AAA Day in the LIfE of the 137 SS Mystic ~ 11/22/2012 ~ pi and phi ~ the verboten TEACHER is unvEILed

UPDATE September 25, 2016

The following is good news.

Another confirmation that the code being recovered is genuine, part of the plan put into place.
Pay special attention to the summary in the last two paragraphs.

In the 1960’s Professor Stecchini wrote about the apparent inaccuracies detected in the north-south orientation of the Great Pyramid and how these were present with a purpose. Stecchini said that the base of the Great Pyramid was designed to be slightly different from a perfect square and that the purpose behind this change had to do with pi and phi.

As Stecchini claimed, the alignment axis of the western side of the Great Pyramid was drawn first by its builders, then, the builders outlined the northern side so it could be perfectly perpendicular to the western side. The eastern side, however, was intentionally placed at a larger angle of 3 arcmins, resulting in a larger side.

In other words, the northeast corner should have been 90 ° 03 ’00 “, not 90 °. As for the southern side of the Great Pyramid, it was predicted to be half an arcminute larger than perpendicular, so that the southwest corner measured 90 ° 00 ’30. According to Stecchini’s analysis not all sides of the Great Pyramid were built with the same and exact angles.

However, Stecchini also studied a small line on the floor of the base of the Great Pyramid located near the center of the northern side. Some authors have assumed that this was the original north-south axis of the Great Pyramid.

The data shows that the axis line is located at 115.090 meters in the northwest corner, and 115.161 meters in the northeast corner, so it seems to be a bit off center. This variation was typically rejected as human error.

However, Professor Stecchini concluded that this was not a mistake. Rather, the north-south axis of the Great Pyramid was misaligned on purpose. Therefore, the apex was also misaligned on purpose by about 35.5 millimeters westward. As a result, each of the sides of the Great Pyramid had a slightly different slope from the others.

It turns out that the difference between the faces of the Pyramid allowed the incorporation of both pi and phi in its interior design. The western side of the Great Pyramid was designed with the pi factor, while the northern side was what designed taking in count phi.

In the past, the theory proposed by Stecchini was dismissed and categorized as pseudoscience, however, the recent study performed by Dash and Lehner could, in fact, prove that the Great Pyramid of Giza is in fact even more ‘perfect’ that we initially believed.

AHA and then we find out that the 555 foot Washington Monument is also not quite square.

Bernard I. Pietsch goes to Washington.
More new findings on the “Math-Magic” of the Monument as a modern day icon.

image on the left: is taken from New Perspectives On The Great Pyramid
book on the right offers the same image below helping to define the sun

And how does the fine work of Bernard I. Pietsch align with other wise guys like Maurice Cotterell?
Figure 58 is taken out of his book FutureScience detailing the verboten science of the 21st century.

~ end of UPDATE ~

The following work now introduces the complex work of Livio Stecchini using simple indicators of a larger vision as we continue to reap the coincidences in helping us to define the design.

November 22, 2012


“So in this way he guarantees that the number of pi is trapped between
3 10/71 and 3 1/7, an estimate which is accurate to within one part in two thousand,  better than one part in 2000, and this approximation 3 1/7 is still used by engineers today and is more than good enough for all practical purposes.”

the video:

And there are indications that 22/7 or 3 1/7 is the pi that was used by the Great Pyramid engineers.

2 faces of pi

2 faces of phi

Recall that the biggest criticims of Livio Catullo Stecchini was:

His method consists of starting with an assumption, namely that all ancient measures are by definition related. It is an old and intriguing idea, but one for which no proof has been found.

Based on numerical analysis of data, he reaches his conclusion (in “A History of Measures”):

I have solved the inner rationale of ancient and medieval units of length, and by implication, of all units of measure, by discovering two facts:

a) that there were four fundamental types of foot related as 15:16:17:18,
b) that each of these types existed in two varieties related as the cube root of 24/the cube root of 25.

He does suggest a very intricate theoretical means by which this could have been calculated in practical terms, but presents no evidence from archeology or otherwise.

Now what I have come to realize is that I have chanced upon evidence that all ancient measures are by definition related. And it involves a new definition for the Planck length easily remembered.

(1/6)^37 aum

…the aum I added is a joke, or is it? For now till proven ‘AUM/OM’ is part of the equation, yes it is a joke. So using the above formula we can easily associate the Planck length to a new Planck constant. And the Planck constant is one of three constants that combine to make up the fine structure constant called alpha = 1/137, or simply the legend known as ‘137‘.

And a science fact is if we wanted to talk to aLIEns we would let them know how smart we are by letting them know we have figured out the enigmatic 137.

“A constant that is independant of  units

makes it a fundamental number of science.”

But here is the AHA … (I thought) what if  1/137 reflects the fact “ancient measures are by definition related”

Would the LEvI priests know about I^37 or 1/137 called alpha? 

Maybe we know now why aleph, alif are the first letters of semite languages.
And Greek which is Indo-European also adopted a similar alphabet as the Hebrew.
Maltese is the only Semitic language written in the Latin script and the only official Semitic language of the European Union. 

Is it a coincidence that LEI in (lei wen = swastika) rotated is I37?
Is it a coincidence that Noah’s Ark was 137.16 meters long?
Is it a coincidence that the Hebrew numberical gematria value for the Hebrew spelling of the word QaBaLaH is 137?

Prophets like ELIjah, ezekIEL, and danIEL are more coincidences…along with angELs mIchaEL, gabrIEL, urIEL, and raphIEL are also key to learning about the angLEs.

What did St. Paul say about length, breadth, height, and depth?


There is much numerical and archeological evidence still to come. 

There are numerous 137-69 associations that I found corresponding to the work of Livio Catullo Stecchini indicating that a universal measuring stick by definition existed. It all seems to indicate that our Paleolithic/Neolithic megalithic building ancestors were using a common standard associated to alpha the fine structure constant. It all seems to have already been ‘measured’ by our ancient ancestors using the naked eye.


The naked eye measurements seem to anticipate what our MACRO and micro scopes reveal to us. 2B continued….

selah V

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  • TIMOTHY DINNEL  On March 15, 2014 at 7:09 pm

    ~3~ -6- +9+ El ectro Magnet IC WaVeFoRm Contin UE OM
    3:13= 1 equal of -|+ or : in the Contin UE OM 33=8 Infin8y ~KING of TIME~
    3 Chakras Below the 3 above, As Above So Below, Every Action Equal and Opposite Reaction, As within as without, Micro to Macro, Energy neither Created nor Destroyed just Changing Form. ELectro MagnetIC ContinUEOM. 3+1+3=+7+
    33 makes 8,8+1=+9+
    137= 1 + 3 Conscious awareness Creating WHOLY 7
    7 – The first torus appears, any whole number divided by 7 creates an infinite values of (x).142857. (reoccurring).
    different whole numbers produce different results however the reoccurring part of the number is always the same.
    ~Interestingly the 3,6 and 9 never appear in the reoccurring part of the number no matter what.
    This division of the 3, 6, 9 from the rest of the numbers and also creates an interesting number groups
    into the following: 7, 1, 4, and 2, 8, 5, that are in balanced pairs to the value of 9 i.e.: 7/2 and 1/8 and 4/5. These number series line up in opposite directions which run in opposite directions to each other. 714285
    8 – Hexagon is 2 squares, or 4 doubled. The 8 represents the 8 cardinal directions,
    our physical perception of the world. Eight is related to 5 by the number by 1.6 (8 / 1.6 = 5). whereas 5 is the only whole number that can be used to create the golden mean (exceptions being 125 (5 x 5 x 5) or 3125 (5x5x5x5x5)) the number 8 is significant in that it has relationship to the golden mean. 125 x 8 = 1000 and 999/ 1.125 = 888. and 8 / 0.125 = 64 which is 8 x 8 = 64. Using additive math 8 when doubled equals 16 which when added together equals 7.
    This is a very important turning point in vortex mathematics.

  • TIMOTHY DINNEL  On March 15, 2014 at 7:27 pm

    1073 LOVE ~ ED

    • raphael  On September 25, 2016 at 3:18 pm

      Vortex Math is not complete

      I prefer the Twistor Model authored by Roger Penrose … it incorporates a torus into the design.

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