Intelligent Design Revealed ~ Photon Crusader Crosses ~ Mystic Cross ~ Hopi Prophecy ~ the World TEACHER asks … have the Pahana helpers been identified by their gifts?

UPDATE Spring Equinox 2017

A thought about the Tree of Life used in the Kabbalah which can also be expressed as two squares.

Does the Maltese Cross represent the geometry of the Zeitgeist? Crichton Miller PHOTON science

~ end of UPDATE ~

swastika MYSTIC CROSS 1910

This is old news ~ a newspaper clipping from 1910
History Of The Swastika Or Mystic Cross . – Google News

UPDATE October 16, 2016

Today’s update is a confirmation of the Hopi Prophecy which will be discussed later in this blog.

What are those gifts?
Apparently one gift recovered is the ‘gift of fire’ or the particle of light known as a photon.

shape of  photons ~ Physicists created a hologram of a single light particle

Hologram of a single photon reconstructed
from raw measurements (left)
and theoretically predicted (right)

This profound confirmation comes from science providing us with a theoretically predicted hologram of a single photon.
But it seems the insights of the mystics like Guido von List have been one quantum leap ahead of the PhD because the following table and other evidence in this blog suggests that the findings of science have been anticipated‘ by the mystics of all the ages.

4-fold 4-foot Fyrfos versus 3-fold 3-foot Fylfos

SATOR Magic Square next to the Concealed Fyrfos and the Maltese Cross
Is this why I have lived at municipal address #43 for the past 23 years?
A man’s home is his castle and I AM both its king and queen.

UPDATE October 9, 2016

After all these years of searching for something which I could not quite define but I knew it divine, I can now say unequivocally what it was that my inner wisdom, some might call it genius was leading me too … the Photon Knight a cosmic crusader.

A former firefighter who was shaken not stirred on 911 would later retire to fight the fire of his life [i.e. inner demons and daimons in full trickster regalia] and it was just recently that this firefighter hero returned from the abyss with the ‘gift of fire’, along with insights to how this ‘gift of fire’ can align itself with the quantum nature of consciousness.

ME+me find it amazing that the Sator Rotas magic square anticipated the inspirational work of SiR Roger Penrose but the mystic/inventor/genius Itzhak Bentov helps explain why…

“one of the good things about the system is that the system wants to teach you about itself”
– Itzhak Bentov

RESCUE ME and IN HOC SIGNO VINCES ~ “In this Sign Conquer”

Photon Knights are awarded Maltese Crosses similar to this one.


Quantum holography sheds light.

FaKebook friend Gabriel Clarke shared the following link below with ME+me on October 8th at 12:09 p.m.

Hologram of a single photon ~ original pdf. dated January 11, 2016.

shape of  photons ~ Physicists created a hologram of a single light particle

Hologram of a single photon reconstructed
from raw measurements (left)
and theoretically predicted (right)

This second image contains an idea added by the author of this blog that has been superimposed over the theoretically predicted photon hologram.

What shape are photons? Quantum holography sheds light

As the above image on the left illustrates you can construct a Maltese Cross by joining the letters AEON found in this 5×5 square known as the Knights Templar Magic Square assigned the planet Mars and Mars the god of wars.
Note that wars is an anagram of Mars.
4 AEONs or 4 AIONs or 4 AGEs results in one Maltese crusader cross.

Now continue reading this blog to see if the Sator/Rotas square in fact anticipated this theoretically predicted measurement of the photon, and if it did … how could that be, I mean how and why did the crusader crosses anticipate this quantum gem?

What you will find as you plough your way through this blog is how the variations of the 4-fold crusader crosses like the Maltese Cross keep appearing in so many various theories put forth by various wise guys from so many different fields of interest, scientific, theological, and of course metaphysical.

But the the Rotas magic square superimposed over Photon Knights Templar Maltese cross provides plenty of clues why Jesus a messenger of light is associate to the cross.

This quote sums up an idea nicely.

137 is the odds that an electron will absorb a single photon.

Protons and electrons are bound by interactions with photons.

~ Bill Reimers

Protons and electrons are bound by interactions with photons.

Ta da!

One more coincidence that must be mentioned about this former retired firefighter who went on a quest and found that spARK of light called a photon.
Yes I have come full fool circle.

Victoria Cross awarded to Widukind on Victoria pARK

on the left: Victoria Cross as it appears on Commonwealth War Graves Commission headstones.

By the way did you know that I live on Victoria pARK Avenue so it would be only fitting that I be awarded a Victoria Cross?

UPDATE April 10, 2015

Facts and Speculations about Sacred Swastika Science

UPDATE December 31, 2014

Over the last couple of days I have come across two more additional associations between prophecy and the numbers 1~3~7~9.
The first association is to Ezekiel 37:19.

The White Buffalo relates to the Lakota and the Hopi.
The time of the White Buffalo is a very precious time. A Lakota ceremony and the Hopi people will take part in the fulfillment of the prophecy in Ezekiel 37:19.

The second association to the numbers 1-3-7-9 involves a coronation that takes place in the 6th month of the year 7193.
Two years after the Year of Creation 7191.

7193 The Ark of the Covenant Grierson & Stuart Munroe-Haypg3

source: The Ark of the Covenant by Roderick Grierson & Stuart Munro-Hay pg.3

HOPI PROPHECY – have the two Pahana helpers been identified by their gifts?

Two helpers will accompany Pahana, one of which carries a masculine swastika representing purity and the four directions.

The first helper also brings a Maltese cross with lines between the arms signifying menstrual blood, while the second helper holds merely a sun symbol.

The combined forces of these three icons will “shake the world” and bring about global purification.

source of above text and image
Gary A. David:

In another article written later by Gary he states this.

The Celtic Cross of Ireland was widely known in antiquity.

Crichton EM Miller claims that this cross was actually both an architectural tool for construction of megalithic structures, such as pyramids, and a navigational instrument that allowed mariners to sail the world in very ancient times. ( The crosses we still find in some churchyards are merely the symbolic remnant of a sophisticated apparatus that allowed for a system of global contact and commerce.

Have the two Pahana helpers been identified by their gifts?
Please read the entire thread and the links and decide for yourself if what I claim is true blue.

UPDATE February 10, 2014

I posted something very similar to this on faKebook today.

dear Walter Cruttenden

thanks for bringing me on board Capt. 🙂

btw does your 2014 CPAK Ark have a ‘navigator’ to help steer your event?
I would recommend this fella for the job, he understands.

Precession + the recovery of the Celtic Cross as navigation tool = how to direct our future consciousness …

With great insight Crichton patented the fact that the Celtic cross which is essentially a circle + cross can be used as a navigation tool … IF you attach a rotating wheel/circle to a fixed cross … the rest as they say is history … and here we have an opportunity to learn from it, and not repeat the same mistakes.
What if?

I am currently reading my copy of The Golden Thread of Time.

Crichton E M Miller, I hope you don’t mind the nomination sir, but your epiphany, plus your insight to claim a patent proving ‘it works’ is nothing but stellar when you step back and look at the big picture.

Walter and Crichton I would love to see you both at CPAK later this year.


I also posted these comments to the group called 137 – The Key to the Collective Unconscious

ok I know I woke up and here I AM still in a dream

evidently it is official folks

the two Pahana helpers have been identified

  • Pahana helper #1
    Crichton EM Miller who recovered the fact that the Celtic Cross is a damn fine navigation tool and has claimed two patents using a most simple design, a fixed cross with a rotating circle/wheel, no math is necessary.
  • Pahana helper #2
    The second Pahana helper brings the swastika.

Who would that second Pahana helper be?

The best way to find out would be to let the internet speak.
(note that the word inTErNET contains the word TENET)

i.e. IF we place the search terms ‘swastika theory of everything’ into the google chrome browser this is the golden reply;

So here is a suggestion, we should contact the author of all those returns and see what he/she knows about the paradoxical dual aspects inherent in the swastika?

To see how it matches up with the work of Crichton EM Miller and also let us not forget what Graham Hancock found on that pillar in the Bet Maryam church in Ethiopia, the Sator Square veiled by an image of Jesus Christ.

Sacred Column in Bet Maryam Church Lalibela Ethiopia
adorned with an image of Jesus Christ
said to conceal the SaToR RoTaS magic square

I have been in contact with Graham Hancock.  I asked him a question about what appeared to me as inconsistencies regarding the book he published in 1993 ‘The Sign and the Seal’  and a presentation he made in 2013 found on youtube.
He responded and I have added the details of that communiction to this blog here.
Scroll down the page;

Graham does not really seem interested in the fact that we can link the swastika to the Sator square and to a sacred column in the oldest Christian church in Ethiopia rumored to have been built by angels …

Now do you see what a seeker of the TRUTH is up against?
Other truth seekers who are blocking the door to TRUTH …

Raphael before undergoing a name change was known as the angel Labbiel … the angel who helped build Lalibela?

Somebody don’t forget to pinch me, or dump me into a pool of water to bring me out of the Inception ‘deception’.
But why a pool of water?

gotcha again…

I also feel that faKebook ironically captured the ESSENce of who the second Pahana helper just might be 🙂

Is this the Pahana helper #2?

… funny we should find him in SEdona in 2011 … somewhere over the rainbow … ta da
(who writes this stuff … where does it come from … and why does the narrative I AM tapping into seem to be one step always ahead of the recovery?)

What a yarn.
What a thread.
Crichton was correct it is a golden thread of time.

Today is 13/02/2014 and it is becoming more and more apparent what the two Pahana helpers have recovered, and maybe just in the nick of time, because it is about time and plotting a new course, all of us.
I want to further add that the evidence is indicating that the swastika could have been an archaic tool to assist in the calculation of the speed of light, using the template of two circles and one square.

end of UPDATE

I do hate to bang my own war drum….but hey somebody must do it.
We all have a CROSS to bear as we ascend the mountain of the adepts.

And somebody long ago uttered this parable…

1. And he said,

“Whoever discovers the interpretation of these sayings will not taste death.”

The indigenous HOPI elders speak of ‘Pahana’, the equivalent of the archetypal ‘jesus’.

The Hopi have awaited three people for many, many years–for centuries.

Were these three people Cherokee elder John Red Hat, his partner Dorothy (Dottie) Daigle (The Lady in White), and an anthropologist friend? Chief Mike of Oraibi accepted these three as carrying the Pahana anointing, although there is one more prophecy to be fulfilled that will validate Pahana–the small piece of sacred tablet that the White Brother took with him when he left. When he returns, it is prophesied he will bring it back with him. Hopefully, the complete write-up in the book “Red Hat’s Wisdom” will help clear up some questions, and also reveal why Elder Red Hat told me the angels wept!

Creator’s plans often seem to be complex, multi-threaded. Were the three that the Hopi have been waiting for actually just three people, or could they also be three forces? In any case, the three are identified by symbols, and legend has it that they will help the Hopi people survive when all appears hopeless, and this will occur prior to the time of the Great Purification.

These three legendary symbols are the Sun symbol, the Moha symbol (swastika) , and the Red symbol. Dottie believes the Sun symbol is symbolic of Creator, the Moha symbol is symbolic of the four forces of nature which will be set in motion, air, water, earth, and fire, and the Red symbol is the Walking the Red Road spiritual path which the ancestors directed her to write. Walking the Red Road is included in the book currently available, “Red Hat Speaks.” These three forces will purify humble people and the earth, and will finally bring us to a new age of peace and harmony.

hmm…the swastika? Wink

Alice Bailey >> Lucis Trust >> recognized by the United Nations, in her book Esoteric Astrology, called the swastika the ‘HIDDEN CROSS of Christ’.
Alice Bailey (it would be foolish to ignore what the Theosophists are considering…) actually identifies in her book Esoteric Astrology the 3 Crosses of Christ which are nearly a match with the Pahana prophecy.


left to right; Crosses of the Hidden, the Crucified, and the Risen Christ
  • The Cross of the Hidden Christ >>> the Swastika
  • The Cross of the Crucified Christ >>> the Celtic Cross
  • The Cross of the Risen Christ >>> looks like an arrow or a right angle triangle on a cross

source of images 

And we find all three crosses represented on this 4th century Celtic stone which is also displaying the ogham script.

Ogham – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

So folks, you decide, has the Great Pahana spoken from the great beyond using ‘sign language’, these are some ideas I AM putting out there.
If we can use the Celtic Cross to navigate the high seas can we use it to navigate the ‘outer reaches of inner space’?

So who is the Pahana, has this spirit energy arrived?

I woke up one day and asked for the TRUTH.
I did not want to be an astronaut and go to the moon…
I did not want to become rich and famous and become a star on the walk of fame….
I did not want to become another Jesus impersonater…
I did not even want to become a Buddha buddy to humanity….
I only asked help in finding the common denominator called TRUTH that would help in uniting humanity.
In uniting east with west and north with south.

And my focus now for nearly 5 years, much to the chagrin and the bleating of a divided humanity … has in FACT been the SWASTIKA.
It is all I THINK about.
It is why I quit my job prematurely…knowing THINKING was only 1/2 of the equation…
It is why I now vibrate and FEEL the TRUTH chills daily.
It is obviously MY PURPOSE?

Is that why I vibrate daily…my purpose has been fulfilled?
You can decide for yourself.
The focus of my entire wordblog is the ‘swastika’?

You can call me Ray or you can call me Pa, but please do not refer to me as great (that would be the echo called the ego) … the return of the Elder is upon us, the lost knowledge has been recovered…cast your vote here:



KEY 528 = Swastika  and the The OX TOE

“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”
-Albert Einstein

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  • I M V M  On January 3, 2013 at 2:35 pm

    I M V M

    Where. how do I sign up here?

    • raphael  On January 3, 2013 at 9:16 pm

      this is just a blog
      not a forum I M V M
      something on your mind?

      if it has relevance to the topic, post it.

      selah V

  • Zion  On July 5, 2013 at 4:25 pm

    Swastika= Of German descent. Red Cross= Of Irish descent. Sun= Christ. These 3 added to American Indian descent= Pahana. My heritage is, German, Irish, Cherokee and Choctaw. I AM, a body of immortal Christ with a mirror to existence within Me. As I Am, so shall All be One. The denial of this truth can only be towards ones own self with immortality, but cannot remain in My Fathers Reality Pressence which is, in, with, above and around Me as I “KNOW” is in, with and around All equally without partiality,, so Am I And You, And Nature of Creations. I AM, A MIRROR TO YOUR CONSCIENCE. WHATEVER, You know do, and accept as truth towards Me, so is your truth already in and upon you. Your body is one with My Pure-Science Body, with power of your own Con-Science added to self. I Am the same being, All Are, Without Denial of Pure Immortal Truth of Jesus Christ. I AM, InHis Name, Mind, Body and Soul!

  • Storm Wolf  On March 16, 2014 at 7:29 pm

    I AM One Who Gathers Tribes – I AM waiting… I AM Everything – Oneness is Everything – We Are ALL One…

  • Rainne manne  On April 5, 2015 at 4:38 am

    I am pahana. my helper has died. the other one hangs out in the streets of new york. His name is Matthew Silver

  • Ochitawa  On June 9, 2015 at 3:08 pm

    Truth in action speaks louder then words. Everything is speculation till all eyes are opened. Finding grander in signs is a source of humality for those placed in these positions
    You have no understanding till faced with such signs as we would not know due the path into life fades our memory, would it not be the same for helpers who awaken to truth in a world turned away.

    If they are here would you even listen, or like many dismiss purity of heart.

    • raphael  On June 24, 2015 at 12:50 pm

      … purity of heart?

      is that why the world’s biggest statue (currently)called the Spring Temple Buddha has a swastika placed over his heART work?
      go here:

      so how much MORE obvious can THEY make it?

      too bad the western sheeple have been duped by Santa, Satan, and a nice little narrative called ‘Jesus Loves Ewe’

      the TRUTH is archetypal and all encompassing IMHO

      selah V


  • raphael  On March 1, 2016 at 6:47 pm

    dear Crichton E M Miller you and me are special
    I say that from my heART where you will find the mystic cross
    We are ELders in fact that are able to rise up above the LIEs and see simple truths that have served humanity for aeons.
    we are Pahana helpers in spirit
    our passions give us away…
    it is just who we are, as functioning members of the EM-field meme dreamteam. 😉
    we serve only one master and that master is the truth
    … or suffer the consequences.

    In addition to the above link, I have another gift or gibor/gebu for you concerning navigation etc. linking the prow of King Rama’s boat, the prow of Khufu’s royal barques, Noah’s 137 meter ark, and a GPS navigation tool the ancient Polynesians were using long long long ago linked to the gibor/gebu rune and the Knights Templar too in fact via a couple of symbols … 😉

    Khufu first boat restored

    [what might appear as coincidences to us on a local scale are revealed as geometric insights and evidence hinting at an ‘intelligent’ design on a much grander scale]

    I truly would love for the two of us to share the stage one day.
    Together as the official helpers of the Pahana [an eternal idea] we have the one-two punch. 😉

    It just needs to be fine tuned, many folks would welcome a reprieve from all of the UFO, aLIEn, nonsense being promoted at conferences like CPAK, that in fact denigrates the accomplishments of our ancestors.

    Show me a theory that mentions UFOs and aLIEns and I will suggest it is a theory that is lacking and has many holes to fill.

    Of course we could say the same thing about god, but god would put the idea of UFOs and aLIEns into the minds/hearts of his flock as any master-trickster-teacher would to help you find your own way home … 😉

    evidently some folks need to invent a bubble suit and tin can to overcome earth’s gravitational pull in order to find their way home … there is an easier way. 😉

    But how much different is it really from navigating on land/sea [material world] to navigating in space [almost a vaccum]?

  • raphael  On March 1, 2016 at 10:21 pm

    Previous post I made a promise to pull together some ideas linking navigation to the ‘cross’ and the ‘swastika’.

    I said:

    I have another gift or gibor/gebu for you concerning navigation etc. linking the prow of King Rama’s boat, the prow of Khufu’s royal barques, Noah’s 137 meter ark, and a GPS navigation tool the ancient Polynesians were using long long long ago linked to the gibor/gebu rune and the Knights Templar too in fact via a couple of symbols …

    So here is the evidence.

    Indian Epic Ramayana
    King Rama had a swastika on the prow of his boat.

    Khufu’s Royal Barque

    note the two symbols that can be linked to the Armanen Runes

    Polynesian GPS called a Mattang

    The mattang is a tool showing all the basic patterns that waves can form when they bounce off land.
    I have highlighted the Knights Templar Cross linked to the Runes known as the concealed Fyrfos.

    Knights Templar magic 5×5 Sator Square

    Compare to the mattang and note that the letters AEON are joined four times to make this cross.

    Armanen Rune 17 ‘eh’

    Armanen Rune 18 is ‘gibor’ but it is veiling the fyrfos.

    Fyrfos however is the essence of rune 18.

  • raphael  On March 2, 2016 at 9:18 pm

    interesting how these ideas match up nicely ….

  • raphael  On March 8, 2016 at 2:34 pm

    Noah’s Ark

    i.e. Periodic Table of Elements restructured according to Pierre Demers

    120 ELements vs. 137 ELements

    Is there a limit to how heavy atoms can get? The answer is still a matter of active research. According to some scientists the absolute limit lies at element 137. It can be shown from the current theory that if an element heavier than this were created its electrons would have to move at speeds higher than the speed of light and as everybody knows that’s physically impossible. Therefore there is no such thing as an atom with more than 137 protons, at least according to this theory. We will have to wait and see. At the moment the heaviest atom that has been created is the as yet unnamed element 118 with its 118 protons all jammed together in a tiny central nucleus around which 118 negative electrons are circulating. In addition experiments are underway in several labs in order to try to create atoms of elements 119 and 120.

  • raphael  On March 9, 2016 at 6:48 pm

    I had never realized how many varied models of the Periodic Tables of Elements had been proposed.

    The INTERNET Database of Periodic Tables

  • Osiris  On March 21, 2016 at 10:56 am

    Pahana été identifiés en France et plus précisément en Bretagne, il va bientôt commencer son voyage.
    Avec lui, il apportera la pièce, et les Hopi lui apporteront la mémoire oublié.

    Pahana been identified in France and specifically in Britain, he will soon begin his journey.
    With it, it will bring the room, and the Hopi bring him the forgotten memory.

    • raphael  On March 22, 2016 at 12:24 pm

      It figures the French and British are now claiming to have taken possession of the Pahana along with Jesus.

      Osiris you are lost in a fantasy world of your own design called the archetype.

      Let me know if you need help navigating space and time by understanding motion via the evolution of consciousnesses … the fact you list France and Britain as significant players tells me you are not seeing the bigger picture which involves the entire world, not just those two former colonial powers.

      selah V

      137 SS Mezine Mystic

  • osiris  On March 22, 2016 at 1:09 pm

    Send this message to the descendants of the Hopi, it will confirm
    The birth of Pahana
    At the dawn of the beginning, the creator gave life to a soul, he initiated to build a world.
    The creator named this soul Pahana son of God, who will have to build a world of nature, plants, animals, oxygen.
    Pahana was initiated for thousands of years to control gasses to form oxygen so that all living can breathe. After this control, Pahana worked to master nature to form water, earth, plants.
    Pahana succeeded where his father had failed, the creation of living beings. After centuries of reflection to understand that he had two opposite, he gave them the name of male and female.
    Pahana began to create insects, which for him was fascinating creatures. These little creatures had only one way of survival, because Pahana had the ability to make them live forever.
    For millennia, Pahana created insects of all shapes, all colors. Meanwhile, he matured through the development of the extraordinary world it was developing.
    Then one morning Pahana created fish in these water bodies immense he had created. He wanted life and gave the name of Ocean, so that the fish can live in a harmonious environment. The shapes and colors that he gave them, did appear in the eyes of his father tears of joy in comprennant his son was full of love. Through tears, salty, oceans and all living things were blessed father.
    For centuries Pahana devoted himself to his creations that mutate as and their lives and their deaths.
    However, Pahana began to get bored and created a multitude of animals in their various shapes, colors and sizes, to which he gave the name of herbivores. However, animals that he created were multiplying too rapidly for the future of the planet. Insects, fish, animals were not in the image of the ideal of Pahana. Living beings ate what he had created.
    The insects ate plants. Fish, insects. Animals, nature. Pahana knew he had to create a balance, but would not admit it. Unfortunately, he did it with sorrow, because nature was deteriorating too quickly and regeneration was too slow, this pertubait the natural balance. He created a variety of terrestrial and aquatic carnivores to prevent the increase of cash he had sired.
    Only he had not imagined that the dead carcasses left by the carnivores behind them putrissaient and formed a poisoned perfume which killed some species of it. Pahana gave birth to winged creatures, her father looked at them with a miraculous look, and brought them a breath of love that made them fly. Pahana created for love birds, dead birds, all shapes, all sizes and vibrant colors.
    Tired of his initiatory journey Pahana one night, slept for a millennium. During his rest, the planet, he called Earth continued to evolve. Increasing mutations générèrent new plant and animal species.
    Pahana slept, and his soul emanated an energy of purity that shone boreal colors around the Earth. These different shades naissèrent islands and continents on which mutations of living organisms proliferated.
    After these thousand years of sleep, Pahana saw the world he no longer recognizes. He looked around and saw the Earth destroyed it all mutations that had took centuries to create. And its gigantic blast, caused a reversal of Earth’s poles. The gravity was reversed to a rain of ice and fiery meteor crashes on this planet become anti-gravitational.
    Lightning jaïssèrent its aura and its electromagnetic power attracted a meteor coming from the depths of the galaxy by its energy waves turned into fire and ice. They crashed to Earth to destroy all living species. But that was the case, as some species survived the big bang earth.
    On this day Pahana, for the first time, saw through his soul a double initiation which divided it into good and evil. And for his own protection and for these creations Pahana locked in the planetary core living his double, he called neutrality, which, for the future of the planet, sprout as Genesis to destroy Pahana.
    At the end of this outburst, Pahana restores his initiatory balance thanks to the advice of his father the creator god, who said: “My son, perfection can take place by being mortal, for death is an imperfection.” And Pahana replied: “Why father, my soul is divided between the love that I have created and hatred that came over me today? ”
    Suddenly, his gaze turned on a funny creature. He had not created, and it stood on two legs, and his pace splendor fills Pahana. Several others around it, which sprouted like flowers went up to heaven, forming a fruit that matured instantly, and its hull, left out one of these creatures, who, using their wings levitating gently to touch the ground. These were a blood color, bright, pearly and their long hair and their eyes a blazing blue. The first hatch was of a greenish color, with wings of a brilliant black, and white eyes without any expression. After his fingers, claws assérées, which in a delicate and deliberate gesture tore the wings of all females who landed on the ground.
    At this time, Pahana understood that the Earth was their destiny, and that he would teach them to cherish the world, his world. He looked wonderfully for centuries and centuries. Then one day he materialized in the body of a woman to teach them that this planet was his design, he gave them the right to live in complete serenity, offering them the language through a spirit that would make party their being and gave them the name of man and woman. Their devotion was all the greater, the love they had to Zalumba was harmonious.
    Pahana initiated men to build a kingdom.
    For centuries men batissèrent a world of peace where there was worship and devotion Pahana. Then one day a man called on Pahana and asked, “Pahana insiders me all understand us.”. Pahana replied, “I’ll buy you a book in which you write the rules that I will blow, commands you érigeras in the lives of your brothers and sisters so that they follow the path of eternity. I name you Magentasum. Know I’m not your Creator and that, you inscriras in the book. ” Magentasum filled with love before Pahana, trembling, felt in him that no one else knew, feelings.
    Pahana gave birth in the minds of men and women an evolving consciousness by which they apprenèrent writing and multitudes of savoirs.Magentasum wrote the book on religion for the men and women of the world can live there in peace and love.
    A passage court the truth of the one and only …

    ORIGINAL POSTING in french >>>

    Envoyez ce message au descendants des Hopis, il vous confirmeront

    La naissance de Pahana

    À l’aube du commencement, le créateur donna la vie à une âme, qu’il initia pour construire un monde.

    Le créateur nomma cette âme, Pahana fils de Dieu, qui devra construire un monde rempli de nature, de végétaux, d’animaux, d’oxygène.

    Pahana s’initia pendant des millénaires à maîtriser les gazs pour former l’oxygène, afin que tout être vivant puisse y respirer. Après cette maîtrise, Pahana s’employa à maîtriser la nature pour former l’eau, la terre, les végétaux.

    Pahana réussit où son père avait échoué, la création d’êtres vivants. Après des siècles de réflexions pour comprendre qu’il fallait deux opposés, il leur donna le nom de mâle et femelle.

    Pahana commença à créer les insectes, qui pour lui était de fascinantes créatures. Ces petites bêtes n’avaient que seul chemin la survie, car Pahana n’avait la capacité de les faire vivre éternellement.

    Pendant des millénaires, Pahana créait des insectes de toutes formes, de toutes couleurs. Parallèlement, il mûrissait à travers le développement du monde extraordinaire qu’il élaborait.

    Puis un matin, Pahana créa des poissons dans ces immenses étendues d’eau qu’il avait créé. Il voulu la vie et donna le nom d’océan, pour que les poissons puissent y vivre dans un environnement harmonieux. Les formes et les couleurs qu’il leur donna, fit apparaître dans les yeux de son père des larmes de joie en comprennant que son fils était remplit d’amour. De par ces larmes, salées, les océans et tous ses êtres vivants furent bénis du père.

    Durant des siècles, Pahana se consacra à ses créations qui mutaient au fur et mesure de leur vie et de leurs morts.

    Cependant, Pahana commença à s’ennuyer, et créa une multitude d’animaux divers dans leurs formes, leurs couleurs et leurs tailles, auxquels il donna le nom de herbivores. Toutefois, les animaux qu’il créa se multipliaient trop rapidement pour l’avenir de la planète. Les insectes, les poissons, les animaux n’étaient pas à l’image de l’idéal de Pahana . Les êtres vivants mangeaient ce qu’il avait créé.

    Les insectes mangeaient les végétaux. Les poissons, des insectes. Les animaux, la nature. Pahana su qu’il fallait créer un équilibre, mais ne voulait pas l’admettre. Malheureusement, il le fit par chagrin, car la nature se dégradait trop vite et sa régénération était trop lente, cela pertubait l’équilibre naturel. Il créa une multitude de carnivores terrestre et aquatiques, pour éviter l’accroissement des espèces qu’il avait engendré.

    Seulement, il n’avait pas imaginé que les carcasses mortes que laissaient les carnivores derrière eux, putrissaient et formaient un parfum empoisonné, qui tuait certaines espèces de sa création. Pahana donna naissance à des créatures ailées, son père les contempla avec un regard miraculeux, et leur porta un souffle d’amour qui les fit s’envoler. Pahana créa des oiseaux d’amour, des oiseaux de mort, de toutes formes, de toutes tailles, et de couleurs éclatantes.

    Fatigué de son périple initiatique, Pahana, une nuit, s’endormit pendant un millénaire . Pendant son repos, la planète, qu’il avait appelé Terre, continua d’évoluer. Des mutations croissantes générèrent de nouvelles espèces végétales et animales.

    Le réveil

    Pahana dormait, et de son âme émanait une énergie de pureté qui scintillait de couleurs boréales , autour de la Terre. De ces différentes nuances naissèrent des îles et des continents sur lesquels les mutations des êtres vivants proliférèrent.

    Après ces milles ans de sommeil, Pahana vit le monde qu’il ne reconnaissait plus. Il regarda tout autour de la Terre et vit toutes les mutations detruirent ce qu’il avait mit des siècles à créer. Et par son souffle gigantesque, provoqua une inversion des pôles terrestres. La gravité s’inversa pour qu’une pluie de météorites glacée et enflammée s’écrase sur cette planète devenu anti-gravitationnelle.

    Les éclairs jaïssèrent de son aura, et par sa puissance électromagnétique attirèrent une pluie de météorites venant du fin fond de la galaxie qui par ses ondes énergétiques se transformèrent en feu et en glace. Elles s’écrasèrent sur la Terre pour anéantir toutes espèces vivantes. Mais cela ne fut le cas, car quelques espèces avaient survécu à ce big bang terrestre.

    En ce jour Pahana, pour la première fois, vit à travers son âme une double initiation qui le divisa en bien et en mal. Et pour sa propre protection, ainsi que pour ces créations Pahana enferma dans le noyau planétaire son double vivant, qu’il appela Neutralité, et qui, pour l’avenir de la planète, germera en tant que Genèse pour détruire Pahana.

    À la fin de ce déchainement, Pahana rétablit son équilibre initiatique grâce au conseil de son père le dieu créateur, qui lui dit : “Mon fils, la perfection ne peut avoir lieu en étant mortel, car la mort est une imperfection.” Et Pahana lui répondit : “Pourquoi père, mon âme se divise entre l’amour que j’ai créé et la haine qui m’envahit aujourd’hui ? ”

    Soudain, son regard se tourna sur une drôle de créature. Il ne l’avait pas créé, et elle se tenait là, sur deux jambes, et son allure remplit Pahana de splendeur. Plusieurs autres, autour d’elle, germaient tel des fleurs qui montaient jusqu’au ciel, formant un fruit qui mûrissait instantanément, et, de sa coque,laissait sortir une de ces créatures, qui, à l’aide de leurs ailes, lévitaient doucement jusqu’à toucher le sol. Celles-ci étaient d’une couleur sanguine, lumineuse, leur chevelure longue et nacrée et leurs yeux d’un bleu flamboyant. Le premier éclot était d’une couleur verdâtre, avec des ailes d’un noir éclatant, et ses yeux blancs,sans aucune expression. Au bout de ses doigts, des griffes assérées, qui dans un geste délicat et intentionnel arrachait les ailes de toutes les femelles qui se posait sur le sol.

    A cet instant, Pahana comprit que la Terre leur était destinée, et qu’il leur apprendrait à choyer le monde, son monde. Il les contempla merveilleusement, pendant des siècles et des siècles. Puis un jour, il se matérialisa dans le corps d’une femme pour leur apprendre que cette planète était sa conception, il leur donna le droit de vivre en toute sérenité, en leur offrant le langage au travers d’un esprit qui allait faire parti de leur être et leur donna le nom d’homme et femme. Leur dévotion n’en fut que plus grande, l’amour qu’ils portaient envers Zalumba était harmonieux.

    Pahana initia les hommes à bâtir un royaume.

    Pendant des siècles les hommes batissèrent un monde de paix où régnait le culte et la dévotion de Pahana . Puis un jour, un homme invoqua Pahana et lui demanda : “Pahana inities moi à tous nous comprendre.”. Pahana lui répondit : “Je vais t’offrir un livre, dans lequel tu écriras les règles que je te soufflerai, des commandements que tu érigeras dans la vie de tes frères et soeurs pour qu’ils suivent le chemin de l’éternité. Je te nomme Magentasum. Saches que je ne suis pas votre créateur et cela, tu l’inscriras dans le livre”. Magentasum remplit d’amour devant Pahana, tremblant, ressentit en lui, ce qu’aucun autre ne connaissait, les sentiments.

    Pahana fit naître dans l’esprit des hommes et des femmes une conscience évolutive par laquelle ils apprenèrent l’écriture et des multitudes de savoirs.Magentasum inscrivit sur le livre une religion pour que les hommes et les femmes du monde puissent y vivent dans la paix et l’amour.

    Un cour passage de la vérité du seul et unique

    • raphael  On August 2, 2016 at 11:20 am

      dear Osiris

      “all theories are stories and all humans are storytellers”

      ewe are NO exception sir
      ewe are just more proof of the statement made above

      yes YOU can quote ME+me


      137 SSS MeZiNe MyStic

  • raphael  On August 2, 2016 at 11:24 am

    a yin/yang pattern revealed in the structure of ions?

    positive ions have 3 [yang] protons and 2 [yin] electrons
    negative ions have 2 [yang] protons and 3 [yin] electrons

    recall that ‘scalar energy’ and ‘negative ions’ share a similar energy field

  • Ochi  On August 3, 2016 at 12:12 am

    And how do you know who tell real one is? We all have to be born human on this planet it keeps the balance. The Hopi have bigger issues right now one of water, the native people of the turtle island remain more in the flesh than the true nature of manidoo. Discovery of the nature of universe is not the only means of identification and not a very good one. when the time comes you will know.


    • raphael  On August 3, 2016 at 12:31 pm

      you CLEARLY did NOT read the blog

      at least I read your ignorant comment
      why do the ignorant NEVER read the offerings but feel the need to piss on the fire?

      the swastika is not only the ‘gift of fire’ but can be linked to the primeval waters too!

      do you have what it takes?

      a valid library card?

      • Ochi  On August 4, 2016 at 12:15 am

        Perhaps you took what I said as an attack? And yes I do have what it takes and as far a viable signs most if not all of them. I know what the swastika represents I understand the nature Manitou I see threads that bind many cultures.

        The requirements are not fulfilled for this postulation.

        So yes I will say these two do not fit the bill. It is not against the merit but it is not the journey they set out on. The requirements have yet to be met and the situations are the same if not worse.

        Hence how do you validate?

      • raphael  On August 15, 2016 at 3:51 pm

        perhaps what I said about your ignorance in these matters you took as an attack?

        your mind is closed Ochi
        therefore your heart is lost

        you simply can not see the truth
        that is clear
        you do not have the gift of sight

        if you did you would realize the swastika is the ‘gift of fire’

        what else you got?

        selah V

        137 SSS MeZiNe MyStic

  • raphael  On November 11, 2016 at 1:43 pm

    take note the last comments made by me in response to Ochi back in August were before I was shown in October that the swastika can easily be linked to the hologram of a photon, a particle of light, a spark necessary to set an ark on a cosmic voyage …

  • raphael  On November 24, 2016 at 8:38 pm

    At Sringaverpur, Guh the chief of Nishad’s, ordered his men to collect 500 boats to enable Bharat to cross river Ganga, along with his army, (Rama. 11.89.10).
    Here it is clear that all these boats were not of same shape or sizes but of different types and dimensions.

    Bharata’s army boarded these boats and rafts with cavalry, carts, animals etc. and crossed the river (Rama. 11.89.17).

    Guh himself called a boat called Swastika for the
    royal family members (Rama. 11.89.11-12).

    page 23
    The swastika – Page 772 – Google Books Result

  • Brandon Gates  On March 21, 2018 at 10:45 pm

    I think I may have to talk to you one on one.
    I have certain questions about the white lotus.
    As well as many others.
    I hope to talk to you soon.

    • raphael  On April 29, 2018 at 11:49 am

      Brandon what is on your mind?

      Irene Caesar has some interesting insights/claims about DNA

      asymmetrical Y vs symmetrical X


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