the local airspace took a rather odd turn. From behind the hill and white horse came a rather sinister black helicopter, no decals, numbers or ID markings were to be seen on the aircraft at all. The Chopper purposely approached the new glyph and spent several minutes circling very low, occasionally hovering, as if taking photographs of the formation, allowing all present to get a very close look at the thing. The Chopper then flew away, only to return twice more over the course of the next fifteen minutes. Each time it returned it carried out similar manoeuvres in the immediate area where the formation had just some hours earlier arrived.     

And then 2 days later this glyph appeared.

A crop circle that others refer to as the:

All of the above puts Robert Gilbert, the Rosicrucian, the Chakra system, and the Swastika all on the same page called ThE NET.

This image has the pentagram – hexagram geometry but it is lacking the vesica piscis.

2B continued…

2100 C.E. ~ Mysteries of the 37th Parallel ~ Earthquakes ~ Navel of the Earth ~ Communication and Unity Among Men ~ UFOs?

UPDATE November 26, 2020

37th parallel Ben

It has been nearly 6 years since our last UPDATE in 2014 and much more has been written and documented about the 37th parallel.

The following was written in 2018.
America’s Paranormal Highway: The 37th Parallel

And in June of 2017 the following book was published and released.

37th parallel Ben Mezrich

Now from our lofty POV … folks just are not comprehending that a set of foundational archetypes or ARK+E+types that exist which go on to form the basis of all the stories, narratives, gospel truths that we share with each other, uniquely each from a POV based on a cognitive bias.

All we have are stories or the narrative and even 99.9% of all theological and scientific theories proposed by humans end up as myths, legends, and lies.

UPDATE November 29, 2014

It finally occurred to me today to check out the latitude of Morgan Hill California.
I happen to be visiting my sister in San Jose when this 1984 earthquake took place.

This is over 30 years ago now.
I remember being out by the condo complex pool that afternoon.
The first sensation I had was the wind had picked up, but then I realized it was something else … the two other fellas on the other side of the pool and myself all froze simultaneously … the ground felt like a huge serpent was undulating/rolling up and down beneath our feet.

Not long afterward, surreal time is hard to estimate, the serpent stopped and then for a brief moment there was stillness followed by  an eerie feeling in the air and ‘whitecaps’ being churned up in the swimming pool!

This was the only earthquake of any significant magnitude (6.2) that I had ever experienced in my life other than a very small one while I was in my Toronto apartment in the early 1980s, where I watched my 30 gallon fish-tank sway to and fro a few times, water splashing about, even producing mini white caps, without the tank stand collapsing.
Whew, I lived on the third floor.

The 1984 Morgan Hill earthquake (also Halls Valley earthquake) occurred with a moment magnitude of 6.2 on April 24 at 1:15 p.m. local time in Northern California. The epicenter of the shock was located near Mount Hamilton in the Diablo Range of the California Coast Ranges.

The earthquake occurred along the Calaveras Fault, with the epicenter 16 kilometers (9.9 mi) northeast of San Jose, and at a depth of 8 km (5.0 mi).

The significance of the coincidence regarding the location will soon be understood.
Did you happen to notice the latitude of the epicenter?

37.32°N translates into 37° 19′ 12″ N

Note the first four numbers 37 19.
Now might be a good time to remind the reader that I have recovered a theory that is intimate with the numbers 137-9 or 137-6.

disclaimer by the author of this blog;

IMHO if UFOs exist there is far more evidence to suggest that their origins are
of terrestrial origin not celestial (out-of-this-world) origins.

In other words the UFOs are made and scripted by man not by the aLIEns. 

The Mysteries of the ’37th Parallel Line’

The 37th parallel north is a circle of latitude that is 37 degrees north of the Earth’s equatorial plane. It crosses Europe, the Mediterranean Sea, Africa, Asia, the Pacific Ocean, North America, and the Atlantic Ocean.

In the United States, the parallel defines the southern borders of Utah, Colorado, and Kansas, and the northern borders of Arizona, New Mexico, and Oklahoma. It dates to the Kansas–Nebraska Act of 1854 when Congress divided Indian Territory into Kansas and Nebraska north of the 37th parallel and a remainder Indian Territory to the south.

Here below you see the picture of the 37th degree parallel crossing the 4 corners of United States

The Four Corners Monument marks the quadripoint in the Southwestern United States where the states of Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah meet.

See pictures below.

Earthquakes Happening On 37th Parallel

I came across these ideas, discussions on the internet.

So, I’ve been involved in the discussion on the thread about all these quakes happening on the 37th parallel. I am a skeptic I must admit BUT…I thought that maybe I would look into this in the biblical aspect. Some of you are scoffers…and that’s fine…others may find this EXTREMELY interesting! There are only a handful of books in the bible with 37 or more chapters. It just so happens…there is a strange line of commonality in the 37th chapter of books that have that many or more chapters. It’s like…beginning to end, the 37th chapters of these books tell the entire story of the bible! What an amazing discovery! Is it related to the 37th parallel earthquakes? I have no idea. It’s very interesting though.

The Four Corners, a famous and popular tourist spot in the American Southwest, paradoxically is and is not where it should be.

Its intended location was an even 109 degrees west longitude and 37 degrees north latitude.  However, due to surveying errors,  it didn’t come out that way.

Media reports sometimes claim that the monument was not placed in the intended location.[7][8] The American Surveyor Magazine has responded to these stories claiming the boundary surveys for the New Mexico – Arizona border were accurate. They explain that the reference point used by the U.S. Congress at the time was the Washington meridian, which has an offset from the modern reference, the Prime Meridian. This offset is often missed by those not familiar with the history of American surveying.[9] The geography department at the University of Oregon teaches that this offset can be ignored to simplify estimates of distance, but the simplification results in an error of between 2.3 miles (3.7 km) and 3 miles (4.8 km).[10] A common claim is the monument was misplaced 2.5 miles (4.0 km) west of the true Four Corners, within this range.[7

Whoa now I find that REALLY interesting because 1379 just happens to be ‘THE’ code that links the Freemasons (including George Washington) to the Maya and the Americas.


What does this Aztec calender wheel reveal to a seeker of truth?

Egyptian omphalos or navel of the earth next to what Rene Schwaller de Lubicz had identified and called the Master Builder’s Grid

There are several locations around the ancient world that have inherited the accolade of ‘Earth Navel’. By definition, each location represents the place through which we connected with an invisible umbilical connection to the earth-mother-earth. These sites are invariably considered the centre of the world, or even the universe, and often become primary pilgrimage locations (such as Mecca or Allahabad).

It has long been argued that there may exist a geometric connection between such sites, with a clear geodetic connection between Delphi and Karnak (Egypt), as established by Livvio Stecchini.

Stecchini said this about the subject:

‘The Temple of Ammon at Thebes at latitude 25° 43’ N was considered, and is, located at 2/7 of the distance between the Equator and the pole. Ancient geographers divided the space between the Equator and the Pole into 7 zones. Egyptologists have vainly tried to explain why the Greeks gave the name of Thebai to the city called Wast by the Egyptians; the explanation is provided by the Hebrew word thibbun meaning “navel”.

From the Bible (Jud. 9:37) we learn that “a navel of the earth” was located at Mt. Gerizim where there was originally the sacred center of the Hebrews before it was moved to Jerusalem;

…the Samaritans never accepted such a shift, and geographically they were right, since the claim of Jerusalem to be the navel of the earth was not correct. The eastern gate of the Second Temple, where the standards of length were located, was called Gate of Susa, but Susa was located at the latitude of Mt. Gerizim which is 32° 11’ N. The sanctuary of Mt. Gerizim was located at a latitude that is 2½ sevenths from the Equator. Egyptian benchmarks had the shape of the “navel” found at the Temple of Delphoi in Greece. These “navels” had the shape of a hemisphere with the meridians and parallels marked upon them; at times they are half a sphere and at times they are elongated at the Pole.

The sanctuary of Delphoi was considered a “navel of the earth,” as being located at 3/7 of the distance from the Equator to the Pole.

This would correspond to a latitude 38° 34’ N; the Temple of Delphoi is actually located at a latitude 38° 29’ N, … which makes it 6° to the North of one of two Egyptian anchor points, the original apex of the Nile Delta at latitude 30° 05’ N on the axis of Egypt which is 31° 13’ E. Susa was computed as being 17° to the East of this point; it is at latitude 48° 15’ E. When the Assyrians established their religious capital at Nimrud in 875 B.C. they chose a point that was 6° to the North and 12° to the East of this Egyptian anchor point. (5)

Let’s have a closer look at Judges 9:37 via the many different interpretations found in the many different bIbLEs, I have highlighted in red what I deem important at this time.

But Gaal spoke up again: “Look, people are coming down from the center of the land, and a company is coming from the direction of the soothsayers’ tree.”

But again Gaal said, “No, people are coming down from the hills. And another group is coming down the road past the Diviners’ Oak.”

And Gaal spake again and said, See there come people down by the middle of the land, and another company come along by the plain of Meonenim.

Gaal spoke again, “No, there are troops coming down from Tabbur Haares. One company is coming along the road by the Fortunetellers’ Tree.”

And Gaal spoke again and said, See there come people down from the middle of the land, and another company comes along by the oak of Meonenim.

Again Gaal said: Behold there cometh people down from the middle of the land, and one troop cometh by the way that looketh towards the oak.

middle: Heb. navel
Meonenim: or, the regarders of times

For more information regarding the very important concept regarding the OMPHALOS please redirect here after reading this short cut and paste.

UPDATE September 9, 2014

2017 and the Mysteries of the 37th Parallel 

Earthquakes and the NAVEL of the EARTH

‘Communication and Unity Among Men’

And what is the importance of 37 degrees latitude in the year 2017?
What is going to occur in about Aug. 21, 2017 and the best potential vantage point will be around 37 degrees latitude and this district is called Little Egypt.

Do you believe the coincidence exists?
I do, but I would not call it a ‘chance event’, it is evidence of a design we do not comprehend.

Selah V

2100 ~ NO MORE SECRETS via TMS and Intuitive Truth Chills ~ the 12,000+ year old CHIRAL Bard manifests

UPDATE Dec. 15, 2020

Finally got around to changing the year in the title of this post from 2017 to 2100.
We were given incorrect information by yet another storyteller who weaves a great yarn about The Golden Thread of Time.
Crichton E. M. Miller and yours truly departed due to a difference of opinion. Time is in fact chiral and he fought the devil and the truth won.
Crichton belongs to a select group of storytellers who want to bury the ‘svastika’ each with their own special brand of ignorance called POV.

Well that is not going to happen. There is a very small group of truth seekers who have gathered who are attempting to maintain the ARK+E+typal middle path that is clearly mapped out for us to comprehend. It truly is quite the balancing act when surrounded by the seven seas of emotion filled to the brim with flocks or tribes each marching to a different drum, singin’ their own lune E tune, that fights and flees their own CHIRAL MIRROR image from cradle to grave in conflict.

Crichton claimed 2017 was a misprint … he claims the year is 2117.
Our sources suggest 2100 … well the bad news is we will both be dead and never ever really know the exact time that can not be known?  Only the future can judge us, certainly not Crichton’s definition of a god AND even worse his POV that the ‘svastika’ is evil and has been used to divide humanity is a ‘western cognitive bias’ due to WW2.
Never ever forget that the crimes against humanity documented in WW2  … were in fact committed by a very confused German Christian sheeple who were also under the spell of their own Wotan shadow. A shadow whose focus had targeted the Jews as public enemy #1.
Public enemy #1 however is ignorance first and foremost.

Dear social media storytellers whose theories tend to have a best before date … all storytellers  past present and future … RIP … do you mind if we use your books for wedekindling to help ignite the 2100 CE bonfire of the vanities being crucified on the altar of collective illusions …?

dear reader any reference to the year 2017 should be changed to 2100
click on the link to find out why

SVASTIKA Sanskrit meanings

‘kind of bard’ … yes wede-KIND the Chiral Svastika Bard

We have attached two image/text of the various meanings in Sanskrit for the 12,000+ year old 2D CHIRAL World TEACHER aka ‘svastika’ and also the many ‘elemental’ associations exploiting all ancient five elements including the aether.

Clearly all of these various meanings over the course of a 12,000+ year evolution means something vital, as we have clearly documented.

Table Shewing Older Aryan Fire, Water, Sun Gods 1884 by Robert Greg On the Meaning of the Fylfot and Swastika with highlights 5 elements

Well can you handle more NO MORE SECRETS?
Keep reading … it is a paradox.

 UPDATE September 6, 2014

It was some time ago that as Raphael Sage Of This Age, that I suggested that the way the world would be healed is if the world heeded the simple solution which can be found in the name of the archangel rAPHAeL … ta da, been in plain sight ever since we started to use the language of light to compose an ALPHA-bet or ALEPH-beth.

It is obvious to me that accessing the ALPHA waves would be the first step necessary in the healing process.
As we learn to go inward and at the same time step outside of who we think we are.
Our material world is based primarily on a reality that caters to 9-5 BETA frequencies.

Today I came across this quote made by the genius Nikola Tesla in describing the SR (Schumann Resonance).
It speaks volumes about what the archangel Raphael is offering as a solution to the human condition and the evolution of consciousness and what gravity is.

 “So astounding are the facts in this connection, that it would seem as though the Creator, himself had electrically designed this planet….”

Nikola Tesla describing what is now known as Schumann Resonance (7.8 Hz) in “The Transmission of Electrical Energy Without Wires As A Means Of Furthering World Peace”, Electrical World And Engineer, January 7, 1905, PP 21-24.

Beta Alpha Theta Delta


This blog will investigate how it is possible to heal the world in about 11 minutes and 37 seconds using meditation or prayer.

These are simple techniques that had worked wonders for centuries until that fateful day we stopped wondering and wandering in quest of a truth and instead became spiritually lazy and content with what others had told and sold us about our world on their way to the top of the scrap heap called promises, promises, promises.

An amazing piece of technology has been revealed.
Untapped bells and whistles.
The shofar horn is on the drawing board.

Clearly this technology is evidence of an intelligent design and is thus hinting at a higher intelligence too.
The technology to unify the world in fact exists today and that is being made clear by empirical science.

And what is also becoming clear is that the same technology existed thousands of years ago too.

This technology we have had access to since being activated long long ago is called the brain.

We are just starting to understand how this amazing technology works.

 “So astounding are the facts in this connection, that it would seem as though the Creator, himself had electrically designed this planet….”

So who are we going to call as ‘Ghostbuster’ to help us heal the planet which is in need of some divine intervention?

I might suggest we call on the archetypal archangels raphaEL and mIchaEL who have manifested and are currently using Tod Murphy to help dispense the law called ‘what goes up, must come down’.

UPDATE September 5, 2014

Brain-to-brain verbal communication in humans achieved for the first time

The above image appeared in a recent article dated Sept. 3, 2014.
It was shared with me today on faKebook by Otto Mahatma Pinkus Torres who is becoming more familiar with the TRUTH with each passing day.
It was in fact a stellar offering to the research I have been conducting.

This recent science breakthrough is just more evidence that the coincidence is evidence of an intelligent design, and hence an ‘intelligence’ exists that is yet to be comprehended by mere mortals, no matter how hard we try…

Humans just got a step closer to being able to think a message into someone else’s brain on the other side of the world: in a first-of-its-kind study, an international team of researchers has successfully achieved brain-to-brain transmission of information between humans.

The team, comprising researchers from Harvard Medical School teaching affiliate Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Starlab Barcelona in Spain, and Axilum Robotics in Strasbourg, France, used a number of technologies that enabled them to send messages from India to France — a distance of 5,000 miles (8046.72km) — without performing invasive surgery on the test subjects.

And this science breakthrough in fact is providing humanity with a profound application in the year 2017.

~ end of UPDATE ~

Hanuman – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Chimps, Chumps, and Champs

Miguel Nicolelis talks through an astonishing experiment, in which a clever monkey learns to control a monkey avatar, and then a robot arm in Japan, purely with its thoughts.

The research has big implications for quadraplegic people — and maybe for all of us.

The brain and our skin share in the same embryonic source, the ectoderm.

Why do we get goosebumps, I want to know and so do others:

Why do I get goosebumps IF I focus and when I inhale, unlike politicians who never do inhale, is that why I call these goosebumps I can manufacture on demand my INTUITIVE truth chills …

This video is fascinating;

What makes the hairs stand up on end?
Attached to the base of each hair follicle is a tiny muscle, collectively called the arrector pili.
When the muscle contracts, it pulls the hair upright. Here’s a diagram:
A vestigial trait in humans: the arrector pili – Why Evolution Is True

Why Do Certain Songs Give You Goosebumps?

Humans have been listening to music for as long as we have been writing. The oldest examples of musical instruments are in excess of 40,000 years old, which gives us a problem – the evidence for how we came to love music is lost in time.

Faced with this dilemma scientists attack the puzzle from the other direction; they search the minds of modern humans for clues as to why we love music. One of the most recent clues came from a brain study of probably the most intense physical and emotional musical experience that exists – the chill.

This phenomenon goes by many names including goosebumps, thrills, shivers, frisson and even ‘skin orgasms’. Not everyone has experienced a musical chill but if you have had one then you will recognise the description; the hairs on the back of your neck and arms may stand to attention and a wave of nerves may whisk its way up your spine causing your head and/or torso to tick/convulse.

The musical chill response is involuntary. You can’t experience it in the absence of the trigger music and most people claim it is reliable, strong and impossible to control.
Thanks to this study we know that the music that gives us goosebumps, the ultimate natural music high, does so because it stimulates a very old brain reward system that is designed to promote survival but that in the modern world has trouble telling the difference between procreation, cocaine and music.

This science gets us a bit further towards understanding the mechanisms behind why the music we love gives us goosebumps. Then of course you have to ask yourself, why music, when it has no real survival value? The search for an answer to why we love music continues…

And this next video is both informative and funny.

I clearly need to learn more about the SSR, Sympathetic Skin Response.

The following blog will focus primarily on the work of Michael Persinger and company.
Here is an example of his earlier work, back in the 1990s as highlighted in a documentary.


But Dr. Michael Persinger has not stood still…

Do you mind if I show you how science is today suggesting LOVE could be measurable?
And if that sounds cold and calculating, maybe TRUTH is cold and calculating too?


TMS is a direct reference to transcranial magnetic stimulation which involves the BRAIN.

This video … called NO MORE SECRETS … should have gone VIRAL on facebook, but alas it never saw the light of day.
Sadly I have learned that facebook is nonsense that defaults to a low brow common denominator called ‘I like this’.

You will see why, within the first minute it becomes clear how profound this IDEA is.

Please understand here is a technology that is still in its infancy as Michael Persinger points out.
In the first minute this scientist clearly defines for us the common micro-states, the ‘building blocks’ that unify us all which are all attainable frequencies.

There are only ‘4’ basic micro-static patterns that we need to focus on and tune into together.

Dr. Michael Persinger further goes on to state that this ‘Electro-Magnetic dream therapy’ targeting the ‘human condition’, regardless of skin color, creed or belief is capable of UNIFYING the world in about 10 minutes, while we sleep??
The Electro-Magnetic field is in essence proof we are unified in ways still beyond our comprehension though Michael Persinger is doing a good job of dumbing it down for us all.

Intuitively we all sense what his logic and science is suggesting….because after all he is studying the metaphysical gray area and the grey brain matter too.

Share this video, help promote the IDEA….it would be like investing in Bell telephone, GE technologies 100+ years ago.

Who else offers a technology today (Dr. Michael Persinger has been studying the mind for about 40 years) that offers a promise of world unification in about 10 minutes?


This fella could be an angel but we don’t get it.
Dr/Archangel Michael PerSINGer has a technology that helps ‘train’ our minds and hearts to SING together in a ‘delta wave harmony’.

Your kid’s kid’s kids could be the benefactors of looking ahead by US using our heads NOW while we dream?

Becoming aware of subtle frequency patterns?

To good to be true?
While we dream the world heals?
Yes that is what PerSINGer wants to teach us. How to sing together using activated THOTH thoughts plus a little imagination.

This is taken from the work of Archangel Michael Persinger:

The space-time characteristics of the axonal action potential are remarkably similar to the scaled equivalents of lightning.

The energy and current densities from these transients within their respective volumes or cross-sectional areas are the same order of magnitude.
Length–velocity ratios and temporal durations are nearly identical. There are similar chemical consequences such as the production of nitric oxide. Careful, quantitative examination of the characteristics of lightning may reveal analogous features of the action potential that could lead to a more accurate understanding of these powerful correlates of neurocognitive processes.

Keywords: lightning, action potentials, current density, resonance, natural patterns, nitric oxide.

Gnostic Symbol for the Holy Spirit (SS surrounded by seven doves)  and its mirror image 22/7 = pi

The work of Archangel Michael collides with the work of ARKangel Raphael when discussing the BRAIN, LIGHTNING, ZEUS, THOR, the SS, the SWASTIKA and the Holy Spirit.

“I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven.”


Our clinical trials indicated that 30-minute treatments, once per week, for 6 weeks markedly reduced depression in these patients as defined by both psychometric measurements, such as the Beck Depression Inventory, and personal reports. Bilateral temporal lobe stimulation appears to be more effective than application over the left prefrontal region. The strength of these fields is about one million times smaller than those employed for transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS). The difference involves the complexity of the temporal and spatial structure of the applied fields.

The skeptic Michael Shermer ‘squirmers’ wearing the God Hellmet…

“Science fiction is rapidly becoming science fact”

more in the series from Todd Murphy:

SS 396 vs SS Holy Spirit and what did Tesla and Marko Rodin suggest about 369?

SS MEme Dream Cream of the crop:

Kozyrev`s Mirror

It is known that if a piece of ice is placed in the focus of one concave mirror, and a thermometer – in the focus of another, the thermometer will show the decrease of temperature.

Initially it was believed that cold, similar to heat, spreads by way of emission.

Nowadays the laws of thermodynamics allow us to interpret it other way: it is not cold penetrating the mirror focus, but heat extracted from it and directed outwards. In other words, a concave mirror has not only the properties of the receiving system, but those of the transmitting one as well.

By the way, since the ancient times people have interested in the answer to the question: what reflects between two mirrors placed opposite to each other? This technique was used (and is still used as well) by fortune-tellers to “see the future” (or, in the most widespread version, the fiance). But the scientific basis for the issue was established by the academician Nikolay Ivanovich Kozyrev in the 20th century.

Kozyrev`s mirror was represented by a clockwise-rolled polished aluminum sheet, inside which the person under test was placed. The hypothesis proposed by Kozyrev stated that such a mirror can focus various types of emission, including those of biological objects. At the beginning of 1990s such mirrors were used in experiments on immaterial perception, or thought-transfer. According to Kozyrev`s theory, the time substance changed inside such mirrors, which resulted in the phenomena of thought-reading and teleportation abilities, and to emerging of plasmoids – luminescent balls similar to ball lightning. Nikolay Aleksandrovich did not finish materializing his ideas. Properties of the focuses are not completely investigated yet, but one can predict great discoveries for the scientists working in this field.

File:Radiometer 9965 Nevit.gif

Crookes radiometer a.k.a. light mill

The Crookes radiometer, also known as the light mill, consists of an airtight glass bulb, containing a partial vacuum. Inside are a set of vanes which are mounted on a spindle. The vanes rotate when exposed to light, with faster rotation for more intense light, providing a quantitative measurement of electromagnetic radiation intensity.

The reason for the rotation has historically been a cause of much scientific debate.[1][2]

It was invented in 1873 by the chemist Sir William Crookes as the by-product of some chemical research. In the course of very accurate quantitative chemical work, he was weighing samples in a partially evacuated chamber to reduce the effect of air currents, and noticed the weighings were disturbed when sunlight shone on the balance.
Investigating this photoelectric effect, he created the device named after him. It is still manufactured and sold as a novelty item.

How does a light-mill work?

In 1873, while investigating infrared radiation and the element thallium, the eminent Victorian experimenter Sir William Crookes developed a special kind of radiometer, an instrument for measuring radiant energy of heat and light.  Crookes’s Radiometer is today marketed as a conversation piece called a light-mill or solar engine.  It consists of four vanes, each of which is blackened on one side and silvered on the other.  These are attached to the arms of a rotor which is balanced on a vertical support in such a way that it can turn with very little friction.  The mechanism is encased inside a clear glass bulb that has been pumped out to a high, but not perfect, vacuum.

When sunlight falls on the light-mill, the vanes turn with the black surfaces apparently being pushed away by the light.  Crookes at first believed this demonstrated that light radiation pressure on the black vanes was turning it around, just like water in a water mill.  His paper reporting the device was refereed by James Clerk Maxwell, who accepted the explanation Crookes gave.  It seems that Maxwell was delighted to see a demonstration of the effect of radiation pressure as predicted by his theory of electromagnetism.  But there is a problem with this explanation.  Light falling on the black side should be absorbed, while light falling on the silver side of the vanes should be reflected.  The net result is that there is twice as much radiation pressure on the metal side as on the black.  In that case the mill is turning the wrong way.

1873 eh?

Just more evidence of the coincidences being recovered regarding a narrative that can suggest only one thing to me who is investigating the world at large with the assistance of my shadow called ME, the genius being poured into the vessel.
QaBaLaH essentially means ‘to receive’.

Thus ME filling the vessel called me both agree with Einstein.

“the coincidence is god’s way of remaining anonymous”




72 Names of the KABBALAH G_D = Phi

So on this thread I offered PROOF that the Jesus quotes recorded by his twin Thomas were referencing Phi.

As a side note…take a look at the thread # that I referenced above…
5228 Laughing


5 11 2 8 Shocked

11258 MY CODE!!!

Am I tapped into the synchronicity of the universe or WHAT?

Anyway this thread is not about me but about the 72 names of GOD = Phi

Go here:

The evidence is CONCLUSIVE.
Now the quantum leap of belief is ….

Shemhamphorash = Phi = Gospel of Thomas = Jesus Quoted

Take your time.
EWE have an eternity to search for TRUTH.
I only offer a short cut.




hello all…
I have been on a ‘roll of late’.
I just can’t stop the ‘feelings’, that I have been having these past few years…the chakras must be opening.
Besides I really don’t want to stop these vibrations…the TRUTH CHILLS

here is the summary of where I stand at the moment.
please don’t ask how I got here at the moment.
just open your minds and accept what I have to offer at the moment.
leggo of the ego, stop waffling, and be a buddha buddy, for the moment
nobody nobody nobody stands where I do at the moment. Cool
I know I know
I am one cocky SOB
but hey…I was born in the Year of the Rooster…and the Rooster is about to crow 3 times…

re: ‘3’ or a trinity?

>>Mozart the Freemason (the divine cosmic receiver) wrote the Magic Flute about the MOON.
>>the opera opens with 3 chords sounding 3 times
>>E flat, G and B flat

>>Gospel of Thomas = Phi = Fibonacci
>>I have found far too many ARCHETYPAL coincidences re: 11258 and 112358 for me to believe in coincidences any longer.
>>the journey is nearing its completion.
>>I recognized a pattern where I often need to unscramble the HIS-story dates, to reveal the code.
>>I must often add an extra ‘2’ to the 3. i.e. 2 + 3 = 5
>>Gospel #9 is referencing 369 (tesla magic)
>>Gospel # 13 the archetypal Jesus spoke to the archetypal TWIN Thomas 3 secrets…unrevealed
>>Gospel #16 speaks of 2, 3, 5
>>Gospel #18 speaks of 5 trees (square root of 5?)
>>Gospel #38 Pharisees and scribes (fellas who wrote the code) taken the KEYS of knowledge
>>Gospel #48 and #106 move mountains
>>Gospel #50 Motion and Rest
>>Gospel #62 left hand right hand = asymmetry = matter and its image anti-matter Wink


Cross of the ILU

Bab-ilu = 369 = SWASTIKA

Read the text…this was taken from a great book written in the early 20th century by a Freemason

Mi5 / Mi6 Logo

Mi5 Headquarters

Note the 3 DOORS and the 4 lampposts and the Arch that greets the the curious at Mi5 Headquarters.

4 LAMP-POSTS St. Peter’s Square Ellipse

In addition to the 4 Lampposts note the 16 directions on the Compass ROSE WHEEL.

Now reread Gospel #16.
And there is a BELL there that needs to be rung ‘3’ times, to give us all liberty?

Site of the Goseck circle.
The yellow lines represent the direction the Sun rises and sets at the winter solstice,
while the vertical line shows the astronomical meridian

3 GATES again?
Goseck Germany 4900 B.C.
A ‘Wood henge’ comparable to Stonehenge some people claim.

The Goseck ring is one of the best preserved and extensively investigated of the many similar structures built at around the same time. In the first opening of the site, a state archaeologist Harald Meller called it “a milestone in archaeological research”.

Traces of the original configuration reveal that the Goseck ring consisted of four concentric circles, a mound, a ditch, and two wooden palisades. The palisades had three sets of gates facing southeast, southwest, and north. At the winter solstice, observers at the center would have seen the sun rise and set through the southeast and southwest gates.

Archaeologists generally agree that Goseck circle was used for observation of the course of the Sun in the course of the solar year. Together with calendar calculations, it allowed coordinating an easily judged lunar calendar with the more demanding measurements of a solar calendar.[4]

JESUS and TWO thieves were crucified on ‘3’ Crosses.
Jesus placed between the two thieves.

“…MY GOD (ELI) MY GOD (ELI) why has Thou forsaken me (lama sabachthani)?”

Esoteric Astrology

Alice Bailey one of the queens of esoterica speaks of ‘3’ Crosses too.
Her summation is as follows. These are 3 terms used all the time in astrology.

3 Crosses of Christ
1/ Risen 2/ Crucified 3/Hidden

Cardinal Cross = Cross of the Risen Christ = Triangle/Arrow of Time
Fixed Cross = Cross of the Crucified Christ = Celtic Cross
Mutable Cross = Cross of the Hidden Christ = Swastika 

But the Cross of the Risen Christ  reminds me of a child’s toy … and toys are brought to life by the archetypal mind.
Just like the game of chess.

The Cross of the Risen Christ is amusing Wolfgang Pauli and Niels Bohr

demonstration of the Tippe Top:

Well I wrote about this ‘Cross of the Risen Christ’ back on March 5, 2008.
One of the CLUES I gathered in my journey ‘backwards’ to a universal TRUTH, that is being veiled, with an intent.

Please note the date I wrote my inspiration… contains the numbers I have been tracking as I follow the clues backwards.
March = 3
3 52008 = 18 = The MOON Card TAROT
‘3’ plus the KEY 528
(my word blog is ga ga about 528 and contains many many references to these three numbers 5-2-8)

Jesus and his TWIN Thomas?

Which one of these fellas is Phi and which one is phi?
Both are separated by ‘I’ or the mirror plane = Pi in the sky?

This post, I feel, confirms my path is divine and true…
So folks can you help me go deeper and deeper and deeper…there is still something that needs to be brought forth.
HELP me please!
And you help yourself. Wink

We have now gone full/fool circle on my journey since I took this photo in a monastery in PERU back in 2006.

I added the asymmetric HIDDEN CROSS of Christ … i.e. the MIRROR image of the NAZI SWASTIKA to show its TRUE origins.
i.e. NAZIs >> Vatican >> Rome >> Babylon >> ultimately we can trace this symbol to the collective unconscious!

It is obvious that I do stand at one of GATES…without a doubt in my MiNd or heART.
Before me is the SECRET they have veiled with an intent to guide US using it’s multiple charms?
Not many veils left to remove for me.

I AM worthy, I have uncovered my destiny, my purpose, I AM the ONE sent to recover what ‘just is’ is.
I can handle the TRUTH …
All I need to do now, is learn how to coat the bitter pill with a spoon full of sugar honey bunny.
Obviously the reason we look for cosmic eggs at EASTER is that the rabbit (fibonacci) is a LUNAR symbol.
THUS Phi = MOON influence

So what are the Freemasons doing with the moon?
Why did they send the 9 Apollo Sun god missions to the moon?
Intending to land 7 times but Apollo 13 was aborted resulting in 6 successful moon landings.

Well it is connected to that child’s toy is what I wrote.





In total there were nine manned missions to the Moon, each carrying three men, making 27 men in total. Three of the astronauts went to the Moon twice, so a total of 24 men have been to the Moon. Of those 24 twelve have landed on the surface and walked around, while the others only flew around the Moon. 

Apollo 8 in December 1968 took Frank Borman, Jim Lovell and Bill Anders on a flight around the Moon. There was no landing. 

Apollo 10 in May 1969 took Tom Stafford, John Young and Gene Cernan around the Moon. They took the landing craft, but this was a test flight and they did not land. 

Apollo 11 made the first lunar landing in July 1969. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed while Mike Collins stayed in orbit. 

Apollo 12 went to the Moon in November 1969. Pete Conrad and Alan Bean landed while Richard Gordon stayed in orbit. 

Apollo 13, in April 1970, was to have taken Jim Lovell and Fred Haise to the lunar surface while Jack Swigert orbited, but an oxygen tank explosion on the way out caused the landing to be abandoned, and instead the three men simply flew once round the Moon and came home. Jim Lovell was making his second trip to the Moon. 

Apollo 14 took off in January 1971 and took Alan Shepard, Edgar Mitchell and Stu Roosa to the Moon. Shepard and Mitchell landed. 

In August 1971 Apollo 15 sent David Scott, Jim Irwin and Al Worden to the Moon. Scott and Irwin made the landing while Worden orbited. 

April 1972 saw the launch of Apollo 16, carrying John Young (making his second Moon flight), Charlie Duke and Ken Mattingly. Young and Duke landed. 

Finally, in December 1972, Apollo 17 took Gene Cernan on his second lunar mission, with Harrison Schmitt and Ron Evans. Cernan and Schmitt made the final lunar landing.

4 AGES MODEL = RIDDLE of the SPHINX and our Binary Companion

The following is another attempt by myself to incorporate all I have felt these past 5 years…the blending of many ideas … including Fintan’s I/O theory, using the universal language of archetype that transcends Space/Time and Motion.

Carl Jung claimed this archetypal language could be found within the symbolism found in Alchemy.
Joseph Campbell would agree and add … myth too!

4 AGES MODEL of the Universe = RIDDLE of the SPHINX and our Binary Companion = I/O = WSM = Rodin Coil

Azoth wrote:
that’s fylfot.
or, “it’s a joke”….

I feel like a wan man.

The above card, CARD X is the treasure map.
It is a direct reference to Ezekiel’s Wheel and his prophecy.
It is a mnemonic, a visual aid that I believe was once used by the enlightened to help spread the word, about the ‘WORD’.
It was a primary tool that I used to assist me in my journey through the labyrinth.
It is the treasure map we can use to assist us in finding our inner spiritual gold…the pot of truth at the end of the rainbow.
Shall we continue?
Take out your calculators and cell phones.
If the Dalai Lama wrote a book saying the Universe can be found in an atom, and enlightened gurus suggest it can be found in a blade of grass, well then grasshoppers, I want to suggest that I found the answers using the 9 main numbers, found on all the ARCHETYPAL devices that we use today to do business and communicate…like the ‘cell’ phone.

1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9
* 0 #

And on another thread I would like to discuss the role of * 0 #…but not now okay? Idea

Azoth wrote:
electrons = standing waves = charge rushing in to nucleus. how would this jibe with the sun as electron, traversing the symbolic zodiacal cross?

damn good question Azoth

NOTE: In the following response to your question…I have provided links to provide reasons for my the development of these concepts…however I feel it is NOT necessary at this time, to link to them to understand this thread…please return to them AFTER you have finished the entire thread.

Another lie of science eh? … no such thing as wave/particle duality … as Milo Wolff suggests there is only one wave/particle … it is the movement that determines polarity.
In the flat quantum world, there are only two movements available.
CW vs. CCW is what determines its ‘identity’…thus the electron turns one direction and its anti-particle rotates in the opposite.
(above is just a re-cap for those following allowing)

I do love Milos theory because it is simple and concise and fits in well with Hans Jenny and his investigations into cymatics. Wink
I also believe simplicity is the key to understanding the complexity.

I have been waiting for a couple of years now Azoth, waiting for somebody to ask a question, just like the one you asked above.

Did the ancients know this, or at least understand it ‘in another symbolic’ language based on archetype?

Do the big, the macrocosm, and the small, the microcosm, behave in similar manners?
Just as the Emerald Tablet suggests, as Sir Isaac Newton, the alchemist earnestly believed?

If the heliosphere of our solar system is asymmetric as the expert now believes, as perhaps the electron and its anti-particle the positron are…what does this mean as we traverse the universe/the zodiac cross?

I am going to take some images from this blog that I wrote in Aug/2007.

The MODEL of big = small was one of the AHAs granted me one day as I playing with numbers = concepts.
A simple game, something a child could participate in and understand.
I could teach this stuff to kids better than adults. I intuitively felt life was a game a child could participate in?
Adults sadly have been taught to be skeptical of simplicity to help explain grandiose ideas…

Start with a WHEEL (circle) = the astrological wheel with ARIES beginning in 0 degrees.

Then we place this square Greek CROSS into the WHEEL as the next image illustrates.
Please note…that the cross inside the circle represents matter and spirit.

CIRCLE = spirit
CROSS = matter

I call the above image…the philosopher’s stone, found in Ireland, thank me lucky charms…

And the cosmic meaning of the lucky 4-leaf clover I can share with you too, please note that in the image above, on the right is a 4-leaf clover or the Quatrefoil found in Gothic churches, built by the ‘templars/masons’ etc?
I go into much more detail re: the above symbol.

In the quantum world they use a similar concept to symbolize the ‘positron’.

And simply by substituting the numbers 1-12 on the CROSS to coincide with their position on the WHEEL yields this ‘galactic’ BLUEPRINT that can be used (IMHO) for either a positron/electron or our SUN and its binary companion.

Binary companion?
FACT: the quantum scientist today operates on the following axiom.
If a particle is found….its anti-particle is assumed to exist also.

So IF everything in the small world operates similar to an ‘action’ in the big world … we can assume/pretend/theorize that our SUN has an anti-sun or binary companion.

Two suns?
Disbelievers go here:

Go Walter Cruttendon go!!!
Ra! Ra! Ra!
You have some fans dude!
Count me in…your theory rocks and rolls through SpaceTime Laughing

So now that we have a MODEL that can be applied to an electron/positron or the white SUN/black sun all we need to do … is join the dots through SpaceTime.
That model above represents essentially the 25,812 year cycle that science has called ‘Precession of the Equinoxes’.

I can hear the shouts of disbelief already!!!
But precession is equal to 25,920 years many of you will say!!!
Well I do want you to know that I used Marko Rodin math to arrive at that figure, 25,812.
Which happens to correlate, nearly exactly to my favorite numbers… 11258.
Add 108 years (how many beads on a rosary/is 108 important to the Hindu calendar?), 108 to account for the circle of fifths that suggests signal loss occurs (we live in a analogue world) and we arrive at the common figure quoted above 25,920)And what exactly is the relationship between 1 and 8 and 8 and 9 in music and in the esoteric writings of alchemy and the bible narrative?

Shall we continue?

ANY child that can count to twenty (fingers and toes) can count backwards/precess from the #1.
i.e. 1 >> 12 >> 11 >> 10 >> etc… back to 1.

So now we have the path of our SUN or an electron.
A macro/micro MODEL that can be used to make predictions about when/where the electron will appear next OR what 2012 might be about.

i.e. Look at the ARIES in the number 1 position on the wheel.
It resides in the first valance or orbit…closest to the center.
It belongs to the group 1, 4, 7, and 10 (or 1)

1, 4, 7,

We know that as we moved from the AGE of Aries into the AGE of Pisces about 2000+ years ago…much development has occurred…throughout the world….correct?
It has been an age where the amount of ‘energy’ in the world has increased>>>as it would if an electron moved away from the nucleus.

Pisces as we can see resides in the third valance or shell, and it belongs to the group 3, 6, 9 and 12 (or 3)

Ah the magic of 3, 6, 9 finally understood in a new light?

3, 6, 9

However we are moving currently into a new AGE as we all know and some of us are feeling.
The AGE of Aquarius.
Locate Aquarius on the 4 AGES MODEL.
It sits within the second shell/valance and it belongs to the group 2, 5, 8, and 11 (or 2)

YES here we have the numbers I have been tracking relentlessly ‘backwards’ through SpaceTime… 11, 2, 5, and 8.

Which contain the numbers 528 … or in Gematria ‘the KEY’.
Solfeggio 528 hertz heals DNA, and the cell wall, is the claim made by experts?

2, 5, 8

And please note that 258 is one of the diagonals in the Lo Shu magic square?

And here is where prophecy and my MODEL collide in a very big way.
We know as the electron moves toward the nucleus, it is moving toward a more stable energy state….and the electron must do something.
It must eject photons of light!

OR as I see and feel things in these END of DAZE Times/2012, as the Maya and the Bible thumpers both predict … there will be an ascension/a rapture…which are the photons/energy being released as we move toward …
1/ a lower energy state (hydrocarbons gone bust)
2/ more stability/less complexity

I go into a little more detail on this blog:

Thus what I refer to as the 4 AGES MODEL encapsulates everything big and small…

But the astute will suggest that the MODEL only illustrates ONE of the TWO binary companions.
We must add the binary companion…


And it is that step that takes us to an every higher level of understanding in regards to all of the above and the concept of a BINARY companion.

Riddle of the Sphinx = 4 legs at dawn (solstice), 2 legs at noon (equinox), and 3 legs at dusk (solstice)
shhhh what happens in the underworld eh?
I only see a semi-circle or an ARCH which became the ARK, best explained by interpreting the archetypes?

And then we take a quick look at my notes.
By adding a BINARY companion we realize that the RIDDLE of the SPHINX is finally understood…in a new wonderful way.
It appears to confirm what the SPHINX represents.
A symbol representing the STARGATE to our invisible Binary Companion?

432 and 423 ring any bells?
Either in your intuition or at the Coral Castle?

432 = frequency of the SUN?
423 = frequency of the MOON … which is somehow connected to the Sphinx?
Old Testament Jews believe after we die……we must pass through the MOON?

And another wonderful poetic archetypal clue left by our ancestors is?
My journey has been notably about chiral asymmetric hands.
…and EL is a god.

In the Canaanite religion, or Levantine religion as a whole, El or Il was the supreme god,[2] the father of humankind and all creatures and the husband of the Goddess Asherah as attested in the tablets of Ugarit.[2]

But Handel’s most famous oratorio is called MESSIAH and it was tuned to … get this … note ‘A’ = 423 hertz.

The work is a presentation of Jesus’s life and its significance according to Christian doctrine. The name of the oratorio is taken from the Abrahamic concept of the Messiah (“the anointed one”). In Christianity, Jesus is the Messiah.

And it seems Aleister Crowley and me were sharing some of the same cosmic vibrations…I came across this cross AFTER I had already conceptualized my thoughts…note that the serpent is about to consume its tail…in the AGE of Aries…
‘believe it or not’

For me, this was a wonderful confirmation in opposition to the paradox = Intelligent/stupid well-meaning wankers who have opposed every step I have taken, (on this, the very lonely road less traveled) toward a universal truth?
A truth that can be taught to any child capable of counting backwards from 12?

This is the MODEL that I feel that needs to see the light of day and night.
IMHO time is running out and about to ‘reverse’ itself as the 4 AGES MODEL predicts.
I also feel it gives us a big CLUE as to what HUMANITY should REALLY DO as we approach 2012.

The MASTERS have us on the wrong path?
Are they benevolent or self-serving?
That is the question as we continue to be ‘lead’ toward a final goal?

Hey Gary/Code 9 did you get all that?
If you covet mo’ money down here…..EWE are coming back for some ‘unfinished business’?
My current deal with the asymmetric mirror image devil / lived that exists as part of me too, was the following……

‘please show me the truth and I will set everyone FREE for FREE’ Idea

That was the deal I made with myself.
So go for the gold Gary, go for the gold, INSIDE of you dude.
The treasure map I found leads the seeker of truth inward, because as my 4 AGES MODEL illustrates, that is the path back to the center?

time to go vibrate now and try to understand those ‘3 notes’, the KEYs to the 3 Gates I have identified.
(bill gates = mo’ money is one of them and the bill for our errant human behaviors is about to come due and payable in a cosmic energetic way…)

So thanks for asking that question Azoth. Wink

How does all this blend with Marko Rodin/Milo Wolff/Fintan Duane’s I/O theory….do they all blend?

just ask me if you dare….
and I shall ask my shadow.

After all … “the shadow knows” Cool

namaste/swastika = the good luck/vital energy in me respects and wishes the vital energy in you good luck in these END of DAZE dude.
KEY 528=Swastika=ancient Spherical Standing Wave Theory
“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”
-Albert Einstein

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Intelligent Design Revealed ~ Photon Crusader Crosses ~ Mystic Cross ~ Hopi Prophecy ~ the World TEACHER asks … have the Pahana helpers been identified by their gifts?

UPDATE May 7th, 2020


Physicists created a hologram of a single light particle, a feat previously thought impossible. Cathal O’Connell reports.

Photon PREDICTED and ACTUAL results

 Hologram of a Single Photon pdf.

Have the two Pahana helpers been identified by their gifts?Hopi two gifts ACHIRAL Maltese Cross CHIRAL Swastika

Two helpers will accompany Pahana, one of which carries a masculine swastika representing purity and the four directions.

The first helper also brings a Maltese cross with lines between the arms signifying menstrual blood, while the second helper holds merely a sun symbol.

The combined forces of these three icons will “shake the world” and bring about global purification.

Hopi two gifts ACHIRAL Maltese Cross and CHIRAL SwaStika ShoStik

Hindu swastikas SHOSTIK

Bengali ShoStik aka SwaStik Orans

burning man shostik swastik amazigh free man symbol 2100 ce the future

Anthony Peratt plasma DOUBLE DOT squatter

Orans Abbot Pachomius in pagan prayer shostik

Primer Fields 4 pole magnetic fields shostik YHVH lose mind finding heart POLARIS POLE STAR

Shostik Orens Ka at Ontario Place with kids

UPDATE May 7, 2020

ME+me posted the following comment today on this video that Crichton EM Miller is promoting on EweTube. It is time we officially parted ways.

With poetic irony Crichton’s Rose Stone Rosetta narrative is going to be overwritten by our Rosetta Fractal RoselandS Mandala Photon narrative that emerged at age 47 due to our epiphany.

Edmond Furter BLUEPRINT Photon ARCHETYPE Rosetta Fractal Mandala

It is a fact [learned from personal experience] that the storyteller Mathematical Jain filters comments out that are not positive. Will this comment be filtered out?

Here is the comment we left with Crichton’s video that might get filtered out.
(we have since added a couple of comments not found on the video)

Glad to be the first one to dislike this video. the reason we dislike this video is due to the willful ignorance of Crichton.
He has an obvious ‘cognitive bias’ against the 12,000+ year old swastika which science has re-branded a 2D CHIRAL PLANAR METAMATERIAL … and the vital insight that grants a seeker of unifying truths has been lost on Crichton who refuses to learn from what the CHIRAL feature of the swastika is suggesting.

The CHIRAL anomaly is being used today by fellas smarter than Crichton to manipulate photons and penetrate the mysteries of the quantum.

Crichton’s ideas are GREAT but sadly lacking.
To quote him page 5 of his book. His ego emerges.

“I have discovered the Rose Stone, the Staff of Angles, the Time Machine of the Ancients, how they used it and some of their knowledge and the way they lived, flourished and died. What I have discovered, I have made, patented and protected. I have patented it so that it may not fall into the wrong hands and be used as another “Icon” type of symbol, like the swastika to create division, hate and horror amongst the peoples of the world.”

Well that is nice Crichton but but butt India and China and millions of others still have a DEEP REVERENCE for the swastika … wake up and shut up sir … also your IGNORANCE when it comes to sacred geometry merging with, no in fact anticipating high level physics/math probing SYMMETRY vs BROKEN SYMMETRY is where your narrative, fairy tale falls apart and comes to an end.

All theories like yours reach a best before date. Your book is great but lacking the next chapter that the 2D CHIRAL swastika provides, an ever emergent narrative that which BREAKS SYMMETRY is the so called ‘god of the gaps’ … that future gene generations will be investigating.

Your Celtic Cross in fact is two CHIRAL and ACHIRAL combined … but YOU don’t see it.

Your narrative and you will both meet their end. Others will come along and ADD to the recovery what your cognitive bias + ego has kept veiled from you.
RIP *like us on faKebook*
^^^ Our blog is a diary of a 16 year journey which is going to be edited into a book to help even the score between ALL STORYTELLERS … using ONE idea … the SYMMETRICAL ACHIRAL CROSS gets BROKEN by the CHIRAL SWASTIKA … herein is THE algorithm.

I will be adding Crichton’s name to the list of storytellers who in effect are Thieves of the Eternal heARTS expressed as ever emergent ark+E+types.

Ironically it is the swastika + let there be light + in hoc signo vinces which leads us back to the promised land … and sweeping the swastika under the rug of HIS-story due to WW2 hangover still not dealt with … is truly how a fool would play the game called Truth or Consequences.

Dear reader we offered to merge our SWASTIKA epiphany with Crichton’s CELTIC CROSS genius …. he is not interested.

ONE of us is clearly a fool. I would bet it is the fool who bets against the mantra ALL LIFE IS CHIRAL and its ‘geometric cosmic ever emergent diplomat’ i.e. the 12,000+ year old ‘good luck’ CHIRAL swastika … a symbol representing the movement that brought our world into being … i.e. it is obviously part of the Genesis creation and evolution narrative.

sincerely namaste, selah v, cheerios mate

Photon Knights Templar

… the next chapter in the recovery Crichton, a chapter you will never see.

2100 CE Rene Schwaller Pisces Precession Photon Knights Templar

UPDATE Fall Equinox 2019 

I am posting this three days after the fall equinox … but it was put together a few days ago.
The following text comes out of Marie-Louise von Franz’s book Number and Time.

Von Franz Marie Louise Number and Time pg 123 CHIRAL Lo Shu and

The attached post-it notes are clearly pointing out an AHA!
Allow me to highlight the simple algorithm that lay at the heart of the I-Ching.
The universe starts off in perfect balance of influences laid out on a symmetrical grid.
Then there is movement or broken symmetry.
The rest is history … because life is synonymous with movement.

ALL LIFE IS CHIRAL is a unifying declaration of interdependence.
Sadly we are all witness to the fact that a declaration of independence has turned the USA into a bully and terrorist.

Von Franz Marie Louise Number and Time pg 123 CHIRAL Lo Shu cropped

Time for a change?
Okay how about you raise your left hand and place your right hand on the bible and repeat after ME+me …


Some of you might be wondering about the interest in 49 vs. 50.
Well the biblical legend suggests MoSeS could only open 49 gates …

…. and of course after reading the above link can we enter the following as evidence of a unifying 2D CHIRAL truth that transcends space and time?

The answer to that question must be affirmative because today quantum physics is again discussing ‘fields’ and the ever emergent aether will not go away.

atma Preparation of the Field Annie Besant
The above text came out of Annie Besant’s book called ‘A Study in Consciousness’.
Happy fall soulstice …
UPDATE Spring Equinox 2017

A thought about the Tree of Life used in the Kabbalah which can also be expressed as two squares.

Does the Maltese Cross represent the geometry of the Zeitgeist? Crichton Miller PHOTON science

~ end of UPDATE ~

swastika MYSTIC CROSS 1910

This is old news ~ a newspaper clipping from 1910
History Of The Swastika Or Mystic Cross . – Google News

UPDATE October 16, 2016

Today’s update is a confirmation of the Hopi Prophecy which will be discussed later in this blog.

What are those gifts?
Apparently one gift recovered is the ‘gift of fire’ or the particle of light known as a photon.

shape of  photons ~ Physicists created a hologram of a single light particle

Hologram of a single photon reconstructed
from raw measurements (left)
and theoretically predicted (right)

This profound confirmation comes from science providing us with a theoretically predicted hologram of a single photon.
But it seems the insights of the mystics like Guido von List have been one quantum leap ahead of the PhD because the following table and other evidence in this blog suggests that the findings of science have been anticipated‘ by the mystics of all the ages.

4-fold 4-foot Fyrfos versus 3-fold 3-foot Fylfos

SATOR Magic Square next to the Concealed Fyrfos and the Maltese Cross
Is this why I have lived at municipal address #43 for the past 23 years?
A man’s home is his castle and I AM both its king and queen.

UPDATE October 9, 2016

After all these years of searching for something which I could not quite define but I knew it divine, I can now say unequivocally what it was that my inner wisdom, some might call it genius was leading me too … the Photon Knight a cosmic crusader.

A former firefighter who was shaken not stirred on 911 would later retire to fight the fire of his life [i.e. inner demons and daimons in full trickster regalia] and it was just recently that this firefighter hero returned from the abyss with the ‘gift of fire’, along with insights to how this ‘gift of fire’ can align itself with the quantum nature of consciousness.

ME+me find it amazing that the Sator Rotas magic square anticipated the inspirational work of SiR Roger Penrose but the mystic/inventor/genius Itzhak Bentov helps explain why…

“one of the good things about the system is that the system wants to teach you about itself”
– Itzhak Bentov

RESCUE ME and IN HOC SIGNO VINCES ~ “In this Sign Conquer”

Photon Knights are awarded Maltese Crosses similar to this one.


Quantum holography sheds light.

FaKebook friend Gabriel Clarke shared the following link below with ME+me on October 8th at 12:09 p.m.

Hologram of a single photon ~ original pdf. dated January 11, 2016.

shape of  photons ~ Physicists created a hologram of a single light particle

Hologram of a single photon reconstructed
from raw measurements (left)
and theoretically predicted (right)

This second image contains an idea added by the author of this blog that has been superimposed over the theoretically predicted photon hologram.

What shape are photons? Quantum holography sheds light

As the above image on the left illustrates you can construct a Maltese Cross by joining the letters AEON found in this 5×5 square known as the Knights Templar Magic Square assigned the planet Mars and Mars the god of wars.
Note that wars is an anagram of Mars.
4 AEONs or 4 AIONs or 4 AGEs results in one Maltese crusader cross.

Now continue reading this blog to see if the Sator/Rotas square in fact anticipated this theoretically predicted measurement of the photon, and if it did … how could that be, I mean how and why did the crusader crosses anticipate this quantum gem?

What you will find as you plough your way through this blog is how the variations of the 4-fold crusader crosses like the Maltese Cross keep appearing in so many various theories put forth by various wise guys from so many different fields of interest, scientific, theological, and of course metaphysical.

But the the Rotas magic square superimposed over Photon Knights Templar Maltese cross provides plenty of clues why Jesus a messenger of light is associate to the cross.

This quote sums up an idea nicely.

137 is the odds that an electron will absorb a single photon.

Protons and electrons are bound by interactions with photons.

~ Bill Reimers

Protons and electrons are bound by interactions with photons.

Ta da!

One more coincidence that must be mentioned about this former retired firefighter who went on a quest and found that spARK of light called a photon.
Yes I have come full fool circle.

Victoria Cross awarded to Widukind on Victoria pARK

on the left: Victoria Cross as it appears on Commonwealth War Graves Commission headstones.

By the way did you know that I live on Victoria pARK Avenue so it would be only fitting that I be awarded a Victoria Cross?

UPDATE April 10, 2015

Facts and Speculations about Sacred Swastika Science

UPDATE December 31, 2014

Over the last couple of days I have come across two more additional associations between prophecy and the numbers 1~3~7~9.
The first association is to Ezekiel 37:19.

The White Buffalo relates to the Lakota and the Hopi.
The time of the White Buffalo is a very precious time. A Lakota ceremony and the Hopi people will take part in the fulfillment of the prophecy in Ezekiel 37:19.

The second association to the numbers 1-3-7-9 involves a coronation that takes place in the 6th month of the year 7193.
Two years after the Year of Creation 7191.

7193 The Ark of the Covenant Grierson & Stuart Munroe-Haypg3

source: The Ark of the Covenant by Roderick Grierson & Stuart Munro-Hay pg.3

HOPI PROPHECY – have the two Pahana helpers been identified by their gifts?

Two helpers will accompany Pahana, one of which carries a masculine swastika representing purity and the four directions.

The first helper also brings a Maltese cross with lines between the arms signifying menstrual blood, while the second helper holds merely a sun symbol.

The combined forces of these three icons will “shake the world” and bring about global purification.

source of above text and image
Gary A. David:

In another article written later by Gary he states this.

The Celtic Cross of Ireland was widely known in antiquity.

Crichton EM Miller claims that this cross was actually both an architectural tool for construction of megalithic structures, such as pyramids, and a navigational instrument that allowed mariners to sail the world in very ancient times. ( The crosses we still find in some churchyards are merely the symbolic remnant of a sophisticated apparatus that allowed for a system of global contact and commerce.

Have the two Pahana helpers been identified by their gifts?
Please read the entire thread and the links and decide for yourself if what I claim is true blue.

UPDATE February 10, 2014

I posted something very similar to this on faKebook today.

dear Walter Cruttenden

thanks for bringing me on board Capt. 🙂

btw does your 2014 CPAK Ark have a ‘navigator’ to help steer your event?
I would recommend this fella for the job, he understands.

Precession + the recovery of the Celtic Cross as navigation tool = how to direct our future consciousness …

With great insight Crichton patented the fact that the Celtic cross which is essentially a circle + cross can be used as a navigation tool … IF you attach a rotating wheel/circle to a fixed cross … the rest as they say is history … and here we have an opportunity to learn from it, and not repeat the same mistakes.
What if?

I am currently reading my copy of The Golden Thread of Time.

Crichton E M Miller, I hope you don’t mind the nomination sir, but your epiphany, plus your insight to claim a patent proving ‘it works’ is nothing but stellar when you step back and look at the big picture.

Walter and Crichton I would love to see you both at CPAK later this year.


I also posted these comments to the group called 137 – The Key to the Collective Unconscious

ok I know I woke up and here I AM still in a dream

evidently it is official folks

the two Pahana helpers have been identified

  • Pahana helper #1
    Crichton EM Miller who recovered the fact that the Celtic Cross is a damn fine navigation tool and has claimed two patents using a most simple design, a fixed cross with a rotating circle/wheel, no math is necessary.
  • Pahana helper #2
    The second Pahana helper brings the swastika.

Who would that second Pahana helper be?

The best way to find out would be to let the internet speak.
(note that the word inTErNET contains the word TENET)

i.e. IF we place the search terms ‘swastika theory of everything’ into the google chrome browser this is the golden reply;

So here is a suggestion, we should contact the author of all those returns and see what he/she knows about the paradoxical dual aspects inherent in the swastika?

To see how it matches up with the work of Crichton EM Miller and also let us not forget what Graham Hancock found on that pillar in the Bet Maryam church in Ethiopia, the Sator Square veiled by an image of Jesus Christ.

Sacred Column in Bet Maryam Church Lalibela Ethiopia
adorned with an image of Jesus Christ
said to conceal the SaToR RoTaS magic square

I have been in contact with Graham Hancock.  I asked him a question about what appeared to me as inconsistencies regarding the book he published in 1993 ‘The Sign and the Seal’  and a presentation he made in 2013 found on youtube.
He responded and I have added the details of that communiction to this blog here.
Scroll down the page;

Graham does not really seem interested in the fact that we can link the swastika to the Sator square and to a sacred column in the oldest Christian church in Ethiopia rumored to have been built by angels …

Now do you see what a seeker of the TRUTH is up against?
Other truth seekers who are blocking the door to TRUTH …

Raphael before undergoing a name change was known as the angel Labbiel … the angel who helped build Lalibela?

Somebody don’t forget to pinch me, or dump me into a pool of water to bring me out of the Inception ‘deception’.
But why a pool of water?

gotcha again…

I also feel that faKebook ironically captured the ESSENce of who the second Pahana helper just might be 🙂

Is this the Pahana helper #2?

… funny we should find him in SEdona in 2011 … somewhere over the rainbow … ta da
(who writes this stuff … where does it come from … and why does the narrative I AM tapping into seem to be one step always ahead of the recovery?)

What a yarn.
What a thread.
Crichton was correct it is a golden thread of time.

Today is 13/02/2014 and it is becoming more and more apparent what the two Pahana helpers have recovered, and maybe just in the nick of time, because it is about time and plotting a new course, all of us.
I want to further add that the evidence is indicating that the swastika could have been an archaic tool to assist in the calculation of the speed of light, using the template of two circles and one square.

end of UPDATE

I do hate to bang my own war drum….but hey somebody must do it.
We all have a CROSS to bear as we ascend the mountain of the adepts.

And somebody long ago uttered this parable…

1. And he said,

“Whoever discovers the interpretation of these sayings will not taste death.”

The indigenous HOPI elders speak of ‘Pahana’, the equivalent of the archetypal ‘jesus’.

The Hopi have awaited three people for many, many years–for centuries.

Were these three people Cherokee elder John Red Hat, his partner Dorothy (Dottie) Daigle (The Lady in White), and an anthropologist friend? Chief Mike of Oraibi accepted these three as carrying the Pahana anointing, although there is one more prophecy to be fulfilled that will validate Pahana–the small piece of sacred tablet that the White Brother took with him when he left. When he returns, it is prophesied he will bring it back with him. Hopefully, the complete write-up in the book “Red Hat’s Wisdom” will help clear up some questions, and also reveal why Elder Red Hat told me the angels wept!

Creator’s plans often seem to be complex, multi-threaded. Were the three that the Hopi have been waiting for actually just three people, or could they also be three forces? In any case, the three are identified by symbols, and legend has it that they will help the Hopi people survive when all appears hopeless, and this will occur prior to the time of the Great Purification.

These three legendary symbols are the Sun symbol, the Moha symbol (swastika) , and the Red symbol. Dottie believes the Sun symbol is symbolic of Creator, the Moha symbol is symbolic of the four forces of nature which will be set in motion, air, water, earth, and fire, and the Red symbol is the Walking the Red Road spiritual path which the ancestors directed her to write. Walking the Red Road is included in the book currently available, “Red Hat Speaks.” These three forces will purify humble people and the earth, and will finally bring us to a new age of peace and harmony.

hmm…the swastika? Wink

Alice Bailey >> Lucis Trust >> recognized by the United Nations, in her book Esoteric Astrology, called the swastika the ‘HIDDEN CROSS of Christ’.
Alice Bailey (it would be foolish to ignore what the Theosophists are considering…) actually identifies in her book Esoteric Astrology the 3 Crosses of Christ which are nearly a match with the Pahana prophecy.


left to right; Crosses of the Hidden, the Crucified, and the Risen Christ
  • The Cross of the Hidden Christ >>> the Swastika
  • The Cross of the Crucified Christ >>> the Celtic Cross
  • The Cross of the Risen Christ >>> looks like an arrow or a right angle triangle on a cross

source of images 

And we find all three crosses represented on this 4th century Celtic stone which is also displaying the ogham script.

Ogham – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

So folks, you decide, has the Great Pahana spoken from the great beyond using ‘sign language’, these are some ideas I AM putting out there.
If we can use the Celtic Cross to navigate the high seas can we use it to navigate the ‘outer reaches of inner space’?

So who is the Pahana, has this spirit energy arrived?

I woke up one day and asked for the TRUTH.
I did not want to be an astronaut and go to the moon…
I did not want to become rich and famous and become a star on the walk of fame….
I did not want to become another Jesus impersonater…
I did not even want to become a Buddha buddy to humanity….
I only asked help in finding the common denominator called TRUTH that would help in uniting humanity.
In uniting east with west and north with south.

And my focus now for nearly 5 years, much to the chagrin and the bleating of a divided humanity … has in FACT been the SWASTIKA.
It is all I THINK about.
It is why I quit my job prematurely…knowing THINKING was only 1/2 of the equation…
It is why I now vibrate and FEEL the TRUTH chills daily.
It is obviously MY PURPOSE?

Is that why I vibrate daily…my purpose has been fulfilled?
You can decide for yourself.
The focus of my entire wordblog is the ‘swastika’?

You can call me Ray or you can call me Pa, but please do not refer to me as great (that would be the echo called the ego) … the return of the Elder is upon us, the lost knowledge has been recovered…cast your vote here:



KEY 528 = Swastika  and the The OX TOE

“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”
-Albert Einstein

Junglelord RIP – Ancient Spherical Standing Wave Theory Recovered


Vale Junglelord aka Dean Ward…

Postby davesmith_au » Mon Nov 08, 2010 10:15 pm

It is with deepest regret that I announce to our forum the passing of Junglelord, aka Dean Ward. wrote:
WARD, Wilfred Dean – Passed away peacefully after a brief illness with his family by his side in Toronto Mount Sinai hospital on Sunday September 19 2010. Dean was in his 48th year. Much loved by his children Ashley, Shandi and husband Stephen, Brandon and his wife Fannie, Krista and Amber. Adored grandfather to Kylie, Aiyden and Logan. He his survived by his father Lee (Madeleine) and his brother John (Joanne). He is predeceased by his mother Mary.He will be missed by many of his good friends. At Dean’s request no service will be held, instead a celebration of his life will be held at his fathers residence at a later date. Donation’s can be made to the lung association.


Junglelord, aka Dean Ward. May he rest in peace.

Dean was always a lively contributor to our boards, with a unique perspective on most everything. Some would say he had a level of genius few possessed, others simply that they couldn’t understand a word he said. Whatever your perspective, I know I speak for us all when I say that Dean will be very sorely missed on this forum. Our heartfelt sympathies go to his family and many friends.

Sincerely, Dave Smith,
Forum Administrator.


comments please,
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because it helps strengthen the theSiS…

here is an *update*


I believe its 12 due to the VE of Fullers Synergetics.
Nice work Bro.
Very Happy
If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe.
— Nikola Tesla

Casting Out the Nines from PHI into Indigs reveals the Cosmic Harmonic Code.
— Junglelord.


thanks junglelord.

I always did appreciate your insights over at Dunderbolts.


Yes Plasmatic has a friend called Alton Hare,
they think its a junglelord witchhunt over there.
A sad bunch those two are.
I have finally had enough of their crap.
Incredible how little minds need to gang up on Knowledge.
Force fed Information Guru’s, with no concept of Personal Knowledge.
If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe.
— Nikola Tesla

Casting Out the Nines from PHI into Indigs reveals the Cosmic Harmonic Code.
— Junglelord.


junglelord wrote:
Yes Plasmatic has a friend called Alton Hare,

yes Plasmatic, I had forgotten his name…
some people are too ‘smart’, it handicaps them…he would be a good example.
not one person has shown that kind of inflammatory empirical ignorance on this site…

And it is too bad Dave Talbot does not let go of his ego.
I liked his ‘style’ as mythologist, but his refusal to acknowledge the swastika as divine, within the framework of human consciousness will be the downfall of his Thunderbolt ‘thesis’.

Anybody who dare do an end run around the esoteric/exoteric importance of the swastika is only blinding themselves to a truth.
Profound associations documented, the swastika has played a significant role in the development of human thought…and the evolution of DNA.

And within western consciousness, a significant barrier, The Holocaust, has obviously been erected.
With the sole intent to help kill this ancient divine powerful symbol that represents the forces necessary for creation.

The two swastikas representing the only movements available to an electron, represents a KEY to ALL universal movements.

The swastika represents both the Law of Attraction** and the Law of Repulsion.
Its two movements, clockwise and counterclockwise determines spin.
Spin determines polarity.
Spin is also handedness.
Together spin/polarity helps create the illusions called Spherical Standing Waves.

Then all these SS Wave Forms need Popes, CEOs, and Kings and Queens to help run the illusion, the chaos, because most people have not the time nor inclination to devote to know thyself in proportion.

People are standing waveforms, everything is vibration.



p.s. ** IMHO the popular Law of Attraction was a pathetic attempt to prop up the fledgling, dying American Dream…

A dream that is dying along with an era of cheap energy, a hydrocarbon illusion that lasted only about 100 years…
Before the cheap oil…America prospered using slaves…now what?
Without neither oil or an illegal slave trade to exploit, what is a Zionist Capitalist Pig gonna do?

Create willing and able working slaves through debt.
Debts that will never be satisified?


This web forum is able to be honest.
All so clear.
Impossible to find, almost.

Its nice to be able to understand the universe and also know about the NWO. Then to be able to discuss both intellectually.
Kudos to this forum.
Glad to be aboard.

I am a honour graduate of the Fuller School of Thought.

I have graduated and I just got a Zome Tools kit.
Happy to be here.
Very Happy
If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe.
— Nikola Tesla

Casting Out the Nines from PHI into Indigs reveals the Cosmic Harmonic Code.
— Junglelord.


Dear junglelordy:

Plasma = AETHER = Dark Shit?
Are they ALL struggling to express the same thing?

I was meaning to send you an e-mail about my acute case of schizoidneSS over at EU.

“I love you”
Raphael Arrow Valhalla Embarassed

Follow you, follow me?
Or follow the archetypal Inanna and she takes with her the 7me, on her descent into the underworld?

Maybe we should collaborate and offer an alternate EU program based on your findings, my archetypal insights, AND all of these too, of course:

Fintan’s Inside / Out model
Marko Rodin’s Coil
EU Verse
Wolff’s Spherical Standing Wave Theory
pre-20th century insights to science and religion/myth/symbols.
post-20th century archeo-astronomy findings…

What happens to the 20th century?
A century of LIES mostly.
WMD were positioned.

W ords of
M ass
D istraction

Because SOUND is so important.
Control WORDS and language and SOUND…?

I do prefer to stand on the shoulders of others.
I believe ALL offer pieces to the solution of a BIG puzzle.
A puzzle that has at its center the piece that links everything together.
A piece resembling a spinning vortex, that can represent both a beginning and an end.

Correction TWO vortexes = two flavors of spin available in the flat quantum world…and…what about our spinning galaxy called the Milky Way, does it spin, is it flat too?

CW and CCW

Those two movements related to spin/polarity are the KEY that need further investigation.
Control the spin at the quantum level…and if you imagine invisible ‘gears’, Ezekiel’s vision of ‘wheels within wheels’, Russian Doll scenario, Mayan’s used the same gear analogy in calculating their ACCURATE calendars, based on the EARTH, the MOON, the SUN, each represented by a ‘gear’…

I know of a really old symbol found the world over
Wink …that would be a perfect archetypal symbol, a symbol that expresses quite succinctly those two movements … a symbol etched onto rocks, or in the sand with a stick, to accompany the ORAL traditions 101, a practice practiced for thousands and thousands and thousands of years…?

I actually have reserved a domain name for this purpose.
The name of the domain is….however this is strange…because the site domain is inactive by me…somebody else has is using the address…how can that be?

But til I get the domain active … I have been using this site as a voice that can’t be banned … or can it?

What purpose do I see for myself, what is my archetypal role to be fulfilled?
To unite science and religion using the maligned swastika?
What if?
My archetypal role/purpose this life may have been revealed to me, is my role to help resurrect an archetypal truth that was buried by self-serving motivations?
A theory of everything needs powerful symbols.
It is very simple to link the swastika to a symbol Timothy Leary referred to as symbol to represent LSD.
He called it…

L eague for
S piritual
D iscovery

It soon becomes quite clear why this symbol has been maligned.
With an intent.
It is indeed a powerful archetypal symbol that resides at our core.


What is a Codex?
What is X?
Why 4?

4 = x, y, z and O or torsion?

The wave of the future is the resurrection of a truth, it is the river that runs through ‘it’.
How else could things be balanced, if truth starts to stray and becomes far too fictional, and archetypal integrity called symmetry begins to break down that reveals an asymmetry?

For a moment pretend you and me are the Mirror Site to Thunderbolts.
We could call it …
(just kidding)

You are of course the technologically attuned, the wailing Wall Thorn-in-their-side-EU-over-the-Hill and I am your buddy, your sidekick, I would be King Dave-Id-Tal-it-like-it-IS, I am no Bot.

Deep deep deep down I feel the swastika and what it represents is a tremendous KEY we should not throw away.

I can also offer that if I utter the magic words Abrahadabra … others would come to our aid….
A discussion about the Origin of the Swastika and its role…

Is it a coincidence that magic is often produced using ‘incantations’, which are essentially SOUNDS?

Time to dispose of the format called a Forum and introduce the 4-humm Question
4 – AUM_?
Unless you display a sense of humor or an imagination capable of thinking outside of the box constructed for us by US, you will in fact be thus identified as a troll and disposed of accordingly, moved back into the audience, where the ewe only get to graze and watch.

Once trolls are identified as sheeple, they will be branded with an X.
And what they don’t know, sadly, is that underneath all that wool, is an X, an X that suggests where the treasure is to be found, the part of nature that needs nurture.

Cosmic Background Radiation yields 3 valuable clues.
A trinity.
Where we should be looking…what the PAST is saying.





junglelord wrote:
Thats funny
Laughing Laughing LaughingGood One.
I did not know.
So there you go, Valhalla, I am coming!Sound creates Vision. DMT.
WinkWhat is voiced is not seen by all but is visible to some.
On DMT, Terrance called it speaking Vision, as the Balls of Light taught him and encouraged him. The common experience on DMT when first getting across to the Parallel Universe. The Spheres of Light, that create via singing, and they ecourage you to do it, do it, DO IT.

Your words are real structures in the aether. Yeshua was right.
What you say is a big deal. Because it causes Visions of reality in the Aether. This will effect Matter.

For those of you just tuning into this thread and wondering how junglelord and me made a leap from LSD to DMT … read on.

Our VISIONS (mind/heart projections) are connected to the AETHER which effects the MATTER we inhabit.

And I want to introduce a very important archetypal shape that exists deep within the subconscious and we can find it in deep space too.
The quatrefoil…


And the quatrefoil above, which is found in sacred geometry, temples, gothic churches, can be filled with many other structures/shapes or concepts…but this shape (a lucky four leaf clover), and its origins, and what it implies on many different levels or dimensions is worthy of further investigation.

And the quantum space cadet…herr Doctor T. Leary had his own ideas. Idea

So too much LSD, resulted in an epiphany.
Timothy Leary believed LSD was worthy of being represented by an ancient sacred symbol.

L eague for
S piritual
D iscovery

Thus we have some strange connections to acknowledge when comparing the different languages people use to express what can’t be expressed…
DMT = LSD = Four Evangelists = 4 Gospels

And the Persian astrologers had connected these 4 Evangelists to four specific stars…that they called the 4 Royal Stars.
This thread shows how the Quatrefoil = 25,812 year TIME elapse in regards to the Precession of the Equinoxes…

What is the link between ALL of the above?
How is the Macrocosmic cycle of the Sun (25,812 years) connected to what is happening down here …

It is the PINEAL gland…we all have one…and it produces DMT.

LSD is essentially synthetic DMT

What is the ROLE of the PINEAL gland?
Good question.
Is it a transmitter / receiver?
What connection did Jeremy Narby (an anthropologist apologist) who wrote The Cosmic Serpent make between myth and science?

…well I just happened to have written something about the ‘connections’ that Narby observed, that the mainstream of consciousness fails to ‘acknowledge’.

And of course we would expect that the sacred Solomon’s Knot to be a nice fit with the quatrefoil.
It fits perfectly inside the shape/outline of the quatrefoil.
Well that is what I would expect to find.

If you want to ‘dissect’ how the sacred quatrefoil manifests from nothing…
Yes I am implying that something from nothing does in fact occur.
And the symbol that best connects…nothing to something…is in fact the swastika.

As this ‘Philosopher’s Stone in Ireland depicts.
It contains several important archetypal shapes found the world over.
Used in both ancient and modern scientific notation…I need to point that out…how we still seem to use the same ‘notations’, glyphs, ideograms, symbols…
This next blog shows how the above Philosopher’s Stone is connected to an ARKetypal Theory of Everything.

Yes I have just connected the concept of the 4 leaf clover to Solomon’s Knot and the quatrefoil and the swastika.

If I take LSD or DMT what are my chances of seeing green men and fluorescent serpents?
However do I see green Leprechauns or green Aliens?
Thus the shape of what we see can be manipulated by a hidden hand?
Yes of course…this brings us back to the silent role sound plays and what is the SOUND of ONE HAND CLAPPING?
Another paradox in the land of chicken and egg paradoxes.

I do know however that the frequency 528 hertz falls in the GREEN spectrum and GREEN vision might be connected to EMERALD Tablets.

We seem to have evolved from the Garden of Eden to the Hanging Gardens of Babylon to the Christian spiritual gallows…did I say evolved, I should have declared, descended from…?
Which is a more truthful observation of the events till this point transpired?
Are we the leaders or the followers?

In conclusion:
We seem to agree junglelord.
Our VISIONS (mind/heart projections) are connected to the AETHER which effects the MATTER we inhabit.

Is it all in the eye of the beholders of a vision = collective imagination = AETHER = helps create MATTER
Can we alter reality just by meditating thoughts and producing thought waves that are somehow connected to controlling the spin of the quantum waves that become bigger and bigger and bigger?

Is this the lever we need to manifest to move the world Archimedes?

One long enough to reach the smallest spinning wave within each of us?
To ALTAR its direction?
Thus each individual contributes to help change the future?

please read the disclaimer: All of the above sounds hunky dory until it comes time to decide on a direction that satisfies everybody?

And it reveals why a conspiracy would even exist at all.
What direction does a organism that displays a bilateral symmetry take?

One of the advantages of bilateral symmetry is that there is a preference for direction.

And we both know that the only directions available in a flat world are CW and CCW?

So what the Christian dogma and spreading of their self-serving theological poo suggests to me … is a forced feeding of a certain belief … the direction has been already decided on, for the microcosmic us, and the macrocosmic US, by higher powers.

Are some of our lives already not comparable to the egg-laying chickens confined to small cages, having had their beaks broken off (silenced), and being fed genetically modified feed from birth till death?

Those cages are primitive energy extraction machines, a blend of nature and man, a collaboration of intent.

Egg laying cages are i-pods, they are McMachines, the heart of which is chicken.
Wasn’t supposed to be this way … Twisted Evil