AAA Day in the LIfE of the 137 SS Mystic – April 5, 2013 – Flags

April 5th, 2013

Holy Roman Empire 1200 AD – 1350 AD
Holy Roman Empire Military Flags

The following is something I wrote 2+ years ago. And today I came across this video by Brady Haran part of the Numberphile series. Brady today is featuring Dr James Grime, who takes our hand and explains the significance of the flag of Nepal. The video follows after what I wrote back in Feb. 2011…

Shall we go back about 7000 years, delve into GEOMETRIC RIGHT brain of the Neolithic/Paleolithic CULTures?
I am told that the observer affects the observation? And please explain why the NEOLITHIC or Paleolithic ancestors (who also had evolving mInDs and heARTs) would not be playing by the same cosmic rules that we are today?

Would the enigmatic number 137 be as recognizable to the ancient pre-literate geometric mind, as it has become to the nuclear algebraic modern mind? The cosmic rules do NOT change in the short run, WE do. And our EGOS are on the threshold of believing they can change the cosmic rules, or at least test and tinker with them?

And there are only two countries in the entire world that have a SQUARE flag. one is a city state landlocked by one country. one is a country landlocked by a host of other countries. both are neutral both share a common ancestry and heritage, all the way back to Neolithic ole world Europa. one claims to be the spiritual mediator between heaven and hell, and has laid out a plan to help the pilgrims be reunited with their spiritual gold. ….and the other claims to be a safe place to hide your material gold while you locate your spiritual gold. :lol: and ALL of the other countries in the whole wide world are given RECTANGULAR flags as banners to promote their self-serving banter.

And the spiritual foe of the WEST situated in the EAST would be found in Nepal/Tibet region. Would it not. Note both the Judeao/Christian SwiSS and the Nepalese Buddhists prefer a high locale from which to push off, and get a head start, in the ascension process.  :lol:

Nepal has in fact 8 of the 10 tallest mountains in the world, including Everest.

It is the only national flag in the world that is not square or rectangular.

So the banners/flags we fly which are an expression or representation of the CULTural banter within our boundaries, come in essentially 3 shapes.

Nepal flag

There is only one, only ONE  rather unusual shaped flag in the entire world.
And in this flag I do see various ‘forms’,  i.e. waveforms, also the letters W, E, M and the number 13.

But that is just me and we and 3M trying to keep it all together… :wink:

What is the significance of E = M = W = 3? oh my god, I forgot what thread I am on. it is the CLUE that shall set us frEE.


Why did Hitler take the Buddhist swastika and tilt it by 45 degrees?


Is it for the same reason we see the E tilted by 45 degrees in the LOGOS ENRON and DELL?

A mInD fu*k

What does it mean to the subliminal mInD that is being tweaked by its ENVIRONment?

EN vi RON ment

Is language the prime MOOver?

Flags of the Holy See (Vatican) and Switzerland

There are only 2 square flags, and both of these NEUTRAL western countries rely on the same military force for defense and law and order… the SwiSS guard.

And all of the rest of the countries in the world (165 out of 168 countries) seem to prefer to fly rectangular flags.

Just something I noticed as I continue to probe the patterns that geoMEtry leaves behind.

rEMEMbEr those days in sEptEMbEr

MEMEtics helps us interpret “In the beginning was the WORD”


The Most Mathematical Flag – Numberphile

Earlier I asked:

“Would the enigmatic number 137 be as recognizable to the ancient pre-literate geometric mind, as it has become to the nuclear algebraic modern mind?”

note now long the video is … 7:13

When the Bolsheviks prevailed in the Altai region, there was a second try to establish the Oirot Republic.
In 1921, at Biysk, the republic was proclaimed again, and the tri-band of blue, white, and blue, with the red swastika in the center, was hoisted. The white band was wider than the blue ones and the swastika is a solar symbol commonly used by many nations in that part of Asia.

IMHO all of the above was another nice confirmation for me today.

selah V

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