37 ~ DNA ~ Jean-claude Perez ~ the Wow! signal ~ 1379 ~ and the Market Harmony Thief Anthony Morris

UPDATE September 28, 2015

IT WAS Jerry Ehman’s turn to check on the “Big Ear” radio telescope at Ohio State Radio Observatory on 15 August 1977. The 79-metre dish had been involved in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence since 1973.

In 1977, SETI researchers in Ohio picked up a 72-second burst of radio waves that was so close to what they had been looking for that one of the researchers wrote “Wow!” on the readout. Nothing like the Wow! signal has ever been seen since.


Exodus 37 and The “Wow! signal” of the terrestrial genetic code

I offer three coincidences, one after the other in fact.

The first coincidence is that I happen to notice today that Exodus 37 deals with the Ark of the Covenant.

And by coincidence it was in the NIV bible version which was published in 1973 that I noticed this.
[see the bottom of the biblegateway webpage above]

And recall that  the code I follow is 1973 or 1379 or 1793 (i.e. anagrams)

… and WOW the idea that knowledge about DNA as I suspected might be something worth placing into the Ark of the Covenant is being confirmed by other researchers.

The third coincidence is that I was given this link by Michael Blasco on faKebook on Sept.23 [Rosh-hashanah] but did not notice until just now …

… but I dug deeper just a second or two ago and found the original article by Maxim Makukov

I contacted Jean-claude Perez on faKebook to have a look at this and asked him what he thought.
I await his response.

Criticism by PZ Meyers found here;

2B continued

~ end of UPDATE ~

1, 3, 7, 9, 13

feeling lucky?

UPDATE Oct. 13, 2014

How much $$$ do you have to spend to learn about the hologram projector of physical reality?
Let me introduce the reader to another sheeple herder coveting your $$$.

Is Anthony Morris of Market Harmony just another thief making false claims
or taking credit for the claims that others have already made…?

Greek gematria cipher showing how the master numbers are arrived at.
i.e. 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 666, 777, 888, 999
And all triples can be divided by 37

Today on faKebook a link to a pdf. file was shared with me, the above image was found in the link, and so much more.

It is a pdf. file that Anthony Morris (the cricket player in the image below also) has posted on the academia file sharing website.

Sator Square Solved by Anthony Morris – Spring 2014

  • Here I solve the 2000+yr old puzzle, the SATOR Square, revealing the numerical creation cipher, no less.
  • I link the famed Fine Structure Constant number, 137, the Swastika and the key numbers from my PartitionTheory, 21 and 12 and 27 & 37, while cementing 55 as the king of all numbers representing the central axis.
  • It seems clear to me now that the SATOR Square is the creation cipher and of extraordinary importance.
  • This idea was further cemented when I went a little ‘off piste’ in my thinking and decided to apply a swastika to the 5×5 SATOR Square. The reason I did it was because I knew that a 5×5 square was the smallest square that you could draw a swastika on to, and be able to see it fully defined.The result was frankly unbelievable!

source of sAIN’T Anthony the stockbroker bullshit claims

Here are four claims made by Anthony Morris the stockbroker that are either LIES or claims already made by others.

  • “Here I solve the 2000+yr old puzzle, the SATOR Square, revealing the numerical creation cipher, no less.”
  • “I link the famed Fine Structure Constant number, 137, the Swastika and the key numbers from my PartitionTheory, 21 and 12 and 27 & 37, while cementing 55 as the king of all numbers representing the central axis.”
  • “It seems clear to me now that the SATOR Square is the creation cipher and of extraordinary importance.”
  • “The reason I did it was because I knew that a 5 x 5 square was the smallest square that you could draw a swastika on to, and be able to see it fully defined”

That is thrice funny.
lol lol lol
How easy is it to catch a thief?

Dear sAIN’T Anthony IF you dare place the search terms DNA, sator square, 137, swastika, and 55 into your browser…what are the returns sir?

Have a look;

Yes the google evidence speaks volumes.
ALL of the returns on the first page can be traced back to writings made by ME+me, apparently the research leading UP to these claims that you have made is nowhere to be found on the internet and considering you and me have had discussions in the past about my work I do find it odd that your claims match mine almost to a ‘T’.

Isn’t it comforting to know that my 13+ years of research since 2001 helped confirm what you had dug up since 2010?
What else would all of the evidence thus presented so far suggest sAIN’T Anthony?

Your membership to the LIAR LIAR club and the Cricket club both appear to be up-to-date.

Now it is clear that all Anthony Morris has accomplished at the end of his self-serving daze, is help ME+me accomplish what I asked him to do in the first place. In one of our conversations I told him that the swastika and ME+me work did not support his partition theory, he seemed to have it backwards, i.e. his ‘discoveries’ only helped support the swastika ‘recovery’ that was underway.
I told Anthony to show how his partition theory matched up and supported the swastika, and 55 or SS, and LEI or I37, etc.
And he clearly did, but then he decided to pull the wool over my eyes and run with the prize?
His claiming the Sator Square as his prize is quite the joke, that I suspect will end up as yoke around his soul.

Sadly it is however a typical move that a wannabe sheeple herder + thief would make.

end of UPDATE

Sept. 16, 2013

Anthony Morris shared this paper with ME and others on faKebook today.
Without a doubt many of his numerical patterns align with mine and also with the work of Jean-claude Perez who is also familiar with the work of sAIN’T Anthony.

And without a doubt the work of Marko Rodin and Peter Plichta is also apparent in this paper.


This paper builds on and is supportive of an existing body of work looking at the numerical analysis of DNA and the Human Genome. It is a completely fresh look at the Group of Amino Acids that are present in every living thing. The paper has much wider ramifications for how we understand chemistry in general.

This ‘fresh perspective’ was achieved by approaching the ‘Game of Life’ as if one were unpacking a game of Monopoly.

As a child, I wanted to know how many pieces there were, how many houses, cards etc. and was most especially keen to find out exactly how much money came with the game. This happycoincidence has allowed me to bring extraordinary new light to the true numerical and musical structure of the 64 Codons that code for the 20 Amino Acids common to all Life on Earth.For example, the total number of Hydrogen atoms utilized in the Side Chain across the 4 bases A C G and T, totals 360, while the number of Carbon atoms totals 180, showing the Octave Relationship between the two elements, exhibited in the Game of DNA. Again in the Side Chain, there are further clear musical relationships between the Base Pairs, Adenine / Thymine (Perfect Fifth), and Cytosine / Guanine (Octave) and I also highlight the particular Prime Numbers associated with each Base in both the Side Chain and the Standard Block. Most interestingly of all however, is the relation of the numbers found in the Game of Life to the dimensions of the Earth, specifically in its mean radius and diameter.Extra ordinarily, the total number of Protons and Neutrons used in the Game of Life is exactly 7920, the same number that is the diameter of the Earth in statute miles! One could be forgiven for putting it down to chance were it not for the facts of the above findings and that the mean radius of the Earth, 3960 miles is in 3 critical places, most notably as the Pivot point between the total protons and neutrons used in the Side Chain and Standard Block.


This paper would seem to show the existence of a primordial, numerical and mathematical, and ultimately musical process, inherent to the ‘Game of Life’ and its origins, and further the ordering of the Universe in which we exist. Not a single Hydrogen atom, nor even a subatomic particle can be missing or displaced between bases without the entire symmetrical, musical and numerical structure being lost completely.To say these numbers are random is akin to saying that Hamlet is the possible result of a monkey with a typewriter. With such obvious numerical and musical and geometric structure is it really likely that Life evolved stochastically from some primordial soup? Does this now mean that it is much more likely that the origin of Life is the result of the inherent canonical, numerical and musical template that pervades the created Universe and has done since the moment of its inception.


And the pdf. file has been made into a ewetube video, of course.

The only reason I have included the work of Jean-Claude Perez in the same blog as Anthony Morris and ME+me is because all three of us are approaching DNA using a different POV based on life experience and educational background.
And of course there would be convergences. When theories overlap, this is a good thing.

I was introduced to Jean-Claude Perez through Anthony Morris.


Phi and Music in DNA


As it often happens in research, the results shown in this article were found “accidentally”, while I was trying to reproduce Jean-Claude Perez’s results on the cumulated populations of DNA codons [1]. This researcher has been studying for many years the populations of codons from the whole human genome (not just the 2% coding DNA). When calculating the ratios of these populations cumulated in different ways, he obtained the Golden Ratio related attractor (3-φ)/2. With a similar methodology, I have found the following two astonishing results:

  1. The relative populations of several groups of eight codons in the whole human DNA correspond to the ratios of musical notes.
  2. The relative populations of some specific groups of eight codons in the whole human DNA is exactly the Golden ratio φ.

It seems everybody ends up hovering around the same ideas when they follow the same fundamental patterns back to the source of the building blocks used to build temples out of stone and flesh.

It will be interesting to see where all of this goes.

selah V

By coincidence as I posted this I was notified that it happens to be the 157th article that I have posted to my wordblog. 
Yeah okay.

The ONE thing we all seem to be hovering around is the apex of the Great Pyramid and the numbers 157 surrounded by 3s, 6s, and 9s.

2B continued as the inPHOrmation arrives …

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