AHIMSA vs Law of the Jungle

I was banned from the Next Level Forum (bad attitude) after making 1337 postings!
Never a warning given.

Recall 137 is a clue that this ‘alpha male’ was told to follow by his higher self.

My profile is still accessible on that forum.
Today (March 27/2013) I took a screenshot.
I love it, what I saw, I never realized.

source of the inPHO that follows:

Law of the Jungle

Based on Tarzen and Jane ~ a comparison

OWS and the world in fact could use less TarZION and more Jain.

‘Talk to the hand’

OCCUPY Wallstreet and OWS needs a facelift?
What is AHIMSA?

Gandhi is associated with non-violent protest known as ‘AHIMSA’
Gandhi walked his talk, most of the time.
That is why eventually he/others were able to CHASE the colonial Brits out of India so they could gain their independence.

The ‘reverse’ AZTEC Swastika is used in the CHASE Banking Logo, which is a common site in the 4 Corners Region of the Southwest USA.
By coincidence it is the similar shade of BLUE as the Hopi Kachina initiation rattle. By another coincidence Area 51 is very close to the 4 Corners Region and the Hopi ancestors could have been influenced by the Aztec or Anasazi.

The rattles usually are marked with BLACK WHITE RED

Did they intuitively know that the cosmic background radiation suggests blue light approaches the observer and red light recedes away.
Similar to the Doppler effect that we experience listening to a siren that is approaching and then receding away.


Sometimes it is hard to tell the good guys from the bad guys.
THEY use the same logos >>> because the biblical LOGOS has become a form of ‘branding’.

If I was going to mark or brand the foreheads of the sheeple people who pray to the steeple using the St. Mark of the beast it would look like this.

Photo 51

Photo 51 is the nickname given to an X-ray diffraction image of DNA taken by Rosalind Franklin in 1952 that was critical evidence in identifying the double helix structure of DNA that lead to Watson and Crick getting Nobel prizes.

AREA 51 = DNA = the ‘mark’ = X marks the spot?

EWE bet.

FACT is the sheeple have lost their minds and they have been BRANDED X by the universe, mind if I call it the Circle Square Ranch?
Now I understand why the first letter of significant western semitic languages all are associated with some form of ‘cattle’ i.e. aleph/alpha/fehu = OX
Ox need to be branded too, to show ownership.
So really when you think of it, politicians and temple priests are really cattle barons.

Some folks cannot handle the POWER or the TRUTH if they catch a glimpse, it drives them crazy or mad?
But do not worry CHASE Bank can handle your funny money?

And in KAnada we have ROGERS Wireless to help get the meSSage out?
Did ROGERS play MiNd games with negative billing methods, and they only stopped after the public outcry?

Hang in there OWS movement, judging by the McGandhi experience it is only going to take only a few more years to really effect REAL change. Shocked

If OWS wants to chase the crooks out of Wall Street and elsewhere maybe MORE folks really need to learn to walk their own talk first and change how they do business from the ground up?

And showing the proverbial THEY you mean business would obviously require that YOU know how THEY do buSineSS?
By exploiting the power of the BRANDS and LOGOS, using Sacred Swastika Science to show them you mean to do ‘buSineSS’.

How to play MiNd Games and pull on the heART strings is my simple theory.

HERE is what I know to be true.
IF OWS ever adopted the AHIMSA and Swastika together as global LOGOS, things would change.

THEY would be worried.

What exactly is a swastika?
Can we call a tadpole a frog?
Are they related?
Does a tadpole undergo a metamorphosis on its way to becoming a frog?

Fintan wrote:

Right on. AHIMSA Rocks!
Occupy needs to move with the times and end the disconnect between their peaceful protest tactic and the use of the dated worker-resistance
clenched fist.

Do the ‘masters of the universe’ plays chess?
The ‘masters of planet earth’ I suspect do too?

Bobby Fisher saw the future of chess.
The KingFISHER of the chessMAN knew its limitations.
He was the Jesus of che25 matches.
How to beat the odds by employing his most famous tactic the 2 FISH and 5 LOAVES of BREAD opening move. Laughing

The 5000 in attendance just stood there with their mouths open, wanting more, a free lunch.

King Bobby the Bruce had had a glimpse of the DEEP BLUE on the horizon.
But it appears there is yet more genius to come, DEEP BLUE and DEEPER BLUE have a challenge.


Bobby was in fact an 8×8 master of the black and white grid.
And dying at age 64 (8×8) suggests the universe has set its signature on Bobby Fisher as the best ‘human’ comprised of 64 codons of DNA ever to play the game of ewe vs. me on the 8×8 playing fIELd of black vs. white.

If looking for a clue as to who the best cheSS player on earth ever was (it appears to be between Kasparov and Fisher), then when I AM 64’coincidence’ is in fact part of the deSIGN, the clues put into place, and should not be overlooked?

Bobby Fisher dies at age 64. (8×8)
Wolfgang Pauli who was obsessed by the number 137 based on 1/137 = alpha = fine structure constant dies in room 137 in a Swiss Red Cross hospital.

Looking in the mirror, if you click your heels 3 times directing your intent toward Anti-M, saying:

“there are no coincidences”
“there are no coincidences”
“there are no coincidences”

Soon afterward, once the coincidences have been banished, and all that is left is evidence of unity, life becomes one AHA after another.

And that is how I see it and feel it.

And here is what I wanted to say.
OWS movements are still be used as pawns in a much bigger game.

I have placed it next to St. Peter’s Square ‘ellipse’.
note: the thickness of the walls and the position of the openings.

OCCUPY OWS please take note of this fact of life about the Holy Grail you should be trying to preserve. Shocked


Ultimately the stages of the ages would evolve to a conspiracy for control of our heARTS and MiNds.
Science has proved our DNA is altered on the altar called earth from cradle to grave.

Death, Daath and tAXEs comes to mind.
Careful with that AXE … U-‘gene’

Probably why I have June’s Beaver and the little Cleaver *incepted* into my mind as a child.
I do not think of the beaver these daze, but June’s cleaver is still on my mind.

A Troy sTory …

In the image on the left please note the swastika in the pubic region of the leaden idol linked to Chaldea/Hissarlik/Troy
source of image: The Swastika / The Earliest Known Symbol, and Its …

But the genome is subservient to the epi-genome, and that puts the real owner of the vehicle/the body back in control of the reins in search of a home, a castle, and a reign.
Whoever controls the MiNd and the heART is the owner of the MiNd and the heART.


Feel Free to use the real GEN-X-Factor called photo 51.
Our DNA is the Holy Grail that defines the 99% that is in opposition to the 1%.
What other common denominator should we use?


X FACTOR got your attention, I do wonder why?
I appear to have a hyper-sensitivity to those 3 colors.

BLUE and WHITE lights are seen by those having Near Death Experiences.
Those that see WHITE often come back to share their story, those that see BLUE rarely do.
The Tibetan Book of the Dead suggests that we ignore the WHITE light and head for true BLUE in fact.

X is the treasure is to be found…

X marks the spot = DNA = 99% of our DNA is a match so why do the 1% ruLE over the 99% that share a common heritage?

4th dimension represented by the hypercube

It appears that Pandora’s Box might be a hypercube, and it is in the 4th dimension where we will find hope.
Both the archetypal Jesus who instructs we look inside ourselves and the architecture of the hypercube are suggesting a treasure awaits.

Arrow http://kachina2012.wordpress.com/2011/03/07/the-amphora-the-rosetta-fractal-dna-and-the-holy-grail/

Can we place the image of our DNA (the Holy Grail) not only into the heART of St. Peter Square ‘elliptical’ but also into Stonehenge too, just to mention two. Implying there are in fact many more that fit this tempEL-plate?

I was happy to learn that geometry (specific angELs and angLEs are employed) and is critical to DNA replication.
DNA follows a geometrical plan when replicating.

Plato said you could not enter his tempEL unless you knew your geometry, did he mean geo-ME-tree.
How would Greek geomeTREE lesson help us ascend the Tree of Life as discussed by the QaBaLaH?

What role does sound, linguistics, PHOnetics etc. play in how the inPHOmation MEMES spread, how inFOEmation can go viral, how data and information is transferred, and of course manipulated?

Hey Fintan can you place the GEN-X-Factor into the palm of the Ahimsa Hand?

Ahimsa or Hamsa is there a difference?

And then everybody hold up your RIGHT or LEFT hand with your GEN-X-Factor Ahimsa or Hamsa thus suggesting Big Bros. Ink gets the message.

It has been done before, many times, on both sides of the ocean.
Why not again with a new twist.

The peopEL take back control of the LOGOS.

To be updated.

selah V



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