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EM = Electro-Magnetic

“Tesla & Sagan make CONTACT” > what the HOLY GRAIL looks like!




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In the above article I could not help notice that the dielectric polarization of charge has an average velocity 0f 




Eric P. Dollard (1952 – ) is an American electrical engineer and researcher, considered one of the few people to have successfully duplicated Nikola Tesla’s wireless power research.



Notes on a Hollow Earth by Eric Dollard

February 23, 2013

Eric has studied the earth for many years and his Landers Lab was the most sensitive seismic detection system ever built. He has stated before during his Misconceptions of Electricity Video that his finds showed the earth was most certainly hollow, perhaps this is why the other three lectures have yet to be released.

Below is one of his posts from Lone Pine speaking about the Hollow Earth. Please note this is based on scientific findings not wild stories.

Among the various findings at this installation we will focus upon a few basic relations.

1) The mechanical waveforms and the electrical waveforms during significant events are directly inter-related with each other.

2) These electrical waveforms lead, in time, the co-responding mechanical waveforms. This time angle is from one half to two rotations of the Earth. The Giant Japan Quake was two rotations.

3) Lightning Impulses arrive at the Alexanderson underground antenna ahead in time of the lightning impulses at the beverage over ground antenna.

4) The telluric signals are in no way related to any so called “Earth-Ionosphere Waveguide”.

These signals definitely originate from the interior of the Earth.

5) Both mechanical and electrical waveforms often become sinusoidal, particularly before a Major Event. This is to say, both become alternating waves.

This is important.

Because there exist “sine waves”, that is, circular functions, these waves thus represent natural harmonic frequencies of the Earth itself.

This observation indicates that the Earth is hollow.

The Earth, mechanically is hereby a huge “Helmholtz Resonator”, and electrically it is hereby a huge “Cavity Resonator”. Also, as explained by N. Tesla, the “Earth-Ionosphere Condenser” is far too thin to support any wave-guide modes. Only electro-magnetic waves parallel, of magneto-dielectric waves normal, to the surface of the Earth are possible.

continued here >> http://ericdollard.com/notes-on-a-hollow-earth-by-eric-dollard/

Symbolic Representation of Alternating Electric Waves

Free pdf.  57 pages

1/ http://rapidlibrary.com/files/symbolic-representation-of-alternating-electric-waves-by-eric-dollard-pdf_ul9z8tb8fti89on.html

2/ http://www.scribd.com/doc/78315099/Eric-Dollard-Symbolic-Representation-of-Alternating-Electric-Waves-FULL-BOOK-57p

One day Lockwood entered the galley of the Navy LSM I was working at the Richmond Yard. He had got wind of a “Certain Naval Electrical Engineer” that may be the one to “finish the dome”. Lockwood tells me that he has just come from Mt. Shasta where he had met with a lady who “walked out of the mountain”. She had given him a symbol, or diagram, and this would prove the identity of the engineer.

Before I could get pissed off he puts the diagram next to my open notebook on the “Symbolic Representation of A.C. Waves”, page six.

The diagram on page six and his were IDENTICAL!


Here is the illustration found on page 6 of Eric Dollard’s paper, which looks similar to symbol found on the cover of a Dan Brown’s novel discussing The Lost Symbol, but it has been cropped and inverted.
Yes Dan Brown is mostly fictional cloak and dagger, but his work strikes at the heart of how the language of archetype and memes can be used to structure a narrative.

Is this just more coincidence or is it in fact more evidence of a design that we are just starting to comprehend, the muted voices forever expressing themselves via the ‘archetype’, time and again…?

I must admit the above image of the ‘arch’, ‘semi-circle’, certainly reminds me how NE and NW are representations of summer solstice maximums rising – NE  and setting – NW of the sun.
BTW Stonehenge is oriented toward the NE, i.e. summer solstice sunrise and summer solstice sunset.
And there is some evidence that Stonehenge acknowledged the NW too.
We can associate all of the above to what Plato called The Great Work, a direct reference to the Precession of the Equinoxes.
Not to mention that we can also entertain the Riddle of the Sphinx when discussing precession and arches and the underworld.
Karlsruhe – Freemasons – Washington DC
This next link shows how Eric P. Dollard is at least aligned with archetypal form recognized since the time of Pythagoras.
Dharmachakra or Wheel of Law
Symbolic Representation of the GENERALIZED Electric Wave by Eric P. Dollard
pdf. file


Figure 1

Did the Pyramid Builders of the Old Kingdom use the Pole of the Ecliptic?

By Robert G. Bauval


to be continued…

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