RESCUE ME ~ Firefighter Badges 856 and 1258 ~ Swastika City Arkaim ~ Tracking the Aryans ~ Chariots of Fire ~ Phaistos Disk

UPDATE September 23, 2016

We can add another most profound coincidence to the Phaistos Disk.
What can we learn when placed alongside other ideas which seem to share in a similar structure used to define the narrative?

Chakravyuha vs. Phaistos Disk
What can be learned?

… to be continued

~ end of UPDATE ~

circa 510-490 BC. Charioteer, holding kentron and reins, driving walking quadriga right
centre containing diademed head of Arethusa to left

Arethusa means “the waterer”.
In Greek mythology, she was a nymph and daughter of Nereus (making her a Nereid), who fled from her home in Arcadia beneath the sea.

UPDATE August 29, 2015

The other day Ang Rode-Neumann led me back to the Phaistos disk and Gareth Owens at TEDxHeraklion.
She pointed out to me that my birthday July 3 coincided with the same day the Phaistos disk was found in 1908.
Another ’37’ connection that is not a coincidence.
It would be another confirmation that the swastika recovery is no accident of chance.

Phaistos Disc Decipherment Claims – Non-linguistic

disclaimer: ALL of the Phaistos disk information that follows needs to be sorted out.

Later I was lead to Peter Aleff and Victoria Shockley, as it turned out they are both ‘game players’ ….

Phaistos disk B-side on the left a red arrow clearly indicates an entrance
and on the right we see a similar idea, plus three lesser entrances in blue

In my opinion the entrance of the Phaistos disk B-side leads to the inner spiral which in fact is encapsulated by 12 segments, 13 on the A-side.
In my opinion the outside ring would evolve into the Omega symbol maybe linked to the zodiac be consistent with the controversy regarding 12 vs. 13 zodiac signs.
The entrance on this disk might be located between Scorpio and Sagittarius, that is where the 13th zodiac sign called ophiuchus would be situated.

note: The spiral begins on side A with an 8-fold rosette and KA

Is the Phaistos disk it a potential update to an idea being developed that we see in Arkaim?

An IDEA still being developed today in fact.

Other theories worth having a look at IF we all bring pieces of the puzzle to the solution.

RED ARROW exit/enter B SIDE

BLUE ARROW enter/exit A SIDE

For an explanation of some of the NUMBERS 1-61 go to Peter Aleff’s site;

The following table belongs to Robert Bradford Lewis.

Robert Bradford Lewis website;

Ecliptic crossing the galactic plane of the Milky Way near the center of the galaxy

Ecliptic crossing the galactic plane of the Milky Way near the center of the galaxy or GC
The galactic center or GC intersection involves #8 Scorpio, #9 Sagittarius
and a potential 13th sign of the zodiac in Ophiuchus.
(Sky graphic using Stellarium 0.10.61)

Phaistos Disk WOMB

My inner child ponders if the spiral is inside a womb?
… as I have shown above?
… two sides of the same coin?
… but is the coin flat or does it have a topography to account for evolution and involution?
… as we see in the next image of the Shiva Lingam.

Is there any hidden meaning in the Shiva Linga structure?

Shocking Connection Between The Vatican & Shiva Linga

You will see the similarity between the shape of the linga and the compound of the Vatican city.
Looking closer you will find a tripundara (three lines on Shiva’s forehead) and a bindu incorporated into the design of the Piazza San Pietro of the Vatican city.

Vatican- What’s In A Name?

The word Vatican has been derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Vatika’ which means Vedic cultural centres.

Now it happens that Hindu monasteries are also called vatika. This raises the question could the pre-Roman Etruscans have based their religion on Hinduism and learned how to stimulate the third eye through entheogenic plants? Given that the Vatican was once a vatika for Vaticinia women (probably from India) who drank from a vat of vatika wine to hallucinate through their swas-tika, most religions may well have been derived from ancient Indian shamanism that incorporated entheogenic herbs. The book “Persephone’s Quest” seems to support this idea.

A Shiva linga was discovered inside the Vatican city during the archaeological excavations. This Shiva linga is exhibited in the Gregorian Etruscan museum of the Vatican city.

Kumares jug found same place as Phaistos DiskPhaistos Disk WOMB
What IF?

~end of UPDATE~

The two fire sticks of Agni
note that we could refer to them as x-axis and y-axis
comprising a grid, matrix or ThE NET

How did humans learn how to make fire? We have three possibilities:

1. Aliens taught them
2. They had vision in which god told them how to do it
3. They did it by accident while trying to do something else

If you think about primitive fire making techniques they fall into two basic types:

1. wood on wood friction
2. stone on iron friction


The following are the interpretations attached to the different points of the compass:—

If the bird flies north-east and then returns quickly to the rice, extreme good fortune to the Raja;
if north-west, rice and fish will be plentiful;
if west, receipt of news of wars from other countries;
if south-west, worms and mosquitoes will abound, and the Raja and the people will be ill at ease;
if south, much sickness and many deaths;
if south-east, disturbances in the country, and lives lost in war and by the attacks of wild beasts;
if east, happiness for the Raja.
I have failed to ascertain why these meanings are attached to the particular directions.

HOWEVER did you note in the above interpretation that north was not mentioned, only 7 of 8 points on the compass rose.

tayma al-maqayel-chariotAl Maqayel Chariot
  1. Stonehenge is oriented to the northeast or NE.
  2. The Great Pyramid is oriented to the Celestial Pole Star.
  3. IF you go to the NE corner of the unfinished apex of the Great Pyramid, you will find it is just over 137 meters in height.
  4. Noah’s archetypal three level Ark was just over 137 meters long too.
    i.e. 300 cubits >>> 450 feet >>> 137.16 meters
  5. And then when you find out that we can connect ‘137’ to the value of the word QaBaLaH (QBLH = 137) and using science illustrate how 137 can be linked to one of the four forces ‘electro-magnetism’, via its reciprocal or inverse called ‘alpha’ or 1/137, the fine structure constant, then IF I was to suggest the Hebrew aleph-bet is a language of light and its reciprocal darkness too, why do ‘we the sheeple’ look at ME+me as though I am crazy when I appear to be onto something big?
    Begging me to ask the question would a LEvI priest working earthly magic need to know about 137 or 1/137?
    i.e. 90 x 2 click click two rotations 180 degrees LEvI = I^37


Over 50 ancient geoglyphs, including swastika, discovered

Jordanian Swastika Geoglyph

Titicaca Geoglyphs



First step, expose yourself to this geometric shape/form for 24+ years, and then for a further 7 magical years you really try to focus on it charms.
As I did from the temple and castle I call my HOME

… and I managed to follow the archetypal clues back HOME

I retired from the fire department on July 31, 2007 and the best reason I can give is that I was given no choice by my higher self.
I took it’s advice not knowing exactly where I was being ledbut since that day I received my thunder-jolt I have never ever looked back.

Yes I repeat it will be a full magical 7 years on 7/31/2014 that I thunder-bolted from the fire department because I truly felt ‘reborn’ and found myself someplace I no longer needed to be.

To be, or not to be, that is the question—

But apparently I do want to suggest that is NOT the question.

2 BE or not 2 BE
Which mode shall thee BE?
B or E?

Today the ‘gravity of the situation’ is in fact suggesting that an addendum be added to the bard’s POV.
Being the sage of this age let me suggest the famous quote be updated based on the identification of the IMPRINTING we have all received, apparently according to ’empirical science’ evidence.


Arkaim ~ Swastika City

SanSkrit – ‘ARKA’


Swastika City

In order to gain publicity, the early investigators described Arkaim as “Swastika City”, “Mandala City”, and “the ancient capital of early Aryan civilization, as described in the Avesta and Vedas“.

The swastika description refers to the floor plan of the site, which (with some imagination) may appear similar to the swastika symbol, albeit with rounded arms (similar to the lauburu) attached to a central ring instead of a cross.

If a Stonehenge it something outstanding Arkaim is the phenomenon exclusive in its uniqueness. The Stonehenge, in its best years was, in a principle, only a cult place and prehorizont an observatory deprived of any utilitarian functions. Arkaim besides it was a temple under open-air and a solar -lunar observatory it was also a settlement both a fortress and metallurgical combine and … a calendar.

Astroarcheologist K.K.Bystrushkin has established, that Arkaim has not been simply constructed in the form of a zodiac map of the star sky, but also contained in the plan three calendars:

  • solar
  • lunar 
  • precessional

..all at once!

Arkaim a.k.a. Swastika/Mandala City next to my firefighter badge #856

When we consider my journey involving the Maltese Cross and Swastika these past few years I find it fascinating that the globally recognized logo for firefighters and the design of Arkaim have a similar design.

But wait there is another very profound coincidence regarding my badge #856, the Indo-Aryan culture and the ‘CUBE’.
(**see blog postscript)

Part 1-3

other sources:

great source:

Significant Vinca Script info:


The site is generally dated to the 17th century BC. Earlier dates, up to the 20th century BC, have been proposed. It was a settlement of the Sintashta-Petrovka culture.

And why does linking Arkaim to the Sintashta-Petrovka CULTure prove to be an interesting AHA?

One word.


N Z swastikas Chariot Athens Greece c700 BC

Athens c.700 BC

great website that I must return to

The earliest known chariots have been found in Sintashta burials, and the culture is considered a strong candidate for the origin of the technology, which spread throughout the Old World and played an important role in ancient warfare.

Swastika: The Forgotten Constellation Representing the Chariot of Mithras

Presented September 2012 for the first time.

What makes the swastika interesting in the context of Mithraism is the wide use of this symbol in the east, particularly in ancient Iran and India, coinciding with the Mithraic tauroctony.

Interestingly, the swastika was known as ‘the chariot of Mithra’ in Iran.

 In the Avesta, Mithra is described as having a celestial quadriga pulled by four heavenly white horses, who have front hoofs made of gold and back hoofs made of silver.
His chariot is decorated with the stars and his bright face is like the star Sirius.
He hears with his thousand ears and watches with his thousand eyes, always standing on the high end of the sky, restlessly, in the north, arising above the Alborz mountain.
He appears before the sunrise and after the sunset and touches both ends of the ball-shaped earth, and he watches everything between the earth and the sky.

This leaves no doubt that the seat of Mithra and his quadriqa is a celestial body in the sky close to the celestial north pole.

The Zodiac and Dirghatamas

What kind of references can we find in the Rig Vedas to lightning, thunder, the number 7, and chariots of fire?

One of a series of articles by David Frawley on Astrology in the Vedas.

1. Of this adorable old invoker (the Sun) is a middle brother who is pervasive (the Wind or lightning). He has a third brother, whose back carries ghee (Fire). There I saw the Lord of the people (the Sun) who has seven children.

2. Seven yoke the chariot that has a single wheel (chakra). One horse that has seven names carries it. The wheel has three naves, is undecaying and never overcome, where all these beings are placed.

3. This chariot which the seven have mounted has seven wheels (chakras) and is carried by seven horses. The seven sisters sing forth together, where are hidden the seven names of the cows.

11. The wheel of law with twelve spokes does not decay as it revolves around heaven. Oh Fire, here your 720 sons abide.

12. The Father with five feet and twelve forms, they say, dwells in the higher half of heaven full of waters. Others say that he is the clear-seeing one who dwells below in a sevenfold wheel that has six spokes.

13. Revolving on this five-spoked wheel all beings stand. Though it carries a heavy load, its axle does not over heat. From of old it does not break its ancient laws.

What is literally, figuratively and empirically clear from the Vedic text is that the inclusion of numbers as part of the narrative is fundamental.
Without which the memetic message would be less effective.

Votive carts from Dupljaja

Two copies of votive carts discovered in the early 20th century near the village Dupljaja , represent the highest artistic achievements carriers DUBOVAČKA žutobrdske – cultural group , which was distributed at the end of the Bronze Age in the Serbian Danube and south Banat .

Time and conditions at which the findings are poorly understood , it is the unusual structure carts contribute to some scientists express doubts as to their authenticity . Felix Mileker thought that both copies found 1903rd in the northeast part of the site Dupljaja – City .

Collector from Bela Church Leonard Bem , bought the finder fragmented wheelchair and with the help of one’s craft , they are very skillfully reconstructed . In Bemovom property were located up in 1929. when his son Karl offered to sell Felix Milekeru curator of the Municipal Museum in Vrsac .

Collecting just one part of the required sum , Mileker buys smaller carts with two wheels and anthropomorphic statetu with schematized bird face decorated with solar symbols – swastikas . Although damaged, votive carts from Dupljaja , are one of the most important items that are kept in the Municipal Museum in Vrsac .

The second , larger and better preserved specimen acquired the National Museum in Belgrade . Rounds circular shape in which the figure of the male deity dressed in women’s clothing with a wide bell skirt , pulling two wildfowl while the third is the site of the charioteer . Trolleys and statuettes decorated with ornaments made by incision with a filling of white paste. Ornaments and jewelry to suit statuettes , otherwise normal for late Bronze Age , particularly accurately represented .

It is believed that the figures on the car is the deity of fertility , while wildfowl drawn wagon their regular companion and also a symbol of fertility. The emergence of divinity, master of the sun, could be linked to the myth of the Delphic Apollo , dressed in women’s clothes , that one part of the year in the distant , mist- covered land of the Hyperboreans , and the other , in his temple at Delphi.

What is history?
I think a true accounting of history must consider both recent HIS-story and the pre-literate HER-story.
I think history is a continual debate that revolves around a central issue that is impossible to get everybody to agree on!

‘wha just happened?’

selah V


Badge #856 

** p.s. there are two more profound associations to my badge #856 that need to be mentioned.

First of all my badge #856 and the number of letters in my given name (ralph) 5, middle name (robert) 6, and surname (wedekind) 8 are in fact 568.


Cubical weights in graduated sizes.These weights conform to the standard Harappan binary weight system that was used in all of the settlements. The smallest weight in this series is 0.856 grams and the most common weight is approximately 13.7 grams, which is in the 16th ratio. In the large weights the system become a decimal increase where the largest weight is 100 times the weight of the 16th ratio in the binary system. These weights were found in recent excavations at Harappa and may have been used for controlling trade and possibly for collecting taxes.

Harappa Archaeological Research Project

another source … slides 40-47 discussing the relationship between the Pleiades and Great Bear should be viewed.

“The weight system of the Indus Valley civilization was standardized, and nearly identical weights were used in all of the settlements for the valuation of precious commodities such as gold, gems, spices, and perfumes, and for taxation purposes.

Indus weights were also found at sites along the Gulf and most notably at Susa in southwestern Iran.

The Susa weight in this exhibition (cat. No. 292b) was found in a prince’s funerary repository from the twelfth century BCE, long after the period when it was used in the Indus region. Given that it was deposited in a prestigious context, it must have been preserved as a rarity and perceived as a precious object. The Indus weight system was binary, with two seeds of barley or one seed of the red and black gunja (Abrus precatorius) representing the smallest unit, 0.109 grams.

Eight of the gunja seeds or sixteen grains of barley are equal to the smallest known Indus weights, which average 0.871 grams.

In this group of cubes found in various archaeological contexts at Chanhudaro the smallest weight is 0.856 grams.
(For more information on the Chanhudaro weights in this exhibition, see Mackay 1943, pp. 239-46, pl. 91:29-32).

The most common Indus weight is approximately 13.7 grams, which is sixteen times heavier than that. With the larger weights the system shifts to a decimal increase, according to which the largest weight is one hundred times heavier than the sixteenth multiple of the binary system.

The largest cube in the group from Chanhudaro weighs 1,330.68 grams, which is 40 grams short of the official standard. Obviously someone was losing out when using this weight.

In addition to the more common cubical weights, truncated spherical weights have been found at many of the larger Indus Valley sites. These weights conform to the same system as the cubical forms and may represent a regional style preferred by some merchants. Although some of the Indus weight categories are similar to those found in Egypt and Mesopotamia, the similarities appear to be coincidental and not the result of intentional correlation fortrade or taxation purposes. ”(JMK – Jonathan Mark Kenoyer, Professor of Anthropology, University of Wisconsin, Madison) (Aruz: pp.401-402)

the above document found here has been deleted:

2012FORUM source:

okay then …

0.856 x 16 = 13.696 = 13.7 

And why would my badge numbers 856 which lead to 13.696 and 13.7 excite ME-WE?

“IN THIS SIGN CONQUER” next to ME first firefighter badge #856

File:Simple Labarum2.svg

image on left; Rosalind Franklin’s first ever  ‘X’ x-ray of DNA which was the evidence provided to Watson and Crick which lead to their double hELIx DNA hypothesis that has been embraced by 21st century science ever since.
image on right: Constantine’s vision the CHi Rho along with the phrase;

‘In hoc signo vinces’

‘In this sign conquer’

Babylonian Captivity 586 B.C.

The Northern Kingdom of Israel fell captive to the Assyrians in 722 B.C. The reason was because of their idolatry.

The Southern Kingdom of Judah survived for another 134 years and fell to the Babylonians in 586 B.C.

Badge 1258 and Badge 856

Interesting coincidences regarding when the N-orth and S-outh fell.
When I see the number 722 immediately pi comes to mind.

722 >> 22/7 = 3 1/7 = 317 = 137

And I find it rather coincidental again that my badge #856 carries with it a much deeper meaning.

I must conclude that the coincidence has become my guru!

Fig. 398 – A selection of widely used symmetric patterns on metopen dated
from the Geometric period in Greek cultural history (BOHEN, 1988).

Susan LANGDON (1993; p. 108/109) paid attention to this subject but came to a negative conclusion:

‘ The specific number of horses included may not signify much, since on more than one occasion pyxides with different numbers of horses have been found in a single grave.’

She traced the connection of the horses with death and the underworld back to iconography and ritual practices of the Late Bronze Age.
A general discussion of geometric (horse)pyxides and their workshops was made by BOHEN (1988), but she does not enter upon the number of horses and their possible significance. The review of her book by BOUZEK (1992; p. 273-274) gives no clue either. Some of the decorations used in the painting of metopen are given in fig. 398 (BOHEN, 1988; Abb. 23). They have their quadripartite character in common.

to be continued …

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  • raphael  On September 12, 2015 at 10:05 am

    The following are the interpretations attached to the different points of the compass:—

    If the bird flies north-east and then returns quickly to the rice, extreme good fortune to the Raja;
    if north-west, rice and fish will be plentiful;
    if west, receipt of news of wars from other countries;
    if south-west, worms and mosquitoes will abound, and the Raja and the people will be ill at ease;
    if south, much sickness and many deaths;
    if south-east, disturbances in the country, and lives lost in war and by the attacks of wild beasts;
    if east, happiness for the Raja.
    I have failed to ascertain why these meanings are attached to the particular directions.

    HOWEVER note that NORTH is not mentioned …

  • raphael  On February 16, 2016 at 5:07 pm

    The anonymous Armenian chronography written in 685 A.D. also states that Mashtots added 7 letters to the Armenian alphabet. The allegoric Armenian literary work states that Mashtots created 27 letters of the Armenian alphabet and Vardan the Great (the 13th century) says that Mashtots added 14 letter to the alphabet(vardan arevelci 2002: 76; Эмин 1858: 370-372).

  • raphael  On March 22, 2016 at 10:37 am

    73 and 586 [numerical anagrams that resonate with me]

    The Jewish kingdoms were only one of many periods in ancient Palestine

    “The extended kingdoms of David and Solomon, on which the Zionists base their territorial demands, endured for only about 73 years…Then it fell apart…[Even] if we allow independence to the entire life of the ancient Jewish kingdoms, from David’s conquest of Canaan in 1000 B.C. to the wiping out of Judah in 586 B.C., we arrive at [only] a 414 year Jewish rule.” Illene Beatty, “Arab and Jew in the Land of Canaan.”

  • raphael  On January 28, 2017 at 7:56 pm

    coincidence re: Spear of Destiny and Longinus and 856 or 586

    The name is probably Latinized from the Greek logche (λόγχη), the word used for the lance mentioned in John 19:34.[9] It first appears lettered on an illumination of the Crucifixion beside the figure of the soldier holding a spear, written, perhaps contemporaneously, in horizontal Greek letters, LOGINOS (ΛΟΓΙΝΟC), in the Syriac gospel manuscript illuminated by a certain Rabulas in the year 586, in the Laurentian Library, Florence. The spear used is known as the Holy Lance, and more recently, especially in occult circles, as the “Spear of Destiny”, which was revered at Jerusalem by the sixth century, although neither the centurion nor the name “Longinus” were invoked in any surviving report. As the “Lance of Longinus”, the spear figures in the legends of the Holy Grail.

  • raphael  On February 9, 2017 at 5:49 pm


    How I arrived at that number the other day is beyond all probabilities.
    And take note that I AM a lab rat 😉 and so are you Monique​. 😮
    you wanted to play tag … so for now ewe are it … 😉

    I volunteered to take part in a recovery, I was given a compass, a square, a mirror, and a compass rose to help ME+me find the way back to the source…what if?

    Now clearly the quest that I have been on since retiring was conscious for the most part, conscious enough to take notice of certain patterns that are somehow linked to childhood memories and the recovery of an ‘archetypal’ script that defies both linear and cyclic models…it is based on non-locality where both space and time seem to merge, where past, present, and future intersect, the model appears to be holographic IF my experiences since making a deal with the I37 LEvI dEvIL amount to anything … that is what the archetypes are suggesting. 🙂

    Recall the Kingdom to come is described as a perfect cube in Revelations.
    As we can see in the image of the Indus valley of the measuring cubes .856 grams and 13.7 grams and the number 16 are all intimate.

    So how did I arrive at 1371?
    1371 is the sum of two numbers 586 + 785
    Those are the years 586 BCE and 785 CE.

    So in other words that is the # of years between 586 BCE and 785 CE.
    Why I decided to do the math the other day will become apparent.

    Take note that 586 is an anagram of my first FF badge #856 which by coincidence contained the letters in my name which I did not know when I agreed to give it up after the city amalgamated.
    I could have kept it but I didn’t, there was another badge waiting for us.

    8 – Wedekind
    5 – Ralph
    6 – Robert

    The ‘137’ recovery was given a big boost years ago when I made a simple observation on TAROT Card X Wheel of Fortune noticing that the 4 beasts [man/angel, eagle, lion, and ox] later associated to the 4 Evangelists by scholars yielded two codes which could be simply retrieved, a child could see it, and it was probably structured this way long ago to assist the memory in its recall.
    Those 4 Evangelists would become the source for who/what ‘jeSuS’ is/was, they are UBER important to recognizing a simple pattern.

    Those same 4 beasts appeared to ezekIEL in a vision while he was in exILE
    And it is depicted in a painting by Raphael who died at age 37 and he liked to put swastikas on the underside of his golden ‘arches’ 🙂

    But wait what was ezekIEL prophecy to be based on the numbers 137 and 6?

    IF the name Wedekind is linked to the SaXoN hero Widukind [as a kenning] do you see a resemblance in the King of Judea Zedekiah and Wedekind?

    ZEDEKIAH King of Judah lost kingdom in either 586 BCE or 587 BC
    WEDEKIND Duke of SaXoNy converts to Christianity in 785 CE.
    [785 can be reduced to 713 if you add the 8+5, which are fibonacci numbers too btw]

    Zedekiah means “My righteousness is Yahweh” 😉 it gets better.

    Zedekiah’s reign ended with the siege and fall of Jerusalem to Nebuchadnezzar II, which has been dated to 587 or 586 BCE.
    [587 vs 586 is a big controversy still today]

    Thus King Zedekiah, 586 and ezekIEL share a date and a vision that came after the fall.

    785 CE is the year the pagan SaXoN Duke Widukind surrendered to Charlemagne and was baptized on Christmas day and was last seen riding into the sunset on a WHITE horse called Yang, formerly Widukind rode a BLACK horse called Yin. 😉

    Now one more FACT which cannot be dismissed but understood in a new context perhaps?
    Zedekiah’s Cave 😮 also called Solomon’s Quarries

    A Masonic ceremony was held in the cave in 1868, led by a past grand master of the state of Kentucky.[10] The first Masonic lodge in the Holy Land, known as the Royal Solomon Mother Lodge No. 293, met in the cave on May 7, 1873.[11]
    The Freemasons of Israel hold an annual ceremony in Zedekiah’s Cave, and consider it one of the most revered sites in their history. (Masonic ritual claims that King Solomon was their first Grand Master — and some Freemasons feel that the cave is definitely Solomon’s quarry.[1]) According to Matti Shelon, head of the Israeli Freemasons, “Since the 1860s we have been holding ceremonies in the cave”.[1] According to the Supreme Grand Royal Arch Chapter of the State of Israel, the site “has special meaning for Mark Master Masons and the Royal Arch Masons in particular”. Starting in the days of the British Mandate (1920s), the cave was used for the ceremony of Mark Master Masons. Although this practice was temporarily suspended between the years 1948 and 1968, the impressive ceremony of the consecration of the Supreme Grand Royal Arch Chapter of the State of Israel was commenced again in the spring of 1969, and ever since then the Mark degree has been performed in the caves once a year on average.[12]

    Up to the reader now to separate the fact from the friction fiction.

    So to recap from my POV as the official ‘137’ mystic there are 1371 years between the last King of Judah Zedekiah when the Temple in Jerusalem was destroyed and when Wedekind/Widukind converted to Christianity.

    And lest not forget the both Widukind and Wedekind are vitally linked in this hologram narrative by the number 777.

    The year 777 CE is also when Duke Widukind shows up to kick Christian butts!
    The year 2001 is when 777 or 7x7x7=343 Firefighters died on 911 and Wedekind later shows up to kick X-tian 😮 but but buts!

    hardy har har 😉

    So what are the odds of all of that being coincidental, even being registered at birth as 073190?

    What are the odds?

    selah v

    137 RS SSS MeZiNe MyStic

  • raphael  On February 24, 2017 at 4:25 pm

    This highly acclaimed book (read the review on the back cover)can be reduced to the numbers 2368.

    And if the 2+3 are combined, 2368 becomes 568 or from ME+me archetypal POV 856.

  • raphael  On July 1, 2017 at 11:07 am

    another significant anagram of ‘856’ linked to both the Great Pyramid and the Great Bear, is brought to ME+me attention in the work of 19th century renegade ‘out of the box thinker’ Gerald Massey….

    856 vs 568

    The Great Pyramid is built at the northern end of the valley where it relatively overtops the first cataract, nearly 600 miles away to the south, and, as the eye of the whole picture, loftily [p.2] looks down on every part of the whole cultivated land of Egypt. It is built where the land comes to an apex like the shape of the pyramid itself lying flat and pointing south, and the alluvial soil of the Delta spreads out fanwise to the north. It is near to the centre of the land-surface of the globe. A Hermean fragment shows the earth figured as a woman in a recumbent position with arms uplifted towards heaven, and feet raised in the direction of the Great Bear. The geographical divisions are represented by her body, and Egypt is typified as the heart of all[2]. They set the base of the Great Pyramid very near the heart of all, or about one mile 568 yards south of the thirtieth parallel of latitude[3].


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