MS 39671 ~ Codex Zouche-Nuttall ~ the Swastika ~ the Maltese Cross ~ the 2100 C.E. Celestial Pole Star Alignment and Prophecy …

Zelia Nuttall (1857-1933) was born in San Francisco and specialized in Pre-Columbian MesoAmerian manuscripts.
‘Fundamental Principles’ was her largest publication and dealt with the Incas, Aztecs, Mayans, Zuni along with Greece, Egypt, and Rome. For 47 years she was an Honorary Assistant in Mexican Archaeology at the Peabody Museum.

I found this website and it gave a link to a very peculiar website about Zelia!

Her necklace has an Aztec swastika on it. This is a callback to her research into the worldwide symbolism of swastikas, which she linked to astrology. If you want to go down a strange path, you can check out this very peculiar website, which lays out a lot of conspiracy theory-style links to Nuttall.

I will come back to discussing the work of Zelia Nuttall later in this blog.

CMB Polarization
Can this be mapped onto the 5×5 Rotas Sator Magic Square?

UPDATE November 8, 2014

Coming Soon ~ Rotas Sator square breakthrough
SoKaR~SaToR RoSeTau~RoTaS = Plug ‘N’ Play Algorithm Magic
(for those who care to dare)


A simple solution of the 5×5 enigma called the Rotas Sator square whereby we can show a link between the numbers 1-5 translated into ATCG + U.

The beauty of this 5×5 recovery is that it provides for infinite variety (like DNA/RNA) and it also is a hop, skip, and a quantum leap to understanding how it aligns itself also what have been identified as B/E mode gravity waves.

Here we have yet another recovery of what has been in plain sight, yet overlooked till now, apparently.
Maybe the Vatican knows, maybe the Freemasons know, maybe the Buddha and Confucius knew, maybe Tesla knew.
Who knows what I know to be true blue and what is always waiting to be *recovered* by anybody willing to seek it out?

Truth is just like that, truth has been with us since the universe came into being.
You will not find truth unless you turn over that rock and get bit by a snake, like I did, metaphorically of course.
To feel that a personal search or quest for truth would be fruitless until science narrates a story we can gravitate toward with Mr. Nobel leading the way, or maybe we will continue to cling to the narrative each of the religions are dispensing .. the choice is yours.

I appear to have made my MiNd up to follow my heART to see where it leads little ole me.

And these are some of the recoveries that I have been making…

~ end of UPDATE ~


The N_Z_ formula ~ how to find the center of a square


This image of the Rosa Mundi, or Rota Mundi, is the solar wheel of Apollo, the Lord of movement, of the ever passing/present moment. It is the Solar Citadel, the abode of the Heart, the symbolic center of the Supreme Center which is everywhere centered at once. It is a door through which this invisible place may be accessed by one with a pure heart and an unblemished soul. If one gains access to the center of the rose, it speaks the “lost word” of Masonic lore, the Master Word which throws open the lodge doors of every sacred society.


DAT ROSA MEL APIBUS “The Rose Gives The Bees Honey” after the original motto found in the engraving (possibly) by Johann Thedore deBry (d. 1598).

The following description of the original engraving upon which the DAT ROSA MEL APIBUS painting is based is given in Joscelyn Godwin’s definitive work on Robert Fludd.

The Rose and the Cross: “The Rose gives the bees honey”

This explicitly Rosicrucian symbol was first used at the head of Joachim Frizius’s Summum Bonum, then adopted for (Robert) Fludd’s Clavis.
A rose with seven petals each alludes, in all probability, to secret doctrines of septenary emanation such as were later to be publicized in the theosophical works of H.P. Blavatsky. 
The Rose surmounts the thorny cross, the whole resembling the sign of Venus in which the solar circle triumphs over the cross of matter. 

We may interpret the motto as saying that “spiritual knowledge gives solace to souls,” of whom bees are a venerable symbol. The spider’s webs (also with sevenfold divisions) strung on a grape arbor in the background, and the wingless insect on the rose (a spider?) may represent negative, lunar forces, as oppossed to the positive, solar one of the bees, both of which are reconciled by the philosophic rose.

-Joscelyn Godwin, in Robert Fludd –Hermetic Philosopher of Two Worlds. Shambala, Boulder, 1979

I would love the reader at this time to acknowledge the similarity between ROSA and ROTA.
And if words like TARO and ATOR and TORA can be derived from the word ROTA, what words does ROSA yield?
SARO would be one.
OARS would be another.

~ 7 ~

I noticed inside the 2×2 grid an asymmetrical spider web geometry based on 7 not 8 strands radiating outward.

But clearly the number 7 is important.
Both spider webs have only 7 spokes extending out from the center.
Did you notice?

And the rose has 6 distinct layers/levels of 7 rose petals gracing each level.
(Doug Adams would be happy with 42)
But if we include the center petals which do not appear so distinct we arrive at the familiar 7 x 7 = 49 configuration.
(Moses would be happy we made it as far as 49)

And the 2×2 grid is important in sacred geometry for several reasons.
The most obvious is that the 2 by 2 precedes the important 3×3 Lo Shu or the magic square of Saturn.

And there could be another reason to be found in Genesis 7 – which discusses The Great Flood

9. two by two they went into the ark to Noah, male and female, as God had commanded Noah.


image found on last page of Zelia Nuttall’s comparative study of Old and New World Civilizations
(see full page below in the postscript)

November 15, 2000 – BBC

Ancient Egyptian astronomers aligned the pyramids due north by using two stars that circle the celestial polar point. Kate Spence has come up with an ingenious solution to a long-standing mystery. Nearly 4,500 years ago, each star was about 10 degrees from the celestial pole which lay directly between them. When one star was exactly above the other in the sky, astronomers could find a line that pointed due north. But the alignment was only true for a few years around 2,500 BC. Before and after that time, the stars deviated from the north-south line and anyone using the stars to plot a direction would have made errors. And it is these mistakes that a British Egyptologist now believes can be used to estimate very accurately when the pyramids were built. Her theory suggests that the Great Pyramid at Giza was constructed within 10 years of 2,480 BC.

Kate Spence is from the University of Cambridge. She developed her theory while trying to explain the deviations in the alignment of the bases of many pyramids from true north.

Alignment errors provide the clue. She believes the ancients may have used a pair of fairly bright stars, which in 2,467 BC lay precisely along a straight line that included the celestial pole.

“We know that the ancient Egyptians were extremely interested in the night sky, particularly the circumpolar stars. These circle around the North Pole, and as you can always see them, the Egyptians always referred to them as The Indestructibles‘.

As a result, they became closely associated with eternity and the king’s afterlife. So that after death, the king would hope to join the circumpolar stars – and that’s why the pyramids were laid out towards them.

The north-finding stars were Kochab, in the bowl of the Little Dipper (Ursa Minor), and Mizar, in the middle of the handle of The Plough or Big Dipper (Ursa Major).

An Egyptian astronomer would have held up a plumb line and waited for the night sky to slowly pivot around the unmarked pole as the Earth rotated. When the plumb line exactly intersected both stars, one about 10 degrees above the invisible pole and the other 10 degrees below it, the sight line to the horizon would aim directly north.

However, the Earth’s axis is unstable and wobbles like a gyroscope over a period of 26,000 years. Modern astronomers now know that the celestial north pole was exactly aligned between Kochab and Mizar only in the year 2,467 BC.
Either side of this date, the ancient astronomers trying to find true north would lose some accuracy.

Writing in the journal Nature, Kate Spence shows that the orientation errors of earlier and later pyramids faithfully track the slow drift of Kochab and Mizar with respect to true north.

And because the error in the Kochab-Mizar alignment can be readily calculated for any date, the error in each pyramid’s orientation corresponds to a period of several years.

Owen Gingerich, of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, Cambridge, Massachusetts, said: “Spence has come up with an ingenious solution to a long-standing mystery.”

The following quote by Zelia Nuttall has never been addressed by modern day archaeo-astronomers who all seem to ignore the ‘swastika’.

“I succeeded in obtaining, in succession, mental images of the constellation in four opposite positions. This effort led to an unforeseen result which surprised me. In a flash of mental vision I perceived a quadrupled image of the entire constellation, standing out in scintillating brilliancy from the intense darkness of the wintry sky (fig. 3, no. 3).

At the same moment I saw that it bore the semblance of a symmetrical swastika of giant proportions.

This fact, so unexpectedly realized, gave rise to such an absorbing train of new ideas and interpretations of the data I had accumulated, that I left my window, on that memorable night, with a growing perception of the deep and powerful influence the prolonged observation of Polaris and the circumpolar constellations would naturally have exerted upon the mind of primitive man.

Deeply impressed with the striking resemblance between the composite image of Polaris, Ursa Major, and certain forms of the swastika, I started on a fresh line of investigation, and devoted myself to the study of primitive astronomy and its influence upon the intellectual development of mankind in general and the American races in particular.  

After having worked, during thirteen years, without any preconceived ideas about the ancient Mexican civilization and without formulating any general conclusion concerning it, I saw all the knowledge I had slowly acquired fall into rank and file and organize itself into a simple and harmonious whole.

Realizing this I perceived how, with the origin of the swastika, I had found the origin of the set of primeval ideas which had governed the human race from its infancy and which, in Mexican and Central American civilizations, ultimately developed into their ingenious system of government and social organization.”

-Zelia Nuttall
‘The Fundamental Principles Of Old and New World Civilizations’


But it gets better.
Go back and acquaint your self with the work of Kate Spence and let us see how it matches up with this image found in Zelia Nuttall’s comparative study.

1. 2770 BC
2. 1800 BC
3. 2000 AD

Note #3
2000 AD is today >>> anticipated by the ancients >>> get it?

Apparently John Major Jenkins does NOT.
I questioned his obvious ignorance of these facts and John Major Jenkins does not apparently care in the least bit.

NZ formula ~ how to find the center of a square!
Does it look famaliar?
I had been following the N_Z_ formula and then I came across the work of this lady/scholar
who coincidentally has the initials Z.N.

Zelia Nuttall (1857-1933), American archaeologist and anthropologist


Zelia Maria Magdalena Nuttall (September 6, 1857 – April 12, 1933) was an American archaeologist and anthropologist, born at San Francisco, who specialised in pre-Columbian Mesoamerican manuscripts and the pre-Aztecculture in Mexico.

  • She traced the Mixteccodex now called the Codex Zouche-Nuttall and wrote the introduction to its first facsimile publication (Peabody Museum, Harvard), 1902.
  • She was educated in France, Germany, and Italy, and at Bedford CollegeLondon. She first came into prominence on the publication of her work on the “Terra Cotta Heads of Teotihuacan” in the American Journal of Archaeology (1886).
  • The following year she became an honorary special assistant of the Peabody Museum, and in 1908 was named honorary professor of the National Museum of Mexico.

Zelia Nuttall 1908

ALFRED M. TOZZER – Harvard University

In 1901, after thirteen years of study, she finally published her largest work, “The Fundamental Principles of New and Old World Civilizations.”

She started with a study of the astronomical origin of the Swastika and the worship of the Pole Star in Mexico. She extended the scope of her investigations to the Zuñi in New Mexico and to Central America and Peru. Then she crossed the Pacific and Eastern Asia to Asia Minor; Egypt, Greece, Rome and western Europe were finally included in her investigations.

She distinctly states that she did not wish to propound any theory, but she implies a world-wide worship of the Swastika, as the symbol of the four quarters and of the North Star as the central stable power, when she writes, It will seem that the outcome of my researches corroborates the opinions differently expressed by a long line of eminent investigators, who have been constantly discovering and pointing out undeniable similarities and identities between the civilization of both hemispheres.

These ideas fell upon the receptive ear of Professor Putnam, who held throughout his life a conviction that the Americas received their greatest cultures through Asia, and he was very proud that his Museum could publish her paper.

The book was one of the last to be written by an acknowledged Mexican archaeologist on this connection between the New and the Old World. In spite of its “archaic” character, it had a considerable influence in attracting several students to the Middle American field.

– Alfred Tozzer
[originally published in American Anthropologist, 35:475-482, 1933]

Codex Zouche-Nuttall

The Codex Zouche-Nuttall is an accordion-folded pre-Columbianpiece of Mixtecwriting, now in the British Museum(Add.MS. 39671). It is one of three codices that record the genealogies, alliances and conquests of several 11th- and 12th-century rulers of a small Mixtec city-state in highland Oaxaca, the Tilantongokingdom, especially under the leadership of the warrior Lord Eight Deer Jaguar Claw(who died early twelfth century at the age of fifty-two).

Very few Mesoamerican pictorial documents have survived destruction and it is not clear how the Codex Zouche-Nuttall reached Europe.
In 1859 it turned up in a Dominican monastery** in Florence. Years later, Sir Robert Curzon, 14th Baron Zouche (1810-73), loaned it to The British Museum. His books and manuscripts were inherited by his sister, who donated the Codex to the British Museum in 1917.

The Codex was first published by Zelia Nuttall in 1902.

The Codex Zouche-Nuttall was made in the 14th century. The codex probably reached Spain in the 16th century. It was first identified at the Monastery of San Marco, Florence, in 1854 and was sold in 1859. A facsimile was published while it was in the collection ofRobert Nathaniel Cecil George Curzon, Lord Zouche of Haryngworth by the Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, Harvard in 1902, with an introduction by Zelia Nuttall(1857–1933).  

The above three images I photographed in Peru in 2006.
The image in the center is that of St. Dominic
who was the founder of the Dominican Order.

**That the journey of the Codex Zouche-Nuttall can be traced via a Dominican monastery does not ‘surprise’ me in the least bit, even though it did register with me an AHA! confirmation and acknowledgment of the clues I have been following back to the source of who I AM. 
The above three images I photographed in Peru.
The image in the center is that of St. Dominic who was the founder of the Dominican Order.

And this is what I have ‘recovered’ since visiting the Santa Catalina Monestary in 2006.


39671 >>> 137-69

Now I just happen to notice that the Codex Zouche-Nuttall was recorded in the British Museum as:

MS 39671

39671 appears to be a numerical cosmic anagram telegram representing the MESO-codes 137-96  or 137-69 that I have been using the last couple of years to assist me in making profound connections between various beliefs found the world over.

Out of what appear at first as coincidences soon become incorporated into humongous pile of evidence called the Great Pyramid.

The coincidences that exist between zELIa and ME add up to wow, wow, wow, IMHO.
Look at the numbers I wrote on the spine of this book that I have used to spell the word bIbLE.

6I6LE or 379I9

I manipulate those numbers into two codes that bridge letters and numbers.

66 can be rotated into 99 or 69
ILE becomes LEI or rotated I37

The result is two letter/number codes, one representing MESO-potamia and the other code attributed to the western hemisphere and MESO-american CULTures.


Are we being ‘lead’ by language back down the garden path….?
Does evolving language evolve with us or do we take our cues from language the prime transformer, the driving force, the prime MOOver?


Another coincidence I have happened to notice is that the abbreviation used today to denote a ‘manuscript’ are the letters MS.

The traditional abbreviations are MS for manuscript and MSS for manuscripts. The second s is not simply the plural; by an old convention, it doubles the last letter of the abbreviation to express the plural, just as pp. means “pages”.

The connection between the letters/numbers MS, WZ, and 32 forms part of the main core of my theory/ideas about how archetypal MEMEtic information has been stored MNEMoNically, and is being passed forward using the three replicators termed gENES, MEMES and tEMES.

So it appears that both the CODEX associated with ZELIa Nuttall and the CODEX4 that I have been recovering use identical numbers/letters to identify it!
So how cool is all of that?


other CodeX4 blogs:

I made this book cover for my new testament bIbLE that was issued to me on November 2, 1967 as a 10 year old child.
And not that long ago after recovering this book and ‘dusting’ it off so to speak I noticed I had signed on the dotted line and agreed to make Christ my savior on June 29, 1968, four days before my 11th birthday.

I must confess that I do not remember doing as a child back in June 1968!

The problem is I have never seen myself as ‘religious’ and organized ‘religion’ was essentially absent from my childhood, with the exception of attending a German Schule on Sundays while growing up in Toronto.
The only memory of any kind of religious teaching, relic, or icon in my home as a child was a metallic raised ‘relief’ based on a sketch of Albert Durer’s ‘Praying Hands’. (image top right)

The amazing coincidence (there have been so many) is that I signed my New Testament Gideon bIbLE on the very birthday of the man who would later become my ‘shrink’, friend, mentor, conspirator, and confidant as I explored my epiphany with him on many levels, i.e. archetypal, psychological, scientific, biblical, geometric, theoretical, cosmological, etc. etc. 
And the initials of my shrink just happen to be J.C.


UPDATE  12/09/2013

And I just did the math … between receiving having my Gideon bIbLE issued to me as a 10 year old in November 1967 and my awakening/rebirth/born again status in 2004 when I was 47 years of age – it means that my rebirth was occurring 37 years after I had been issued my bIbLE as a child!

okay then…

And as my wordblog url at.37.wordpress obviously concurs the numbers ‘3 and 7‘ which coincidentally correspond  to my birthday July 3rd, seem to have special meaning for ME, in this lifetime. 
Did I pick the time of my birth 5:28 a.m. and date 7/3/1957 C.E. in order that one day I might have a chance at RECOVERING where I left off in my last lifetime?


zELIa has been a guiding light from the first time I came across her work and the spelling of her name which contains the letters/numbers ELI/I37.

Clearly zELIa is another of the I37 messengers I have encountered dead and alive, past and present, who are all helping to pass on vital inPHOmation to future generations.

Today I own one of the original publications of her 602 page study ‘The Fundamental Principles Of Old and New World Civilizations’.

A free pdf. is available online:

39671 >>> 137-69

British Museum link to MS 39671:

This is one of a small number of known Mexican codices (screenfold manuscript books) dating to pre-Hispanic times. It is made of deer skin and comprises 47 leaves.

The Codex contains two narratives: one side of the document relates the history of important centres in the Mixtec region, while the other, starting at the opposite end, records the genealogy, marriages and political and military feats of the Mixtec ruler, Eight Deer Jaguar-Claw. This ruler is depicted at top centre, next to his calendric name (8 circles and a deer’s head).

And of course the above image (that I cropped) of the Codex Nuttall was posted to Wikipedia on:

And I love the fact that its ‘47‘ folded  pages have been put on display in the shape/form resembling a ‘W‘.
Didn’t you know in a Mad Mad Mad Mad World the treasure is to be found under the ‘W‘?

Remember the man named Wedekind who woke up at age ‘47‘.

In a world of coincidences that continues to enthrall me with more evidence of an underlying unity that we justly simply fail to comprehend, I do love the fact Zelia Nuttall and me were born approximately 100 years apart.

Sept. 6, 1857 (Zelia) vs. July 3, 1957 (me the author)

99 years and 300 days to be exact separate our date of births.
With one more twist of scripted fate.
The number 137 which is clearly linked to this theory recovered by ME+me and my date of retirement July 31 or 731 is coincidentally 37 days before Sept. 6 … Zelia’s date of birth.


left: Knights of Malta Cross superimposed on the 5×5 Sator Square
(note: the four A-E-O-N, Aion, or Ages)
right: the Iron Cross symbol based upon the cross pattée and usually placed within a square white field.

But how cool is this?
From my POV, the story that is ME, this next ‘coincidence’ gave me another chuckle.
Clearly from my POV having been a firefighter for 24 years + 1 month + 4 days, the Maltese Cross had become part of my ‘groundhog day’ consciousness. (repeating patterns)

The Maltese cross, also known as the Amalfi cross, is the cross symbol associated with the Knights Hospitaller (the Knights of Malta) and by extension with the island of Malta. The cross is eight-pointed and has the form of four “V”-shaped elements, each joining the others at its vertex, leaving the other two tips spread outward symmetrically. Its design is based on crosses used since the First Crusade. It is also the modern symbol of Amalfi, a small Italian republic of the 11th century.

In the mid 16th century, when the Knights were at Malta, the familiar design now known as the “Maltese Cross” became associated with the island.
The first evidence for Maltese Cross on Malta appears on the 2 Tarì and 4 Tarì Copper coins of the Grand Master Jean Parisot de la Vallette who was

… Grand Master 1557–1568
The 2 and 4 Tarì Copper coins are dated 1567. This provides a date for the introduction of the Maltese Cross.[1]

The Maltese cross was depicted on the two mils coin in the old Maltese currency and is now shown on the back of the one and two Euro coins, introduced in January 2008.

So in 1557 approximately 400 years before I was born in 1957 the Grand Master of the Knights Hospitaller introduced the Cross Pattee to the island of Malta and it has been since associated with this island ever since.


“The Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of St. John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and of Malta”

There were “Knights of Malta.” In fact they still exist, although, this was not their actual name. A more proper name might have been, “Order of St John of Jerusalem, Knights Hospitaller.” This was a Benedictine order of monks that was founded around 1100 AD. They maintained a hospital in Jerusalem for pilgrims after the first crusade. But soon after that, their mission became that of defense and they later became a military order under it’s own charter, charged with the care of and defense of the holy land and pilgrims. After the loss of the holy land, (Jerusalem fell in 1187) this military order resided in several places. These locations include Rhodes and Malta. It is because of the many places they occupied, that to this day they are known as, 

Of course the most significant fact regarding the IsLE of Malta is that it has some of the oldest ruins to be found in ‘Europe’ at Tarxien.
Here is where we find the neolithic spiral and evidence of a higher CULTure and perhaps a familiarity with electro-magnetism too?

The following information was packed with more evidence that suggests to ME that I personally have some numerical karma to work out regarding the numbers 137-9, 2-5.

On 17 March 1813, Frederick William III – who had fled to the non-occupiedBreslau– established the military decoration of the Iron Cross, backdated to 10 March, lateQueen Louise’s birthday. The Iron Cross was awarded to soldiers during the Wars of Liberationagainst Napoleon. It was first awarded toKarl August Ferdinand von Borcke on 21 April 1813. King Wilhelm I of Prussia authorized further awards on 19 July 1870, during the Franco-Prussian War.

Recipients of the 1870 Iron Cross who were still in service in 1895 were authorized to purchase and wear above the cross aJubiläumsspange (“Jubilee clip”), a 25-year clasp consisting of the numerals “25” on three oak leaves.

Adolf Hitler restored the Iron Cross in 1939 as a German decoration (rather than Prussian), and continued the tradition of issuing it in various classes. Legally, it is based on the enactment (Reichsgesetzblatt I S. 1573[6]) of 1 September 1939 Verordnung über die Erneuerung des Eisernen Kreuzes (Regulation for the Re-introduction of the Iron Cross). The Iron Cross of World War II was divided into three main series of decorations with an intermediate category, the Knight’s Cross, instituted between the lowest, the Iron Cross, and the highest, the Grand Cross.

Now this last numerical statistic is more evidence that coincidences can drive you crazy IF you deny that there exists an underlying unity to the grand scheme.
By the way the Grand Cross of the Iron Cross looks like this:

There were also 43 recipients in the military forces of allies of the Third Reich for a total of 7,365 recipients.

Well I notice the Grand Cross has a ‘W‘ on it.  
I live at #43.

And the number of recipients 7365 can be converted to 1/137 a.k.a. alpha the fine structure constant!
i.e. 6 + 5 = 11 

Also the two SS or Seals of Solomon, the 5 sided pentagon + the 6 sided hexagon are found at the molecular level in the ATCG pairs of DNA. 

But you would expect crazy shit like that if GENESIS was a GENE theSIS and a reference to DANIEL might be another clue that there is a connection between DNA and I37.

What if … DANIEL >> DNAI37?
I mean what if?

A current theory about how the Great Pyramid was constructed proposes a interior spiral ramp.

2B continued as the coincidences continue to ‘add’ up to a big pile of evidence 137 meters high, which just happens to be the height of the Great Pyramid as estimated by architect Jean-Pierre Houdin who has proposed the spiral ramp theory which to ME ‘sounds’ like a winner:

Nobel Prize winning Richard Feynman told all theorists to write the number 137 on the wall and worry about it.

And I did both, though I would not say I worried, I entered the Chamber of Reflection and fretted about frets.

Chamber of Reflection ~ ISIS


QaBaLaH or QBLH = 137

Before moving on can we associate Arcadia and 137 to the Ark?

The Ark was 300 cubits which became 450 feet which in meters is 137.16 meters.

Arkitect Jean-Pierre Houdin measures the Great Pyramid at 137 meters.

And using simple gematria the Great Pyramid has a value of 137.

i.e. A=1, B=2, C=3 .…… X=24, Y=25, Z=26

G R E A T  
7+18+5+1+20 = 51

16+25+18+1+13+9+4 = 86

51 + 86 = 137 

but but butt there is more:

13 = 5+8
7 = 1+6

And I found this while researching ‘gematria’.

The first attested use of gematria occurs in an inscription of Assyrian ruler Sargon II (727–705 BCE) stating that the king built the wall of Khorsabad 16,283 cubits long to correspond with the numerical value of his name.

The numerical value of his name?

16,283 … this would be my guess:

7 = 1+6

13 = 2+8+3

Sargon choseNinevehrather than the traditional capital at Assur. In 713 BC, he ordered the construction of a new palace and town calledDur-Sharrukin (“House of Sargon”), 20 km north of Nineveh at the foot of the Gebel Musri.

Now is this 137-69  coincidence just another coincidence, and what do the details of this coincidence reveal to us…?

The point farthest from the Earth’s center is the summit of Chimborazo, in Ecuador, at 6,384.4 km (3,967.1 mi). This is due to the Earth being an oblate spheroid rather than a perfect sphere. An oblate spheroid is very much like a sphere except it is wider at the equator and narrower between the poles. This means that Chimborazo, which is near the equator, is farther away from the center of the Earth than is the peak of Mount Everest. The summit of Mount Everest is 2,168 m (7,113 ft) shorter at 6,382.3 km (3,965.8 mi) from Earth’s center. Peru’s Huascarán contends closely with Chimborazo, the difference in the mountains’ heights being 23 m (75 ft)

3,967.1 >> 137-69 
7113 >> 1/137

selah V

RaphaELva.k.a. LabbIEL


this is last page of Zelia Nuttal’s comparative study.

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