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ID ~ Intelligent Design ~ Quotable Swastika Quotes concerning God ~ Movement ~ Space ~ Time ~ Gift of Fire ~ Language Instrument ~ the Collective Unconscious ~ World TEACHER comes forth …

UPDATE March 26, 2017


Is the swastika a ‘language instrument’ … i.e. a cosmic/tool/idea of some kind yet to be fully appreciated assisting man to transmit knowledge through the ages?

Do the SSS leSSonS suggest man is playing with fire?


The following quote about the swastika is well worth documenting and sharing.
It came out of this book.


The great quote by Alain Danielou most interestingly is found in the final two pages of Appendix 1 called:



Now what I find most interesting is the fact that the swastika is defined as being ‘irrational’ and associated with ‘irrational’ numbers in mathematics.

I had come to the same conclusion finding profound links between irrational phi, and pi and the swastika due to its inherent geometric properties as illustrated by the master builder himself Rene Schwaller de Lubicz.

And now it is being suggested by Alain Danielou that the swastika is itself irrational and for these same reasons it is also a beneficial sign.

And I also agree that there exists a fundamental identity between the irreconcilable.
The dual nature of the swastika lends itself to the paradox, reciprocity, and the meaningful coincidence and the dimensionless constant 1/137 and its reciprocal 137/1 assists in the Official Story … according to unnamed official sources.

UPDATE September 20, 2016

In four days time on September 24th we can celebrate ‘grave digger day’.

Fig. 15
Diogenes fossor in pace depositus
octabus Kalendas Octobris
Diogenes, a ‘digger’, buried in peace
on the eighth day before the Kalends of October (Sept 24)

Particularly noteworthy is the discovery of the portrait and the lamp of Diogenes Fossors. His painting was in 1720 fully documented by Boldetti in the catacomb (Fig. 15), while it is destroyed mostly today. As part of the investigation, at least important parts of the fresco in the Vatican Museums were rediscovered.

It is time to exhume the corpse of an idea called by many many names.
Its name or the word used to describe this idea actually embraces the eternal hermetic echo ‘as above so below’.

[214] [De Rossi, La Roma Sotterranea Christiana Descitta ed Illustrata, p. 318.

‘Especially often is there found the Swastika sign, alternating in the two forms here given. Sometimes it is an adornment of goblets, sometimes of other household service or utensils, sometimes of the graves of martyrs, sometimes of the garments of grave-diggers, etc. And indeed, according to De Rossi, this was at a very early period, in the second and first half of the third century, a particularly favourite form of the hidden indication of the cross, which later fell more into disuse.’

From Zoeckler, The Cross of Christ, p. 130.]


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The Swastika found in Egypt proves it to have been derived from the form of a man. The four limbs, which eventually became four feet or four legs, were at first the two arms and two legs of the human figure (Pro. Bib. Arch., Nov.1900). This, then, is the divine man whose image was extended crosswise on the universe as a type of creation, and who, as Atum in the character of Iu the son, was the Egyptian Jesus. A portrait of the Good Shepherd has been discovered in an underground [Page 725] Roman cemetery with the Swastika figure twice upon his tunic.

-Gerald Massey

Interesting illusion ~ this is not an animation, it is a static image of a spiral which appears to exhibit rotation.
Notice how it appears to rotate where you are not looking, i.e. when you focus on a particular area of the spiral it stops?

Carl Jung’s first mandala next to the swastika in relation to the “squaring of the circle”

“The squaring of the circle is one of the many archetypal motifs which form the basic patterns of our dreams and fantasies.

But it is distinguished by the fact that it is one of the most important of them from the functional point of view.

Indeed, it could even be called the archetype of wholeness.”
– Carl Jung

“I knew that in finding the mandala as an expression of the Self I had attained what was for me the ultimate. Perhaps someone else knows more, but not I.”
-Carl Jung

Memories, Dreams, Reflections, Jung’s Autobiography
recorded and edited by Aniella Jaffe pg. 197

Of course I would be a fool not to pursue the mandala clue that CJ had provided for his readers, essentially suggesting that I pick up where he left off?

Here we have an opportunity to stand on the shoulders of a giant and see a bigger picture?

I found this quote by CG Jung in his book on Mandalas that we see above, on page 89.

“… It is significant that the swastika symbolizes the ideal  man …”
-Carl Jung

So now that we really know what CG Jung thought about the swastika, this blog should cast some light on how we take in inPHOmation, all the NEWS fit to print coming at us from the four directions called NEWS.

Swastika – Arktos – Great Chariot (Ursa Major) and Little Chariot (Ursa Minor)
rotating around the current pole star Polaris

A swastika drawn by the rotation of the seven stars of the Big Dipper and Ursa Minor around the pole star, in the four phases of a day. Both the swastika symbol and the mentioned asterisms are known since immemorial times and in many cultures of the world to represent the Absolute principle of reality, the God of the Universe, in its action of manifestation as a whirlwind around the Centre.

«[…] a swastika, the symbol of creative whirlwind around which the hierarchies it creates fan out. This symbol, which obviously indicates a circular movement around the center, the action of divine principle on manifestation, was long considered to be an emblem of Christ.  In India it was made into the emblem of the Buddha […] the Wheel of the Law (Dharmachakra), but also the emblem of Ganesh, the god of knowledge. In China the swastika symbolizes the number ten thousand, which is the sum of total beings and manifestation. It is also the original form of feng: it indicates the four directions of squared space of the earthas a horizontal expansion emanating from the center. […] the pole star is depicted at the center of the swastika, and the four arms (the Greek letter gamma, which shape is that of a square) of which it consists are the four cardinal positions of the Big Dipper around it (the Big Dipper symbolizes a guiding or enlightening center).»

UPDATE August 6, 2015

Mayan’s Aintiram is rumored to have been written about 10,000 – 13,000 years ago and the swastika is key to understanding how the universe was created.
The latest interpretation is by Dr. J.J. Mercay.
free pdf.

I had added her work to my blog some time ago, but forgot.

The Swastika and the Square Wave

By Dr. Jessie Mercay

“As in Micro, so in Macro. The whole exists within the minutest particle and the minutest particle contains the whole. The atom contains the universe and the universe contains the atom, and neither exists without the other. Creator exists within creation, even as creation exists within creator.”
– Brahmarishi Mayan, circa 10,500 BC

Mamuni Mayan discovered that the fundamental form of creation is the cube.

This cubical structure is called the micro abode (smallest particle that is the abode of pure consciousness/absolute space). The initial pulse in Absolute Space as described in this monograph forms this minute structure.

If we take Mamuni Mayan’s statement above and apply it to current scientific knowledge about the nature of square waves gained through modern science perhaps we can have a better understanding of the subtle formation of the initial 4X4 structure during the manifestation process. In other words, Mayan’s law above states in essence that what is in the manifest world is found in the unmanifest world and vise versa. Since we already have scientific knowledge about square waves in the material world perhaps we can apply this to the unmanifest world and the manifestation process. This will possibly help us to understand the peculiarities of the process of manifestation.

Scientists have discovered that when a square wave begins it has a fall equal to its rise. In the figure below, the + point is the zenith (peak) of the rise of the square wave while the – points out the nadir (lowest point) in the fall of the square wave. This represents one full pulse in the square wave. The diagram below demonstrates this.

Notice that as the square wave falls to its nadir it proceeds forward in the space-time continuum. Thus the rise and fall of the square wave pulse actually occupies what might be called four units of space within the one pulse. In observing this phenomenon visually it becomes immediately apparent that the single pulse of the square wave actually creates four space-time units as shown below:

In other words, one square wave pulse could be said to create four space-time units. Hence, we may extrapolate from this that with the first pulse of Absolute Space; four Space Time units are created.

It is as if with one blip or pulse, Absolute Time, Om Light and OM Sound are created (4 units composed of Absolute Space, Absolute Time, OM light and OM Sound)
Then manifestation occurs in two pulses at a time (each blip contains 4 Space Time Units or 8 units each in an additive manner) – blip blip (Air); and continues – blip, blip (Fire); blip blip (Water); blip blip (Earth).

Eventually forming what is called the 8×8 Manduka Mandala.

In summary, the initial manifestation process begins with the formation of a 2×2 structure formed from one pulse of Absolute Space.

It is from that point on that the additive factor of eight begins.

Note: Above are two demonstrations of the development of the sacred form known as the swastika related to the concept the square wave. It is easy to see how this ancient cross-cultural image was derived.

Representation of this Self spin is noted throughout history in many cultures including China, Tibet, Nepal, Mexico, Native American, South Pacific and of course India. The images or a permutation of the image is in the form of the swastika. This image is not to be confused with the tilted swastika used by the Nazis.


Fabric of The Universe: The Origins, Implications, and Applications of Vastu Science By Jessie J. Mercay. Text and diagrams, with permission, from Dr. Jessie Mercay, Fabric of the Universe, aumscience.com/wordpress.
For any questions please visit;

Now the relationship of the square wave to the swastika will help us understand harmonics and why the ancients used the swastika as a powerful mnemonic device pregnant with information, just like the double helix of our DNA.

UPDATE April 29, 2014

I have been fortunate to have had the swastika as ‘G’ guru guide these past 10 years (approx.).
What has become very clear to me since March 17th just past is that the swastika appears to be a frontrunner in showing an I.D. or Intelligent Design exists.
Many people will automatically assume that they can then speak for god.

The evidence gathered in this blog is more concerned with what the Intelligent Design looks like not what God or an Intelligent Designer is saying to each and every one of the readers, or not.

There is plenty of evidence that we now know what the design looks like and how it might even function.
But the big questions still remain.

What is its underlying purpose emanating from a consciousness that is infinite?
And how do we fulfill this purpose without evolving our consciousness…?
That would probably suggest a mission impossible dream on.

This particular blog will allow your imagination to roam among the ruins of Rome and you are encouraged to ask yourselves why.
Not only why? but also yx and yz 2.

ID ~ Intelligent Design ~ Quotable Swastika Quotes concerning God ~ Movement ~ Space ~ Time ~ the 5 EL-ements

*end of UPDATE*

The above quote is out of a publication from 1912 AD
The Cross of the Magi
by Francis Charles Higgins

Proof that OM is equivalent to Swastika – author Rim sim
According to Yajurveda Swastika is the symbolic representation of om in Hinduism
Swastika – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

by R.A. Schwaller de Lubicz
published 1957 – French
published 1998 – English

What I love best about this next image is the fact that Rene Schwaller de Lubicz clearly shows a relationship exists between the swastika, the Master Builder’s Grid and the various cubits.

The Cubits and the Temple
by R.A. Schwaller de Lubicz

Plate 64 clearly places the swastika next to the ideas central to this study of the Luxor Temple i.e. that of cubits and their relationship to the temple.
(another numerical coincidence is the number 64, common to both DNA and the swastika and the entire unfolding narrative)

So what I find curious is that even though Rene Schwaller de Lubicz offers several images of swastikas in his monumental magnum opus The Temple Of Man there is in fact only one reference listed in the index that mentions the swastika directly found on page 358.

But what a statement Schwaller makes!

There really is not much more that I can say, my journey has come to a point of reflection, in fact this reflection is as depicted by Schwaller’s Axis of Amun.


Yes I can understand Schwaller distancing himself from the swastika in the presentation of this book, his anti-semitism was well known and his out of the box progressive ideas had already been rejected by many main stream Egyptologists.
I suspect he decided to put the swastika in plain sight without really discussing it, anticipating somebody like me in the future would come along and dust it off, this diamond in the rough.
Which I plan to do.

Use the work of RS to help me take the RS (Rotas Sator) to the next level of understanding.

As history acknowledges R.A. Schwaller de Lubicz was also a theosophist at one time.
So we should not find it surprising that he would be acquainted with the swastika, the following text was published by Annie Besant in 1904.

‘A Study in Consciousness’

Which then leads to the preparation of the fIELd.
And the chart published in 1904 clearly shows us that the;


Then what else happened in 1904?

Now this next chart (see below) published in 1884 is taken from Robert Greg’s paper;

And in it he clearly illustrates how the swastika has been a symbol used to represent all four of the classical elements!


Carl Jung called this arrangement the quinta essentia.

Thus the 4 EL-ements plus the AEther suggests we should take a much closer look at the 12,000+ year old swastika, origin unknown, lost to an archaic history taking us back well into the last ice age … and it is clearly something being ‘carried forward’, that would be my MEMEtic opinion.

A truly open discussion assisting a study in consciousness cannot do an end run around the swastika as long as that NAZI associations continue to be a ‘roadblock’ among the mainstream consensus.

click image for larger version:

really big:

1907 publication page 540: http://opensiuc.lib.siu.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=2150&context=ocj

That was then, and this is today.

“The swastika represents a schematic of the solar wind pattern and was worshiped by many ancient sun worshiping civilizations”

– Maurice Cotterell 2006 AD
author of FutureScience

What is the SHAPE OF

MOVEMENT and the Droste Effect

UPDATE February 16, 2015

The following image was posted on faKebook by Will-Iam Garland

Four things need to be pointed out.

  1. the fact that my mother’s maiden name is Drost
  2. the fact that the above image is the central theme to the recovery underway found in this blog
  3. the Droste effect plus Widukind is a match made in heaven
  4. https://at37.wordpress.com/?s=widukind

~ end of UPDATE ~

The Temple Of Man – Canevas – the Human Canon ~ Droste Effect

The Temple Of Man

by R.A. Schwaller de Lubicz text supporting image;

Quotable Swastika Quote #1


-Jay Harman

The first 3 minutes of this video by entrepreneur Jay Harman sums up some very basic ideas that have been lost to time and buried under a heap of swastiKa caca.
Asymmetrical (key idea) swastikas come in many versions but they all suggest movement unlike the equal armed symmetrical Greek Square Cross.

swirly swastika with 7 feet providing an illusion

When seen in the vital plane, Agni has seven arms in the form of a swastika.
‘Swastika’ is an old Sanskrit word that is quite often associated with Agni.

Hand-crafted Samarra Bowl dated to about 4500-5000 BC
Animation has set it in motion – this bowl was handcrafted but if placed on a potter’s wheel it would spin

Triskele or 3 footed swastika found on the flag of the Isle of Man

And the Isle of Man just happens to be the ‘geodetic center‘ of the British Isles!

8 footed – 8 arms – 8 sections – The Armenian Wheel of Eternity
8 family members on Noah’s Ark
MaNu and the 7 Rishis or Seven Sages on an Ark too
8 family members in fact comprise the 64 hexagrams of the I-Ching
Quotable Swastika Quote #2

  “I am merely a humble student of nature”

-Vincent Wee Foo

UVS Model website:

Were our pagan ancestors keen students of nature, day and night, or were they distracted by the 500+ Channel universe and i-pods?

Quite simply if we take the efforts of Vincent Wee-Foo and his UVS Theory regarding the spiral, vortex, helix, etc. and reflect on these next quotes, it starts to become clear why in fact it is not that difficult to associate the ‘swastika’ with pagan science, which has been carried forward!

Because it reflects what ‘just is’.
I have added the highlights in red.

The Aztec calendar stone, Sun Stone, or Stone of the Five Eras
is perhaps the most famous work of Aztec sculpture.

Quotable Swastika Quote #3

 “Realizing this I perceived how, with the origin of the swastika, I had found the origin of the set of primeval ideas which had governed the human race from its infancyand which, in Mexican and Central American civilizations, ultimately developed into their ingenious system of government and social organization”

– Zelia Nuttall

I might add the latest brain research today regarding ‘language’, once thought to reside in the LEFT BRAIN now is indicating that our LEFT BRAIN prefers consonants, and the RIGHT BRAIN wants to buy a vowel from Vanna Vhite on Za Vheel of Vortunes!

Thus we have a nice fit between the LEFT BRAIN and Hebrew, a language that is conveyed (when writing) first and foremost using consonants.

And in 1888 Madame Blavatsky said this in The Secret Doctrine
(she actually had much to say about the swastika)

Quotable Swastika Quotes #4 and #5

page 98

  The Svastica is the most philosophically scientific of all symbols, as also the most comprehensible. It is the summary in a few lines of the whole work of creation, or evolution, as one should rather say, from Cosmo-theogony down to Anthro-pogony, from the indivisible unknown Parabrahm to the humble moneron of materialistic science, whose genesis is as unknown to that science as is that of the All-Deity itself. The Svastica is found heading the religious symbols of every old nation”

page 100

  “It is the Alpha and the Omega of universal creative Force, evolving from pure Spirit and ending in gross Matter. It is also the key to the cycle of Science, divine and human; and he who comprehends its full meaning is for ever liberated from the toils of Mahamaya, the great Illusion and Deceiver”


Two quotes by two woman from the same era.
Madame Blavatsky was a mystic, and Zelia Nuttall was a recognized scholar.
Both woman are passing the same message forward…Hitler and company seemed to catch on!

Allow me to enter the evidence of a mystic/scientist/teacher.
Evidence of an IDEA that seems to be connected to the evolution of our CONSCIOUSNESS.
I promise you it will be brief.

“one of the good things about the system is that the system wants to teach you about itself”
-Itzhak Bentov


And the text that accompanies these images on pages 50-51 of Bentov’s book A BRIEF TOUR OF HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS states the following …

Quotable Swastika Quote #6

“This desire resulted in the process of creation, symbolized by the swastika within the creative center, representing a four-dimensional rotating universe.

It is interesting to note that if you merge your consciousness with that of the Creator, you discover within Him a rotating swastika.

In other words, swastika stands for both the Creator and the Creation – they are inseparable”

Do you see an S, 5, Z or a 2 or maybe just a wavy line?

Quotable Swastika Quote Lucky #7

 “The swastika represents a schematic of the solar wind pattern and was worshiped by many ancient sun worshiping civilizations”

There is so much I can say about work of Maurice Cotterell, but for now I will summarize his work simply as a ‘godsend’.

Maurice Cotterell linked for me two particular numbers 26 and 37 to an interesting fact.

The speed differential between polar and equatorial rotation causes magnetic fluxes to shear
(illustrated by the S_2 wave in the image)

It takes 26 days for one complete rotation around the equator.
It takes 37 days for one complete rotation around the poles.

All of the above places Maurice and ME on the same page.
Is there any evidence for Maurice’s claim that the swastika was worshiped by solar CULTures, a symbol aligned with the gods?

This next quote by a Freemason wrote the following in 1923.
And do recall that Hitler targeted/abolished both Freemasonry and the Teutonic Knights.
Both returned to post WWII Germany.

Quotable Swastika Quote #8

Last page ~ final paragraph ~ summation by Frank C. Higgins

Ancient Freemasonry: An Introduction to Masonic Archeology
by Frank C. Higgins

page 463

Quotable Swastika Quote #9

 “Take this as your sign, and use it as your own symbol, because it has to be freed from the taint of the Nazis. It is a symbol of the Divine, and you should take it as your task to purify it… or purify people’s attitude toward it.” 

-Manny Jack Lightning a.k.a. ManWoman

source of image: http://giewasser.ch/english/id241.htm

Quotable Swastika Quote #10

 “Comprehend and Copy Nature”
-Viktor Schauberger

Quotable Swastika Quote #11

  Visualization of the Gödel universe – IOPscience

Actually I have no idea if Kurt Godel ever made any comments regarding  the swastika.
But clearly his work meshes with the idea that I have proposed.
All theories of everything need a language in order to convey the theory.

My theory regarding the formulation of a TOE or GUT is that all theories can be illustrated on an x and y grid plus the use of simple algorithms.

Who put together the above chart about the SSSSS and the Venus Blueprint?
The Swirling, Swooping, Swooshing, Swerving, Swastika the letter ‘S’?

Richard Merrick the author of the Venus Blueprint has also said this:

“Note that the prime symbol of this cosmology was the Vedic swastika – the geometry of orthogonal spacing of these planetary eggs.”

Even the respected John Michell links the geometry of the swastika the Atlantean plain.
Whether he saw the associations between his interpretation of Plato describing Atlantis and the swastika I do not know.

It appears that each of us in our own way is coming to the same conclusions, recognizing the ‘just is’ mechanisms that are taking place in the universe.

to be continually updated till the end of time …

from the Alpha to the Kilroy was here?

Apparently yes … wink wink nudge nudge

A theory suggested by a spokesman for the Royal Air Force Museum London in 1977 was that Chad was probably an adaptation of the Greek letter Omega, used as the symbol for electrical resistance; his creator was probably an electrician in a ground crew.

Life suggested that Chad originated with REME, and noted that a symbol for alternating current, a sine wave through a straight line, resembles Chad, that the plus and minus signs in his eyes represent polarity, and that his fingers are symbols of electrical resistors.

The fine structure constant narrative (anagrams are okay) involving the numbers 1376 or 1379 continues;

An early example of the phrase being used may date from 1937, before World War II. A US History Channel video broadcast in 2007, Fort Knox: Secrets Revealed, includes a shot of a chalked “KILROY WAS HERE” dated 5/13/1937: Fort Knox‘s vault was loaded in 1937 and inaccessible until the 1970s, when an audit was carried out and the footage was shot.[8] However, historian Paul Urbahns who was involved in the production of the program says that the footage was a reconstruction.

Why I AM a teacher.

TEACHER: Harold, what do you call a person who keeps on talking when people are no longer interested? 
HAROLD: A teacher.

~ more quotes by Gerald Massey ~

The Natural Genesis, Vol 1 of 2 or 2nd Part of A Book of the Beginnings – Gerald Massey 1883

 Page 404

When the Druids shaped the Tree into the Tau-Cross, they

were turning it into a masculine Tree of Life; and in the Cross

of the four quarters the Tree had become prominently masculine.

Hence it interchanges with the fourfold phallus, and both have one

name as the Tat (Eg.) j and the Cross within the Circle (or in connection

with the Ru, the Rosary, or other feminine figure) is the same

symbol of the male Tree of Life twinned and blended with the

female as the fourfold linga or the four-cornered Swastika in the

Tomb, or the Square that is figured with the Circle in the American

and British Mounds. Perhaps the most primitively perfect type of

this sexual duality is that which is figured in the Long-horned Cairn,

the chamber of which has the shape of the uterus within, and the

four horns at the comers correspond to· the four-footed Cross and

the fourfold phallus without.1 Thus, from first to last, the symbols

retain and show the impress of nature’s primordial mould.

It was at the top of the tree of heaven-the pole-that the Guaranis

were to meet once more with their Adam, Atum, Tum, or Tamoi, who

was to help them from thence in their ascent to the higher life.

Here the Tree of Life becomes a tree of the dead to raise them into

Heaven. So in the Algonkin Myth the tree of the dead was a

sort of oscillating log for the deceased to cross the river by as a bridge

of the abyss, beyond which the Dog-as in the Persian Mythosstands

waiting for the souls of the dead, just as the Dog stands at the

Northern Pole of the Egyptian Planisphere,2 and is depicted in the

tree of the Southern Solstice-the tree of the pole which was extended

to the four quarters.

Page 419

The square was held by the Pythagoreans and Neo-Platonists to be

the symbol of earth, and inferior to the circle, the symbol of heaven.

The square in the language of heraldry is a diminished or broken

circle, the circle being the square perfected. This is imaged by the

Swastika cross, the four feet of which show segments of the circle

broken and reduced to form the square.

The square is of course an angle of ninety

Page 422

A most curious form of the cross is given in the Journal of tlte Royal

Asiatic Society.? At each of the four corners is placed a quarter arc

of an oviform curve, and when the four are put together they form

an oval; thus the figure combines the cross with the circle round

it in four parts, corresponding to the four corners of the cross. The four

segments answer to the four feet of the Swastika cross and the Fylfot

of Thor. The four-leaved lotus flower of Buddha is likewise figured at

the centre of this cross, the lotus being an Egyptian and Hindu type

of the four quarters. The four quarter arcs, if joined together,

would form an ellipse, and the ellipse is also figured on each arm of

the cross. This ellipse therefore denotes the path of the earth.

Now the symbol depicted on the Scottish stones and commonly

known as the “spectacles ornament” is, as previously suggested, a

form of the cross of the four quarters j a symbol of the solstices and

equinoxes. This is also drawn within the ellipse upon the sculptured

stones of Scotland. Sir J. Y. Simpson copied the following specimen, ..u

which is here presented as the cross of the two equinoxes and

‘9 the two solstices placed within the figure of the earth’s path. The

same ovoid or boat-shaped figure appears at times in the Hindu

drawings with seven steps at each end as a form or a mode of Meru.

The four-armed cross is simply the cross of the four quarters,

but the cross-sign is not always simple. This is a type that

was developed from an identifiable beginning which was adapted

to the expression of various ideas afterwards. The most sacred

cross of Egypt that was carried in the hands of the Gods, the

Pharaohs, and the mummied dead is the Ankh ~, the sign of

life, the living. an oath, a covenant, and a pair, or to couple

and duplicate. The top of this is the hieroglyphic Ru <=>, set

upright on the Tau-cross. The Ru is the door, gate, mouth, the place

of outlet. This denotes the birthplace in the northern quarter of the

heavens from which the sun is re-born. Hence the Ru of the Ankhsign

is tlte feminine type of tlte birthplace representing lite nortlt. It

was in the northern quarter that the goddess of the Seven Stars, called

the” Mother of the Revolutions,” gave birth to time in the earliest

circle of the year. The first sign of this primordial circle and cycle

made in heaven is the earliest shape of the Ankh-cross. ~, a mere

loop which contains both a circle and the cross in one image. This loop

or noose is carried in front of the oldest genitrix, Typhon of the Great

Bear, as her A rk, the ideograph of a period, an ending, a time, shown

to mean one revolution. This, then, represents the circle made in the

northern heaven by the Great Bear which constituted the earliest

year of time, from which fact we infer that the loop or Ru of the

north represents that quarter, the birthplace of time when figured as

the Ru of the Ankh symbol. Indeed this can be proved. The noose

is an A rk or Rek type of reckoning. The Ru of the Ankh-cross was

continued in the Cypriote R, .0, and the Coptic Ro, P. The Ro was

carried into the Greek cross, .” which is formed of the Ro and Chi,

or R-k. Thus the Ark (Eg.) sign of the circle and cross survives by

name in the Ro-clti cross, and the connection of the Ru or Rk with

the birthplace can be shown by this name. Ru (Eg.) is the outlet,

and the feminine Kha determines its nature. Rak in Akkadian, like

the Ru-kha, is the vulva. Rakha, in Quichua, is the vagina and the

woman. The Rak, or Ark, was the sign of all beginning (A rclte) on

this account, and the Ark-tie is the cross of the north, the hind part

of heaven. “A rka” in Assyrian is the hinder part, which is represented

by the R u <=>.

The sign, ~,occurs as the reverse of a Phrenician coin, with a Ram

as the obverse. The two represent the front and hinder part, or the

familiar Head and Tail. The same sign, sometimes called Venus’

Looking-Glass, because it typified reproduction, was employed to

mark the hind quarters of valuable brood mares of Corinthian and

other beautiful breeds of horses.1 This was based on the Ruor Ark

sign of the crossing in the north. With the Ru sign set on the statT

thus ?, we have the symbol of north and south, or male and female,

the south being considered the front, before, masculine. A form of

the Ankh Cross found in the fourth pyramid -i- enables me to prove

the origin of this cross as a sign of north’ and south, because the pillar

~nd· base are the Pyramid of Sothis, the dog-star. The Pyramid

being both four-square and triangular is a figure of Seven. Hence its

name of Hept or Sebt (Sothis) is the name of number 7. Sothis was

a masculine or southern type of the Goddess of the Seven Stars, who

was thus represented by the Ru of the north and the Pyramid of the

south. The top is the Ru of the birthplace in the north, and the

bottom is the symbol of the south I With the two arms it presents

the figure of above (north), and below (south) with the crossing

east and west, or right hand and left. This istlte complete Ankh-Cross

of Life.

In symbolism nothing dies. The earliest Ankh-sign is the cross

of cord. The Muysca Indians continued this in a very significant

form. They used to stretch a great rope-cross consisting of two cords

over the surface of a pool or a river, and at the point of intersection

they would cast their most precious offerings and tributes into the

water. Such was their offertory of the cross; the cross of the

genitrix, and of the waters. The cross of rope survived in Britain.

Scot in his Discovery of Witchcraft,l mentions a kind of cross made

of a rope’s end on Ascension Day, which was looked on as a source

of blessings. The Ankh signified life and reproduction, whether made

of rope or any other material.

The notion of Payne Knight and Inman, that the cross or Tau is

simply a copy of the male organs in a triadic form is radically false.

For instance, Khem.-Horus is the crosser; he wears the cross on his

breast. He exhibits HIS form of the Tat, which is expressly deprived of

two members of the supposed triad of tlte Tau. The Tau cross T, our

letter T, is connected with the number 9. The Coptic Theta, Tida, or

T has the numeral value of 9. In the Greek form the Theta unites the

circle and cross e. The T is a numerical three, a cross of three-quarters

instead of four, and so becomes a figure of nine months, or nine divisions

of tlte twelve which were completed by tlte t!tree water signs, or the

abyss in the north, represented by the 0 of the 9 cross. But the

cross as the Tat and the male emblem have a meeting-point inasmuch

as both are types of establishing. De Rossi found a phallus of

red coral in a tomb which, as he says, might have been suspected

of being Christian did not the presence of this symbol persuade

to the contrary.’ But the emblem was not uncommon in the

so-called Christian cemeteries.

Page 426

Gori tried to get the name of Jesus out of the two Zeds of the

Swastika. cross of the catacombs by writing Z for J, and Zezus for

Jesus. But the fact is that Seses is a Gnostic name of Isis, and

the S S S Sistrum (the Sshsh) is a symbol of Isis, the sign of

the female crossed, the three S’s or bars being identical with the

. Seses of the Gnostics. Therefore a six-fold cross may be claimed

as a cross of breath. For Ses (Eg.) signifies breath and

number six with an occult allusiveness. Ses also denotes the

attaining of land after crossing the waters, as did the annual sun

when emerging from the water-sign of the Ram or Pisces. The

II Pad rna-Swastika ” is a mystical mark consisting of the lotus-flower j

(according to the Scholiast) a four-cornered sort of painting. It is

the lotus-cross figured in the palm of Buddha’s hand and upon the

soles of his foot, as well as on his breast, the place of breath.1 The

Lotus, the ascender out of the waters, was a symbol of Breath, and

the Egyptian Sesh,nin (lotus) is the opener, uncloser or breather out

of the waters.

But breath, spirit, and fire are equivalent types of life. In Egyptian

Ses is breath j Suit, flame j Sesk is combustion, also a spirit of wine,

Ziz, or Zizit, was the Rabbinical Bird of Fire or Soul. The Greek

” ~t’JtT’I’J(j I “- Vivas-is a form of wishing life and health. Svas in

Sanskrit also means to breathe and to live. The Svastika, or Swastika

Cross, is a sign of life represented by the vivifying fire, and also

a lingaic symbol (Tika [Eg.] is to cross, join, twist, go together j and

Tik in Sanskrit is to go) j this has the shape of a double Z, and Z Z

has the force of Ziz, Ses, or Svas, denoting the life, the breath, the

generative fire, of wh:ch the Swastika is the Cross.

The Dakotahs have a native name for the cross, which signifies the

“Musquito-Hawk spread out.”‘1. Here the bird is a type of fire. The

Hawk in Egypt was representative of the soul and the solar fire. The

Creek Indians at -their festival of the Busk commenced with making

the new fire by placing four logs til tlze centre of a square, end to end,

so that they formed a cross, the outer ends pointing to the four

cardinal points, and in the centre of this cros.~ the new fire was

created.s This was another mode of making the Swastika or cross of

fire. In Egyptian II Bus” denotes both fire and protection. This

connection of the cross and fire as interchangeable types of protection

is likewise manifest in the command for the Hebrews to make a fiery

serpent, and elevate it on a stauros or cross pole, which is rendered by

the Targum “Make tlzeea burning;” The four-footed Swastika cross

has been found on the prehistoric pottery of Cyprus, at Herculaneum, in

Egypt, in Ireland, and in England. A leaden figure of the Babylonian

goddess Nana discovered by Dr. Schlie mann at Troy, has this cross

figured on a triangular pelvis. The triangle is a type of fire, and the

Hindus consider the Swastika cross to be the especial emblem of

Agni or fire. Swastika in Sanskrit is the name of various mystical

marks and signs, amongst others the cross, and one particular symbol

made of ground rice, and shaped like a triangle or pyramid, and this

triangle or pyramid was a sign in Egypt of the ancient Horus, as

the virile one of the triad. The Swastika was also used (in India),

for the fumigation of Durga, as a type of the fire that vivifies, after

the period of negation or the water. According to De Rossi the

Swastika from an early period was a favourite form of the cross

employed with an occult signification which shows the secret was not

that of the Christian cross. One Swastika cross in the catacombs is the

sign of an inscription which reads “ZfiTIKfi ZOTIKH Vitalis Vitali a,”

or life of life. The writer of Rome in tke Nineteentlt Century witnesses that

Christ was buried before he was dead, according to the

Christian reckoning; II His body is laid in the sepulchre in all the churches

of Rome, wltere tlte rite is practised, Oil Thursday iIJ tlte forenoon, and

it remains there till Saturday at mid-day, when,for some reason best

known to tltemselves, he is supposed to rise from tlte grave amidst the

firing of Call1lon, and blowing of trompets, and jingling of bells ‘Ulhich

have been carefully tied up ever since the dawn of Holy Thztrsday,lest

tlte devil should get itltO tltem.”l On the Friday was the day of adoring

tlte cross of fire. A blazing cross was !luspended from the dome of

St. Peter’s, a cross being covered with countless lamps, which had the

effect of a perfect figure of fire, shaped cross-wise. .. The whole

church,” says the eye-witness, “was thronged with a vast multitude of

all classes and countries, from royalty to the meanest beggar, all gazing

upon this one object. In afew minutes tlte Pope and all his cardinals

descended into St. Peter’s, and tlte aged pontiff prostrated himself in silent

adoration before tlte cross of fire.” 2 This may explain why the

Swastika cross, the fire .. cross of India, the cross of the generative fire

in Egypt is found in the tombs at Rome. Dante describes the souls

in Paradise as kneeling, praying, and respiring inside a cross of fire

which forms their world. The cross of fire survives in the hot cross

bun, the cake of the vernal equinox, and of the Horus who arose

hawk-headed, the hawk being a symbol of the vivifying fire. The hot

cross buns eaten on Good Friday are believed to protect the house

from fire, which shows the connection with that element. The cross of

fire was continued in the” cross candle” of Easter Eve and Pasche,

also in the candles that used to be consecrated to “light up in

thunder,” which was equivalent to making the sign of the cross as the

symbol of stability when the powers of darkness, discord and desolation

were at work overhead. The cross has now been identified with

the three elements of earth, breath, and fire.

Page 439

The Nail, whether as davis or unguis, being a type of virility,

its significance becomes apparent wherever the Nail is a symbol.

Burton, our modern opener of Central Africa, found that the negroes

there would .drive a nail into’ the” Devil’s Tree” as a charm against

disease.1 The meaning was the same as that of the Nail in the tomb,

the nail in the corners of the Swastika, in the body of Buddha or

Krishna; the nail that figured the masculine potency of the Soter,

Saver, Preserver, and Healer, with which the primitive man contended

against the Devil, Disease, and Dissolution. It was the weapon

of his manhood, whether this might be represented by the nail, the

hieroglyphic naklt, or allkh, pubes, horn, stone, metal, or the member.

Tertullian, in his taunting of the non-Christians with their use of

the same symbols as the Christians, asks with regard to the cross

.. Dotlt tlte Atltenian Minerva differ from tlte body of tlte cross, and the

Keres of Pltaros wlto appeared in tlte market witlt a figure made of a rude

and sltapeless stake? TIte origin of your cross is derived from figures

mounted on tlte cross. All those rows of images 011 your standards are

tlte ~ppendages of crosses. Tltose ltangings on your standards alzd

bamlers are lite robes of crosses.” As if the cross of Christianity were

the original of these I Whether innocence or impudence, it is imperturbable.

Except in a dark void of human ignorance there was no

place left in this world for the cross to become the symbol of salvation

and the type of immortality by man or god being sacrificed upon it.

According to the Septuagint, the cross 2 was the symbol of salvation,

just as it had been for ages and in divers forms when buried with the

mummies in Egyptian tombs, with no earthly relationship to an

historical crucifixion. It was already the image of immortality in

Egypt, in Chaldea, Britain, India, America, and the Southern Isles,

because it was the cross of life and not a cross of death. And it was

the cross of life because it represented the fourfold foundation of the

world, the four corners of the human abode; because it was an emblem

of reproduction, an image of duration, a type of the eternal.

There is a belief yet current amongst our peasantry that one can

hardly die or pass away in peace beneath the cross-beams called the

sign-tree of the house. Many a bedstead has been removed from its

usual place under the cross-beams before the departing spirit could

get release. Thus, after the cross has been for so many centuries held

before the closing human eyes as the s:gn and to~..:en of relief, as the

very hand outstretched by an expiring deity to help the dying mortal

in the panJs of death, this primitive pre-Christian type of stability,

duration, life, and living, remains so potent over minds that are totally

unconscious of its origin and significance that they cannot die whilst

looking at it or lying under it. The sign-tree, or Skhen-tree (the

prop), is the cross-shaped tree of life in Britain, as it was in” Egypt,

India. or Mexico, and here it also survives as the cross of life in

opposition to a cross of death. The cross-type is a continuation of

the tree, and it equates with the tree, the mount, and the conical

pillar of Aphrodite, all three being primary images of the mother of

life and goddess of the four quarters. The mother as the cross was

continued in the Oralzte, who was found in an Etruscan tomb standing

with extended arms over the laid-out body of the dead. 1

The same sign is made by the spiritual body just emerging from

the dead body in the Egyptian drawings, because it is the symbol of

the future life. The Etruscan Orallte survived in Rome where she

forms one of the chief figures in the catacombs. There she is taken

to represent the Church and the Bride of Christ. Call it what you

may, the cruciform Orallte in the cemeteries of Rome or the Etruscan

Tombs or the tombs of Paphos is identical with the ancient mother

of life who holds her cross before her pregnant womb in token of the

life to come. She was the virgin mother, too, who produced without

the fatherhood, and who reprorluces the dead in a later time when the

male progenitor or emblem has been added. The identification of

this virgin mother with the Church is complete in the words of Clement

Alexander, who exclaims: .. 0 Mystic TVonder I The Il1liversal Fat/ler

is one, and one is the Il1lh’ersal Logos or rVord; and the Holy Spirit is

olle and the same ever)”‘UJhere, and Olle is the Virgin mother. Her 1I000le

to call the Church! ,. 2 She was the Church as the abode of li Ie continued.

She was also the cross as the Orallle J’ the cross that bore the Christ of

the ancient cult; the tree of which the Messiah son was the branch.

The Or ante figure is several times found double; one standing on

either side of the Good Shepherd. the supposed Christ of the catacombs,

like the two divine s:sters on each side of Horus; they who

call him to come to them, to his abode; with one of them, Nephthys,

carrying the house on her head. The latest form of the feminine

abode was the mother Church who becomes twin because it was so in


Page 448

It even depended on the cross being three-armed or four-armed

as to whether the Christ was crucified with three nails or four.

Some sects adored the T -shaped cross and three nails; others

the four-armed cross and four nails. Bishop Luke of Tuy (about

1230) maintained that the nails were four in number. This was

evident from the existence of the fouy gmuine nails which were

still preserved, and which he had sem ill fouy differmt places, to

wit, Nazareth, Tarsus, Constantinople, and St. Denis. The nails

in the hands and feet of Buddha, of Witoba, of Maya, and in the

corners of the Swastika Cross, show that the proper number is

four, in keeping with the Cross of the four Quarters. The cross

on which the Jewish Paschal lamb was spillt’d, was double, and

thus corresponded to the two equinoxes or crossings which the

Hebrews keep.6 This cross of the four quarters and two equinoxes

constitutes that known as the Cross of Lorraine, which has double

arms, and is therefore of a sixfold form. Three French churches are

founded on this model. The great English churches of Beverly,

Page 452

To recapitulate: the earliest sign of the Cross made with the hands

denoted reckoning and repetition; this is extant in the x of multiplication.

The first form of the Celestial Cross was described by the earliest

maker of a circle, which was a constellation that crossed below the horizon.

This was made by the Seven Stars in Ursa Major or the

genitrix who was personified as the bringer-forth of Time in Heaven

and pourtrayed as the enctinte Mother, whose Ankh-Cross (the tie or

cord) was the figure of life to come (for in Iter was life), and of

continuity by means of cyclic repetition. The next was the Cross of

establishing for ever on the four-fold foundation of the four quarters,

with the Tat-pillar as its type, which was first assigned to the lunar

god. Lastly, the Sun-God made the circle and the sign of the Cross

which might be the Tat of the Equinox and Solstice, or the Swastika

with four nails in its four feet; the extended human figure with the

s:gn of four nails in hands and feet; the Cross of the four-fold or the

cubical foundation; the four-fold, six-fold, or seven-fold Lingaic cross.

The Solar God who crossed was the virile potent one, the victor and

conqueror. Hence the Cross became the sign of all that is expressed

by the word KR (Eg.), which not only means a course of time but

Power, Ability, Virile Potency, Support, the Weapon of Power. And

in its final phase as the Christian emblem the Cross of death and

blood-sacrifice offered to the God of Gore, befittingly fulfils its type;

keeps its character, and still gets its drench and drink of human life

as the hilt of the sword by means of which the dominion of the Cross

has been and still continues to be extended over the globe.

In the Christian Iconography the cross is connected with the ram

and the lamb; in each case the animal wears the cross as a glory,

and has another form of the cross for an ‘accompaniment. Again,

the name of the fish as IXeTC is placed at the head of the starry


In the Hermean Zodiac, Pisces is named Ichton, and the fish is the

female goddess who brought forth the young Sun-god as her fish,’

whether called Horus in Egypt or Marduk the Fish of Hea in

Assyria; Ichthys, who was the son of the fish-tailed Atergatis at

Ascalon,a or Ichthys which was also a title of Bacchus.· The cross

of the ram or lamb, as the symbol of the four quarters is corroborated

by the mount of the four quarters which are represented by the four

rivers of the” Genesis.” In monuments of what is termed by Didron

the II Primitive Church,” the lamb is frequently seen standing on a

mountain out of which the four rivers flow, as a symbol of the four

quarters. On a sculptured sarcophagus in the Vatican, “belonging

to the earliest ages of Christianity,” the lamb is pourtrayed standing

on the mount of the four rivers with the monogram A f b) set in a

circular nimbus.

Ancient Egypt The Light of the World, Vol 1 & 2 – Gerald Massey 1907

At first the form impressed upon the universe, in the Kamite mythology, had been

feminine. It was the womb, the meskhen, or creatory of the Great Mother, as bringerforth

of life and the elements of life. Finally, this was superseded by the image of the

man; the divine man described by Plato, who bicussated and was stamped upon the

universe in the likeness of a cross. Now the new heaven in the Book of Revelation was

formed according to “the measure of a man” (Rev. XXI. 17). This was the heaven

founded on the four cardinal points, which were represented by the cross of the four

quarters. The cross of the four quarters, or the earlier Tat-pillar was a figure of the power

that sustained the universe as the Osiris-Tat or as the later man upon the cross. Thus

the divine man, as the cruciform support of all in Ptah-Sekeri or Osiris, was the prototype

of the Crucified. This god of the four quarters is portrayed as Atum-Ra in the Ritual (ch.

82). It is he who says (by proxy) “My head is that of Ra and I am summed up as Atum,

four times the arm’s length of Ra, four times the width of the world”. Thus Atum, the

divine man, was a quadrangular figure of the four quarters in the heaven founded

according to “the measure of a man” which is reproduced in Revelation. We learn from

the Ritual that man became the measure of the universe in consequence of the god

being divinised in the human form, who in his coming to earth as the heir of Seb says, “I

come before you and make my appearance as the god in the form of a man” (ch. 79); he

who is identified in the same chapter as Atum-Ra. As Atum was the first god who

assumed the form of man, that may account for the new heaven being designed

according to “the measure of a man”, as described in Revelation (XXI. 17, and Rit., ch.

82). This was what took place at Annu when Iu, the son of Atum-Ra, designed the

“temple”, as the new heaven was called. Moreover, as Atum-Ra was the divine man, this

tends to prove that “the son of man” who is Jesus in Revelation was one with Iu, the Su

or son of Atum-Ra. And here it is possible that we come upon the origin of the Swastika

cross as a typical figure of the heaven that was founded on the four corners according to

the measure of a man. From the most primitive forms of the Swastika known we learn

that in its origin it was derived from the human figure. The Swastika found in Egypt

proves it to have been derived from the form of a man. The four limbs, which eventually

became four feet or four legs, were at first the two arms and two legs of the human

figure (Pro. Bib. Arch., Nov.1900). This, then, is the divine man whose image was

extended crosswise on the universe as a type of creation, and who, as Atum in the

character of Iu the son, was the Egyptian Jesus. A portrait of the Good Shepherd has

been discovered in an underground [Page 725] Roman cemetery with the Swastika figured

twice upon his tunic. He carries the pan-pipes in his right hand and comes in the attitude

of dancing (Lanciani, Rodolfo, New Tales of Old Rome, p. 117). This in the mythos was

the youthful solar god, and Horus of the resurrection in the eschatology. “The tabernacle

of God” is now “with men, and he shall dwell with them”. As it had been ever since the

child, as Horus, was incarnated in the blood of Isis, to assume the human figure when

“the Word was made flesh” in the beginning.

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