Buddha ~ Jesus ~ Jerry ~ EL ~ 37 and the Collective Unconscious

The Mystic Tower

My Guide with his wand touched a small and hidden door in the rugged walls of the triangular Tower,
which opened and admitted us; then he turned to me and said:

‘The Tower is high and it containeth seven levels, and on each level are three Chambers, and above all lieth one Chamber,

and the ascent thereto is long and wearisome.’
I replied:
‘My Master, thy footsteps will I follow …

The Mystic Rose from the Garden of the King

Collective unconscious is a term of analytical psychologycoined by Carl Jung. It is proposed to be a part of the unconscious mind, expressed in humanity and all life forms with nervous systems, and describes how the structure of the psyche autonomously organizes experience. Jung distinguished the collective unconscious from the personal unconscious, in that the personal unconscious is a personal reservoir of experience unique to each individual, while the collective unconscious collects and organizes those personal experiences in a similar way with each member of a particular species.

Carl G. Jung and a four-fold mandala

“I knew that in finding the mandala as an expression of the Self I had attained what was for me the ultimate. Perhaps someone else knows more, but not I.”

-Carl G. Jung

Memories, Dreams, Reflections
Jung’s Autobiography recorded and edited by Aniella Jaffe
pg 197

The Buddhist mandala is connected to the most revered symbol in Hinduism called the Sri Yantra.

Sri Yantra – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

And both the Hindu Sri Yantra and the Buddhist Mandala can be easily linked to the Jain Buddhists and their cosmology that essentially revolves around ‘not killing’ anything!

The following pertains to Jain cosmology:

Yantras are further divided into three categories.

IF the metal plate, which is used for carving, has a inward curve, i.e. concave surface, then the yantra is called a ‘saucerlike yantra’.

IF it has a flat horizontal surface then it is called a ‘flat yantra’

IF the yantra has an outward curve, i.e. a convex surface, then it is called a ‘tortoise body-yantra’.

The first is not recommended for worship.
The second is tolerable, but the third is the best for worship.

THUS it does appear that the yantras in Jain Buddhism, which is a metaphysical cosmology which antedates modern sciences by hundreds if not thousands of years, can be shown to anticipate what Brian Schmidt is proposing in these two images.


A RATIO of 3:7 regarding pulling us. pushing?

Goldbach’s third version (equivalent to the two other versions) is the form in which the conjecture is usually expressed today. It is also known as the “strong“, “even”, or “binary” Goldbach conjecture, to distinguish it from a weaker corollary. The strong Goldbach conjecture implies the conjecture that all odd numbers greater than 7 are the sum of 3 odd primes, which is known today variously as the “weak” Goldbach conjecture, the “odd” Goldbach conjecture, or the “ternary” Goldbach conjecture. While the weak Goldbach conjecture appears to have been finally proved in 2013, the strong one has remained unsolved ever since the days of Goldbach and Euler. If the strong Goldbach conjecture is true, the weak Goldbach conjecture will be true by implication.


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37 is everywhere once you start paying attention?

L0vE upside down read right to left becomes 3^07

PEACE in 37 Languages

This particular blog has a sister:

Collective Unconscious, the MiNd, the heART, the Labyrinth, the numbers 3 and 7 and 11.
Is it a coincidence that the 3 most common labyrinths are the 3, 7, and 11 circuit?

3 Circuit Labyrinth

Is 37 connected to a SEED PATTERN?

7 Circuit Labyrinth

Did I make famous the IDEAS contained in the above images?
No of course not.
The collective unconscious decided long before I arrived on the scene i.e. 7/3/1957, @5:28 a.m.
My gift to me is that I just happened to notice the same patterns that my ancestors did since the beginning of time and ‘memory’.
Sharing this gift has not been easy.

The are two things which are particularly significant about this first and smallest prime magic square. Firstly, we note that the number 1 is included in the set. Secondly, the all-important figure at the centre of the square is 37. This prime number is without doubt the number of God and the most sublime of all numbers. The oldest name for God, an Aramaic word found only once in the Bible in the book of Daniel, has a gematria value of 37. Because 1 is included it means that the order numbers of these nine primes are different to what they would be if 2 were to be considered the first prime. In this case, the order numbers of the primes from left to right and row by row are 20, 1, 15, 7, 13, 19, 12, 22 and 5. The sum of these is 114 which is the exact difference between the 37th prime 151 and its order number 37. It seems therefore that this magic square by circumstance self-confirms the order of the primes. Be that as it may, we will investigate further to demonstrate that it is the number 37 that determines the order number of the primes.Arrow worth the visit, scroll down the page.

Please note in the above magic square each line *reduces* to 417.
Interesting pattern of numbers, 147, along with 258, and 369.

go to 4:32 of this video.

Was the reference to July 3, 7/3, a Freudian slip?

Did the priest let the cat out of the bag?

IF we write 7/3 or 3/7 is there a connection to the IDEA that 37 is a prime number that represents the collective unconscious?


Have you seen the evidence?
Where science and religion collide in the realm of the metaphysical quantum world?

Keep reading >>>

The Egyptians considered 3, 6 and 7 most sacred numbers. Three represented the Triple Goddess, six meant her union with God; seven meant the Seven Harthos, seven planetary spheres, seven-gated holy city, seven-year reigns of kings, and so forth. Egyptians were obsessed with the conviction that the total number of all deities had to be 37, because of the number’s magical properties. This was because it combined the sacred numbers of 3 and 7; and, 37 multiplied by any multiple of 3 gave a triple digit or “trinity”: 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, etc. The miraculous number 666 is the product of 3 X 6 X 37.



So is trying to identify the collective unconscious with a NUMBER instead of with ?, words like GOD or the dEvIL?

AM I naive trying to find TRUTH embedded in NUMB3R5 too and not just the wordy narratives that have been dispensed to each CULTure?

What if the number 37 is NOT just a number?

In the quote below I present the math re: 37
…the 20 year work/pursuit of Jerry Iuliano…

Concerning the collective unconscious constant which is any number when divided by the integer 37 creates the modulo decimal remainder , .891891891…, which is the link to the fine-structure constant:
( 10 ^ ( 143.9999879 / 37 )) / 37 / 18 = sqrt 137.035999701
…there have been many numbers associated to the divisor 37 and the collective unconscious forms:
Leahy’s dream number …..2808
Van Halen’s number……….5150
Hindu number ………………108
Druid number………………..144
Hebrew number …………….288
John of Patmos number…..1260 and 666
Leahy triple logic number….82944
Denglers number as name…1069
John Michell number………..1080+666 = 1746
Mayan/Aztec number ……..2304
R.Tomes harmonic………….3456….etc.
…the key has always been the divisor number 37 .The following is from an article in the Jan. 10 , 2009 , magazine , New Scientist, called , ” Inside the Mind of a Autistic Savant “. The article goes on to talk about the savant Daniel Tammet , who is a human calculator of whose one of many feats , set a European record for the number of digits of Pi he recited from memory ( 22514 ). The article interviewer , Celeste Biever , interviewed D. Tammet and here is a portion of her interview concerning the number 37 and D. Tammet’s fascination with this particular number:Question: When did you realize you had special talents?
Tammet: At the age of 8 or 9 , I was being taught maths at school and realised I could do the sums quickly , intuitively and in my own way–not using the techniques we were taught. I got so far ahead of the other children that I ran out of textbooks. I was aware already that I was different because of my autism, but at that point I realised that the relationship I had with numbers was different.Question: To most people, the things you can do with your memory seems like magic. How do you do it ?
Tammet: The response that people often have to what I can do is one of ” gee whiz” but I want to push back against that. One of the purposes of the book I’ve written , ” Embracing the Wide Sky ” , is to demystify this, to show the hidden processes behind my number skills. I have a relationship with numbers that is similar to the relationship that most people have with language. When people think of words they don’t think of them as separate items , atomised in their head , they understand them intuitively and subconsciously as belonging to an interconnected web of other words.Question : Can you give an example?
Tammet: You would’nt use a word like ” giraffe ” without understanding what the words ” neck ” or ” tall ” or ” animal ” mean. Words only make sense when they are in this web of interconnected meanings and I have the same thing with numbers . Numbers belong to a web. When somebody gives me a number , I immediately visualise it and how it relates to other numbers. I also see the patterns those relationships produce and manipulate them in my head to arrive at a solution, if its a sum , or to identify if there is a prime.Question: But how do you visualise a number ? In the same way I visualise a giraffe ?
Tammet: Every number has a texture. If it is a ” lumpy ” number then immediately my mind will relate it to other numbers which are lumpy–the lumpiness will tell me there is a relationship , there is a common divisor , or a pattern between the digits.Question: Can you give me an example of a ” lumpy ” number ?
Tammet: For me the ideal lumpy number is 37 . It’s like porridge. So 111 , a very pretty number which is 3 times 37 , is lumpy but it is also round. It takes on the properties of both 37 and 3 , which is round. It’s an intuitive and visual way of doing maths and thinking about numbers.Question: Why do you think you treat numbers this way ?
Tammet: When I was growing up, because of my autism , I didn’t make friends. Numbers filled that gap. The numbers came alive. My mind was able to pick out patterns and to make sense of them. It was similar to how a child would aquire his first language….Question: What can we learn from the way your mind works ?
Tammet: The differences between savant and non-savant ability have been exaggerated. Savants are not freaks, cut off from the rest of humanity. The thinking of savants is an extreme form of the kind everyone has. The aim of my book is to show that minds that function differently such as mine , are not so strange , and that anyone can learn from them. I also hope to clear up some misconceptions about savant abilities and what it means to be intelligent or gifted …( end of article quote )Wolfgang Pauli knew through his mandelas and the collective unconscious parameters of Carl Jung that the fine-structure constant ( 1/137.035999701 ) , a primal number , has a connectiveness to the primal numbers of man.This connectiveness number is the integer…37:
Leahy dream number ….2808:
( 10 ^ (( 2807.9999879 / 37 ) – 72 )) / 666 = sqrt 137.035999701
Van Halen’s number …5150:
( 10 ^ (( 5149.99999881 / 3.7 ) – 1388 )) / 666 = sqrt 137.035999701
Hindu number….108:
( 10 ^ ( 107.999999879 / .37 ) – 288 ) / 666 = sqrt 137.035999701
Druid , John of Patmos number …144:
( 10 ^ ( 143.999987919 / 37 )) / 666 = sqrt 137.035999701
John of Patmos numbers …1260 and 666:
( 10 ^ (( 1259.99978254 / 666 ) + 2 ) / 666 = sqrt 137.035999701
Leahy’s triple logic number …82944:
( 10 ^ ( 82943.9930413 / 32 / 666 )) / 666 = sqrt 137.035999701
Plato’s number of the world soul…2592:
( 10 ^ ( 2591.99978254 / 666 )) / 666 = sqrt 137.035999701
Dengler’s name change number …1069:
( 10 ^ (( 1068.99998792 / 37 ) – 25 )) / 666 = sqrt 137.035999701
Mayan/Aztec number …2304:
( 10 ^ (( 2303.99978254 + 288 ) /666 ) / 666 = sqrt 137.035999701
Harlston’s Hunab number ( Aztec) …378
378 + 288 = 666
R.Tomes master harmionic number …3456:
( 10 ^ (( 3455.999789 / 666 ) – 46 ) / 666 = sqrt 137.035999701The Works of Jerry Iuliano
Ancient Numbers Revealed in Scientific Formula

But there is SO MUCH MORE
re: 37 … it boggles and toggles between the left and right hemispheres of the mind.

More inPHO about how inFO gets around the universe:


Hebrew number …………….288

Which reminds me of this formula found on a 17×17 Hebrew/German magic amulet that bears an inscription in German “Der Herr Behute Dich” which means “the Lord watches over thee”.

The amulet is to be read starting from the center.
Thus 1 (center) + 288 = 289 = 17 x 17

And would it surprise you to find out that when searching for the TRUTH, using primarily your heART and MiNd to assist, you end up at what has been vEILed in plain site?

LIEs are used to vEIL the FIBS?
What if the FIBS are golden ones?
i.e. 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144 …

11 Circuit Labyrinths

What if 3, 7, and 11 forms part of a cosmic mnemonic anagram telegram that has managed to withstand the test of time, space, and motion, and all for a very good reason?
What if?
It would help to explain why the word QaBaLaH was given an intentional value of 137 and why the maze at Chartres Cathedral was covered up.


A trinity of numbers suggesting to remember to remember.
Richard Feynman suggested “all good theorists should write the number ‘137’ on the wall and worry about it.”

Well the ancients who left records and those who came before them that did not leave records, they were all good theorists, so why would it surprise us to find out they came up with the same numbers?
Especially since the entire puzzle is embedded into the Great Pyramid

How much evidence is accumulating re: ‘137’ as having great significance to the SS, the Secret Societies?

U do not have to be a physicist to have a valid theory about the simple things in life.

UPDATE Thu Sep 01, 2011 3:21 pm

Tesla thought he heard voices from the red planet Mars. 

His peers and backers who later morphed into reptilian/serpentine backstabbers ALL labeled him crazy AFTER they stole all his best ideas, profited from them, and hid away the rest.
The rest is history.

MELANCHOLIA + 1 and the 4×4 magic square of Jupiter/Jove/Tinia/Zeus

And long ago before all of the science rules starting doing battle with the religious dogma, the 4×4 MAGIC square of Jupiter was shown respect and seen as having magical properties.

What is Melancholia + 1 and how does it add up to 137?
Maybe I should let a MODERN day magician/physicist/shaman explain?
Why magic squares fascinate mathematicians?

Example of symmetry in a 4x4 design

NOW if anybody can count more than 37 red, white, and blue squares on this 4x4x4 rubik cube, that would be quite the feat … holding it up to a mirror or reflective surface does not count as part of an honest accounting.

As a matter of fact OUR FIELD OF VISION will NOT ALLOW us to see more than 37.
Try it….get yourself a real cube and TRY to count MORE than 37.
If you can you are NOT of this world.

Tesla heard something alright.
Later it was proved that the Martian transmissions that Tesla heard were radio transmissions coming from Jupiter….ZeuS???

IF this is NOT evidence our buddy Tesla had tapped into something divine I do not know what is.

37 is it the ‘number’ that we can use to represent the collective unconscious?


as a side note:


37 + 9 (2+7) = 1 (6+4)


NEWTON and 37

Take a look at these numbers regarding our friend Newton.

Only one book of Newton’s about the Bible was ever published. In 1733, six years after his death, (3+6=9? resulting in 1739) J. Darby and T. Browne, published Observations Upon the Prophecies of Daniel and the Apocalypse of St. John.

In 1988, having learned of this book in the rare books card catalogue of the Library of Congress, I asked to read it. I was astonished when, a few minutes later, I was handed Thomas Jefferson’s personal copy. (The book is in excellent condition and hasThomas Jefferson’s initials on pages 57 and 137.Two hundred and fifty years ago it was common practice for printers to label the page signatures with capital letters at the bottom of the actual text. Jefferson would turn to the “J” signature and add a”T” before the “J” and then turn to the “T” signature and add a “J” after the “T.” In this way he identified his personal books.)


Gotta love these coincidences re: 137
YA sure coincidences
wow what a design
right down to every detail

Newton was 37 when his mother passed away…which happened to be 37 years after his father had passed away.

These TWO RED SPECTRAL LINES represent the fingerprint of the HYDROGEN ATOM
between which we can place the dimensionless constant 1/13

Okay here is what I am lead to beLIEve now.

Christ positioned between the TWO THIEVES (the two polarities) is the MIDDLE GROUND that we should all seek?

Christ I do not beLIEve but KNOW represents the numbers 137 that we can place between the TWO THIEVES, i.e. or the TWO Spectral Lines of the Hydrogen atom…

137 has been called poetically by science:

“the DNA of light”

“the fingerprint of an atom”

A discussion of 37 leads us eventually to 137 and this thread about the importance of SPECTRAL LINES, 137, and tweaking the EM field using our DREAMS and NIGHTMARES:


JPMorgan Chase & Co. on Thursday said it plans to launch a new credit card that will allow users to pay for items by simply holding the card near a terminal instead of manually swiping it, in an effort to increase the speed and convenience of card purchases.

This is done using TESLA technology.

Witness TED talks insight how THE PROFITEERS are exploiting the PROPHET TESLA’s IDEAS today.

How do we link TESLA to the SECRETS?
How do we link those who seek the PROFITS for themselves, like JP MORGAN/CHASE to the PROPHETS who seek to enrich the world at far less cost to the CONNED-sumer?

Would TESLA the electricity wizard know about the 3×4 grid representing the “Breastplate of the High Priest”?

3×4 Temple High Priest Breastplate

What does the 3 x 4 Breastplate resemble today?

The KEYPAD is the obvious answer.


CHASE and the number i37 or is it an unconscious reference to I37

Take a look at these point of sale credit/debit card readers in my hometown.

Shall we take a closer look at the SYMBOLS and LOGOS that speak silently to our RIGHT Brain while the LEFT Brain does what it has been TRAINED to do….

….$HOP till ya DROP, and do not forget to pay your cradle to grave TAXE$ along the way…?

Wake up to the TRUTH folks.
There is no RELIGION (including SCIENCE) that is higher than the TRUTH.
Obviously the $wa$tika, which is associated to the WHEEL of Earthly Fortunes plays a role that the Master builders have tried to obfuscate.

But Y?
Does a GEOMETRIC unIvErsaL TRUTH have anything to do with GEOMETRY and the letter ‘G’?

GEE does the ‘G’ have anything to do with the ULAM SPIRAL based on PRIME numbers?

go here for the breakdown:

Prime numbers are in fact the building blocks of NUMBERS.
1 and 37 and 137 are all considered PRIME.

So please answer the above questions?

Does a Wireless Cosmic Candid Camera exist?

Is light somehow involved?

XLA X-stem Logic Alphabet

X-stem Logic Alphabet

The New Jerusalem (tesseract) 
note: the 16 CUBES
note: keep in mind that St. Peter Square, is demarcated by 16 ‘winds’
note: keep in mind that the Tarot KEY I have recovered (see below) clearly indicates we should notice the first 15 letters have passed, and currently the stem indicates MNO.

Which I have suggested can be rotated/reflected into words like OWN, NWO, ONE, WON, NOW, hey MON!

Thus the 16th letter on the TAROT KEY is P or p.
Now the p used in this next link/article will make so much more sense.

Let The Mirrors Do The Thinking


Let The People Do The Reflecting


Be sure to link on the interview at the end of this post.


Our story begins with a simple example. Suppose that someone asked you to keep a record of your thoughts, exactly, and in terms of the symbols given, when you are making an effort to multiply XVI times LXIV. Also suppose that, refusing to give up, you finally arrive at the right answer, which happens to be MXXIV. We are sure that you would have had a much easier time of it, to solve this problem, if you would have found that 16 times 64 equals 1024.This example not only looks at what we think and what we write. It also looks at the mental tools, the signs and symbols, that we are using when that thinking and that writing is taking place. How we got these mental tools is a long story, one that now includes the presence of some new developments.Our main idea comes from calling attention to a deep commonality that cuts across the parallel streams of development that in recent millennia have unfolded in the ways and byways of evolutionary notation. It took many centuries of collective search to devise a place-value notation for counting. Likewise to devise a sound-value notation for reading. Likewise to devise a note-value notation for singing. And so forth, for each neurologically specialized ability; in effect, a different specialized notation for each specialized ability. These observations, easily recognized in the history of evolutionary notation, strongly suggest that every kind of intelligence needs its own kind of notation.In what follows, with emphasis on a fast-forward recapitulation, we will run a replay of what happened when Europe took several centuries to go from MXXIV to 1024. This replay in not for numbers. It is for another specialized ability. It is for logic, when it is recast in terms of a shape-value notation. Modern logic starts in the middle of the 1800s and, as is well recognized, with the work of George Boole. This means that we have had only about 150 years to think up and to grow into the symbols we now use for symbolic logic.
These symbols, and they are only symbols, leave a lot to be desired. We hope that we can draw you into taking a look at a lesson in lazy logic. If you follow us all the way, we hope to leave you with a new set of signs, signs that are much better than any you have seen yet. Not only will it be much easier for you to use them. Even mirrors will be able to use them.X-stem Logic Alphabet:


Why only 15 cubes in this version of XLA?

It appears two have been combined into one.
Take a look at the first image of the tesseract.
It is clear in this second image the S and Z have been combined into one center cube.
And I find that interesting, because the S is one of the 8 vertices of the outside cube, and the Z belongs to one of the 8 vertices of the inner cube.


Who does not see two intersecting SHAPES resembling ‘SZ’ in the center of the image above or in the image below we see a ZZ in the center of the 7000 year old plate found in Samarra Iraq….from the SZ, the SueZ region? Laughing

What does the geometric shape look like if we reflect one of the ‘Z’ in ZZ into a S?

The SHAPE resembling an ‘8’ perhaps?
More research is necessary in this fIELd by (me?) because the pieces are fitting rather well.

WOW MOM Interview with a kindred spirit:

I have found myself a new hero.
Shea Zellweger makes far more sense than that wanker Zechary Stitchen, in fact proving ZS along with his planet Nibiru are flights of UFO fancy taking off in his head and coming out of his mouth like a swarm of locusts.

May ZSitchen Rest In PieceS and some of his music decompose along with him.


Which reminds me of another TRUE to LIFE real hero who used his imagination NOT to script science fiction and confuse the sheeple even more like that wanker ZS, but instead the imagination of ELI-YAHU RIPS will still pay dividends to humanity in the years to come.

important to know about the tesseract:

The tetrahedron forms the convex hull of the tesseract’s vertex-centered central projection. Four of 8 cubic cells are shown. The 16th vertex is projected to infinity and the four edges to it are not shown.

After reviewing the articles that accompany those images above (found in the post before this one), logic dictates that I could propose this IDEA>>>

Now what if the WORD BIBLE can be turned into the NUMBER 13796?

bIbLE (turn the b into a 6, rotate all other letters 180 degrees) >>> 6I973 >>> 13796 >>> all you need to know to start seeing the underlying unity.
A CODE representing an IDEA that is more than just letters, or numbers, a bIbLE CODE to help refresh your memory.

Dr. Horowitz:

“528Hz is the Central Broadcasting Channel of LOVE in the Living Water that carries the Message of God. FAITH is the power button that turns this hydrosonic creationistic miracle-making technology on. For you personally, the ‘Music of the Light,’ universally transmuting the ‘Music of the night,’ is available by FAITH, choice, and heart-felt prayer…. This system is free to enjoy (not manipulate or destroy) for the benefit of producers (not consumers)–powerful co-creators; not destroyers–those who choose to listen to this ‘Sound of Silence’ and calling from the Most High.”Dr. Len Horowitz, 2009.”Only stupid people argue ‘evolution of the species’ is more important than creationism. We are living proof of creationism, as is the sacred geometry reflected in organic chemistry. Biology heralds creationism. A blade of grass says it all. It grows greenish yellow (528Hz), towards the maximum (sun) LOVE light, the heart of the rainbow. It doesn’t grow into the deadly darkness, and think it is smarter than God for doing so, like stupid people do.”Dr. Len Horowitz, 2010.”This is how you are sustained. The Sun, according to NASA’s recordings, emits fundamentally 528Hz frequency. That sound, and 528nm of light in photons,” which is the heart of the rainbow in greenish-yellow, reflects in chlorophyll–the pigment that transfers this precise energy into molecular oxygen. You then breath the “Ha,” or “prana,” also called “the breath of life,” that vibrates primarily in LOVE/528.”Dr. Len Horowitz, 2011.

So what is the connection between 137, (the spectral lines of hydrogen), the emission and absorption of photons, and water have to do with each other?

LAST SUPPER dinnerware traced back to 5000 BCE

Here is the LAST SUPPER dinnerware traced back to 5000 BCE….
back then it was called 3M until 3M stole the IDEA and branded it theirs.

…and with just a twist of the M into an E, the same IDEA lives on:

The “3E” EVOLUTIONARY ENERGY ENHANCER:THE WATER ENERGIZERThis website explains Dr. Horowitz’s simple, yet powerful water energizing technology, the “3E,” based on his research into the Perfect Circle of Sound and the “frequencies in harmony with the universal symphony.” 3E stickers and “cling ons” can be placed on glassware and elsewhere to structure water, according to photographic evidence provided by world renowned water science researcher, Dr. Masaru Emoto. Check out this website for many educational links to Dr. Horowitz’s water works.

don’t worry about it, I was 47 when I woke up, though I hit bottom around 42, that was the turn around. Still took me another 5 years before I even caught a glimpse of where I was headed.

More good news, Rusty now that you know you are taking part in a big I37 LIE, what are you going to do about it?

Hey dude down under, let me know when the activation takes place and you officially become a I37 true blue warrior, supporting a world rEaLIty that suggests the best way the herds of EWE, YOU, U and ME can all become WE is simply by altering our perspectives and tapping into the EM fIELd that can accommodate all aborigine serpentine dreams along with the EvIL snake in the judeao/christian dEvIL nightmares.
(as science is suggesting we all meet and greet when we shleep)

Rusty thanks for acknowledging the obvious. It is a struggle for you and me both and apparently Jesus too?

“MY GOD, MY GOD, why has Thou forsaken me?

your numbers are yours to suss out and get a feel for?
maybe getting to know oneself who lives in a geometric matrix would involve getting to know yourself more intimately, using numbers, along with popping red and blue pills?

Learning all about your own inner angles which can be accessed by understanding and seeking the assistance of the Angels to help you with your math. Idea

angLEs and angELs have the same value in gematria.

I just picked up another book recommended by Einstein, (I did not know that till I picked it up), it was written for the layman like you and me.
NUMBER The Language of Science by Tobias Dantzig
Maybe I can find the methods to help bridge the gap in this book?

“…the most interesting book on the evolution of mathematics which has ever fallen into my hands.” – A Einstein

Some folks have it easy, the book fell into Al’s hands, I had to pick it up. Laughing

Tobias Dantzig (February 19, 1884 – August 9, 1956) was a Baltic German Russian American mathematician, the father of George Dantzig, and the author of NUMBER: The Language of Science (A Critical Survey Written for the Cultured non Mathematician) (1930) and Aspects of Science (New York, Macmillan, 1937).Born in Latvia, Dantzig studied mathematics with Henri Poincaré in Paris. Tobias married a fellow Sorbonne University student, Anja Ourisson, and the couple emigrated to the United States in 1910. Working for a time as a lumberjack in Oregon, Dantzig received his Ph.D. in mathematics from Indiana University in 1917[1]. He taught at Johns Hopkins, Columbia University, and the University of Maryland. Dantzig died in Los Angeles in 1956.
He was the father of George Dantzig, creator of linear programming.Memorable Quotation:”The harmony of the universe knows only one musical form – the legato; while the symphony of number knows only its opposite – the staccato. All attempts to reconcile this discrepancy are based on the hope that an accelerated staccato may appear to our senses as a legato.”

The above quote is similar to what I mention to friends of mine in these the end of the daze, (those that still bother to tune into what I have to say, they are dropping like flies as the world goes for a shit, a paradox.)

I am simply trying to find the math in the poetry and the poetry in the math…

Which would for me result in a reconciliation of Science and Religion as the literal math and figurative poetry mesh into a literal figurative narrative everybody can buy into without being sold a cradle to grave slave trade called foreign aid.

What is LIfE? … is it f you inserted between a LIE somewhere?

note: we find the note ‘f’ which looks like an ‘S’ scroll on all string instruments used in ‘string quartets’.
A ‘string quartet’ is a band that consists of four stringed instruments.
A string quartet usually has two violins, a viola and a cello.

Do Angels play harps? who else? who used the guts of the turtle to fashion a lute?
And if I recall the elephant stands on the BACK OF the turtle, the turtle supports the elephant in creation hierarchy.

Did the ‘f’ note + I37 animate the claymation nations?

“ELI ELI lama sabachthani”


“MY GOD, MY GOD, why has Thou forsaken me?

MY GOD = ELI obviously


ELI – YA – HU and ELIisha
Paracelsus the master aLchEmIst predicted the messiah would be revealed as ELIas the artist!
Carl Jung’s guides were first ELIjah (ELIyahu), KA, and then later phILEmon became his sole guide.

So what could I possibly say or add about who my guide in this I37 journey has been?
Without a doubt my guide, once I recognized what I had stumbled and bumbled upon, has been the tetragrammaton, the swastiKA that is far far far too easy to associate with I37, KA, and ph-ILE-MON.

Hey what happens if we assign Noah’s ARK a number?
All boats have a name and a number registered.

Can I suggest we write ‘137’ on the bow of this ship seeking a safe harbour?

But another most interesting fact regarding the design is that the Ark was 300 cubits or 450 feet or 137 MEters long in length.
And onto this ARK were placed PAIRS of animals of every kind?
A much more believable story, after etching 137 into the bow of the ARK is instead of using PAIRS of animals, would be to discuss the significance ofELECTRON COUPLING, one of the three constants that make up the fine structure constant.
And a reminder is due that 137 represents the unique fingerprint for each of the elements on the periodic table.
SOUNDs like a nice fit to the story of the ARK.

YES it should become yin yang clear that the BLACK RAVEN sent out to dry up the land was a reference to NEGATIVE and the WHITE DOVE returning with an oLIvE in its mouth was looking more POSITIVE all the time.

Can we connect the TWO birds, one BLACK and one WHITE, to the TWO thieves who flanked Jesus, both birds and thieves representing the TWO forces called negative and positive that keep us off the middle neutral path, (represented by Jesus)?

And then we point the ARK-137 like an arrow in a new direction, trying to thread the needle, get it between the TWO PILLARS or the TWO SPECTRAL LINES of the atom.

Remember that definition of 137 the fine structure constant.
137 is simply the ‘dimensionless’ number that we place between TWO SPECTRAL LINES or shall we say TWO PILLARS?

Another interesting aspect of this 137ARK theory is the FACT that the fine structure constant is comprised of TWO electrons and the coupling strength that exists between them.

No it is clearly all about POLARITY jack and jill, and how energy flows (fetch a pail of hydrogen economy wawa), well
We have a north and south pole, that is a duality. But hey I see much activity and loitering about between the 2 POLES, a lot of potential and kinetic energy I would love to eXploit.

Its beginning to look a lot like CHRIST-MASS, a self deluded hospitable takeover once you add HD1080 and SS Surround Sound.

My friends think I am whacked because I appear so?
WHY AM I the one who has lost it, when I point out that we celebrate Easter, Christmas, New Years, and Halloween but we never give any REAL THOUGHTS to why?

Well after doing some digging around, and then approaching those same friends (my former tribe?) with observations about getting ready for CHRIST-MASS in November, asking the obvious like “hey the Muslims and Jews openly worship the MOON in their festivals and have symbols recognizing both the SUN and the MOON.
So I would love the Christians/Catholics to tell me where has the MOON gone in their beLIEf system, that also vary widely from CULTure to CULTure?
Where is the MOON symbolism in St. Peter’s Square ellipse?
Why are there 16 Winds surrounding an Obelisk (stolen from eygpt) in St. Peter’s Square?

What is the significance of both the number 16 to the X-stem Logic Alphabet and various math proofs, and to the 4×4 magic square of Jupiter, alongside the fact we can connect PRIME numbers which are the building blocks of NUMBERS to a binary code that converts prime numbers into an obelisk or jesUS phallUS common to all patriarchs.

So please share with me where is the MOON symbolism to be found in the New Testament Churches or scriptures?
Wait I forgot about the day Jesus ‘died’.
This particular day moves around from year to year? WTF?
And to add MOON intrigue, the date of Easter is determined by the dating of Passover, which is associated with the birth of the NEW MOON.

Oy vey, it is all so obvious that religious AND political divisions are based on our ancestors seeing the world through rosy celestial lenses.
Why are there NO pictures in the various bIbLEs?
Is it because IMAGES tend to ‘date’ the time, the age, whereas WORDS can undergo change and transition far better, words can be used to describe something that cannot be seen, would be another great reason to vEIL images and promote words.

And this is most important, LETTERS at the heART of it, the cruX of the matter and spirit is that LETTERS were always meant to represent SOUNDS.

This is the beginning of the End of HIS-story as we have known it, the End of the beLIEf that was SCRIPTed and put into the SCRIPTures, a stupid literal narrative that is ‘breaking up’ and becoming more fractal and farcical all the time.

Just like Jesus arriving in the middle east, he was an inevitable update to a ‘theory of everything’ called the Pentateuch.
The christian jesus will also take his place alongside those that preceded him. i.e. the Pharaoh Moses, Kings David and Solomon, etc and the countless false prophets who will be upstaged by the brand new and improved beLIEf that has already been SCRIPTed for us to adopt. All we need to do is wait for those to come forward and fill the parts already SCRIPTed to help take us to the next level.

“To Be or Not to Be”
So who do you want to be tonight when you drift off in fa la la land?

‘Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani?’

The Greek text from which Jesus’ statement is derived is:”Now from the sixth hour until the ninth hour there was darkness over all the land. And about the ninth hour Jesus cried out with a loud voice, saying, ‘Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani?’ that is, ‘My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?’ ” (Matthew 27:45-46, NKJV throughout)English translation: Eli, Eli
Greek: ηλί, ηλί
Literal meaning: God, God
Strong’s Concordance Number #G2241English translation: lama
Greek: λαμά, λαμμα
Literal meaning: Why
Strong’s Concordance Number #G2982English translation: sabachthani
Greek: σαβαχθανι
Literal meaning: You have left (forsaken, abandoned) me
Strong’s Concordance Number #G4518

W as I have contended in earlier posts on this thread, the 6 and 9 are vital clues when trying to understand how the 137 69 code unravels.

What if 69 = b9 = bb?

But where am I going with ELI + bb = bIbLE = bab ILu ?
Is it all just Tower of power bible babble?
Is that why da bb beach boys sing baa baa baa baa baa baran? and lady gaa gaa sings gag me with a spoon?

I now need to introduce the word bab-ILu and all it implies about the LIEs they tell us to help vEIL the FIBS, (FIBonacci LIEs I mean, revealing immutable laws of nature) whilst they keep reinventing the same wheEL of fortunes, enabling some folks to continue to make fortunes while others today are running on treadmills, like rats in a well appointed virtual SimS cage.

Bab-ILu and the numbers 369 that many people today are associating with Tesla.


The most important feature of this 8 pointed cross is that it is an 8-pointed cross having 4 axis, demarcating 8 directions…and that the ILU of 12, 15, and 9 reduce to 3,6,9, and it is important to acknowledge that the 8 pointed star was connected to Venus, as morning and evening star.
Morning it was portrayed as a 5 pointed star, and as the evening star Venus was portrayed as an 8-pointed star.

So how do we connect it all to CERN and the bigger picture we never get to see or be privy too?
(courtesy of FOX, CNN, NYTimes?)

Here are two images separated by 400 years. Obviously the MAIN IDEA that both images are PROJECTING INWARD has not changed very much.

Compare the 1606 AD ‘gateway’ and 21st century marvel of science CERN particle accelerator

Both of these TIME TUNNELS even have the resident LEvI I37 aLchEmIst perched inside.
Do you see the little men inside both tunnels?

The 1606 AD version of CERN was entitled ‘The Gateway to Eternal Wisdom’

Heinrich Kunrath’s 1606 version of this ‘archetypal porthole’ even has a warning above the entry, the translation says:
“stay away, keep out from here, ye profane”

Now U R prepared to read these two blogs:

LET ME PRESENT the THREE GODS or THREE CONSTANTS that scientists use to define the FINE STRUCTURE CONSTANT, which can be written as 0.00729 or 1/137 or simply abbreviated to the enigmatic dimensionless 137

What are the TRINITY or 3 CONSTANTS that make up the FINE STRUCTURE DIMENSIONLESS CONSTANT ‘137’ referred to simply as ALPHA?

Allow me to use ALPHA = 137 = SUPERMAN as an analogy.

1st GOD/CONSTANT is the SPEED OF LIGHT which we sign with ‘c’

So what is faster than a speeding bullet?
Could Superman travel as fast as the SPEED of LIGHT?
Faster in one film actually, he was able to REVERSE TIME, remember how he saved his LOVE Lois Lane?
Love Lois Lane = 777

2nd GOD/CONSTANT is PLANCK’s CONSTANT which is recognized as the ‘h’-bar or with a stroke
What can LEAP over two tall buildings called the twin towers in a single quantum indiscreet LEAP?
The SPECTRAL LINES are the twin towers, re: the Planck Constant

3rd GOD/CONSTANT is the Charge of Electron written as ‘e^2’
What is stronger than a LOCOMOTIVE?
The ELECTRON charge squared over an infinite distance?

To summarize the fine structure constant is involved in ELECTRON COUPLING, and the ability of electrons to EMIT or ABSORB photons/phonons in order to MOVE up or DOWN energy levels.

DUH here i$ MORE de$ign … the
$ign of the Chri$tian Fi$h = ALPHA = 137

BTW a rELIgious person who denies science could refer to this Red/Blue/Yellow SUPERMAN GOD as the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.
What if?

It all adds up to the NEVER ENDING STORY that has lasted 13.7 billion years.

13.7 = 137 = ELI = my GOD?

Not really?
Not my problem really.

JESUS = SUPERMAN = 137 placed between the TWO THIEVES , shall we nickname those two thieves that keep us off the middle path (jesus) Yin and Yang?

Y not?
JESUS is a ROYAL PURPLE because purple is a mix of RED (positive) and BLUE (negative).

Duh could it be that simple?
DUH behind all the complexity when you get down to it….it comes down to ‘polarity’ represented by THREE PILLARS and NOT the propaganda called duality.



MY GOD = ELI = I37 as an underlying IDEA portrayed as both numbers or letters that give rise to shape and form, obviously.

my GOD = ELI = I37 and tapping into the EM fIELd representing all of our dreams and nightmares?

Micheal Persinger claims we can be unified in 10 minutes using the EM fIELd as mediator between 6+ billion people.

But the same old problem still exists, how to get 6+ billion sheeple on the same page, this continues to plague the IGNORANT, the PROFANE, the MUNDANE, and the VULGAR who do not realize that IGNORANCE is also a plague that haunts us, it is a hunger for the TRUTH that starts on the inside and eats away at you.

So how does Bab-Ilu become the Bible, the GATE of GOD?
How does Genesis become Gnosis?

Simply do what the ancients did.
Remove the foul vowels Vanna White.

BaBiLu become BBL
BiBLE becomes BBL

…thus the Tower of BaBeL is really the Tower of BBL?

GeNeSiS becomes GNSS
GNoSiS becomes GNSS

So what does YHVH the tetragrammaton really mean?

Hey if you want to think like our NEOLITHIC ancestors who left us CLUES, you must learn to walk, talk, and think like an Egyptian in order to decipher them?

Hanukkah the Festival of Lights is 8 DAYS

36 Candles + 1 = 37

CandLE 37 is lit last, after the other 36.

The extra light 37 is called a SHaMaSH

Hanukkah (Hebrew: חֲנֻכָּה‎, Tiberian: Ḥănukkāh, usually spelled חנוכה pronounced [χanuˈka] in Modern Hebrew, also romanized as Chanukah or Chanuka), also known as the Festival of Lights, is an eight-day Jewish holiday commemorating the rededication of the Holy Temple (the Second Temple) in Jerusalem at the time of the Maccabean Revolt of the 2nd century BCE. Hanukkah is observed for eight nights and days, starting on the 25th day of Kislev according to the Hebrew calendar, which may occur at any time from late November to late December in the Gregorian calendar.
The festival is observed by the kindling of the lights of a unique candelabrum, the nine-branched Menorah or Hanukiah, one additional light on each night of the holiday, progressing to eight on the final night. The typical Menorah consists of eight branches with an additional raised branch. The extra light is called a shamash (Hebrew: שמש, “attendant” or “sexton”)[1] and is given a distinct location, usually above or below the rest. The purpose of the shamash is to have a light available for use, as using the Hanukkah lights themselves is forbidden.[2]

BUT how cool is this?
The House of Hillel is in main player.
One of two…and it appears to be a debate regarding DIRECTION.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 vs. 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

חנוכה (Hanukkah) is also the Hebrew acronym for ח נרות והלכה כבית הלל — “Eight candles, and the halakha is like the House of Hillel”. This is a reference to the disagreement between two rabbinical schools of thought — the House of Hillel and the House of Shammai — on the proper order in which to light the Hanukkah flames. Shammai opined that eight candles should be lit on the first night, seven on the second night, and so on down to one on the last night. Hillel argued in favor of starting with one candle and lighting an additional one every night, up to eight on the eighth night. Jewish law adopted the position of Hillel.


Shall we compare Hanukkah lamp unearthed near Jerusalem about 1900 to the Freemason KEYSTONE?

left: Hanukkah lamp unearthed near Jerusalem 1900 AD
right: Freemason KEYSTONE

The main difference I see is the location of the ‘hole’.

The modern version appears to be centered in a circle, the older ones are centered on an ellipse.

However the KEYSTONES recovered from Phoenician and Babylonian tombs resemble the Hanukkah lamp.

AHA what does my birthday July 3rd have to do with the NARMER PALETTE?

The Narmer Plate is a Sky Chart …

In celebration of their Dreamtime, the remote Ancient Egyptians exactly reproduced their Celestial Sphinx, Hu, at Giza in readiness for the July 3rd and 4th 14000 BCE Festival. (See Part 2) Prophetically the Fall of Hu heralded the decline of the remote Ancient Egyptians and their entry into the Dark Ages. During this time only the intellectual elite would have been allowed to be initiated into, and share, a secret of such magnitude … The Secret of Precession.

Evidence that the Secret of Precession was indeed shared by an intellectual elite down through the millennia is to be found on the Nermer Plate almost 10,000 years later.

Just this morning, I realized what the NARMER Palette resembles, and that is what set me out looking for more evidence.

Babylonian and Freemason Keystones!

Lífþrasir and Líf only survivors of Raganok

image on left: Líf and Lífþrasir next to Hanukkah Lamp
In Norse mythology, Líf , feminine noun meaning “life, the life of the body”)
Lífþrasir from líf and þrasir. “Líf’s lover, lover of life, zest for life”

And ALL of the above look very similar to the Hanukkah Lamp.
This is NOT part of the deSIGN, they must all be coincidences.

Why is it that as my search takes me further and further back in time, I find more and more profound coincidences between ALL of the beLIEfs?


I am not done recovering the gold.
How do we link the HAWK/BULL found on the obverse and reverse of the Narmar Palette to the IDEA of two sides to a coin, heads and tails, a quarter, and ’25’ or two bits?

Would the 2 and 5 … Taurus and Leo be a clue?

The Persian ZOROASTER had 4 Oracles and he liked to use angELs or were they angLEs?

HOW MANY HEXAGONS can you count in each of the three oracles?
The center 1 surrounded by 6, surrounded by 12, surrounded by 18
Thus 1+6+12+18 = 37

Well the division of ova and DNA is ALL about Geometry.

Rob and me respected each other more in the past as this thread shows:

Rob actually predicted correct.

i.e. Evidently I AM the ONE to connect the LEvI priest to 137 along with CERN too!
And I AM the ONE to use the number of atoms (55) that comprise our DNA as part of the unifying numerical evidence linking the many significant temples together.

Sadly since 2008 and Rob’s exposure to the media, he has become just another wanker who in fact does not know what he does, and I obviously have became more contemptuous of the wankers who fail and fall, since 2008.

The final insult Rob tossed my way?
He allowed that stupid blonde suz control over the TRUTH.
She actually locked that thread, just more evidence of the stupid inmates running and ruining the asylum, once called Eden.

I am tired of the folks who petition to become MODs, who in fact belong to the MOBs and they have hidden agendas, never disclosed.

Hidden agendas that are hidden from the ignorant, mundane, profane, and vulgar as they look into the mirror and see nothing, the blood sucking vampires they are….

This thread that the SS, Stupid Suz locked could be used as the template for a best seller.
YA know that don’t YA?

What are YA waiting for?
Who me?
Yes U ELIjah

ELIjah in hebrew is ELI-YA-HU is who HU is.
Paracelsus the grandfather of alchemy suggested ELIas the artist to come would in fact be revealed.
Thus we are ALL part and parcel to the the whole, the ART found in heART.
Thus we ALL comprise a piece of the Electro-Magnetic 137 LEvI temple priest and artist.
Not only is knowledge regarding 137 necessary, but more importantly is the wisdom surrounding this ‘dimensionless constant’ that apparently we can *tap* into to.

Add all of the above to the work of the scientist/archangel Michael Persinger regarding the brain, the Electro Magnetic fIELd, remote viewing, and how science (not me) connects 137 to the EM field and what can we conclude?

On all levels 137 is connected to how light (quanta of data) is either ABSORBED or EMITTED in order that an electron (which helps carry the data) can move UP and DOWN energy levels.

11 8 5 2 or 11 2 5 8

That thread IS discussing the 4 Royal Stars which are connected directly to the 4 constellations depicted onCard X.

Latin ‘light’ = lux = X = TEN =NET = aha the TENET CROSS on the Sator Square (ps I call it the cross of gravity or the higgs boson)

Here we have a 5×5 square and the sum of the numbers between 0 – 10 = 55.
Watch your speed limit and your ten commandments.

And for many years I ranted about the 11 2 5 8 code found on CARD X, claiming it was the TREASURE map to help us solve ALL X’s.

Well how correct was I?

Optimist please tell me how the TAROT code 11 2 5 8 or 11 8 5 2 connects directly to the Maya/Freemason code 1 3 7 9?

Do you know?
This fundamental question is necessary to YOU moving forward with ME.
It will also help you stay focused on the simple whole number codes.
The answer can be found somewhere on this thread here:

Card X is the treasure map that lead me to the treasure.

The treasure is revealed as the magic square of Mars, the Sator/Rotas 5×5 magic square, which antedates the Knights Templar by at least 1000 years.
It is the real HatfIELd vs. the McCohens kind of story.

Now how do I turn all I have learned into a diluted/polluted Dan Brown bestseller that the sheeple will digest en mass, before and after mass?That would mean July 3-4th is the point of time were the energy is at it’s highest each year, and a baby born adopts those energies at birth. I can see your theory as highly plausible Raph.

That would mean July 3-4th is the point of time were the energy is at it’s highest each year, and a baby born adopts those energies at birth. I can see your theory as highly plausible Raph.
– Optimist777

I gotta beLIEve, err, what I mean is that I kNOW that MY ADVANTAGE over most folks (who appear in the dark), is the FACT I was born on July 3, 1957.

What happened in 1957 around my b-day, my DOB?
(see chart below)
It was a SOLAR MAXIMUM Cool  baby, that would continue all through out my breast feeding days.

Like Romulus and Remus I was being nourished on 137 milky way, SS Cool  SunSpot formula.

In other words I was touched by the light in ways that I am just now conveying to all of you as we approach the threat of another SOLAR  Cool MAXIMUM in 2012.
The cycle is about 11 years…

the speed limit on most US highways is 55
you figure it out…how fast you should go.

A glance at the figure below (of sunspot numbers from Solar Cycles 1-23) reveals a pattern immediately: roughly every eleven years, the sunspot numbers climb to a maximum. In between, they fall to nearly zero. With a longer look, however, a slightly more subtle phenomenon is visible. Not every solar maximum involves a climb to the same height, though the minima are all at similar levels. Comparing the sharp peak around 1957 (up to 200 sunspots per day) and the minor ones in the first half of the 1800s (only about 50), one sees a huge difference. What causes such a difference between solar cycles?The answer to that question remains unknown, but anyone can see that the difference exists. These differences of 150 sunspots can cause important effects at earth, making the amplitude of the solar maximum a critical number to know.Different solar maxima, depending on their heights, can coincide with a Little Ice Age (as during the Maunder Minimum in the last half of the seventeenth century) or with a period of solar-geomagnetic activity so impressive that an International Geophysical Year is declared (as in 1957-58 ).


you do see what I am doing rather succinctly now?
using the events and clues in my OWN life to FIND OUT THE TRUTH?
and me suggesting this AVENUE is open to everyone is full on?

Is that why o’PREY Winfrey chose to OWN her OWN NETwerk?

Chaldean Oracles of ZoroasterBerosus is said to be the first who introduced the writings of the Chaldæans concerning Astronomy and Philosophy among the Greeks,[1] and it is certain that the traditions of Chaldea very largely influenced Greek thought. Taylor considers that some of these mystical utterances are the sources whence the sublime conceptions of Plato were formed, and large commentaries were written upon them by Porphyry, Iamblichus, Proclus, Pletho and Psellus. That men of such great learning and sagacity should have thought so highly of these Oracles, is a fact which in itself should commend them to our attention.

Considered essential by Aleister Crowley and the GD. Compare this edition with that of Thomas Stanley (1661).

One of Zoroaster’s four oracles 

Judaism Meets Zoroastrianismby Lewis LoflinJudaism and Zoroasrtianism are both revealed religions and share a great deal in common. God imparts his revelation and pronounces his commandments to Zoroaster on “the Mountain of the Two Holy Communing Ones”; in the other Yahweh holds a similar communion with Moses on Sinai. According to jewishencyclodedia.com the points of resemblance between Zoroastrianism and Judaism are many. In both faiths God is omniscient, omnipresent, and eternal, and creator of the universe. God operates through and governs the universe with the use of angels and archangels. This presents a parallel to Yahweh that is found in the Old Testament. The Zoroastrianism Spenta Mainyu is the Christian “Holy Spirit.”


One of Zoaroaster’s four oracles. 

angELs are angLEs

Zoroaster used angels to measure the angles….and apparently the Jews did too…building on the work of the Chaldeans?
Ancient astronomy/astrology is about celestial angles and relationships.

And the NINE (9) spirits of Intelligence occupy hexagons 1, 3, 6, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 19,
(according to Ernst Lehner)

a thought:
Of the 37 angels listed above, which ones do NOT have IEL in their name?

youtube video ~ good info for the neophyte

3×4 Temple High Priest Breastplate

What does the 3 x 4 Breastplate resemble today?

The KEYPAD is the obvious answer.

Compare the two images above.
The MODERN KEYPAD (for business and communication) and the 3×4 grid taken from the Book of Secrets attributed to the angEL RazIEL.

Confucius says ancient Chinese I Ching wisdom has become we$tern cha-cha-ching profit$.


Thus it has become clear that everyone who does business using the KEYPAD found on cell-PHOnes and cash registers, have in fact been issued a reasonable facsimile of the Breastplate of the High Priest.
I would think it is important to *see* that connection in the bigger picture.

NOW keep in mind that the right hippo-campus, part of the limbic system is connected to your SEAT of MEMORY.
On my recent trip to Sedona for the CPAK conference, is it a coincidence I noticed many many CHASE branches in the southwest?
Is it a coinicdence that the Hopi give their children at age 7, the initiatory kachina rattle?

Note that the Hopi rattle has both the mirror image swastika, contrary to the CHASE logo, and the color turquoise/green-blue is employed too, along with BLACK, WHITE, and RED.

Obviously the folks at CHASE know that their BLUE SWASTIKA LOGO is speaking to the indigenous/primal/limbic irrational right brain, saying come bank with us, come bank with us, your money is safe with us ….

Since the experimentation in the 1960s began, re: split brain research, it has been proved that SYMBOLS are the language of the ‘irrational’ right brain.
This is a fact that the ‘logical’ left brain would like to keep secret.

Hey why do we call our rainbows ROY G BIV?

Reading the Green Language of Light
by Vincent Bridges

From the work of modern molecular biologists Fritz-Albert Popp and Mae-Wan Ho, we know that DNA emits a weak form of coherent light that has been demonstrated to work like a communication system between cells and even between larger organisms.[3] In this sense, the art of light is indeed the instrument of the spirit. It is nothing less than the mechanism, the framework so to speak, that allows Mind to exist in the universe. The language of light emitted and received by the DNA may be the original of all languages, the ultimate language of initiation.Fulcanelli clearly understood this, as he shows when he states that argot, the initiation of the Argonauts, is but “one of the forms derived from The Language of the Birds.” This Ur-language, Fulcanelli insists, is the common language of initiation and illumination behind cultural expressions as different as the Christian, the Inca, the medieval troubadours and the ancient Greeks. And traces of it can be found in the dialects of Picardy and Provence, and most important of all, in the language of the Gypsies.

So does the G represent the Geometry of Green Light?
GREEN is in the middle of the Electro-Magnetic spectrum…

Does GREEN represent a balance point?

Taken as a ratio Horatio what does it all mean to focus on the GREEN?

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse in order of appearance are WHITE, RED, BLACK and the paLE Rider.

What color is PALE?

Could PALE be a reference to pale green or yellow that are positioned on the EM spectrum (as siamese twins) in the MIDDLE?

And at this point I suggest the evidence does exist connecting the healing of our DNA to the frequency 528 hertz, which is the frequency of the color attributed to a pale green.

And some folks want to suggest 528 resonates with LOVE too.

Green does have a calming effect.

The Lamb of God/Lion of Judah (Jesus Christ) opens the first four of the seven seals, which summons forth four beings that ride out on white, red, black, and pale horses. Although some interpretations differ, the four riders are commonly seen as symbolizing Conquest,[1] War,[2] Famine[3] and Death, respectively. The Christian apocalyptic vision is that the four horsemen are to set a divine apocalypse upon the world as harbingers of the Last Judgment.[4][1]

To attempt to interpret the above statement without the aid of SCIENCE is pure STUPIDITY, (Einstein would say BLINDNESS) that most Judeao/Christians practice.

Duh we want to attribute all kinds of KNOWLEDGE and WIZARDRY to the ancients, yet we question NOT why they DO use certain colors extracted from the EM spectrum?
To interpret all the CLUES left us literally void of having any scientific merit is pure ignorance, blindness, and vulgarity living in a harmony that only brings discomfort to the wearer.

Zechariah also sees coloured horses (Zechariah 1:8-17˄, 6:1-8˄), although in the first case there are only three colours, and in the second there are teams of horses pulling chariots: Red, then Black, then White, and finally Dappled. They are referred to as “the four spirits of the heavens, which go forth from standing before the Lord of all the earth.” Zechariah’s horses differ from Revelation’s in that their colors do not quite match and do not seem to indicate or symbolize anything about their characters; also, the horses in Zechariah act as sentries, not as agents of destruction or judgment.[3]

Now apply ROY G BIV to this symbol:


Please note we now have 9 letters instead of 7.

Recall the MAYA Code 13 x 7 x 9 = 819 days associated to the Long Count Calender where those numbers also represent a trinity we find in the Christian narrative.

13 = Underworld
7 = Earth
9 = Heaven

Why do the colors BLACK WHITE and RED resonate through TIME and SPACE?

Its because those 3 colors take us back to Atlantis.

More 37

Solon also altered the standard of coinage [and of weights and measures], by introducing the Euboic standard in place of the Pheidonian or Aeginetan standard100 new drachmaewere thus made to contain the same amount of silver as 73 old drachmae.



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