hello all…
I have been on a ‘roll of late’.
I just can’t stop the ‘feelings’, that I have been having these past few years…the chakras must be opening.
Besides I really don’t want to stop these vibrations…the TRUTH CHILLS

here is the summary of where I stand at the moment.
please don’t ask how I got here at the moment.
just open your minds and accept what I have to offer at the moment.
leggo of the ego, stop waffling, and be a buddha buddy, for the moment
nobody nobody nobody stands where I do at the moment. Cool
I know I know
I am one cocky SOB
but hey…I was born in the Year of the Rooster…and the Rooster is about to crow 3 times…

re: ‘3’ or a trinity?

>>Mozart the Freemason (the divine cosmic receiver) wrote the Magic Flute about the MOON.
>>the opera opens with 3 chords sounding 3 times
>>E flat, G and B flat

>>Gospel of Thomas = Phi = Fibonacci
>>I have found far too many ARCHETYPAL coincidences re: 11258 and 112358 for me to believe in coincidences any longer.
>>the journey is nearing its completion.
>>I recognized a pattern where I often need to unscramble the HIS-story dates, to reveal the code.
>>I must often add an extra ‘2’ to the 3. i.e. 2 + 3 = 5
>>Gospel #9 is referencing 369 (tesla magic)
>>Gospel # 13 the archetypal Jesus spoke to the archetypal TWIN Thomas 3 secrets…unrevealed
>>Gospel #16 speaks of 2, 3, 5
>>Gospel #18 speaks of 5 trees (square root of 5?)
>>Gospel #38 Pharisees and scribes (fellas who wrote the code) taken the KEYS of knowledge
>>Gospel #48 and #106 move mountains
>>Gospel #50 Motion and Rest
>>Gospel #62 left hand right hand = asymmetry = matter and its image anti-matter Wink


Cross of the ILU

Bab-ilu = 369 = SWASTIKA

Read the text…this was taken from a great book written in the early 20th century by a Freemason

Mi5 / Mi6 Logo

Mi5 Headquarters

Note the 3 DOORS and the 4 lampposts and the Arch that greets the the curious at Mi5 Headquarters.

4 LAMP-POSTS St. Peter’s Square Ellipse

In addition to the 4 Lampposts note the 16 directions on the Compass ROSE WHEEL.

Now reread Gospel #16.
And there is a BELL there that needs to be rung ‘3’ times, to give us all liberty?

Site of the Goseck circle.
The yellow lines represent the direction the Sun rises and sets at the winter solstice,
while the vertical line shows the astronomical meridian

3 GATES again?
Goseck Germany 4900 B.C.
A ‘Wood henge’ comparable to Stonehenge some people claim.

The Goseck ring is one of the best preserved and extensively investigated of the many similar structures built at around the same time. In the first opening of the site, a state archaeologist Harald Meller called it “a milestone in archaeological research”.

Traces of the original configuration reveal that the Goseck ring consisted of four concentric circles, a mound, a ditch, and two wooden palisades. The palisades had three sets of gates facing southeast, southwest, and north. At the winter solstice, observers at the center would have seen the sun rise and set through the southeast and southwest gates.

Archaeologists generally agree that Goseck circle was used for observation of the course of the Sun in the course of the solar year. Together with calendar calculations, it allowed coordinating an easily judged lunar calendar with the more demanding measurements of a solar calendar.[4]

JESUS and TWO thieves were crucified on ‘3’ Crosses.
Jesus placed between the two thieves.

“…MY GOD (ELI) MY GOD (ELI) why has Thou forsaken me (lama sabachthani)?”

Esoteric Astrology

Alice Bailey one of the queens of esoterica speaks of ‘3’ Crosses too.
Her summation is as follows. These are 3 terms used all the time in astrology.

3 Crosses of Christ
1/ Risen 2/ Crucified 3/Hidden

Cardinal Cross = Cross of the Risen Christ = Triangle/Arrow of Time
Fixed Cross = Cross of the Crucified Christ = Celtic Cross
Mutable Cross = Cross of the Hidden Christ = Swastika 

But the Cross of the Risen Christ  reminds me of a child’s toy … and toys are brought to life by the archetypal mind.
Just like the game of chess.

The Cross of the Risen Christ is amusing Wolfgang Pauli and Niels Bohr

demonstration of the Tippe Top:

Well I wrote about this ‘Cross of the Risen Christ’ back on March 5, 2008.
One of the CLUES I gathered in my journey ‘backwards’ to a universal TRUTH, that is being veiled, with an intent.

Please note the date I wrote my inspiration… contains the numbers I have been tracking as I follow the clues backwards.
March = 3
3 52008 = 18 = The MOON Card TAROT
‘3’ plus the KEY 528
(my word blog is ga ga about 528 and contains many many references to these three numbers 5-2-8)

Jesus and his TWIN Thomas?

Which one of these fellas is Phi and which one is phi?
Both are separated by ‘I’ or the mirror plane = Pi in the sky?

This post, I feel, confirms my path is divine and true…
So folks can you help me go deeper and deeper and deeper…there is still something that needs to be brought forth.
HELP me please!
And you help yourself. Wink

We have now gone full/fool circle on my journey since I took this photo in a monastery in PERU back in 2006.

I added the asymmetric HIDDEN CROSS of Christ … i.e. the MIRROR image of the NAZI SWASTIKA to show its TRUE origins.
i.e. NAZIs >> Vatican >> Rome >> Babylon >> ultimately we can trace this symbol to the collective unconscious!

It is obvious that I do stand at one of GATES…without a doubt in my MiNd or heART.
Before me is the SECRET they have veiled with an intent to guide US using it’s multiple charms?
Not many veils left to remove for me.

I AM worthy, I have uncovered my destiny, my purpose, I AM the ONE sent to recover what ‘just is’ is.
I can handle the TRUTH …
All I need to do now, is learn how to coat the bitter pill with a spoon full of sugar honey bunny.
Obviously the reason we look for cosmic eggs at EASTER is that the rabbit (fibonacci) is a LUNAR symbol.
THUS Phi = MOON influence

So what are the Freemasons doing with the moon?
Why did they send the 9 Apollo Sun god missions to the moon?
Intending to land 7 times but Apollo 13 was aborted resulting in 6 successful moon landings.

Well it is connected to that child’s toy is what I wrote.





In total there were nine manned missions to the Moon, each carrying three men, making 27 men in total. Three of the astronauts went to the Moon twice, so a total of 24 men have been to the Moon. Of those 24 twelve have landed on the surface and walked around, while the others only flew around the Moon. 

Apollo 8 in December 1968 took Frank Borman, Jim Lovell and Bill Anders on a flight around the Moon. There was no landing. 

Apollo 10 in May 1969 took Tom Stafford, John Young and Gene Cernan around the Moon. They took the landing craft, but this was a test flight and they did not land. 

Apollo 11 made the first lunar landing in July 1969. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed while Mike Collins stayed in orbit. 

Apollo 12 went to the Moon in November 1969. Pete Conrad and Alan Bean landed while Richard Gordon stayed in orbit. 

Apollo 13, in April 1970, was to have taken Jim Lovell and Fred Haise to the lunar surface while Jack Swigert orbited, but an oxygen tank explosion on the way out caused the landing to be abandoned, and instead the three men simply flew once round the Moon and came home. Jim Lovell was making his second trip to the Moon. 

Apollo 14 took off in January 1971 and took Alan Shepard, Edgar Mitchell and Stu Roosa to the Moon. Shepard and Mitchell landed. 

In August 1971 Apollo 15 sent David Scott, Jim Irwin and Al Worden to the Moon. Scott and Irwin made the landing while Worden orbited. 

April 1972 saw the launch of Apollo 16, carrying John Young (making his second Moon flight), Charlie Duke and Ken Mattingly. Young and Duke landed. 

Finally, in December 1972, Apollo 17 took Gene Cernan on his second lunar mission, with Harrison Schmitt and Ron Evans. Cernan and Schmitt made the final lunar landing.

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