137 and the work of theosophist Steven M. Phillips

The website of S.M. Phillips

It appears I should be right at home.
Coincidentally my municipal address is #43.
And the number I wore when voted MVP was #23.
And I was 23 when my father passed.
And the prime numbers 2 (yin) and 3 (yang) that I also see as the letters Z/S and E/W/M have played a role in ME+me resurrection.
IF prime numbers exist, what about prime letters?

Pentagram representation of 496
According to Theosophist S.M. Philips

We both delve into the QaBaLaH so is it surprising we both ended up studying the number ‘137‘?
Here are a couple of links shared with me today reminding me to take note of the work of SMP.

#3 The inner Tree of Life embodies the number 137 determining the fine-structure constant

#35 The number 137 determining the fine-structure constant also determines the dimension 248 of E8

Links to examples discussed in this website can be found in The holistic pattern under the heading “137“.

good stuff, complex but certainly a numerical acknowledgement of the journey I AM on too.

I had some links shared with ME on GLP today.
They appear significant.

selah  V

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  • Doug  On October 23, 2014 at 5:06 pm

    Hey Raphael, i’m going to SMP’s seminar in Nov in the UK. Might be in a position to film it. Just a thought if you’re still interested.

    • raphael  On October 30, 2014 at 10:29 am

      still interested in what?

      attending myself?
      are you inviting me?


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