3761 – Hebrew Year 5773 – Jewish Holidays 2012-2013

All holidays begin at sundown on the evening before the date specified in the tables below.

Recall also that the 1376 code appears in the year of Creation according to Jewish cosmology.



The Jewish Talmudic Calendar is a lunisolar calendar using Tishri-years, observed by the Jewish people since the Late Antiquity (AD 300-700). While it is based on Nisan-years, which began from the prebiblical Babylonian times (c. 2000 BC), and the Tishri-years was formed in the time of David (c. 1000 BC), the full formation of the Jewish Talmudic Calendar was during the time of the writing of Talmud (c. AD 300-600), usually attributed to Hillel II

The Jewish Talmudic Calendar assumes that a month is uniformly of the length of an average synodic month, taken as exactly 291375325920 days (about 29.530594 days, which is less than half a second from the modern scientific estimate); it also assumes that a tropical year is exactly 12719 times that, i.e. about 365.2468 days. Thus it overestimates the length of the tropical year (365.2422 days) by 0.0046 days (about 7 minutes) per year, or about one day in 216 years. This error is less than the Julian years (365.2500 days) make (0.0078 days/year, or one day in 128 years), but much more than what theGregorian years (365.2425 days/year) make (0.0003 days/year, or one day in 3333 years).

Jewish Talmudic Calendar is coupled with the Rabbinical Chronology, taking Monday, (Julian) Oct 7, 3761 BC. as the date of creation, and the beginning of the Era of the World (Anno Mundi). The reference junction of the Sun and the Moon (Molad 1) on the day of creation is considered to be at 5 hours and 204 halakim, or 11:11:20 pm, in the evening of Sunday, Oct 7 …

3761 BC


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