AAA Day in the LIfE of the 137 SS Mystic – 10/25/2012 – Swastikas and the Fused Grid

October 25, 2012

Yesterday I was researching Plato’s TimAEus and before I knew what had happened by following a couple of internet links I found myself staring at a 3×3 grid of swastikas. It was not something I had anticipated, though the opportunity is always there IF you look close enough. The grid also had an interesting off center cruciform pink cross.

ta da! 

Do you see the swastikas in the above ‘matrix’?

Look at the white lines…and join the ‘dots’?

Note the green rectangles and squares that form interesting patterns.

How many of the cells have swastikas as part of the underlying ‘architecture’?

The middle cells on the top row and bottom row  and the bottom right and top right are the four easiest swastikas to identify, I think. How many are there? BUT what is it?


from wiki: The Fused Grid is a street network pattern first proposed in 2002 and subsequently applied in Calgary, Alberta (2006) and in Stratford, Ontario (2004). It represents a synthesis of two well known and extensively used network concepts: the “grid” and the “Radburn” pattern, derivatives of which are found in most city suburbs. Both concepts were self-conscious attempts to organize urban space for habitation. The grid was conceived and applied in the pre-automotive era of cities starting circa 2000 BC and prevailed until about 1900 AD. The Radburn pattern emerged in 1929 about thirty years following the invention of the internal combustion engine powered automobile and in anticipation of its eventual dominance as a means for mobility and transport. Both these patterns appear throughout North America. “Fused” refers to a systematic recombination of the essential characteristics of each of these two network patterns.


But how did I get from Plato to urban planning and designing city streets in Canada using Fused Grids that incorporate swastikas? Lets retrace my 3 steps separating Plato from today’s leading edge thinkers and tinkerers. So we can see how things are all connected because of what takes place in the ‘planning’ stages, whether the architect is mother nature, father time, or the hidden hands working behind the scenes, some cosmic, some belonging to folks like U and ME. What brought me to this web page about Fused Grids and urban city planning was this link here, note the numbers 137. (I did)

step 1 – The Oglethorpe Plan

James Edward Oglethorpe founded the Province of Georgia, and the town of Savannah, on February 11, 1733 (February 1, 1732, according to the Julian calendar in use at the time). The new Georgia colony was authorized under a grant from George II to a group constituted by Oglethorpe as the Trustees for the Establishment of the Colony of Georgia in America, or simply the Georgia Trustees. The new colony was bounded by the Savannah River on the north and the Altamaha River to the south, while the western boundary reached almost to the Mississippi River and lands claimed by France as part of Louisiana. Not until 1763 did the French formally cede this territory east of the Mississippi to Great Britain,[1] but Spain still claimed a considerable portion of it. Much of the territory ultimately became British in 1795**, when Britain resolved its West Florida boundary dispute with Spain. source:

A side note by me, the world went metric in 1793 and my home town Toronto, formerly Fort York was founded in 1793 and the cornerstone in the Capitol Building in Washington D.C. was laid by President George Washington on Sept. 18, 1793 wearing a Freemason APron, designed by Aron and Co. P? hahaha Actually that date Sept. 18 1793 is a direct match for the Maya Code recorded as 13 x 7 x 9 = 819 Count Days used by the Maya and these numbers show up in Mesopotamia too! All the proof I need linking the Maya Code 1379 to the Freemasons can be found here:

137-9 Mesoamerica Code – FIAT * LUX

Sketch of Savannah’s Town Plan showing four cellular wards,
each containing eight city blocks around a square
(four residential blocks in the corners, each split by a narrow lane,
plus four smaller commercial blocks east and west of the square)

Oglethorpe’s plan for settlement of the new colony had been in the works since 1730, three years before the founding of Savannah. The multifaceted plan sought to achieve several goals through interrelated policy and design elements, including the spacing of towns, the layout of towns and eventually their surrounding counties, equitable allocation of land, and limits to growth to preserve a sustainable agrarian economy.

Savannah map of 1818 showing continuation of the ward design with minor modifications

ALL of the above brings to mind the mysterious Georgia Guidestones.

To the reader I do not endorse the interpretation of this monument, but it is clear that certain ideas like 37 or 73 get recycled because they seem to invoke an inner E-motion that can be directed.


Elbert County, Georgia, USA


R. C. Christian (pseudonym)




19′ 3 (5.87 m)

Opening date

March 1980

Opening date March 1980 or 3198 or 31 17 or 1/137 = alpha = fine structure constant?

1/137 as it turns out is all the evidence I need to illustrate how we are all connected electro-magnetically, and let us not forget how gravity says we are all connected too! Why are we so oblivious to the obvious? Clearly two of the four forces of nature connect all of us. The EM fIELd is a river of positive and negative ‘energies’ that flow through all of us equally, making no distinction between color, creed, or beLIEf.

Science has already proved we are in fact all taking part in an ElectroMagnetic gene-MEME-drEaM dance each of us helping to create the thEME pARKs that we all take part in 24/7/365/25920.

But it was Oglethorpe’s sketch of Savannah that had caught my interest for obvious reasons. It is a cross with 4 distinct areas of interest. This plan has been known to the Jain Buddhists for at least 2000+ years predating the Christian era, to which there is NO dispute.

And it is obvious why those 4 dots have great significance as Fig.34b below helps to illustrate. 

It is obvious why I follow the clues I do when trying to find the source of who I AM. Don’t ya see?

Shall we continue? So what was the step that lead me to the famous Oglethorpe Plan? This is what I read:

step 2 –  John Wesley

Christian theologians

Biblical scholars and theologians within the Judaeo-Christian tradition such as Philo (20 BCE – 50 CE),[9][10] Augustine (354-430),[11] John Calvin (1509–1564),[12]John Wesley (1703–1791)[13] and Matthew Henry (1662–1714)[14] cite Genesis 1:1 in support of the idea of Divine creation out of nothing.

Philo, as well as some of the Church Fathers with a Platonic background, argued that the act of creation itself involved pre-existent matter, but made that matter in turn to have been created out of nothing.[15]

The year of his return to Oxford (1729) marks the beginning of the rise of Methodism. The Holy Club was formed by John’s younger brother, Charles Wesley, and some fellow students, including George Whitefield. The holy club met weekly and they systematically set about living a holy life. They were branded as “Methodist” by students at Oxford who derided the methodical way they ordered their lives.

On the 14 of October,1735, Wesley and his brother Charles sailed on The Simmonds from Gravesend, Kent for Savannah in the Province of Georgia in the American colonies at the request of James Oglethorpe, who had founded the colony in 1733 on behalf of the Trustees for the Establishment of the Colony of Georgia in America. Oglethorpe wanted Wesley to be the minister of the newly formed Savannah parish, a new town laid out in accordance with the famous Oglethorpe Plan

And in no time at all the archetypal John Wesley who is a pivotal player in history started to display his 137 numerical code to ME. (BFC in are mine, each of them having significance as memes too, this is not only a story of genes ya know?)

John Wesley was born in 1703 in Epworth, 23 miles (37 km) northwest of Lincoln, the fifteenth child of Samuel Wesley and his wife Susanna Wesley (née Annesley). His father was a graduate of the University of Oxford and a Church of England rector. In 1689 Samuel had married Susanna, twenty-fifth child of Dr. Samuel Annesley, a Dissenter pastor. Wesley’s parents had both become members of the established Church of England early in adulthood. Susanna bore Samuel Wesley nineteen children, but only ten lived. In 1696 Wesley’s father was appointed the rector of Epworth. At the age of five, Wesley was rescued from the burning rectory. This escape made a deep impression on his mind, and he regarded himself as providentially set apart, as a “brand plucked from the burning” quoting Zechariah 3:2.[7] As in many families at the time, Wesley’s parents gave their children their early education. Each child, including the girls, was taught to read as soon as they could walk and talk. In 1714, at age 11, Wesley was sent to the Charterhouse School in London (under the mastership of John King from 1715), where he lived the studious, methodical and—for a while—religious life in which he had been trained at home.

But what lead me to investigate John WesleyWhere did I see his name and year of birth, which wiki page was I on? 

The wiki page I found myself on was a link I found on the TimAEus page.
It lead me to John Wesley and eventually the fact that today in 21st century Canada we are using Methodist inherited city planning IDEAs utilizing the swastika as the underlying blueprint.

It appears that gods and city planners like to use the swastika as the most unlikely diplomat arriving with a blueprint? 

So which wiki page takes us to same underlying IDEA that allows us to link Plato’s TimAEus to rELIgion, the SSS Sacred Swastika Science and AEinstein and Co., including ME altered ego RaphAEl? 

(btw rAlph was missing the E ya sEE, that is the MEME piece I needed for ME EM rEcovErEE)

The wiki page I found myself on was discussing how something can possibly come from nothing. An IDEA in Plato’s time still relevant to fellas like Brian Greene and Co. The wiki page was discussing a bridge supporting an IDEA that exists between past and present discussed by both theologians and science scholars alike, then and now. Ex nihilo is that bridge between something and nothing, between past and present, and I suspect in the future this concept will still be debated. It simply unifies far too many profound ideas under one umbrella of discussion.

step 3 – Ex nihilo

Ex nihilo is a Latin phrase meaning “out of nothing“. It often appears in conjunction with the concept of creation, as in creatio ex nihilo, meaning “creation out of nothing”—chiefly in philosophical or theological contexts, but also occurs in other fields. In theology, the common phrase creatio ex nihilo (“creation out of nothing”), contrasts with creatio ex materia (creation out of some pre-existent, eternal matter) and with creatio ex deo (creation out of the being of God). The phrase ex nihilo also appears in the classical philosophical formulation ex nihilo nihil fit, which means “Out of nothing comes nothing“. Ex nihilo when used outside of religious or metaphysical contexts, also refers to something coming from nothing. For example, in a conversation, one might raise a topic “ex nihilo” if it bears no relation to the previous topic of discussion. The term has specific meanings in military and computer science contexts. In mathematicsex nihilo can refer to an answer to a question provided with no working, thus appearing to have developed “out of nothing”.

EX nihILo is the bridge that also links Plato to quantum mechanics and Twistor String Theory, and in fact it pinpoints where we are on the bridge and where we are headed, whether or weather we like it or not this  ‘just is‘. (justice that just is)

Now here comes another WOW MOM IMHO – tying in the work recovered by Robert K.G. Temple in his book The Sirius Mystery.

In this blog here I illustrate how the SWASTIKA and the SEED pattern are clearly positive and negative representations of SPACE. 


These images are samples of the evidence linking swastikas on the NANO level to the formation of stars and as as symbol for our own magnetic Sol.

The numbers 1 2 3 4 in the Jaina Cross (above image) correspond with the 4 arms on the stone that Robert Temple had identified (below) as one of the two symbols cognizant with the Egyptian Navel of the World the Omphalos.

Now compare the image of the NANO Light Mill below on the right with the Jaina Cross and the Egyptian Omphalos denoting the CENTER or as I like to call it the SSS Swastika Sweet Spot in the two images above.

And without a doubt a fine analogy exists between EX-nihilo and  the images and idEAs expressed till now. i.e. the pre-Christian Jaina/Swastika Cross, the pre-Christian Egyptian Omphalos, and the 21 st century NANO Light Mills that some Christians embrace and all benefit from would be the idEA of positive space vs. negative space.


What do you see? Two faces or the Grail? What is the difference?

So that is how my day went yesterday.

3 steps, it began with a HOP, followed by a SKIP, and the day ended with a QUANTUM LEAP … how far did you get, were you disqualified because of a toe hold Frodo? Even finding that Brian (brain) Greene image of him suggesting swirly twirly swastikas have something to teach us about SPACE, the final frontier?

Here is that video of Brian Gee golly wiz.

At some point I will go over that video and show you what Brian’s brain miSSed but ME brain picked up on because of who I AM. And the simplicity of what I AM offering. i.e. @ 4:11 in the video BraiGreENE shares with us the following three interesting SSS observations about Space: 

pace can be BENT
pace can be TWISTED

– did you see the ‘swastika’appear?

pace causes RIPPLES

As a matter of fact it soon becomes clear that we can use the SWASTIKA to explain LIGHT BENDING, TWISTING and RIPPLING.

ripLEI beLIEve it or knot! 

Btw science tells us that you can NOT tie KNOTs in 2 dimensions, you need 3D.

So what kind of mechanism would you employ to tie KNOTS in 3D?
Would a hook help? How about a hooked cross and an upper cut to the AHA? 

All three SSS i.e.  SPACE BENDING, SPACE TWISTING,  and SPACE RIPPLING are the EFFECT of the underlying CAUSE called the SWASTIKA! 

It really is only a matter of time before the TRUTH be known about the super-duper-NANO-hero, the 12,000+ year old SWASTIKA.

Let’s go to the pARK kiddies and learn about the SS, the Holy Spirit that embodies the Sacred Sciences.

click on link:

 NANO World APPLICATIONS for the SWASTIKA – the true blue AVATAR

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