ME and “the holy laws of heaven and earth”


M E 

In the Sumerian literature are the descriptions of …

 The Me, “the holy laws of heaven and earth.”

The most intriguing aspect of the Sumerians is their arrival on the scene with all of the attributes of civilization already formulated in what they termed … 

The Me


E=Mc^2 … merged with MNEME ‘the MEME MEMorE’ plate!

These attributes included everything from kingship and priesthood to the arts of love making, kindness, and song, to the crafts of scribes, builders, leather makers, wood and copper workers, to the perceptive ear, giving of judgments, and the making of beer.

from another source we read:

The ME contained instructions relating to the sciences and arts, including on: construction, metalworking, craft of the leatherworker, craft of the reed worker, writing, anatomy, medical treatments, genetic information, flood control, geography, geology, transportation, astronomy, astrology, mathematics and the calendar.

Me (mythology) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

“From the Great Above Inanna opened her ear to the Great Below.”

In Sumerian, the word for ear and wisdom are the same.  For example, Enki, the God of Wisdom, is said to have his ear “wide open” — an unfiltered receptivity!  This implies that Inanna’s primary reason for “going to hell” was to seek wisdom and understanding.  But in order to make such a spiritual journey, she first had to give up her earthly powers and possessions.

Inanna also recognized the need to protect herself.  She gathered together seven of The Me, attributes of civilization which she transformed into such feminine allure as crown, jewelry, and a royal robe. These were intended serve as her protections.  They included her crown, earrings of small lapis beads, a double strand of beads about her neck, her breastplate called “Come, man, come”, her golden hip girdle, the lapis measuring rod and line, and her royal breechcloth.

Each of these adornments were worn at the level of each Kundalini chakra!
(to the reader, this is interesting association yet to be confirmed by this writer)

‘The SECRET’ and INANNA and the ‘me’ LAW of Attraction

I could not help but  notice that in Sumerian, the word for ear and wisdom are the same.  For example, Enki, the God of Wisdom, is said to have his ear “wide open” — an unfiltered receptivity!

Why do I find that fascinating?
Why do I feel it is a nice fit for the information contained in this link leading to an AHA! … ?

Biomimicry – the Attractive and Repulsive Magnetic Spiral Swastika – the Great Pyramid and phi

E = M?

So what side of the equation do we put the c^2?

more on ME still to come ….

selah V

My Asymmetric SWASTIKA NANO Machines


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  • soma  On August 1, 2013 at 4:24 pm

    Have a look here for more information about how the energetic centres/chakras/pulse points were maximised through the careful placement on the body, via the Vedic model.

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