Freemasons on Trial

Both a video and a website put Freemasons on Trial

National Geographic Video Freemasons on Trial

Dispelling rumurs about Freemasons, the two-hour program helps to distinguish facts from fiction behind this enigmatic group with millions of members worldwide.

For the first time, Masonic temples around the world open their doors and provide exclusive coverage for “Freemasons on Trial”.

A special feature of the program is that a Freemason lodge in Halifax, Canada, even allowed cameras to film a sacred Masonic ritual that has taken place in Masonic temples since the early 1700s.

Supplemented by interviews with prominent Freemasons across North America and Great Britain, as well as non-Freemason authors and Freemason experts, the special program provides an unparalleled access that sheds new light on the history and traditions of Freemasonry.

The program provides critical insight into the meaning behind some of the most common Freemason symbols and possible codes found in places like a medieval Scottish church and even on the U.S. one dollar bill.

Alan Butler’s Website Freemasons on Trial 

Freemasonry is under attack to a greater extent now than has ever been the case before. Few people know the real story or have any clear idea what Freemasonry actually is; what it stands for and just how much influence it genuinely has in the world. If there are any accusations to answer, Freemasonry itself must be put on trial, so that everyone can learn the real story. That is the sole purpose of this website, but before we start we need to look at exactly what Freemasonry is accused of.

But can we place the swastika into the Masonic Lodge by linking it to Solomon’s Temple and the Jaina Cross via the nano light mill?

to be continued…

selah V

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